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Saving the United States from Extermination

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
February 13, 2014

Storm Over Asia: watch the video
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Any intention by Mis-President Barack Obama, to support the British empire (of the present, imperial Queen of England) would now be a globally extended thermonuclear-extermination of much, if not all, of the human species. There is no reason for such a war to occur now: the Eurasian sector, including Russia, has no war-like intention, were it not threatened with immediately global thermonuclear warfare. The option behind the foolish and deranged President Barack Obama, is that he is nominally a U.S President (securing that position by greatly by British drug-trafficking means), and is more lunatic ape, in practice, than any other quality. If the United States were not under the lunacy of President Barack Obama, there could be no new world war now.

The motive is not Obama's; it is that of the British-Dutch empire. an institution, declared by the office of monarch of the British Empire, then, at the time of the American Revolution, as a British dedication to the creation of an empire premised upon the explicitly chosen model, of the ancient Roman Empire. That is the crucial fact of history, for any member of the U.S. Congress who has actually no competent knowledge of the history of our Federal Republic.

This current President was never anything but a British imperial stooge: a dupe with, apparently, no actual mind of his own: a dribbler of opinions, from his perch between the two sides of the White House, where he dribbles his expostulation of simple-minded rage against any who he fears does not worship him implicitly.

In fact, as a matter of history, most of the Presidents of our United States, to the present date, have been stooges, directed by British-centered financial interests, such as stooges of the British imperium-controlled, thieving, Wall Street: since the period of our American Revolution, and Tory agents of that time, such as the Aaron Burr, a professional British assassin, who had actually created the Presidencies of Andrew Jackson and Van Buren out of money channeled through the New York City region's British banking interests. Presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, who benefitted from the assassination of President McKinley, and Presidents such as Woodrow Wilson (who relaunched the Ku Klux Klan, bigger then than ever before), Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, the Bush Presidencies, and, last, but worst, Barack Obama.

Our Presidency has spawned, in fact, more crooks or outright traitors than all honest Presidents put together. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and, good Presidents (personally) such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, have been the last good Presidents who had honored their post. Washington, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and the William McKinley displaced by the evil Theodore Roosevelt, complete a broad-stroked outline of the rudiments of our Presidential history: the others were British stooges who did our Republic great damage, either by intention, or, by sheer foolishness and sheer opportunism.

Franklin Roosevelt was, lately, a magnificent hero among the heroes who had been deserving of their occupation of Presidential status.

The problematic cases have been, chiefly, two: evil Presidents, or insufferably foolish ones. The tribes of Bush and Obama, have been, lately (beginning with the Prescott Bush who had Wall-Street-funded the installation of Dictator Adolf Hitler), the very worst record in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: only Obama has been absolutely the very worst so far - - if, indeed, any later Presidents might come to exist.

Read the collected, published works of our First Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, the genius who accomplished the basis for the survival of the Presidency of that genius George Washington, but was assassinated by a British spy and professional assassin, the same Aaron Burr who had foisted Presidents Jackson and Van Buren into office (and had ruined the previously prosperous United States under President Monroe, and the truly magnificent genius, President John Quincy Adams).

The Solution To The Crisis

There are, chiefly, several measures of reform which must be immediately installed, if we are to reverse the presently accelerated physical-economic collapse of a U.S. economy now about to be plunged into a general economic-financial breakdown-crisis. Hence the urgency which is impelling the British empire and its stooge, Barack Obama, into an immediate physical-economic collapse. The British empire's lust for world war now, finds its choice of timing in an awareness of the now immediate general economic-financial breakdown-crisis of the trans-Atlantic economy as a whole.

There are exactly four economic measures of economic reform which are now immediately required for a rescue of the U.S. society and its economy:

  1. The immediate enactment of President Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall reform: without any alteration in the Glass-Steagall action introduced under President Franklin Roosevelt.
  2. The eradication of the influence of Wall Street and of its fraudulent claims to require payment for Wall Street's and related nominal debts.
  3. A physical-economic commitment to a physical-economic recovery based on an increase in the increase of the physical- economic energy-flux density mustered and applied for the increase of both, (a) the energy-flux density, (b) of both the per- square-centimeter sources of power for both production and per-capita productivity of the education and the employment of both the national labor-force and the per-capita productivity and welfare of the future labor-force (i.e., education).
  4. The so-called "green policy" must be eliminated, and a return to physical-economic productivity, in the likeness of the spirit of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, restored in principle.

    The affirmation of the return to our American tradition, done in this way, is the only presently available basis for even the mere continued existence of our United States.