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Schiller Institute Conference

Fulfilling the Dream of Mankind

Frankfurt, Germany
November 25-26, 2017

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Conference Program

Program in PDF format

SATURDAY, NOV. 25, 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

MUSICAL OPENING: Mo Li Hua (Jasmin Flower),Chinese Folk Song—Arr. Benjamin Lylloff
Schiller Institute Chorus; 1st Violin: Caroline Hartmann; 2nd Violin: Odile Mojon; Viola: Claudio Celani; Cello: Athil Hamdan; Conductor: Benjamin Lylloff

The New Silk Road, a New Model for International Relations
Helga Zepp-LaRouche, President and Founder, Schiller Institute

The Earth’s Next 50 Years

• KEYNOTE: President Xi’s Perspective for the Year 2050 and the Perspective of African Development
Prof. He Wenping, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of African Studies, Beijing

Integration of Egypt’s Transportation Plans 2030 with the New Silk Road Project
Dr. Saad Mohamed Mahmoud Elgioshy, former Transport Minister, Egypt

• The Trump Administration—Impending Economic Policies and Media Discord
George Lombardi, former Social Media Consultant to President Trump

A Future for Europe After the Euro
Marco Zanni, Member of the Economic and Monetary Committee, European Parliament

Panel I Questions and Answers

13:00-14:00 LUNCH BREAK

The Need for Europe to Cooperate With China in the Industrialization of Africa and the Middle East; Transaqua as the Rosetta Stone of the Continent’s Transformation

Extending the New Silk Road to Southwest Asia and Africa: A Vision of an Economic Renaissance
Hussein Askary, Schiller Institute, Southwest Asia Coordinator, Stockholm

Italy-China Alliance for Transaqua
Franco Persio Bocchetto, Foreign Director, Bonifica S.p.A., Italy

The Need for Europe to Cooperate with China in the Industrialization of Africa
Mehreteab Mulugeta Haile, General Consul of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Frankfurt am Main

Egypt’s 2030 Mega-Projects: Investment Opportunities for Intermodal and Multimodal Connectivity
Mrs. Moni Abdullah, Executive Manager of Pyramids International, Cairo

Panel II Questions and Answers


SUNDAY, NOV. 26, 2017—10 A.M.—6 P.M.

Europe as the Continent of Poets, Thinkers, and Inventors, or Sidelined at the Rear of Strategic Developments? An Optimistic Vision for the Future of Europe

• KEYNOTE: What Europe Should Contribute to the New World Paradigm
Jacques Cheminade, former Presidential Candidate, France

China’s Initiative: From the Doom of Self-Destruction, to Prosperity and Progress: A View from Ukraine
Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, Doctor of Economics, MP (1994-2002), Chairwoman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine

One Belt, One Road—An Opportunity for Development in the Western Balkans
Dr. Jasminka Simic, Author and Journalist, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Editor-Journalist of the Radio-Television of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Bulgaria’s Contribution to the B&R Initiative in the Context of the Geopolitical State of the Balkans
Prof. Mariana Tian, Institute for Historical Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

13:00-14:00 LUNCH BREAK

MUSICAL OPENING: Ganymed, Franz Schubert (Text: Goethe)
Leena Malkki, Sweden—Soprano; Werner Hartmann—Piano

• New Horizons for Cyprus
Kathryn Alexander Theodotou, Principal of Highgate Hill Solicitors in London and of Alexandrou Theodotou LLC in Cyprus, Chair of Anglo-Hellenic and Cypriot Law Association

China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Its Long-Term Impact on African Countries
Dr. (Cand.) Alexander Demissie, Founding Director, The China Africa Advisory

The System We Live in is Not Earthbound—Future Technologies and Scientific Breakthroughs (Transportation, Thermonuclear Fusion, International Cooperation in Space Research)

KEYNOTE: The Scientific Method of LaRouche
Jason Ross, Science Advisor, Schiller Institute, U.S.A.

• Energy Transition—from Bad to Worse
Prof. Dr. Helmut Alt, University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule), Aachen

• Current Situation of High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor in China
Wentao Guo, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland