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Robert Burns and the
Ideas of the American Revolution

November 2007

Scottish maglev

Mark Calney has decided to republish his book, “Robert Burns and the Ideas of the American Revolution,” in an internet edition. It was first printed and published in Scotland in 1996 with financial assistance from some prominent Scots.[1] The thesis of the book is that Robert Burns is one of the principal advocates of man and identified totally with the American Revolution. The intellectual father of the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin, was in Scotland on a number of occasions and was involved with the selfsame republican circles and networks as was Robert Burns. The book examines these.

The subtitle of the book is “An Historical Perspective for the Development of Scotland” and offers an historical analysis of the political economy of the current international, financial crisis and an Economic Programme for Scotland.

This edition includes new research material on the role of Leibniz in the American Revolution, Sir Walter Scott versus America, Robert Burns and Abraham Lincoln, and an updated economics section.  At a time when Scotland is going forward and the sun is setting on the Empire on which it was supposed never to set, the ideas and proposals in this book are worthy of further investigation, debate and discussion.

The book can be downloaded free of charge in the following page-size formats:

Robert Burns & the Ideas of the American Revolution   (pdf – 8.5 x 11)

Robert Burns & the Ideas of the American Revolution   (pdf – A4 )

[Permission to provide links to these documents is granted by the author.]

[1] The book was first published by 'Scots for Peace and Freedom' in 1996 in Glasgow, Scotland.


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