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Farmers and Eaters Unite!



An ‘Enron for Water’? The Threat from Wall Street

Create Water Resources—China, the World Model


IRRI Working to Create an Entirely New Rice Plant, 50% Higher Yield

The LaRouche Show: Farmers Detail How the U.S. Food Supply Is Being Destroyed (transcript)


Restore National Sovereignty; End Famine-Depopulation Agenda


Seed Shortages in U.S. Threaten Spring Planting


‘Unavailability’ of Livestock Feed Signals: U.S. Food Shortages Are Here

What Obama, Media Won’t Say: Storms Threaten Food Supply June 2011

Mississippi Basin Extreme Weather: Floods, Food Losses; Obama Oblivious May 2011

North Africa: The Blue Revolution (Video), German Schiller Institute, 2011

Egypt Is Everywhere! Put Price Controls on Food And Enact Glass-Steagall by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

BüSo Party Congress in Berlin: We Are Paying for Bank Bailouts with Human Lives by Helga Zepp LaRouche


LaRouche PAC Team Announces Release of Interactive Animated Map of NAWAPA

NAWAPA from the Standpoint of Biospheric Development

World Food Shortage Is A British Policy Success

HAITI EARTHQUAKE: LaRouche Demands Urgent U.S. Action To Prevent Rainy Season Devastation


Helga Zepp-LaRouche Cited in Arabic "Right to Food" Declaration


Helga Zepp-LaRouche: “Now Is the Time for a New, Just World Economic Order

The End of Free Trade: Revolt Begins Against British Policy

Mobilization To Double Food Production Is In Full Swing!

Let Them Eat Mudcakes, By Luise Light, M.S., Ed.D. June 2008

Worldwide Hunger Catastrophe!

Produce Food, Not Biofuels!

Humanity is in Mortal Danger: Double Food Production Now!

To Defeat Famine: Kill the WTO


When Hedge Funds Embrace Rice, Can Famine Be Far Behind?, Dec. 15

U.S. and Mexico: Cooperate On Great Water Projects, Dec. 7

Hyperinflation Forces Mexicans To Eat Less, Oct. 12

Strategic Importance Of Rail Corridor Links Hal Cooper, Jr., PhD, PE, Oct. 2

EU Ends Agricultural Set-Aside Policy, Sept. 25

A Dialogue on the Bank of the South: It’s a Time for Revolutionary Changes, Sept. 15

At 1932 Democratic Party Convention, Roosevelt Calls for a ‘New Deal’, June 29

From Food Shocks to Famine: The Impact Of Biofoolery and ‘Global Sourcing’, June 15

From Food Shocks to Famine: The Impact of Biofoolery and ‘Global Sourcing’, June 7

South Asian Countries To Improve Cooperation, April 13

Gore’s Policies Keep Africa in the Dark, April 6

Mr. Malthus, March 30

Of Bushes and Ethanol Madness in Colombia, March 30

Henry Wallace: Science To End Hunger Forever, March 2

Bio-Cons Fool With Ethanol: Just Another Word for War, Feb. 9

Previous Years

The article entitled ‘Walking Dead’ WTO Is Ruining World's Agriculture Producers tells of the G-21 underdeveloped countries who are understandably sick of being at the beck and call of the so-called industrial nations. But their demands reveal blindness to the fact that the farmers of the developed countries are victims of the very same machinations by the food cartels, as the farmers in the poorest countries. A solution? A worldwide parity price for food production.
(Volume 30, Number 41, October 24, 2003)

LaRouche Calls For Emergencey Food Aid to North Korea-(November, 2002 )


Testimony on Secretary of Agriculture ( 01/24/01)

Impact of Nafta on USA-Canada-Mexico (09/30/01)

Henry Kissinger and NSSM 200- Genocidal Plan to Reduce Thirld World Population!

Link to NSSM 200 Report

EIR studies on Food as a Weapon (Jan 2002):

1998- South Dakota farmers Welcome
Chinese Delegations
Call For Immediate
US-Led Famine Relief
For North Korea
Lyndon H. LaRouche

November 27, 2002

Lyndon LaRouche, economist, statesman and Democratic Party Presidential pre-candidate, is calling on President Bush and other world leaders to conduct an immediate food relief effort into North Korea, with absolutely no political strings attached.

The food aid is urgent to avoid a devastating famine, and, in LaRouche's plan, would serve as a prelude to discussions between the United States, North Korea, and other interested parties, concerning all of the unresolved bilateral and multilateral issues currently on the diplomatic table.

LaRouche declared that the food assistance program should constitute a preemptive action, to avert an otherwise severe famine, and that it must be clear that this is an unconditional humanitarian intervention.

Nevertheless, LaRouche emphasized that such an action, on the part of the Bush Administration and others, would serve as a useful foundation for opening productive discussions on other issues.

Article on Korea Unification and the Iron-Silk Road