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British Crown Declares War —
On LaRouche Specifically
and on Humanity Generally

May 2014

Prince Philip .
Queen Elizabeth II

May 21st, 2014 — In reviewing the international situation in conjunction with attacks on organizations associated with him in the United States and Europe over the past 48 hours, Lyndon LaRouche stated Tuesday evening, that the Queen and the British Empire have signaled that they are now going to attack LaRouche directly, and that the next stage of world war is now beginning.

LaRouche has continuously emphasized over the past two months that Anglo-American provocations of Russia over Ukraine and the military encirclement of both Russia and China by the thuggish and amateurish Obama Administration were mere preludes to a British-directed thermonuclear war option driven, in timing, by the inevitable collapse of the British/Wall Street monetary system.

Actions by Lyndon and Helga Zepp LaRouche have fed emerging and strengthening opposition in Germany to the Anglo-American war drive, and generated popular opposition in the United States, where LaRouche and candidates Kesha Rogers and Michael Steger are leading a drive for President Obama's impeachment by fellow Democrats. Their drive is to reclaim the Democratic Party by bankrupting Wall Street, and restoring economic and scientific greatness to the United States.

Rogers stunned the Texas Democratic Party by winning enough votes to cause a runoff for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate with Dallas dentist and former conservative Republican moneybags David Alameel who spent over four million dollars to finance his primary campaign against Rogers and others. The recent activities of the LaRouches have also concretely contributed to emerging war avoidance and economic development policies in both Russia and China.

The popular troubles of the British crown in mounting the war they view as necessary for their survival have been compounded recently by widespread circulation of the film, “Unlawful Killing,”[1] documenting the role of the royals in the murder of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed and its coverup by the British government. The film focuses on the role of Prince Phillip in ordering Diana's murder and prominently features background material first developed by the LaRouche movement including the quote of Prince Phillip that he wants to be reincarnated as a deadly virus so he can contribute to population reduction and Phillip's Nazi connections. On August 5, 1999, the British magazine “Take a Break” responded to LaRouche's exposes of the Royals and the murder of Diana with a nasty article/threat from the British establishment entitled, “Shut This Man's Mouth.”

That strategic context set, websites associated with the Kesha Rogers for U.S. Senate campaign and the Michael Steger for Congress campaign were down for several hours on May 19-20 as a result of a massive denial of service attack on their host company, Nationbuilder. The Rogers campaign outage was particularly noteworthy as early voting has started in Texas. The Nationbuilder platform also serves many other campaigns throughout the United States where elections were being held on Tuesday, May 20th. Nationbuilder's public statement about the attack released May 20th reads as follows: “We are reasonably certain the attack is directed at one of our customers for their political beliefs and is meant to disrupt upcoming elections.” Nationbuilder will not further comment on the customer involved but twitter postings during the time of the attack point to an attack in Britain on the United Kingdom Independence Party website by an anonymous hacker who attacked UKIP's political views as “disgusting.” UKIP's website is also hosted by Nationbuilder. UKIP, a populist anti-immigrant euroskeptic party is widely expected to post major gains in the European Parliamentary elections now taking place in Britain and Europe.

Computer specialists briefed on the nature of the Nationbuilder outage have told LaRouche PAC that this was probably not a simple hack job by a single hacker but was a sophisticated infrastructure attack. These attacks are generally spawned by such government agencies as the NSA or GCHQ.

At the same time on May 18 and 19 newspapers in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Halle, Germany featured a renewed direct attack on Lyndon and Helga LaRouche by lawyers for Erica Duggan. Her fraudulent attacks on the LaRouches since 2003 have been directly fostered and supported by the British government.

Jeremiah Duggan tragically committed suicide while attending a conference sponsored by the LaRouche movement in Wiesbaden, Germany in 2003. The conference Duggan was attending was called to oppose the Iraq War and Lyndon LaRouche had been featured during the same time period on the BBC opposing the Ango-American war drive directly. Dr. David Kelly, a British official who publicly exposed the fakery employed by Tony Blair and the British government in the runup to the Iraq war was killed, according to many British sources, for voicing the same views as LaRouche.

Despite rulings at every level of the German court system, including Germany's highest court, that Jeremiah Duggan's death was a suicide, the British government, Jeremiah's mother, Erica Duggan, and her German and British lawyers have continued to claim that Jeremiah was the victim of murder or skullduggery by the LaRouche movement. The German Constitutional Court characterized Duggan's “evidence” of wrongdoing concerning Jeremiah as nothing but unsubstantiated conspiracy theory - in short, a hoax.

Undeterred, the British High Court of Justice ordered a new inquest of Duggan's death in May of 2010. According to Duggan's attorneys the British coroner conducting the inquest has complained through the British foreign office that German authorities, “refuse to provide information he needs for his proceeding.” As an apparent result of British pressure the Hesse Higher Court (OLG Germany) ruled in December of 2012 that the investigation should be reopened to assist the British inquest.

According to the German press reports of the past 24 hours, Erica Duggan's attorneys returned to the court on May 12, 2014 to accuse German prosecutors of flouting the order of the High Court by refusing to investigate properly and are seeking court intervention against the prosecutors. Another hearing in the sham British Duggan inquest is scheduled to occur in London on May 28th.