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The Empire Lashes Out

by Jeffrey Steinberg
January 2014

This article appears in the January 31, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review and is reprinted with permission.

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Jan. 25—The violent events now unfolding in Kiev, Bangkok, and Cairo cannot be seen as separate and unrelated events. In every case, the hand of the Anglo-Dutch empire is visible, reflecting what Lyndon LaRouche has identified as the growing danger of a global war leading to potential war of thermonuclear extinction. The driving force behind all of these acts of asymmetric warfare is not to be found in the local conditions, per se, rather, it is the desperate and dying forces of the trans-Atlantic Anglo-Dutch empire who are driving the chaos.

The case of Ukraine is exemplary. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, it has been the strategic goal of that empire, centered in the British monarchy, but extending into the Bush and Obama White Houses, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other controlled assets, to split Ukraine from Russia, and draw it into the European Union as an agricultural feudal satrap. That effort was dealt a stunning blow late last year when President Yanukovych rejected the Eastern Partnership Agreement with the EU, and instead moved to deepen economic and political cooperation with Russia. From that moment on, the British have been driving to overthrow the Yanukovych government and install pro-EU forces. When mass protests fizzled, the British reached back to longtime hooligan networks, including outright fascist gangs and remnants of the wartime pro-Nazi circles which were absorbed into NATO intelligence at the close of World War II through the CIA's Gehlen organization.

Now, those rampaging hooligans, allied with pro-EU factions of the opposition parties, are demanding the ouster of Yanukovych, rejecting an offer over the weekend for a stake in a coalition govermnent. Natalia Vitrenko, a leading Ukrainian political figure, former President candidate, and former member of the National Assembly, denounced the Yanukovych offer of a compromise with the opposition as a dangerous capitulation, and called on the government to stand its ground (see below for a political statement signed by Vitrenko and 28 other political and social organization leaders).

The use of terrorism has been the hallmark of recent British operations on the ground in Thailand and Egypt as well, where the ruling parties have refused to cave in to Western demands for unconditional surrender.

Geneva II Sabotage

In Geneva last week, a similar scenario played out at the opening of the Geneva II talks to bring an end to the three-year conflict in Syria. At the start of the session, clearly on orders from President Obama and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Secretary of State John Kerry put the removal of President Bashar Assad on the table as an unconditional demand. This demand, echoed by British Foreign Secretary William Hague and representatives of the Turkish and French governments, was in contrast to the language of the Geneva I agreement of June 2012, in which the Geneva II negotiations were framed.

As the result of this act of sabotage, the outcome of the talks is now in doubt, and the idea of launching American military strikes against the Assad government has now been once again put on the table in an editorial in the Washington Post. President Obama, under extraordinary pressure from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and from the American people, cancelled military strikes in early September 2013, after he had given the order to strike. The order was delayed but never rescinded, and so now, Syria has again become a flashpoint for war.

As the result of this, the gains made in the recent P5+1 interim deal with Iran are now also jeopardized. As of Jan. 20, IAEA inspectors arrived in Iran, and verified that the Iranians were in full compliance with the interim agreement. In his appearance last week at the annual World Economic Forum at Davos, President Hassan Rouhani reiterated his pledge that Iran will never seek a nuclear weapon, and that he is prepared to normalize political and economic relations with the rest of the world. Already, Asian diplomats and business leaders have begun to resume trade with Iran following decades of crippling sanctions.

Under the sanctions regime, the hardline factions, led by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), had taken over the economy, which largely ran as a black market enterprise, breaking the sanctions and blockades. Rouhani represents forces committed to normalizing Iran's role in the world, and that means stripping the IRGC "mafia" of much of its economic clout. The President is hypersensitive to the fact that a hardline turn in Washington or other Western capitals could give the hardliners the leverage to crush his reform agenda.

Congress Reacts

It was in this context that a group of leading members of Congress in Washington joined Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, in putting the kabosh on a new sanctions bill that has been pushed in the Senate.

The core issue facing the world as a whole is whether the bankrupt Anglo-Dutch financial system, centered in the trans-Atlantic region, will trigger a global showdown with the nations of Eurasia—notably, Russia, China, and India—the part of the world that is still growing, and has a perspective of future progress. That future orientation is best expressed in China's successful lunar exploration program, including its declared intention to develop the Moon's helium-3 resources to accelerate the transition to a thermonuclear fusion economy in the coming decades.

The Anglo-Dutch, on the other hand, face the problem that their system is hopelessly bankrupt. Every lever for global conflict is being pushed to the limit at the same time.

As LaRouche has warned, so long as Barack Obama, a certifiable tool of the Anglo-Dutch empire, is in White House, the world remains on the cusp of potential thermonuclear extinction. There are ample reasons for Obama's immediate impeachment, but the overarching reason is that his removal is the only assured path to survival for mankind as a whole. With Obama's finger on the nuclear trigger, the danger in Ukraine, Syria, Iran, and elsewhere is that U.S. actions can become the detonator for a conflict that rapidly draws in all of the world powers in a showdown between the dying trans-Atlantic forces and the still-advancing Eurasian forces.

It is the clear understanding of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff that the war danger is real and imminent. This was clearly reflected last week, when JCS chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey met with his Russian counterpart Gen. Valery Gerasimov, and they agreed that even if political and diplomatic crises erupt between the two countries, the military commanders must maintain their cooperation as a war-avoidance factor. While invaluable, such measures are no longer sufficient. Nothing short of Obama's removal by constitutional means and the immediate passage of Glass-Steagall in the U.S., a move that will bankrupt the Anglo-Dutch system, can assure true war prevention at this crucial moment.


Appeal from Ukrainian Parties & Organizations

EIRNS/Christopher Lewis
Natalia Vitrenko .

Jan. 26—This appeal, issued Jan. 25 by economist Natalia Vitrenko and 29 political organizations against the ongoing coup in Ukraine, is addressed to the UN Secretary-General, and European and American leaders; it is titled “Stop the Guerrillas’ Marauding, Halt the Incitement to Civil War, a Coup, and the Disintegration of the Country!” Vitrenko is the head of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, a former Presidential candidate, and former member of the National Assembly.

The political crisis in Ukraine is worsening by the day, taking the country toward fratricidal civil war, the loss of sovereignty, and the disintegration of the state. This is a foreign project to seize Ukraine. It is being implemented against the interests and the demands of our people. It is being carried out unconstitutionally and in violation of international norms and principles, which are based on peaceful action, free elections, freedom of speech, and respect for human rights.

Since the international media reports deliberately distorted information about Ukraine, stated by politicians and officials in the EU and the USA, and this is used in support of the illegal actions of the guerrillas, we are obliged to make the following Appeal.

1. The pretext for organizing the Euromaidan in Kiev was the refusal of the Government and the President of Ukraine to sign an Association Agreement with the EU. We draw your attention to the content of this document, for the sake of which the Parliamentary opposition led people to the Maidan. The heart of the Agreement is the complete loss of Ukraine’s sovereignty through the transfer to supranational agencies (the Council of Association and the Committee on Trade) of decision-making authority, placing them juridically above the Constitution and laws of Ukraine. It has been unconditionally proven that this contradicts the Declaration on the National Sovereignty of Ukraine, the Constitution of Ukraine, and decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. It also contradicts the expression of the will of the people of Ukraine in the referenda of March 17 and December 1, 1991.

Implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU would indisputably lead to the destruction of the country’s economy, industry, agriculture, service sector, and science.

Signing the Association Agreement with the EU would lead to the total annihilation of state property, which is a competitor of oligarchs in the West.

The Association Agreement with the EU would eliminate the national and state sovereignty of Ukraine. Its embedded political convergence mechanism would liquidate political sovereignty as well, drawing Ukraine into the Joint Security and Defense Policy (JSDP). This anti-Russian project provides for the expulsion of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol and Crimea as a whole, and draws Ukraine into the NATO military bloc.

The aforementioned arguments confirm that the Agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU is a project of the West for the takeover and colonization of Ukraine. Its implementation has been assigned to the Parliamentary opposition: the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland), Udar (Punch) of Klitschko, and Svoboda (Freedom) parties.

2. We deem it necessary to draw your close attention to the nature of the political forces that have organized the Euromaidan and today are conducting combat actions throughout the territory of Ukraine. The terrorists have not only launched bloodletting with law enforcement agencies, but are seizing government buildings, smashing and burning the party offices of their political opponents, and applying mob law against the citizens of Ukraine. This unquestionably threatens the safety and life of citizens, as well as their dignity and the inviolability of their property.

You should understand that, in supporting the actions of the guerrillas in Ukraine, by according them the status of “Euromaidan activists” who are taking part in so-called peaceful actions, you yourselves are directly protecting, inciting, and egging on Ukrainian neo- Nazis and neo-fascists.

None of these oppositionists (Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, and Tyahnybok) hide that they are continuing the ideology and the practices of the OUN-UPA [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists-Ukrainian Insurgent Army which directly collaborated with Nazi occupation forces for two years, continued to fight primarily against the Soviet Red Army and anti-Nazi Polish forces even after breaking with the Nazis, and in 1943-44 massacred 70-100,000 ethnic Poles in a brutal ethnic-cleansing operation in western Ukraine—ed.]. They punctuate all of their speeches at the Maidan with cries of “Glory to Ukraine—to the Heroes Glory!” This Nazi greeting was adopted by the Ukrainian nationalists in April 1941 (at the Second Assembly of the OUN), and was copied from the analogous slogans of Hitler’s Nazi Party.

Other regular slogans of the Maidan are “Glory to Ukraine—Death to the Enemies,” “Ukraine above All,” “Ukraine for Ukrainians,” “Stab the Muscovites and Hang the Communists.”

Wherever the Euromaidan people go in Ukraine, they disseminate, besides the slogans mentioned above, neo-Nazi, racist symbols such as the Wolf’s Cross— one of the first emblems of Hitler’s NSDAP Party; the Celtic Cross—one of the main neo-Nazi and racist symbols, denoting the superiority of the white race; and the numbers 14 and 88. The 14 refers to 14 words of the American neo-Nazi David Lane, who was sentenced to 190 years in prison in the state of Indiana, USA, for racist civil rights violations and racketeering; while 88 is an encoded version of “Heil Hitler!” (“H” being the eighth letter of the Latin alphabet). Right Sector, which coordinates the guerrillas, uses the black-and-red flag in all its actions. It is a symbol of the Nazi ideology of “Blood and Soil,” which in 1930 was consolidated as a certain sort of national socialist doctrine, which the Hitlerites used to justify their regime after coming to power in 1933.

Also confirming the neo-Nazi nature of the Euromaidan is the constant use of portraits of the bloody executioners of our people, Bandera and Shukhevych— agents of the Abwehr under the nicknames “Gray” and “Taras Chuprinka.” On January 14 a portrait of Bandera was hung from the Kiev City Hall [occupied by demonstrators], as a provocation. After a scandal ensued, it was removed to the interior of the building. Also diabolical was the march by Maidan participants with torches through the central streets of Kiev on January 1, Bandera’s birthday.

Not only the Kiev Maidan, but also the maidans unfolding in the regions of Ukraine are massively infected with Nazi ideology, and they are using the practices of their predecessors in their actions both against law enforcement agencies and against Ukrainian civilians (including their political opponents).

Washington and Brussels are either following the risky course of ignoring the Nazi nature of the Euromaidan, or they are consciously closing their eyes and covering up the fascist ideology of the Parliamentary opposition and the Euromaidan in Ukraine. It is appropriate to ask: “Have the UN, the EU, and the USA ceased to recognize the Charter and Verdict of the International War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg, where the Hitlerite Nazis and their henchmen were convicted? Have human rights ceased to be a value for the countries of the EU and the world community? Is the Ukrainian nationalists’ devotion to Hitler and his mass murders of civilians now considered democracy?”

3. The rights of those citizens of Ukraine who condemn Nazism and neo-Nazism, espouse a different ideology, defend the sovereignty of Ukraine, and categorically reject the Association Agreement with the EU, while seeing Ukraine’s integration into the Customs Union as a way out of the crisis, are being trampled on! Representative polling shows that over half the population advocates the integration of Ukraine with Russia, and 97 percent are against Nazism. Do the EU and the UN think that the rights of tens of millions of these Ukrainians should not be defended? Do the EU and the UN consider it a standard of democracy, when the so- called self-defense units of the Euromaidan, unconstitutionally and in violation of the norms of international law, kidnap citizens, search them, interrogate them, torture them, and take them off for “sentences” to be carried out?

We insist on the inclusion of our representatives in the negotiation process with the President of Ukraine and the Parliamentary opposition, and we ask you to support this demand. We also urgently request that you receive an authorized delegation of the signatories hereof, in order to obtain objective information about what is happening in Ukraine.

We, as leaders of Ukrainian political parties and public organizations, express our concern that politicians and officials from the UN, the EU, the USA, and the international community have a distorted perception of the events being organized to bring about a coup d’état in Ukraine, and are not taking effective measures to stop this fascist coup.

We call on the leadership of the UN, the EU, and the USA to immediately condemn the actions of Ukrainian Nazi organizations and, on their own part, to take the necessary measures to prevent a fratricidal civil war in our country.

We are sending a copy of this Appeal to the leaders of the member countries of the United Nations Security Council.