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The Schiller Institute's
30th Anniversary Conference

It's Time To Create A World Without War

New York, NY, June 15, 2014

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Conference Invitation

May 2014

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During the past one hundred years, and before, the world has been in a continuous mode of warfare. Even when there was no war, all the strategic relations among nations were still defined by the threat of war. 

Perpetual war has continued because of the failure to complete Franklin Roosevelt's pledge to rid the post-1945 world of the rule of Anglo-Dutch colonialism and its French, Belgian and other offshoots. The depopulation policy of the British Commonwealth's sovereign, a "born-again eugenics" plan that calls itself a "green policy", must be exposed, reversed, and replaced.

Now, when there is an increased consolidation of cooperation among nations in Asia – including implementation of the 1989-1993 "New Silk Road" proposals of the Schiller Institute --  the question becomes: What might be the prospects for the U.S. joining Russia, China, India and other nations in a new policy of physical economic development and population growth, rather than pursuing a commitment to confrontation leading to war, up to and including thermonuclear conflict, either by miscalculation, or mad design? 

If we break the British Empire control of American policy, culture and popular opinion -- a collaboration with other nations to establish peace though a scientific revolution in world economic development would be not just a shift in policy, but a completely new mode in history. 

Nations would not merely extrapolate from the past into the future, but instead, look at what new physical and cultural principles must be discovered, mastered and communicated, to anticipate the new crises and opportunities that mankind is, and would be facing.  How do we invent this new world of sovereign but cooperating nations, as opposed to just respond to how we have experienced previous events, or previous interactions among nations?

The ideas of historian and poet Friedrich Schiller, and U. S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, have been adapted and improved by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder of the Schiller Institute, and economist Lyndon LaRouche, in dialogue with scientists, statesmen economists and artists. That dialogue provides the only future-directed pathway out of the otherwise inevitable collapse of a mentally defective and morally self-doomed Trans-Atlantic pseudo-society.

Sunday, June 15th, NY, NY -- Pre-registration required!

It Is Time To Create A World Without War

10 am to 2 pm.

The Eurasian Land-bridge, and the Schiller Institute’s Role in a Policy for a New World of Development
3 pm to 6 pm.

CONCERT: Bach, Mozart, Brahms
7:30 pm

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To register, call: 860-368-0542, or email: