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Get Out of NATO, Before It's Too Late!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche
August 2014

This article appears in the August 15, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche .

August 8, 2014—Quite the opposite to what is suggested by the demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the regimented Western mass media, it is the British and U.S. governments, NATO, and the EU, who are escalating a confrontation strategy towards Russia, at the conclusion of which will be a thermonuclear world war and the extinction of mankind—if this is not stopped. The fact is, that there is only one way out for Germany: It must withdraw from the Alliance immediately, if it doesn't want to dig its own grave, and be complicit in the preparations for a war of aggression.

The infamous scenario is to find a way to overthrow Putin, one way or another. There is still not the slightest evidence that the eastern Ukrainian rebels or Russia were responsible for bringing down the Malaysian Flight MH-17, but instead, according to the respected investigative journalist Robert Parry, circles within the U.S. intelligence community now assume that it was the Ukrainian government or battalions of Ukrainian Nazis, egged on by the West against Russia. No one says a word about how Kiev has launched a massacre of its own people in Donbass, that is just as bad as the one Israel is carrying out in Gaza. The intention is obviously to increase the suffering of the oppressed, predominantly Russian population so that Putin, in light of the "unacceptable humanitarian situation," is forced to intervene militarily, or lose the support of his own people.

At the same time, the absolutely unjustified sanctions against the Russian economy are supposed to make it "grind to a halt," as Obama put it, and behind the sanctions is the intention to have Putin brought down by the Russian population because of the engineered privation. In a few weeks, as Wolfgang Münchau recently wrote in Der Spiegel, this financial nuclear bomb is supposed to blow away Vladimir Putin. If he opts for the military support of the pro-Russian population, which is at risk of genocide in eastern Ukraine, then this provides the pretext for the intervention of NATO, and then we are at war in Europe, which cannot remain limited due to the nature of nuclear conflict.

Cameron Takes the Lead

At the same time, preparations are in full swing, at the Sept. 4 NATO summit in Wales, to replace the allegedly outdated 1997 NATO Treaty with Russia, with a new one that will allow a forward stationing of weapons systems and troops to the Russian border, which under that treaty was expressly forbidden.

The British government has taken the high command, primarily because of the beleaguered state of Obama. British Prime Minister David Cameron is spreading propaganda, in the best tradition of Tony Blair's lies prior to the Iraq War, about an alleged threat to the Baltic States coming from Russia. British Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Gen. Sir Adrian Bradshaw, called on Aug. 3 in the Wall Street Journal for the creation of a rapid reaction force against Russia: "What is required, effectively, is an air-land package that provides a clear message that any incursion into NATO territory will result in a significant engagement with all of NATO." If Russia, at any time in the future, were to put significant pressure on a NATO member country by assembling conventional troops on its border, this country would be "reinsured" by such a NATO intervention force.

The fact that Russia has not the slightest intention to invade the Baltics, and that it has shown amazing restraint despite the genocide against the pro-Russian population in eastern Ukraine, is completely buried by the Goebbels-style propaganda.

But, according to Cameron, and as Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel also made clear during his recent visit to the U.S.-European Command in Stuttgart, the NATO activities in Ukraine should be strengthened, although Ukraine is not a member of NATO, and with its current government, it is as far removed from the so-called "Western community values" as is the Earth from distant galaxies.

In reality, NATO's goal, since the fall of the Soviet Union, has been the encirclement of Russia, and the creation of a strategic situation in which Russia is no longer defensible. The soon-retiring NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has meanwhile declared himself in favor of NATO (which has long departed its role as a defensive alliance for the North Atlantic) also assuming tasks in the Pacific, thus joining the policy of the "Asia pivot" of the U.S.A. in the encirclement strategy toward China.

Locked into Confrontation

Presidential Press & Information Office
There is an alternative to the U.S.-NATO drive for war with Russia: Germany (and the U.S.) should join the BRICS in building a new, just economic order. But it may take a lot of convincing to bring Chancellor Merkel on-board. She is shown here with President Putin at the 70th anniversary commemorations of D-Day in France, June 6, 2014.

Leading European military, active duty as well as those in retirement, see themselves in a structure that has changed its character step by step. Nothing remains of the former Bundeswehr concept, which was based on Auftragstaktik ("mission tactics"), where officers were briefed on the overall mission, but encouraged to think for themselves, a model for civil society. Now, from the NATO structure, it is made brutally clear that independent thinking and strategic discussion is not in the job description of its military leadership, who are only to carry out orders. This is exactly what Samuel Huntington, promoter of the "Clash of Civilizations," describes in his book The Soldier and the State, as the function of the imperial army.

The topic of an exit strategy, of how to get out of the confrontation with Russia, is not being discussed at any level, either within NATO or in the EU. The escalation of NATO's and EU's eastward expansion, induced regime change through so-called "color revolutions," economic sanctions, and ultimately, war, are therefore not accidental drifting, but the intent. The aim is not only regime change in Russia and China, but the complete absorption of their entire territories. Or, as former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer had once expressed it: Russia controls far too many raw materials for the West to allow.

This imperial greed is fueled by the collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial sector, which brings the same geopolitical calculus into the game that had already stirred up the momentum against the "Eurasian heartland" prior to the First World War. But to imagine that it were possible, in the age of thermonuclear weapons, to eliminate unpleasant opponents through war, and then build an imperial hegemony afterward, is suicidal illusion.

The expressed intention of Münchau, to sweep away Putin in a few weeks with the help of the "financial nuclear bomb," is likely to prove to be hallucination-driven wishful thinking, and a boomerang. Because Russia, thanks to the BRICS and good cooperation with Latin America (see EIR, July 25, 2014), is by no means isolated. The Russian Space Agency Roscosmos is already working with the Chinese military complex to replace the American electronics which are being withheld, and sees this as the first step of a new technology alliance of the BRICS countries. Latin American and the Central Asian states, as well as India, are already happy to be able to supply Russia with agricultural products. And now all these states are drawing their own conclusions from the blatant campaign of lies and provocations from the West.

Germany's Way Out

For Germany, it is an existential question: how to avoid being drawn into a thermonuclear war with Russia, and probably China, where, because of Germany's geographical location, not a single citizen would survive. If Germany were to agree to the proposed new charter at the upcoming NATO summit in Wales, it would be an absolute kamikaze operation. We call upon citizens now to support the exit from NATO!

There is an alternative. China has offered a form of economic cooperation with the New Silk Road program, which is open to all states. The BRICS countries, Latin America, and other nations are going to build a new just world economic order, and it is in Germany's fundamental interest to participate in it. This is true as well for the U.S.A., where some leading politicians are committed to precisely this cooperation.

China also has the most ambitious space exploration program in the world, with the intention of mining helium-3 on the Moon (see this week's Feature), where it is available in large quantities, as a fuel for a future fusion economy on Earth. Thermonuclear fusion based on helium-3 is the absolutely necessary next stage in the progression toward higher energy-flux densities which humanity must achieve, in order to secure energy and raw-materials security on Earth, as well as the energy source for space flight, and to overcome the dangers which threaten us from space.

Germany must take part in the attainment of these common aims of mankind. Only when the cooperation between nations has reached that level, as is taken for granted by the astronauts on the ISS Space Station, or with the European Space Agency's Rosetta space probe, will we overcome the infantile phase of humanity's development, and establish our identity as the only creative species, as the basis of our actions. And only in this way will we survive.

Peace can only be inclusive. It is impossible in this world, which is in such a disastrous state, that only some states enjoy security and cooperation, while the rest of the world is sinking into chaos. Instead of confrontation, we must finally put the promise on the agenda that was squandered during the lost opportunity of 1989: We need a blueprint for lasting peace in the 21st Century!

Translated from German by Daniel Platt

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