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Anglo-American Encirclement of Russia and China

February 2014

Here are the original images of the Encirclement of Russia and China.
These can be found in the New Citizen newspapers Vol.7 No.7 (June-July 2012) and Vol.7 No.8 (Oct.-Dec. 2012), available here: and

Threats to a Great Power That Won’t Back Down

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As Eurasia’s keystone nation, Russia is the target of a British-run Arc of Crisis along its southern borders. So-called Colour Revolutions, orchestrated using techniques developed at Oxford University, overthrew the governments of Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan in the past decade. Vladimir Putin was targeted for the same treatment in winter 2011-12, before his re-election as President in March 2012. The regime changes of the Persian Gulf wars (Iraq) and the 2011 Arab Spring included attacks on Russia’s allies and economic partners. Afghanistan, in a chronic state of war since Anglo-American policy promoted Islamist radicals there against the Soviet Union in the 1970s, today is the source of a full-scale Heroin War against Russia, in which over 30,000 Russians die annually of Afghan heroin and five million are drug-users. Shown in Western and Central Europe and the surrounding seas is the European Ballistic Missile Defence System, created as part of NATO’s eastward expansion. Potentially part of an attack on Russia, it is identified by Moscow as a threat to its sovereignty and a tripwire for war.

Anglo-American Military Encirclement of Russia and China

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The U.S.-Israeli-NATO military buildup around Southwest Asia (violet dots) directly targets Iran and Syria, but the ultimate targets in a global showdown are Russia and China. These are great powers by virtue of the nuclear weapons both possess, Russia’s unique scientific tradition and its huge, resource-rich territory, and China’s 5,000-year civilisational history and largest population in the world. Their leaders’ announced economic development intentions and defence of sovereignty make them an obstacle to British imperial plans to rule in a New Dark Age.
The green dots along Russia’s western borders show the U.S./NATO European Ballistic Missile Defence System, which Moscow has called a casus belli. In the Asia-Pacific region, the yellow dots represent the constantly increasing U.S. military presence for confronting China, of which Australia has been made a central feature.

U.S. Navy Ohio-class submarines armed with Trident II D5 submarine-launched ballistic missiles are the strategic nuclear capability that would inflict a first strike on Russia or China. Submarine locations shown are representative of their operating areas.