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Helga Zepp-LaRouche To Keynote Major Ibero-American Videoconference on the New Silk Road on May 4, 2017

April 2017


April 28, 2017 (EIRNS) -- Helga Zepp-LaRouche will keynote an international videoconference involving more than a half-dozen linked meetings across Ibero-America this coming Thursday, May 4, on the theme, "The Future of Ibero-America Lies in the New Silk Road." Jointly sponsored by the Schiller Institute and EIR (Executive Intelligence Review), the event -- held on the eve of the May 14-15 Belt and Road Forum in Beijing -- is the spearhead of the LaRouche movement's organizing drive to get the nations of Ibero-America to join the Belt and Road Initiative, which is rapidly replacing the bankrupt British Empire as the dominant paradigm on the planet.

In addition to Zepp-LaRouche's keynote -- which will be in the form of a pre-recorded video  presentation, due to the time zone differences between Europe and Ibero-America -- there will be presentations by Justo Vargas of the Association of Economists of Peru, speaking from Pucallpa, Peru, on the bi-oceanic railroad project involving Peru, Brazil and China; and by prominent Mexican  engineer Javier Jimenez Espriu, speaking from Mexico City on the engineering platform for Mexico's role in the New Silk Road.

The live event will involve linked meetings that have been organized in Pucallpa, Peru, and Mexico City, as well as Lima and Tarapoto, Peru; Hermosillo and Queretaro, Mexico; and Guatemala City. The entire event will be broadcast live on Google Hangouts  on Air, beginning at 7 p.m. Washington time on Thursday May 4, and can be accessed via the Spanish-language EIR web page,