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Sense & Science, Again

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
January 24, 2014

This article appears in the January 31, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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A conversation with William Shakespeare:


The Subject of Strategy Today

Wikimedia Commons
William Shakespeare: one of the greatest dramatists, and also great scientists, of modern times.


The January 5 publication of my campaign, which
had been titled,
Against Dictatorship!,[1] has now
been set, here, in my here now published, intended
sequel to that item, a new standard for the
publication of a series of follow-on publications
which are now, at this point, now to be considered
in a more advanced stage of being: presently
devoted, in effect, to the future determination of
what had been, heretofore, still-predominant, as a
set of same old reductionists
' standards: those
customary follies of practice, such as foisting a
merely mathematical doctrine on the mere name of
science. But, which remains, heretofore, a doctrine
which is, still, a currently persistent, popularly
applied one, as a pre-determination, among those
who are nominally either, or both, mathematicians
or, are, otherwise, representatives of some mere
sentiments of those who had been, otherwise, to be
considered as leaders
in and among the aforesaid
set of merely "artistic performers," in music, as and
in barely plausible literary productions. This
specification, had been, heretofore, a ruling
consideration, in work employed for cases of what
had been, actually, at their best, merely a crucial
variety of some relatively important conceptions, as
to those, relatively, which are to be preferred,
modes, rather than merely a passing comment on
what might be, often merely by chance, were to
become the completed form of the published work in
as such kinds of rules: sending a message, but
leaving it at that, producing thus, sending the
message, and leaving such matters as that, behind.

However, when the presence of what are, merely,
presumably literate exemplars, whether as serious
writers, or merely readers who, had, as in their
customary practice as readers of chosen subject-
matters, as I had also done that, in effect, had
sometimes wished to see themselves, by the margin
of advantage of mere money, as virtual patricians of
a social strata which rises somewhat above what
might had often been dis-regarded, for what is to be
viewed as, a simply and humbler social strata of the
citizenry in our societies. This had been typical,
also, in the cases of such pompously self-inflated
authors, as the merchants who had been devoted to
defining "popular opinion" for the edification of the
alleged "masses,"and who had, mistakenly, tended
to impose their frequently, sometimes foolish,
actually asinine conceits, in viewing themselves as
certified venders of what, yet again, had been, in
fact, merely some hackneyed variety of the peddling
of either, "mere news," a pompous pose from above
the merely dreamed clouds of Heaven, or, a conceit
sprung from no better source than their own, self-
esteemed, advantageous one, of their own mere
opinion, which were ranked by the credulous as
reigning over a more populous under-class of
"common folk," all of which had been, otherwise
distributed "to the alleged masses," who, when
seized by such a manner of outlook, had attempted
to be (if only as self-regarded as mere merchants of
rumor), as if such a status should be viewed, on
their part, had thus given them such license, as to
have been one among those esteemed as prescribed
masters of that which had been defined, as if under
the influence of a model of the presently, still
popular presumption, as that of a more or less
world-wide reign, a reign of a mere likely Wall
Street type, of a merchant working for Zeus.

That fact, that a matter, which I now place at issue,
thus, here: is that which is, even still now, up to this
point here, the practically inescapable consequence
of what must now become the present's fresh reality.

That is, as if to say, that: "The legacy of a satanic
sort of imperial slave-master, the human stereotype
named Zeus, must be now ended forever, almost as
if he had never been, in effects: by the needed
change, to which I have referred, above; so, the
slaves must be freed from their submission to a
seemingly, almost eternal, Zeusian form of slavery,
and, also, to be freed from the habits which were
those of its own typical follies, to which such brands
of misfortunate persons are still prone.

The needed change in practice now requires, from
its reset by us, this time, as our own true ourselves,
a change to what are now to be classed, from among
the, now formerly, "merely common folk," the help,
now to be gained through aid of a stricter
enforcement of even those higher conceptual
standards of urgently needed practice, the which
might appear, mistakenly, to some (implicitly),
merely pompous, misguided measures of an,
heretofore, presently reigning practice. This
requires a change which might require the
shattering of the, either slyly, or absently-minded
follies, a reform which might require the actual
shattering of the reigns of hitherto popular,
especially predatory, delusions. It will be a kind of
change, on which the principle of civilization, now demands.

To that end, the currently perverse, modern
standards set for public opinion and practice of
what had been, if only nominally, as "art and
science," must be transformed in intent. Such habits
as those, must presently undergo a rather strenuous
transformation, for the sake of the good.

The successful perpetuation of civilization presently
demands, that those, currently, still prevalent, pro-
oligarchical standards for taught practice, those
respecting both science and art conjointly: those
standards, must meet, and also be compelled to
subdue their presently, common master, so that they
must become an embodiment of a common principle,
the which is to be derived from both the domains of
classical art and physical science, alike. To that
thus-stated end, what I shall be in the process of
doing, as that which I am already performing here,
thus and now: will be done exactly so, respecting
both so-called "art and science," as such, as in the
course of these following pages. I, therefore propose
a defense, here and now, of what must, now, really
become a rule, by the means of which, a truly human
society of men and women, might appear, in a richer
meaning of life, for them, now.

It is to that end, this thus indicated end, now stated
at exactly this moment, this point: that the following
message, is now to be delivered.

What I have, thus, proposed, immediately above, is,
now to be made concrete in its practicable, but,
then, also, "post-popular" definition, as I shall do
here. This intention now follows, in the ensuing,
following chapters.

The Preface:
The Mission for this Report

Science Once More

In my Against Dictatorship which had been intended, earlier, to be a set to be published as during the course of both those past, but now current weeks, during which I had wished, to have completed my present report in its entirety, as for this present occasion. So, intended to have completed as next-in-line. This had been done, now, under a working title of "The Pathway to the Future." The present title, "A Conversation with William Shakespeare," whose particular intention, is a major class for magazine publication, for merely a magazine, or the like publication, was also, my-to-be expressed intention, then still-in-progress; it is now to be expressed and present treatment given, here: as for that which, as its ultimate intention, here, is, as I shall indicate in due course, below: as being the subject for a prospectively oncoming transformation.

This now, here, presents a proper order of mind, which will be, soon, required, properly, for application to the general category of human life, in the order in which this will be done, under, or, also, frequently, outside of a need for the eradication of those, heretofore ruling, conditions imposed on human life earlier, that now done, here, for the sake of an eradication of that, which, heretofore, in both its respective, nominally physical, and also intellectual respects, has been, in its totality, chiefly restricted as if to being essentially intended to be experienced on Earth, and that scientifically generally-or, of merely some parts of the content of the subject of the future of planet Earth, and, perhaps, ultimately, way down the line, then to be considered as lying within the galactic scheme of things soon to become, as now.

The China Breakthrough

Specifically: I had revised those of my past intentions, in part, in this matter, to deliver a full-blast of the entire subject under that category, this done as a single unified presentation of the whole matter: that for the reason of the exemplary, most-urgent quality, for a response to the presently urgent, public fact, immediately, now: respecting the extremely high priority, then to be emphasized internationally, respecting the sudden impact of developments within, and ensuing from, the accelerating, prospective options for China's immediate-future prospects, and, otherwise, for a following-through on the implications of such an approach, which, thus, in turn, provides the inclusion of the imminent gathering, and emphasis upon, what is, presently to be considered, as being the potential for the proper conception of the prospective use of an amassed content of the principle of Helium-III (under this more convenient title, proposed for present and future writers), and, also, as what we might wish to describe as such a "cloaked" use of Helium-III,[2] if and when it were employed as a source for the productive development of the much higher development of that quality of Helium-III, and also as that which is to be, in the large, gathered, and on, and, also, thereafter, from the Moon, as, such as to be gathered so, that, as being, virtually, as a to-be-refined as a, raw material of production, whence, for the sake of the benefits taken for that purpose, as if, once, under a rule of "follow me now," changed into a change of itself, thus transmuted, from the merely descriptive mode, to the actually sought, mode of ontological realities, as respecting those respectively underlying principles which must converge on becoming what shall be, and are actually common to both physical science, but principles of a true poetry in which lie poetry and song, both, expressed and composed, as for clear-minded scientific thinking, properly, for the relevant languages, which, are in accord to a J.S. Bach mode for both, which are, as a matter of practical fact, implicitly mandatory for science, alike.

Di Lorenzo and Kremer,
The Chinese Moon lander Chang’e 3. The panorama (above) shows the rover Yutu shortly after it reached the surface. The yellow lines connect the craters seen in the panorama to a later image of the same spot, from above. The red lines show the approximate field of view of the panorama.

That union of a shared underlying purpose, and to be accomplished, so, as within the bounds of a common unity of what is actually represented by an indispensable union of both the merely descriptive, and the actually ontological modes, of the creative processes, all combined, in all of this, as being processes of that which can be expressed by man, but that done, only, in the ontological modalities defined by the true principle of a specifically, uniquely human creativity, rather than in the relatively pitiable expression, as if under the tyranny of what are, currently, merely descriptive modalities.[3]

Now, as I have reflected this in the development which occupies the early-future intentions for what is, also, the intention of what is currently with me, here, that which is within some mysteriously pregnant shadows, what is becoming the pregnant shadows of some certain realities of actually physical progress, a progress which is to become actually achieved, as a consequence, a consequence of that which meets the practical requirements of my own general intention, as being expressed within the context of my recently published report, Against Dictatorship!

Indeed, that had been the same outlook which I have frequently expressed: as, during, presently, a more actively current of segments of current times, as in the presently immediate instance my own new report, here, now. Since "now:" then, a report which has been, already, in process, in the preparation of this presently new, publication, which has recently acquired an importance for reason of a spectacularly, and urgently important use, more than merely globally, and profoundly important, in the interest of serving the human species, generally: as follows.

All true discoveries of actually physical principle, or their urgently required development and use, such as China's Moon exploration, has struck now upon evidence of the urgent implications of the development of Helium-III resources, had been derived from the already standard, Sun itself, and of the particular implications of the mass of Helium-III deposits on the Moon, as, each and all, are to be recognized by the implications of the recent China landing there. Those implications, are, literally, all true: if, and when considered within the bounds of a presently attainable future, for the ontological principles to be expressed, in the relatively immediate progress of steps leading, urgently, into the future of the urgently needed, present new contributions for man and, soul. That would be, a realization of a presently urgent, pioneering, venture, one dedicated to a freshly true, and, also, a certain, amplification of emphasis on the urgency of that scientific discovery, which presently represents a net change.

That change, if combined with a quality of change, which brings the exceptionally uniquely human effect of human insight, into a new, nobler quality, of a human, intellectual reality: then, a new reality emerges. Success in that intention, enables the prospectively true and new discovery, of the means for the realization of previously unknown, physical principles; and, of their realization for both present and future, human use, of a progressing standpoint of mankind, now emerging from the nearer regions within our Solar System.

That is not yet a matter of a finished sort of "consumable net product;" but, it remains within the category of the present fact, that, the product persists, in fact, as a merely a well-informed crafting of a definition of physical, or equivalent principles. This is, when combined with a process of finding-and-crafting, a process, whose only realized elementary achievement on this particular account, so far, has been the proximately immediate benefits, which the inhabitants must hope to now soon harvest by intention, as the prospectively early achievement: that of an addition to a roster of those prospects for the advancement of the future of mankind, which the prospects for those who will have achieved, as that fragile prospect of individuals' human foresight into what would have been, so far, then, a clear-minded foresight into a matter of the prospect for the early use, and benefits to mankind, of a consequently refined insight: an insight into the prospect of a subsequent realization of principle.

These concerns must evolve, into becoming, now, identified as if they had been lurking in the hope of an ensuing harvest: a harvest delivered, hopefully, as a donation given by that relevant, creative thinker, who, lurks in the hope, that he, or she, may live to participate in the enjoyment of the witnessing some significant part of a coming, future harvest of that, most important aspect of life, beyond death: an aspect which, continued, would be the dearest privilege to be attained during, and, also, after life: the continued role, within society, of the continued influence, on society, of the manifestations of that which were still influential beyond death: that, of the influence of what survives, as, under the name of what is worthy to be considered as the living, inherently creative (i.e: noŽtic) expression of the living soul of the once-deceased. Of all the richest harvests of the journey into, and beyond, by any human personality, that, is the greatest, and the most majestic: the still living soul, which lives on as a still-living heritage, and as the force of that human soul, which is worthy, even when deceased, worthy of a still active legacy, role, not withstanding death, among the living.[4]

Mankind Against His Own Follies

We, and our species' nations, which, therefore, must now experience life, and its extended influence, as being specifically professed devotion to a future, post-mortal realization, as within the context defined by the nature of our own inherited respective personalities, must each live out their own lives, both in the flesh, and, noŽtically, beyond. That is to be accomplished, largely, even so far as this, as chiefly within the bounds defined as in the actions of those enjoying the good fortune of making, even beyond mortal limits, of the future of human life.

That identifies an innate potential of opportunity, for the willing, which is to be afforded, uniquely, to mankind, as being a part of the constituting members of a species. That may be described, fairly, as: an efficient "other form" of immortality, which is identifiable with the creative human personalities which continue to outlive the often, seemingly deadly silence of their ultimate mortality; they continue to live, so, in the explicitly still-living fruits of the active mind whose expressions continue to enjoy a tentatively immortal practical role, that of the sort typified by, concretely, physical scientists of the sort typified, with a certain special excellence, by such figures as Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

Such exemplars as those, pin-pointed cases, of truly great scientists, are to be regarded, as being an expression of the immortal power of an extension of a mortally-silenced voice: but, yet a voice which is, not infrequently, more powerful in influence, thus, in his or health, or death, and which, therefore, may not, infrequently, be more powerful a voice during the subsequent, post-mortal experiences of mankind, for mankind, than they had come to be represented in, the later aftermath of their mortal life. (Oh, God! What, otherwise, am I, either in life, or in death!)

This is the fundamental, mental demonstration of the truth which each among us, must be enabled to escape the limits of a present, mass-murderous "green plague;" the widely spreading, deadly, threat to the existence of all that mankind which is now lurking, as if condemned to endure a massed rate of, ultimately meaningless purpose, awaiting his or her such an actual death of the living mind among human beings: as such death is expressed presently under the British imperial, or comparable oligarchical types, fitting a kind of self-destruction which has been actually typified by the legacy of the creature Zeus.

The Evil Zeus

Wikimedia Commons
The difference between Zeus (shown) and Prometheus represents the fundamental
distinction between man—as distinct from the beasts—and the evil principle of empire. (The arm raising the thunderbolt was added in this restoration of a Roman statue, in the 17th Century.)

Such poor, wretched folk as those of a type which I have exposed, here, this far, fall into the clearly definable category of, those who are, also, thus akin to the human-sacrificial offerings to a person of the greatest known pure evil, Zeus. They share, thus, the heritage of the apparently willing victims of the effects of the present plague of "The green death:" a kind of means of achieving a death, now accelerated as both actual and virtual "mass murders of the human mind," in societies such as the case of the mass-murderous, Satanic (i.e., Zeus) notorious Roman Emperors, and of the like of dictator Adolf Hitler, and of, similar, more, or less, other powerful emulations of any living predecessor of such an evil character, as that of the transcendently evil breed of those cults of Zeus, which, for no more or less motive than their innate perversion of human life, thus, lure foolish, or merely terrified human beings, into the accomplishment of their own self-destruction. Such is the expression of a habit, frayed with recurring use of those methods of mass-deaths within entire generations and branches of human societies: methods, which typify what must be understood, intrinsically, as that which must be recognized as more than any ordinary human monsters.

Those such creatures are not "mere sinners," but, rather, monsters-in-fact. These are, thus, for reason of no broader motivation than that, as quasi-human creatures, are those persons whose roots can be, or frequently, already are, to be identified as that of "the children of evil," the heirs of an intrinsically evil legacy, that of The Children of Zeus.

That exemplary, Zeusian model, that of pure evil, must, therefore, be obliged to be checked, accordingly: even the persisting existence of future generations of such monsters: beings such as those, who fit the category of the expressions of "a purely evil, mere existence" of the same sort, as what is to be known, as the intrinsically "evil mind:" the mind intended to do evil, is to be recognized, otherwise, as bearing the wretchedness of mere existentialism, and, so, to be replaced by what is to be, the urgently needed, upward development of mankind: which must become the required state of affairs, as must be the case of education of the mind of the human individual to the goal of the acceleration of the noŽtic enrichment of the minds of successive future generations.

This progress of mankind according to a Creator's intention, is to become a present state of human affairs, which is a most desirable turn to be experienced amid the actually feasible prospects, for the most immediately future generations, presently; and is, otherwise, appropriately, for the sake of the newly born, feasible implications for future mankind, all that, for what is presently to be considered, as, for us, within our present Solar System: that which is now usable-for-mankind, in the person's, now relative prospects for the, hopefully, early future.

Now to the Business-End of What I Have Now Said

The immortality of the living society, so defined as such, rests in the becoming of its being something far greater, than merely wandering aimlessly, within the confines of nothing better than some empty, mere dream, of immortality.

The power to comprehend, the true meaning of the inherently creative, powers of the human mind, reposes in that mind's potential for achievement of its properly chosen, next step upwards, into our species's zealously awaiting a future meaning, for a present life.

That had been the intention, which leaders such as Nicholas of Cusa had impelled, to bring, beyond the ocean's waters, such landings as the reality, of a creative sovereignty of the state of minds, minds represented by the founders of the relatively free sovreignty achieved, for a time, within the province of the Massachusetts Bay Colony: until it had been crushed for a time, by the evil, Zeusian, qualities, of the ever-predatory Dutch Empire, then: an empire which was to have been later, an evil spirit, acting from behind the silly mask of a nominally British Empire, as carried so, within a Zeusian, Roman-imperial intention, and its likeness still today.

However, the matter of the process of establishing, the fruits of the work of such leaders, as Cusa, during what was once known as a Golden Renaissance, was assaulted, and frequently crushed, over the course of a time, up to this present moment. There must be, now, therefore, an active process of attaining such a future which lies, chiefly, among those present persons, who, despite all else in their destiny, are exemplified by a characteristic intention, one which lies, when expressed in practice, according to the intention which had been expressed in exemplary ways, by that so-called, "Golden" Renaissance, exemplified in the virtual enriching of humanity, by such truly immortal spirits as that of the same Nicholas of Cusa, who remains, still presently, as an exemplar of the meaning of human life, and of its enriching of the future human individual by the realization of that endlessly eternal mission which each among us, should have wished to remain a continuing influence in the great mission of the human species of, still, our present times, and beyond.

Wikimedia Commons
Emperor Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. The Zeussian principle of empire runs from the evil Roman Empire through the Dutch Empire of the 17th Century, to the British world-empire today

The exposition of the truth of the fact of the true victim in human society, presently, is that such an exposition must come to express the intention: the intention, that, the individual may be, in fact, and continue to be, an actively, truly creative force, operating within the culture of our species, that, even after the appearance of his, or her death: the expression of a force exemplified by the achievements among the greatest scientists known to us, as since the immediate associates of that Nicholas of Cusa, whose spirit lives still, in the effect, which his mortal existence had bestowed upon his society, and on the effects of his devotion: all of which, has been, the most potent influence of his participation in bringing forth the benefits of true scientific, and related expressions, of a discovering of true expressions of universal goodness, and its own discovery.

Let us become the expression of a truthful commitment to such an axiomatic present intention shared among us.

Let us, now, in that form of the expression of the truly proper passions and progress, of an uplifting of mankind in this way; consider the former passions of human customs of progress, which might now rise up, as if out of the ditch of presently, widely increasing rates of those morally, desperately discouraged, and frequently degenerated states among human minds, threats which presently menace both entire nations, and also among nations of the world.

I have, thus, now crafted a somewhat improved, immediately revealing, working-out, thus, of implicitly, some discoveries, or merely prescience of discoveries, which might have been sufficient to have, now, already presented as certain, essential planks of knowledge given, and which may, also, well prompt the passion to now proceed, henceforth, into the fuller breadth and depth of a case which I shall present, hereafter, within this report. For us, the production of the future meal, is more precious than its eating, and being worthy of that, in one's own life, of consuming the benefit.

The Genius of William Shakespeare

I continue now, with some insights into the meaning, for our future, of the genius of William Shakespeare. It is a quality of genius, which every serious mind, today, must now come to know. Therefore, now, re-establish your available opinion of yourself, and your estimable benefits which might be now supplied to the benefit of the future of our species, as since, for example, the spiritually and in the scientific immortality, of Cusa himself.

That much said, this far, here, let the influence of progress within the human culture attest, for us still today, the prophecy which, in particular, shows itself, even now, in the moral struggle for the future development of our species. That must be understood as meaning, a rising force within the universe, as if radiating, presently from habitation on Earth, but under an actually immortal force of the intention of a more universal creativity: a truly moral person's potential powers to create the continuation of an actual future-that also as if that also appears to be "only spiritual," as in the instance of I Corinthians 13, of the Apostle Paul!.

Mankind can not continue to exist as a species, without a higher and broader mission within the relatively immediate neighbors within our Solar System, to beyond the Solar System's containment by the "mother" Galaxy, and so on, but must live in the future, or, otherwise, we are not, yet, truly, a human species.

The root of all true evil, lies, in the irony of a denial of the innate potential of the human individual, or, also, as a society: so, is to have lost that most natural distinction of positive knowledge, as I have just illustrated, the principle involved, within what we presently know as a universe.

The future existence of an assertion of an expression of the true insight, and, also, the necessary potential of any fully human being, to, actually, foresee the actual future of society, thus: is a matter of the deepest quality of achievement of all human resources, as being human, in respect of the realized power to peek into the making of an oncoming, actual future-and, better still, to make it happen.

That must be accomplished, through the means for that to be recognized in terms of the sense of a power of something sometimes named, with or without what that person has actually experienced as: actual knowledge of the future, as in the kind of knowledge which can be gained, not merely by experimental methods, but, by an apparently divine presumption, one which is to become known, not from past experience as such, but only with the foresight of a suitably devoted human soul.

It is exactly that just-spoken argument, which actually expresses a relative perfection of intention, respecting "the very meaning of my own adopted purpose in existence."

I wrote, as I also speak, with the authority of the commitment of my identity as a leading figure, from which, and also, to a certain beyond, the organization which I have led, so far: the relatively clearest sense, during the span of the recently five decades, and a bit more. We must, as I shall underscore this in the oncoming course of this report, be self-prepared for the battles which the future will demand of us, as for the benefit of the meaning of the meaning of the good future.

Let the remainder of what is to be said, here, now, and then, as the following, on that specific account. Let it unfold within the process of the work of the inherently passing appearance of incarnate human souls, as if they are fitting the requirements which I have set forth here, something of the prospect of our active realization of the future. So, exactly as the Apostle Paul's neatly compacted statement of the, actual meaning of the human soul, emphasized that as being the entire thesis in the most succinct terms, in a most elegantly concentrated expression, in I Corinthians 13. I must now quickly say, that that is not religion as merely such, but is the deepest practical expression of the necessary passion which makes the entire text of that statement by the Apostle Paul, rather not a mere argument, but the kind of permanent principle of truth, which is fit to subsume any contrary supposition of universal truth within the future for as far as we are presently enabled to know it.

I have, so far, emphasized certain essential principles; I must now turn the page of my argument, here, into the subject of the work which I do in my presently more than five decades of capacity. Many things, strewn from through the passage of history, must now be brought to account, all in a unifying expression of the history of our experience of the present times.

William Shakespeare: Scientist

The implications of China's achievement, in its present degree of challenging, a Moon-based investigation, of the potential for realizing both the Moon-based potential in Helium-Three, there, and, also, its imminent implications for a present mission which I, on my own account, have identified as being the role of man in this matter, expressing a prospective attempt to free mankind from a continued confinement to an "Earthling Status." This implies the future perspective for related achievements. That might be treated, as a momentary best option for my wishful choice, for an allegory, and for mankind's needed future. Unfortunately, we must also reckon with the unpleasant reality, that, most present-day, would-be historians, and all too many so-called scientists, too, would not know, whether, or not, their wife were pregnant, or not even a wife, at all.

The mission which I have assigned for the fulfilment of any intention which has been embodied within the likeness of my present report this far, could also fail similarly, if it did not succeed in those deeper, even profound realities, which are underlying the actual realization of any truly scientific investigation. This is an exemplary recipe for the successful treatment of any of the cases of one among the greatest of the known, and also most profound subject-matters to be selected now, from among one among the greatest dramatists, and, also great modern scientists of all modern times, William Shakespeare, when he, and his work, were cast in a true light.

So, as that has now been said by me, here, there follows the fact, that an actual investigation of the type represented by my presently actual report of any really significant investigation, as for such as mine here, must find its own properly intended realization, that within the context of a process of identification of and, also, of deep penetration into realities which lurk deeply within the roots of the merely apparent, the which often actually underlie the actual history which must be scratched-out in regions of space and time, taken away from an assorted accumulation of the virtual top-soil of history as such, now lying, awaiting, within the underlying basis of the early known history of mankind's origins.

That is the basis which lies, thus, deeply below the surface of the modern roots of humanity, in a really serious subject-matter posed to society: whose, roots which must have reached, deeply into the times of past and future, alike: may have reached deeply into the lurking roots to be found more broadly considered, rediscovery of both modern and ancient human history, alike: one now still deeply covered-over by the rooted burden still yet to be rediscovered from mankind's earlier past.

This specific consideration to be accorded for this case, and to its immediate subjects, are the efficiently implicit, and also the indispensable means for uncovering those ancient relics which can be considered archeologically, with an included respect for ancient Greek roots, to the reality itself, which must be properly examined from the standpoint of that, actual identity which deeply underlies the actual history of, not mere myths, but the likeness of really living shadows which underlie both earlier times and later conceptions: materials which recent memories, must be searched-out afar for, yet more deeply-rooted considerations: if we are to understand, the true antiquity, to be discovered from the standpoint of that relevant genius, which may be implicit in the China's present Moon-landing program, and from, also, the relevance this has for the cause for a presently, also required, deeper insight into the relevance of the scientific genius implicit in the rarely understood implicit achievements of William Shakespeare.

My intention in this part of this report, in which I am committed to present my perspective for the explaining a broader insight into what I am about to propose presently as immediate tasks for a scientific historian of comprehended considerations respecting this subject-matter.

This treatment of history, lies in the entirety of this present report's, realization of this report as a whole, when completed, of history until now, requiring truths identified by an actually competent consideration of the menace of modern warfare, from the prospect of both ancient history, implicitly, and of the actuality of the presently still menaced, essential threat, since the U.S. Civil War, in particular, but, now careening into the very early threat of imminent extinction of the human species.

The treatment of the case of the political and scientific history of mankind and his warfare and economy, since the effects of the chain-reaction, since a certain scheme in modern, global economy and its universalized warfare, up to, and beyond, any present instant.

On That Account, Therefore . . .

The genius shown, to be down here, by William Shakespeare, has no essential root in the emetic qualities which inhere in the mere deductions of present and past, alike; or, from the mere evasion of the fact, of the absence of the actually profound, which has been expressed as mere deduction, a practice, within which, the shallowed mind confuses itself, with a reductionist's efforts set loose among the arts, the merely deductive, inevitably foolish, intellectual costumes.

William Shakespeare, was, too profoundly situated among the principles underlying his compositions, to be a mere imitation of anything like a mere "Sherlock Holmes," nor any mere deductionist's introducing the practices of idle fantasies. William Shakespeare was, indeed, a living incarnation of intention of the deeply rooted ancient, immortal spirit, named Chorus:

Wikimedia Commons
Old Satan himself: “Witches’ Sabbath,” by Francisco Goya (1797-98), shows the Devil in the form of a goat, surrounded by a coven of witches.

What is to be considered here, at this time, lies, sufficiently in insight into the soul of Shakespeare himself. It lies in an actual creation of the nature of not only that play, King Henry V, but upon, also, upon the actually, virtually living soul of Chorus, in its truly efficient incarnation, as done in acting as if of a perfect judge's delivering declared judgment upon, and, also against, the evil soul of Zeus, so, after that, a still more emphatic regard leaning toward the present point of that history: the incarnation of the continuing expression of a monstrously evil soul, which is to be adduced from the physical, material evidence still available to the willing: in what is to be adduced from the actual nature of those among Zeus, and among all the ancient priests and similar likeness, whose heritage of evil itself, is to be recognized, in the all too monstrous, as in Zeus's own incarnation of Evil: which seems comparable to that of an Old Satan himself.

The true account of that deeper wearing of the mask, simplifies the map required for the reading of a history running along a passage from Hell, to a Roman Empire, and, or, as, also today's imperial London, or the tribes of terrorism recorded as my own personal knowledge of those contemporary near-Asian roads, which are the leading evidence left behind, by the passage of the depth of evidence - such as that, conveyed through my published motion-picture documentary's publication of the origins of what would devolve to become the presently immediate, threat of thermonuclear human extinction, that to be recognized as located from back into the actual history of a currently modern, contemporary case of London, and, also running throughout the precincts of Wall Street, now.[5]

That is the relevant indictment against an actual Satan-oops!-rather, speak of a pending trial against Zeus's fondlings. The adjunct speaker for the adjunct Prosecutor of that still-living tradition, for the present moment, which is implicitly on trial on the stage is implicitly well suited to be performed on the stage owned by the living William Shakespeare, himself!

This occasion is, perhaps, no proper occasion, for inviting the little boys and girls out there, to listen to the matter of our present discussion within the province of this particular case on trial. Children lack the experience to know(through no fault of their own) to blame bad teachers, of the problem of increasingly wretched schools, in earlier, and better times, than ours, today! The young folk, and, also those who foolishly mimic them in mind and manners, have not yet achieved an actual capability for matters into such leading matters of profoundly serious judgment, for such a trial's proceeding!

Nevertheless, despite that relatively disposing of that small matter at hand, such a small diversion as that, must not be allowed to be continued as a subject-matter at hand, rather than, in the more sovereign domain: lest there be a risk to that proceeding's current task in the adult matter at hand, which, clearly, might worry any innocents, were such ugly matters heralded before tender ears. We must, simply, continue to proceed with that which our strenuous matters of business, presently at hand, demands. That latter intention, demands, immediately, here, other considerations not withstanding, that, before the order of the court, to proceed.

The Devil's own destiny is, thus, now, to be put on stage, on trial, here, and this very same day.

At the least, so, with that court's permission, as, otherwise, in the probable intention for dealing with the gross imperfections embodied in the person of President Barack Obama.

Now, Shakespeare's Drama

The court, is, thus, now returned, to its official closet; the matter at hand, will now duly proceed, here.

So, let us return to this glimpse in the matter at hand, a matter the which, should be kept on trial, kept under the business of our choice of court, here, today. The suspected incarnation of the Devil himself, which will be presently pursued, will be certainly indicted, if ever, in conclusion, together with handy, diversionary accomplices who have not yet escaped a suspicious likeness to Zeus, himself. So, that which will presently show, now, as being a matter to be dispensed for concluding the court's own immediate business at hand, a matter of trials which an interim diversion, might remain deferred, albeit grave consideration, still, perhaps, under proper suspicion, which for whomever, might be, however long.

Let us, therefore, step aside from the currently silly current babble on the street: to clear the way for the trial at hand, which one might wish, would now begin.

Emanuel Lasker and Aron

The suspicion aroused by even the allusion to suspicions against that Devil himself, persists throughout, like the rustling of the suspicions afoot, this time against the stiffening fabric of suspicions directed against a celebrity's skirt, heard here now, and yet to come again, and, then, yet again. All of a kind of diversion which unsettles the mind of judges, lawyers, again, and then, here and there, with a repeatedly startling effect of an erratic rustling amid the rudiments of the occasion. Intruding amid all this, were an apt description of the more threatening of those noises, as if as experienced with precrafted diversions, during their frightening lapses in opinions. A greater, thus induced fear, which might be compared to those suspicions, by Chess's [Aron] Nimzowitsch, during the course of a famous chess-play, conducted in Denmark, where the rustling of his increasingly distracting and fearful personal uncertainties, had spread like that, ever yet again, and again, [Emanuel] Lasker repeated, in a "I am not smoking this cigar," successfully upsetting the poor Nimzowitsch once again, and, thus, the growing hearing of seemingly impromptu occurrences, not out of explicitly stated threats, but the horror like that of the haunting uncertainties of a so-sensitized felon were almost twitching himself into a seemingly proximity of anticipated near-death, while waiting, as if to be captured within the premises of the courtroom, itself, throughout the proceedings of those judicial, or judicial-like, but also greatly perturbed, proceedings.

So, as the once-famous, Lasker, was once accused of torturing his Chess-opponent of the moment, the which was the merely Nimzowitsch, in a game of chess: often, the threat, almost any contemporary sort of threat, bestirred from within the courses of society, world-wide, today, may be certainly more deadly in effect, than any fear of the persisting throbs of indicated sensing the evasively expressed terror induced by the effect on the intended target, of even the mere possibility of the seeming, or even real prospect of action. However, that has been often, the influence of the irrelevant factor of history which adjusts, sometimes almost as if astonishingly, the larger course of actual history.

Or, consider the related case, that of the financial speculators on Wall Street, now gripped by their own sort of fears aroused by my mere presence, who have been terrified, sometimes by me, or, by their presently own awareness of my mere existence. So, there always remains the possibility of an impromptu stroke of justice, a crippling fear, stricken amid, and upon the effects a guilty fear of justice, this time, as in my own role as being perceived, momentarily, as being a haunting spectre in the wings, perhaps, even, with all the relevant trimmings ensuing.

Nevertheless, since the beginnings, even before this day's court session had been assembled to proceed, both, or forever, during the proceedings, from start to end, of each day: there, the guilty, once brought together for the occasion of the proceedings, day after day, had squatted in seeming bold, but, also in almost frozen fears, as the matter before the bench. The deeper and broader process, silently lurks forward at the same time, thus, virtually freezing the fears rampant among the charged, the witnesses, and the spectators, alike, with a prescience of the lurking presence, of an ominous feeling, that of the uncertain fear of a guilt, which they, from the wicked, only fear, but, pervasively, more with uncertainty, rather than mere fact.

“There always remains the possibility of an impromptu stroke of justice,” writes LaRouche. This engraving for Friedrich Schiller’s “The Cranes of Ibykus” (J.H. Ramberg, ca. 1808), shows the moment when the murderers of the poet Ibykus are exposed.

That, a living Shakespeare, or an actual Chorus, would promptly comprehend-still, for this present day!

Such may be the torments induced by the sensed presence of a Chorus' presence, amid the shattering of the confidence of de-facto crooks gathered for an assembly of a body of current financial predators gathered from Wall Street today.

So, from the sidelines of Justice, such mere proceedings, actually, are merely feared, even without particular reason. But, in the same court, seated outside those premises, the mere names of the principal defendants, remain, either chilled, or foolishly sweetened, in their prescribed places whatever the date and place for the occasion.

How can there be peace for the soul, or, for anyone, which might be the Judge of the worthy-to-be condemned, in times when the world at large's suspects, in the case, that all spectators, who might be suspected, whether guilty, or innocent, are being charged, as fear grips the citizens of the United States, and, perhaps, also the court itself, which is presently living presently under a regime, under whose heel, like that of the real-life, the real-life Children of Satan, following the example of practice, now, today, as in France's Reign of Terror, and Napoleonic regime, and more, all of which, and more, are still being terrified by the mere fact of almost anyone's existence, even, more likely, their own.

This fact, in and of itself, respecting the actual targets of this attention, is already a great crime in any court, whose justices might, themselves, be, at any moment, hauled under the knife of a guillotine, or worse penalties respecting the matters of injustice, or a reluctantly taken felon-in-fact? Chorus had understood such matters of concern for justice.

Yet, despite all that, in the course of time, presently, almost anyone, almost most nations of our planet, baby, judge, thug, or, saint, may be suddenly chopped-up, shot, or poisoned unto a tortured death, without any selection of choice of rhyme or reason, as the like of the deaths of children, whether by gun, bayonet, bomb, or gibbet, struck down without reason, as if, by the sudden killing of small children.

The only true felon, is the currently impromptu choice of a moment's sudden appearance of some Child of Satan! The evil is not the person, but the society under the reign of Satan: ruled, on the immediate setting, by a figure such as Zeus.

Here, on the present relatively immediacy of this contemporary experience, we must find the truth of past and present alike, in what is now long-buried, deep, under the evolutionary accumulations across the span of accumulation of human experience, a deep experience, to be brought to the surface of current affairs, as from across the depths of the experience of the past, as it were an accumulation contrary to a superficial experience under the evolutionary, and also revolutionary proceedings in the tracing the discovery of the events of the past as being the roots of the present.

From Shakespeare, Down to Darwin

Meanwhile, in this regard, the ancient roots of mankind as a species, have no consistencies, despite those of chronology as such, in the comparisons made. The supposedly contemporaneous evolution of the life of both man and beasts, lies in parallel, but, the misguiding efforts to nonetheless reach such a distance in respect to the two, often diverging processes of change among living creatures, such as with times the effects of chronology diverge, essentially, even increasingly, between the apposite, but also, opposite destinies of beasts with poor grasps of the distinctions of beast from man. For their sake: "We are not made to be cannibals!-or, the like?"

The only seeming dynamics of change, between that of the human species and its specific behavioral traits, in the course of developments across what seem, otherwise, to be parallel courses, courses which present us, in reality, with difference in rates and types of life-forms existing, as if in parallel, but essentially divergent, between the temporal human and animal forms of life, now cease to be in simplistic coordination, under any attempt to present animal life from the tempi and kinds of evolutionary process in conditions of life, the essential difference between mankind and other, seemingly (for some foolish commentators) any assumption of a chronically parallel set of effects in the course of parallel, but violently at difference realities, expressed in the chronicles of contemporary times of the chronically presumed kinds of parallel forms of culturally determined rates of relatively evolutionary divergence, chronologically, as in respect to the divergencies in the course of the chronical implications of the respective divergence in chronical coincidence, of the "evolutionary trends" in behavior, as in respect to the contemporary trends of "animal" cultural evolution also tend to diverge, as from those of mankind's own, when all are considered as in terms of net evolutionary transformations.

The often sharp, and, actually harsh, divergences from what is alleged, by all too many, as to be merely the effect of such an account, of no more than merely shadings of differences between the evolutionary roots of shifts, to be allegedly specific with only marginality, with the actually systemic distinctions expressed in terms of net rates of changes of rates, of expressions of animal behavior, when considered in respect to attempted comparisons to be mis-recognized as essentially chronical parallels among divergencies copied from within "the animal kingdom," but, which are misrepresented, as evidence leaning to a conclusion which is but another of those which are, more, or less, nothing less than shared complementary, the distinctly separated categories between the categories of mankind and beasts of all characteristics, as the nature of behavior, and as categorical distinctions of man from beasts: a matter of fraudulent attempts to degrade that difference in categories of species. Nonetheless, the mere attempt, fraudulently, has had a curious effect in results from among the ranks of the customary observers.

Mankind is not actually that of what may be, in its systemic fashion, competently defined as setting a standard, for being regarded as the equivalent of a non-human species. The equivalence does not actually exist-except, as if, perhaps, an unkempt, tiny suite in a virtual Hell.

The most essential difference of the evolutionary development among different species, finds no actually characteristic pattern of evolutionary trends, to be synchronous trends shared between animal and human behavior; the respectively characteristic fact respecting the source of the variability of contrasting trends and destinies, rather than comparing those of mankind to the beastliness which denizens of Wall Street, might have deserved.

This understanding of an essential standard of sanity, which I now seek here, on that account, has never been successfully accomplished respecting the diverging nature of the development of the human species, and of the animal kingdom, excepting by the fraud embodied in the human exploitation of the animal kingdom. A statistical definition shared between an intrinsic synchronization of the difference in the prospects for any form of roots of a past discovered, heretofore, underlying the roots of any serious endeavor of that which I am entering, here, since the earlier parts of this report as a whole, here, begs and may answer the question which dwells now, in a region of conception which is deeply rooted in the governance of the processes of actually scientific discovery: a feature which customarily befuddles the effort to penetrate the relatively superficial appearance of any really serious, more or less profound realities of its essential, discoverable meaning.

The Subject of King Henry V

Bestiality put aside, that just said, now, immediately above:

Bears upon the subject of the, contrasted same principle which could, and should now be used, presently, to render us as enabled to recognize, and, also, to begin to realize, the uniquely principled difference, which were the better chosen distinctions expressed as those permeating the use of the concept of "Chorus" in his reference to use of that Classical Greek in Shakespeare's own authorship's appreciation of his King Henry V. That point must be emphasized here, at this point, with the intention, to order to acquire, and thus apply, the full force of the true principle of drama, when taken in account for its proper, much broader than now, customary, ontological, modality: that done for a purpose, which is, for example, to create a figure in the drama, a figure such as that truly Classical concept of the existence of Chorus: the which, is to be taken in its yet most perfected relative form of expression, as if from Shakespeare's setting of King Henry V.

The very uniqueness of that latter, remarkable director, Shakespeare, is now to be expressed here, in that proffered image of Shakespeare's own notion of an originally actually Greek, Classical Chorus, the which, both exposes, and also applies to the foolish opinions of what, otherwise, had been, a falsified kind of regard for the secrets of the proper guidance of performance of the characters placed on stage, as for that play. That had represented a standard defined for practice, in ways similar to the need to clear the intention, for the employment of competent reviewers, committed to the intentions and methods of Shakespeare's authorship, and its direction, all shaped, in concert, in that particular fashion, but, also located, in the actual history of the application of his own methods in craft, to the effect of defining both his earlier and subsequent development in respect to method.

So, Shakespeare does not, simply direct the players, the which could not have, and should not have, any among their own, unbridled creative passions, in dealing with such matters; but, which, must, instead, have the effect, to bring that about the intention of employment of such powers of comprehension of the practical, necessary regard for Shakespeare's own spirited intention: an intention, which could be realized, better, even without the player's own relatively "emotional free" independence, which usually rests, meagerly, upon the choice of the immediate expression of that direction of the effect which were to be realized actually, on stage.

Only masters who have shown a deep insight into the method of Shakespeare's manifest intention, and that from the relatively highest standard of comprehension, should be the rule in this matter; but, it remains an essential fact, nonetheless, that any currently masterful comprehension of the "inside" outlook on Shakespeare's (actually scientific) genius, as among, the other players are to be found, largely, in matter of fact: potentially useful, even indispensable, apprentices, at that trade.

Any serious composition of the type which I have identified, as I have done, immediately above, also brings into play, and that quite literally, a division into one of two modes of composition, then presently operating within, and interacting with, directly, that accomplished, or, to-be-accomplished, as a medley of two types of modes of such a composition: a composition which is, as also according to Shakespeare's state of mind, professionally, which is as follows, but, also, as an essential branch of the, e.g., physical science, freed from the dungeons of mere mathematics, which compels the submission of presently so-called "physical science" practice, to the needed integrity of the occasion.[6]

These now immediately foregoing observations, must, on that account, share the fact of the matter, that strictly in common, with the only true definition of a generality of the necessary dependence of what it carries, against a current time of the misnaming of any notion of "physical science;" but not that notion, which fails to recognize, and dispel its habitually systemic dependency upon a merely, so-called "physical science," as such.

It is thus, the comparable example, that of an actually arbitrary scheme of merely mathematics, when such were intended to be imposed upon the foolishly misnamed notion of merely mathematics as such, and the complementary failure to subordinate such notions to the domain of the use of mathematics itself, as such, by an indispensable emphasis on that expression of the superior domain of physical science, within which the present failure brought about by aid of notions of a merely "mathematical physical science:" (as the atrocious hoaxster, Euclid, had done, in the depth of his flat-headed intellectual ditch.)

Wilhelm Furtwängler (1886-1954), the great conductor whose direction of Schubert’s Ninth Symphony LaRouche describes as “historically unique.”

Those subjects involve considerations of principle, which are not to be subordinated to the commonly higher expressions of even the same, but broader implications of Classical artistic composition. The division of what sanity demands, now, must be, the denial of the principle of an indivisible relationship of presently so-called "Physical Science" to the Principles of Classical artistic composition, must come, soon, to be regarded as virtual treason against the human species as such. (This cuts, perfectly, both ways!)

Such is the most essential, far higher order of expression, which is to be defined, in a thoroughly scientific way, by such as the methods created by the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, and his followers among Classical composers who have lived within, and for the development an authentic system, musically, a system of composition morally fit to define a policy for the true performance of the composition and the realization of the unique science of musical composition.

A principle of nature, which had once become afflicted with a particular disaster, as occurred with the arrival of both the death of the emblemic talent of Johannes Brahms in 1897, and, later, of the death of the greatest director [Wilhelm Furtwšngler] of the performance of the period since the beginning in the practice during the Classical musical enterprises achieved, as in such as is exemplified by the final direction given, of Schubert's Ninth Symphony, in his heretofore specifically historically unique direction of the Ninth Schubert Symphony, his direction of the specifically transcendent performance of that Ninth Schubert, Symphony. All still remaining quibbles on this account, would remain, still, trash, when properly discarded.

The Principle of the Physical System!

It follows, from that, respecting broader terms of reference than Shakespeare's particular genius, that, one of those two modes which I have distinguished, so far now, here, is fairly identified as a descriptive mode; the contrary, alternative mode, is to be fairly described, to the contrary, as "an organic, or actually physical mode," the latter is to be accessed by the actual causing, as by human life's principle, itself, of the intended, latter effect. In other terms, the relatively passive description of the image, invoked by the passive ( as if "dead") sense of action, contrary to an actually active (living expression) of sense, indicates an implicitly, actively human, commanding, as representing the active effect to be identified by the choice of the latter, physically efficient option. That expresses, within such a set of exemplary modes, the essential distinction of the active, from the merely passive sense of dramatic action in practice.

Consequently, that which could, or also should be understood, is, that those, just signaled distinctions, is a subject-matter which reposes, essentially, within a sense of a difference shown in an implicitly, clearly definable effect of their respective expressions, which is to be found in the context in which they occur, rather than the formal implication of the practical effect only implicit in the context in which those differences manifestly appear. Human progress, is intrinsically expressed as actual, rather than merely nominal (e.g., "merely descriptive"), and also in the actually absurd ("passive") notions of progress, the distinction of a quality of progress, whose very meaning must be located far away from the more limited comprehension of the simply ignorant, among the intentionally evil consequences, as similarly, also, other, essentially shameful practices, on this account.

Such distinctions as those, reflect the contrast between the slaves of a master, and the inborn scientific nature, of the true distinction of the inherently creative spirit of mankind: which defies submission to any oligarchical class, by realization of all mankind's inherent heritage, rooted in nothing less than the spirit of man's unique character and naturally intended characteristics, not as slaves, but, as typified by the expression of true, natural human leadership, exemplified in his own life-time, by the Christian Apostle Paul, or in the First Chapter of Genesis, as in I Corinthians 13.

On the subject of this, specific, same account of related, essential considerations, which I reference here, are, consequently, also as if in somewhat otherwise terms of expression, such as that of the relatively customarily, passive description of the image intended for man's habitation of this universe.

The best view of these, contrasting distinctions, is to be found in the framework of a rigorously, thorough composition, typical of classical poetry well-performed under the still prevalent folly of contemporary preponderance of so-called "currently prevalent opinion," which is systemically, in contrast to an actually effective pursuit of truthful intentions which might be appropriately definable as commonplace, passive submission to a merely, currently prevalent mere custom, which must supersede the commonplace style of the often preferred, merely descriptive naming, rather than the needed approach to an active modality, one which is rather an active comprehension of what were to be actually expressed as a strict reality: rather than the submissive, commonplace preference for that submissive mode, with the latter's attached, merely descriptive, characteristics, carried over from such evil conditions for mankind, as of the still popular, silliness of which has been premised upon the merely speculative quality of active mode, since. The latter, which has been rooted in a presently given history, on a comprehension of the reach of reality, rather than a lingering of importantly defined set of submissions to the often, modern, merely oligarchical "traditions."

Admittedly, the opinion contrary to my just stated, actual authority in respect for that subject-matter, is now to be regarded as properly, if only relatively supreme among carefully instructed authorities, in contrast to the pitiable attitudes represented by the limper, contemporary reliance on what I have just indicated as a "submissive mode" in the tradition of the slave-like image likeness to the peasant-slave model under the tyranny of Zeus.

The Urgently Needed Reform, On That Account

The account of the creative method of William Shakespeare's underlying outlook on a true science of a history of mankind, goes as follows:

Take now, for example, the Schubert's ErlkŲnig, or, perhaps, that of Goethe's Prometheus, particularly when presented (e.g., in his own mode of German expressions). This proffers an excellent illustration, if merely an illustration, for the proper approach, to that both respecting the distinction of Goethe's own variety of a Classical German for that purpose, when and if considered within the living popularity of his chosen mode for that occasion.

The justified popularity of Goethe's prose, for that occasion, expressed in that mode, has an important advantage in its, even limited value of method, relative, for example, to that of Goethe's sometime close collaborator in joint projects, to the deeper considerations shown by the creative mind of Friedrich Schiller which is otherwise attempted to be gained in the familiarity of Goethe's, own poetry, when compared to that of Schiller.

Try reciting that poem of Goethe's, otherwise excellently expressed in his own "genre", within its own bounds of a systemic work of illustration, which thus portends, in one's informed mind, that which prompts us to appreciate the accomplishments of Goethe (as, expressed in his own familiar, simpler expression in Prometheus), and, thus, to accept Goethe's ruthless directness respecting the competently qualified, momentary effect inspired in the active reader of such material poetry in that context. For emergency's sake, Goethe's imperfections, relative to the far greater achievements of his associate, Schiller, may be appreciated generously, in the absence of the fruit of Schiller's own profundity.

That Goethe material, presents to that reader, certain, momentary charm, achieved by means of an attempted flavor, as such, one of simulated, truly Promethean flavor of insolence, administered against the spirits of evil gods, but lacking the higher reality. In Goethe, the relevant set of passions are prompted to display in themselves a certain Drang, which might appear as a useful weapon of poetry against evil (if only merely in degree of offending the degenerates), done for the consolations of the susceptible reader.

Thus, poor degrees in the still higher ranks of esthetical German-speaking argument, would be no efficient barrier; but, also, rather, more ordinary German products, as for expression of the other cultivated mind, and to do as much to seem to see the same, as in such in a pedagogical mode of undertaking: as, with Goethe's Prometheus, in contrast to the true profundity respecting the proper reality of history, in the work of Goethe's one-time partner in poetry, sung in creative singing-voice of Friedrich Schiller.

There is an instructive effect, in comparing the work of Shakespeare with that. Such is the science of composing poetry.

It is most notably Ode to a Grecian Urn, and Percy Shelly's own greatest productions (as opposed to those of Byron, for example), which had shown themselves, actually, comparable champions of the true cause of the human mind, as in his greatest, relatively most perfect expression, in an historical sense, or in the form of that of his prose: which, when it, at its relatively best, is knowable as plainly true, also, for poetic composition, as which, alleged faults included, he has served as an exemplary true genius, to be included among human regard to be shown for the importance of those considerations to be found from among the greatest poets, musicians, scientific, and political geniuses, alike, which are to be discovered, hopefully, from among the human generations of all modern history.

Thus, some great poets, throughout known history of real occurrences (even some fragments), as in the example of the profoundly expressed Ode to a Grecian Urn, have shown themselves to have been, comparable champions as defenders of the cause of the defense of the true human mind. When these considerations are excluded from an allegedly, "physical science," so-called, within a catalog of repertoires, the oncoming results, may be a contemptible farce: that, whenever the underlying principles of the human mind fail to recognize the relative poverty of the effects so brought on. They are called poetry, but they are also science.

Therefore, What I Teach

There are two kinds of principle for the proper modes to be employed for the purpose of the crafting of the composition of valid approaches, such as mine here: to the competent composition of those truly serious modes which are required for a competently serious composition of the crafting and composition, and of expression, here and now, of my own concern in writing this present composition in its progress.

That has been an intended effect, whose chief, now, practically threatened, distinction, is presently locatable in my views expressed earlier, on the same subject of the permanently, physically impaired, readings caused as by the effect of merely reading a few words at a time, rather than selecting completed sections of either entire phrases, or, even entire sentences, or paragraphs, as the relevant expression of composition of mankind's creative expressions.

Goethe's Prometheus

Bedecke deinen Himmel, Zeus,
Mit Wolkendunst
Und übe, dem Knaben gleich,
Der Disteln köpft,
An Eichen dich und Bergeshöhn;
Mußt mir meine Erde
Doch laßen stehn
Und meine Hütte, die du nicht
Und meinen Herd,
Um deßen Glut
Du mich beneidest.
Ich kenne nichts ärmeres
Unter der Sonn’ als euch, Götter!
Ihr nähret kümmerlich
Von Opfersteuern
Und Gebetshauch
Eure Majestät
Und darbtet, wären
Nicht Kinder und Bettler
Hoffnungsvolle Toren.
Da ich ein Kind war,
Nicht wußte, wo aus noch ein,
Kehrt’ ich mein verirrtes Auge
Zur Sonne, als wenn drüber wär’
  Ein Ohr, zu hören meine Klage,
Ein Herz wie mein’s,
Sich des Bedrängten zu erbarmen.
Wer half mir wider
Der Titanen
Wer rettete vom Tode mich,
Von Sklaverei?
Hast du nicht alles selbst
Heilig glühend Herz?
Und glühtest jung und gut,
Betrogen, Rettungsdank
Dem Schlafenden da droben?
Ich dich ehren? Wofür?
Hast du die Schmerzen gelindert
Je des Beladenen?
Hast du die Tränen gestillet
Je des Geängsteten?
Hat nicht mich zum Manne
Die allmächtige Zeit
Und das ewige Schicksal,
Meine Herrn und deine?
Wähntest du etwa,
Ich sollte das Leben haßen,
In Wüsten fliehen,
Weil nicht alle
Blütenträume reiften?
“Prometheus Animating with Fire the
Clay Figure of a Recumbent Man,” painting by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Guercino), 17th Century.

Hier sitz’ ich, forme Menschen
Nach meinem Bilde,
Ein Geschlecht, das mir gleich sei,
Zu leiden, zu weinen,
Zu genießen und zu freuen sich,
Und dein nicht zu achten,
Wie ich!

An English translation can be found at and a recitation in German by the masterful Will Quadflieg at

In brief, there is a systemic factor to be considered, on the subject of the actual relationship between the converging effect of a physically impaired reading of what one, as an author, were composing in regard to what he (or, she) is writing, and, what he (or others) are seeing in reading as merely in the sequences in which they are composing a beginning-to-concluding argument, while still trapped within-the-course of the order which is defined by composing of the simply edited reconsideration of an order writing out a simply edited order of what they had presumed, in a shallow-minded approach, to what has been edited as, essentially, a mere editing of the start to end of an edited production, or in reading that writing in a complete document.

Or, within the span of a sentence, or a cluster of sentences composing the text which the author is in the process of rereading and, so, subsequently writing, afresh, while reflection upon the frequent silliness of his, or, her, duly-edited work of an author's final drafting: as this had been done for his, or her, when, from, start-to-finish submission: one intended, merely, to serve, more or less inevitably, as for a mechanical-like mere "production," dictionary style, of ordering of what is presented, as if in-between the start and finish of an edited product's probably dismal net outcome.

When, such, which is a composition of that which has been based throughout on the combined author's and editor's thinking-ordering of the publication, done with the intention of producing a result which is modeled on some simple ordering, of a start-to-finish attempt cast in the simplistic shallow-mindedness of its ultimate product, cognitive disaster awaits the reader-victim!

For example: if that product reflects a presently, still conventional "start-to-finish," notion of the customary professional quality of editor, and that final editor's submission of the product of a final opinion, a type which fails to, mentally, transform the presently customary ordering of a still conventionally customary, fallaciously-selected, literary ordering of most prominently published argument, presented in the public domain of works considered as contents of typically published products. That kind of practice, is, in effect, from an actually competent standard of public performance of an author's or editor's argument, but which has not effectively reconsidered the inherent incompetence of the use of a start-to-finish approach to any competent, physical-scientific search for the validity of the requirements for any scientific method of ordering of the subsuming argument intended for the finished work, an important difficulty exists-perhaps, even, reader's distress!

That is, notably the case, if and when what were intended to be considered as perfected according to merely a conventionally systemic review of the merely literal composition of its content, and, similarly, for any necessary (or worse) editing revisions of the argument from a finish-to-start viewpoint of a author's completed submission to review, I mean, thus, that, rather than a start-to-finish, corrected order of self-criticism, a view to be based on a finish-to-start, reconstruction of any seriously intended publication done in an actually serious, intellectually, or an artistic, or purportedly scientific subject-matter.[7]

In the respect to the purported editing of those productions appearing as either the intention of the original work whose product has been submitted for publication, or, almost equally, the faults of the editors whose products reach publication, of faults to which publishers are subject from economic prejudices of economic and political interests of the actual publishers, or, of government per se.

That particular kind of affliction with the sort of physically impaired fields of vision among a significant portion of the ageing, but increasingly serious writers, contains a precious forewarning of a net physical mental effect, an effect which may appear in the context of the physical apparatus of their degree of refinements of their sensory and specific impairments in physical conditions of personal health.

However, those aspects of the process of the generating and, sometimes, the actual comprehension of the person as such. The distractions intervening in any threatened physical-mental limitations appearing in the course of individual lives, are, more significantly in all, such is an effect which is usually a source of reading text located in the immediate field of the vision, is not physically impaired upon persons who commit similar errors in the act of reading and writing, can complain exemption for such "cheap excuses," especially in the instance of authors and editors who exert, relatively significant influences in the political and editorial influencing of general public opinion, or, most emphatically, more or less strong influences on the opinion influenced by the current authority of traditional, or only momentary authoritative influences on government itself.

The death of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) marked the decline of musical and moral culture, on the eve of the 20th Century.

In fact, among the cases of individuals who have learned much by the experience of the errors of vision, to which man, in and of himself, "is heir too," which I have summarily identified immediately above, upon themselves, their current prevalent standards of publicized practice, produce a pre-condition, voluntarily, which would ordinarily be explainable, otherwise, as that of a physical effect of the physical-ageing process. That latter phenomenon, as in failures of the use of vision, is a general affliction which can not, again, be blamed on some late-blooming afflictions of the ageing process.

The difficulties may not be unavoidable, but the continued viability of a more impassioned intention to serve fellow-man can be a wonderful inspiration, not lacking in continued abilities to influence improvements in the capabilities for wisdom, which should be intended to prompt relentlessness, for some and, for some others, success in discoveries of practice, which contribute to the advancement of society as a whole.

Some people have died, because they had abandoned Prometheus, that, for a passion insufficient for contributing the means for advancement of the human population despite any advances in age. That is the subject to which I return to that particular, respecting voluntarily-caused, failures of intellectual performance, which are not to be blamed actually, simply on the threatened biological attrition occurring in higher extremes of the ageing process.

A Lesson: On the Subject of Strategy

To be, momentarily, "very rude," but, that necessarily so, the contemporary younger folk had virtually no, internally driven, excuse, for their default in the impediment of their actual negligence in attention to the ability to think sanely, substituting, thus, the notable "failed intention effect" all-too-pervasive effect among the current batch of the self-chosen, youthful decadence, and often drug-assisted decadence, all that among relatively young adults, presently. But, similar categories of publicly popular error, had already been entrenched, earlier, in somewhat less vicious violations, than those, this time, by the persons who inhabit what remains as a general type of intellectual error among the range from what remain today as the commonly, still-living age-ranges of the presently living.

More broadly, the transition from the time of the death of the last great musical composer, sadly reflected the active tradition of actually Classical musical composition and its performance before the end of the Nineteenth Century in our United States. I assess such phenomena, in the following approach to that matter.

Since Johannes Brahms

The death of Johannes Brahms, had marked off the oncoming decade of a general decline in the collectively assessable trends in the forms of moral and cultural destinies, downwards, of, in general, the range of those from generations born after the momentous moment of the birth of the Twentieth Century, and that precisely, most notable in the range of the upper hemisphere of Earth's human habitation. This has become, generally, so, by no necessary choice of means or accent, in what has been a radically downward reversal, in trend, respecting the concept of physical and related science since the turn into the Twentieth Century. That had begun, within the northern hemisphere, most clearly, in the downward trend, respecting quality of moral and related trends, since the advent of the Twentieth Century and its commitment to World War since the ouster of the Bismarck from power in the setting of the 1890s turn in the strategic-military insanity launched into a world-wide setting in the circumstances already set in motion, by the actual authority of the global form of the British empire, which the ouster of Bismarck had, in a singular fashion, unleashed.

The world at large, has presently reached the fag-end of what the ouster of Bismarck, had not caused, but, whose ouster from office, had unleashed, as upon both trans-Atlantic and global history, and also far beyond, from that moment onwards. The pure evil expressed in its extreme expression of its bestialized, Zeusian malice, in the consequences of the unleashing the consequences which have been unleashed, in the wake of an essentially Satanic passion, a passion which the singular act of the ouster of Bismarck had, immediately, then unleashed.

I can say this, as quite fairly outspoken here, because I am enabled, in actual practice, not only to do what I had now demonstrated, in my own now "consider-ability," as well-informed respecting the course of my own life: as having accumulated a rather exceptionally richly endowed experience, respecting, in particular, the quality of understanding of the combined roots and consequents to date of present "World History," since the circumstances of my role in the launching of an intended "SDI" ending of the British imperial-led global-extermination, mode, in warfare.

Such modes in warfare, have been enabled, not only since the ouster of Bismark, but, that done, to within a relatively unique, more refined, insight, one which I might share, as a participant, presently, that, into the presently, now ongoing immediately, of a currently, also immediately pending state, a state of global, generally thermonuclear, warfare: a warfare whose root and effects, at which point we are presently, as taken at their present root: the continued persistence, of what, still, amid this new century of today, represents the "perfected continuation" of the same world-wide, international, and, also, historical root, of the destruction of modern human civilization, since the opportunity for the British system, had been unleashed on a global scale, with the ouster of Chancellor Bismarck.

To understand the cause of the problem, but also, to overcome the problematic factor, in effect, and to do so within my own normal course of writing, and of when I am operating as a writer in the act of composing something according to a standard which I have accepted as being the necessary standard of actual principles of development of knowledge of the mind, from which I must not ever, relent, rather than depending on my would-be adversaries conditioning, would be in accord with their present conditioned to the still continued follies of their adopted mere, worse than silly habits of government installed in modern history since the ouster of Bismarck, which had been chosen to unleash the hounds of Hell on civilization, the which the British Empire's own act of the dumping of Bismarck, had first unleashed the full fury of an imperial Zeusian Hell, like that same phenomenon as the establishment of the Roman Empire, or the British-imperial one, presently, that upon the generality of the human members of this planet.

And, Now!

By the close of the Second phase of what is now referenced as "World War II," and my troublesome situation specific to the combination, and continuation of the principal reigns from the actual Hell of the roots of the Zeusian tradition.

What I am, therefore, now doing, in writing here, as I am now, indeed, doing, involves essential consideration of the necessarily merely progressive, to somewhat more strenuous, measures, intended by me as means of which, the impediments also to be seen already now, to be seen in even the visual experience, as such, which could be susceptible of being be overcome, through relevant action along the various channels employed, as by even visible means, of which both the development of claimed scientific competence, when expressed as incompetence, can actually progress in, contrary suitably, continually ever-more competent set, of modalities, modalities which must be championed, as essential for all mankind, by means of what is to be fairly identified, for our purposes here, in this present account, as scientific and related forms of mankind's urgently required revolutionary progress, now.

When that which I have, now, just posed, as being the proper setting of what I have now made here, in the preceding points, and, were that itself taken adequately into account, all most urgent considerations for mankind's prospective future, now, are closely related, in principle, to means by which an original raw and crude ability of ancient mankind had, often, stubbornly, and even, sometimes, represented a fair approximation of devotion toward the goal of the actually expressed continuity of ontologically substantive, human progress.

The Classical Greek principle of the Chorus: Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy, holds an actor’s mask, of the sort that a member of the Chorus would have worn.

For this occasion, now for the sake of my commitment to the continuing process of composing the present work-under progress, in generating the relevant products of actual human creativity, and, also, insight into the discrepancy between, a mere habit of mankind's growing up, from an original primitiveness, to the production, of such modern geniuses-in-fact, as the exemplary achievements of Nicholas of Cusa; and, then, subsequently, through the devotion of Nicholas himself, and, of his exemplary follower in the originally best tradition of modern science, as, by Johannes Kepler, as, to be witnessed as fruits of even, the early, Renaissance's origins, as during, the martyrdom of Jeanne d'Arc, of, all being worthy principles of modern European science: a science, which, for example, abandons the delusion of "sense certainty," and, does exactly this, as if, a morally impassioned deed, for the sake of actually creative abilities of, all, combined with the legacies of a process, in which, what might be, otherwise, typified by the achievements of such as William Shakespeare, Gottfried Leibniz, Johann Sebastian Bach, and, also: Bach's Classical followers through the death of Johannes Brahms, as for the cases of some of the greatest modern scientists in physics, and, for such other true followers of the leadership into modern science, such as Carl Friedrich Gauss and his followers Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and, also, the greatest musical conductor in the history of modern music, Wilhelm Furtwšngler: so far, and still, beyond.

There are numerous other somewhat comparable instances, beyond, those which I have now, just referenced, here. This will be sufficient illustrations for our use here, up to the top of this present time, for this set of immediately present purposes, at this stage of this of our progress here, in this report; but, only, this far.

How to Write a Composition

Now, what we have lain as the foundations, in our argument, up to the point, of the content of the now completed, mere portion of the preceding prefaces of this composition; a composition which has been, chiefly, heretofore, the distinction of sense-perception, as a process, from that which is merely that sense-perception which is typified by the mere reading of words and illustrations of corresponding merit; we are, therefore, properly self-instructed, to abandon notions of the use of literal sense-perception as a source of the competent production of the human species' potential for developing expressions of what are competently to be identified, even as the simplest competent expression of the original generation of what might have been validly identified, as elementary qualities of human ideas.

Begin, therefore, with the examples of such qualities appropriately: that with such as the scientific discoveries which we may choose, as a matter of relative convenience, for our purposes, at this stage of the process of presenting this report concerning the most crucial topics in their totality. For the purposes of the reader, among the most convenient examples of choice, could be the already emphasized case of William Shakespeare's King Henry V. I have chosen that selection, because, what Shakespeare's work in that particular case, from its composition, has accomplished, as a certain, perfectly pre-defined outlook of his, one, very special feature, of King Henry V stands out; to be selected by me, here, for illustrating the point which I had promised myself to clarify, during the course of this present report as a whole.

In that Drama, King Henry V, Shakespeare has employed Shakespeare's own, original choice of the explicit distinctions of the Actually Classical, artistic principle of the generally Classical, actually Classical Greek, and the actually Promethean meaning, of the use of the term Chorus, which has had a meaning, which has had, in turn, specifically, two leading implications for our consideration of a functional use of the name of Chorus in the mission, an intention, for which I have already assigned to this present chapter: a mission for what had been, Shakespeare's own, later use of the name for the character, Chorus. Shakespeare had completed that specification to its connection, to within King Henry V, instead of his relatively much tamer treatment, that of the assigned role of the relatively softer notional use of the name of Chorus, in the later, specific content of Shakespeare's use of that assigned name: as I shall now explain that historically crucial margin of change in shadows, immediately as following, now, here, below.

In the his subsequent treatment, in Shakespeare's later use of the character of the name of Chorus in Shakespeare's dramas he shares the qualitatively lesser importance attached to certain later among his dramas, the use of the name of Chorus of the relatively weaker version of what had been achieved, earlier, in Henry V: a lingering echo sung by a weakened notion of the earlier power of name of Chorus has been employed: a weaker echo of that name of Chorus, which had remained, but had been, much, "toned down." The distinction separating the larger, and nobler, original Chorus of Henry V, from Shakespeare's subsequent published, later use, of the same name of "Chorus," had been, in its effect, more for some merely quantitative, than qualitative reasons.

What might have been, very well included as a Promethean aspect of his intention for what had been the original references to the Promethean, in these presently, later, uses of such allusions in the use of the figure of the subject of Chorus, had been, relatively, quite clearly, intentionally signified "toned down," significantly diminishing, the fuller and richer Promethean emphasis: apparently, this has been, in effect, to appease, what was to be passed, for the work of nearby-standing censors, as I had written to such effect, only earlier, then, just above, to a significantly, larger, actual, ontological margin, of relative degree.

This fact, which I have so stated here and now, has a crucial quality of significance for the matter of a conventionally modern insight into ancient and modern Classical literary and related composition since the notion of Prometheus had been introduced into so, afresh, in a qualitatively relevantly lesser magnitude of importance, relative to the standard set by the original, Classical, "Prometheus," as such, or to even the admittedly sensuous boldness of the expressed passion contained within the bounds of the exposition of Goethe's own treatment in "Prometheus Bound." A tendency contributing, perhaps, toward a poorly-concealed political form of a tendency of fear tending toward-but only a slight tendency, psycho-sexual impotence,-for survival's sake!

Consider that, actually quite relevant point-in-fact, and that, most properly.

The political motives for the observable turn toward relatively false-modesty, as which I have expressed in this presently immediate setting, as actually indicated to me, as having been shown by Shakespeare, a relatively downward shift in treatments of the subject of Chorus of, originally, Shakespeare's original treatment of the subject of the prowess of the actual authority played by the role under his actually common uses of the name of Chorus.

Those latter, Classical uses, of crucial significant qualities of reference to the historically, actually systemic features of the Zeus-versus-Prometheus tradition, were, comparably, in expression of a specifically thematic intent, but to the "bone-crushing quality" of passion, which had not been realized, that because the later use of the name of Shakespeare's use of Chorus, because the later story's theme, had failed to realize the categorically, profoundly deadly, characteristic quality which Shakespeare had employed as the essence of the entirety of his King Henry V. The subjects of Henry V's original Chorus, had been, in and of themselves, already relatively child's toys in significance, if otherwise ontologically correct in Shakespeare's version; but Shakespeare's later descriptions based on the role of Chorus, by name, but of Shakespeare's ontological argument, in later uses the name of the character on stage, which, while properly, relatively correct in form, whereas, Shakespeare's later references to A Character named Chorus, was an ontologically "tamer" proposition, in spite of the original, actually merely formally adopted Classic Greek model itself: explicit definition of that dramatic character of the original, Greek, poem-drama lacked the depth of insightful passion embodied, inherently, in the script of the original imagery of the original Greek's translations into suitable articulations of the translations of the original.

Nonetheless, the real Shakespeare was, above, true as a real force in the course of modern history, still for today, as only Chorus could be, actually, or, under prudent disguise.[8] However, the varied uses of the name of Chorus, there, can not be considered insignificant.

The crucial point to be considered on this account, can be efficiently expressed as, that which Shakespeare had, actually done, in his King Henry V.

I have selected this, present portrait of Chorus, which I had taken from that play, as I have done in this, actually appropriate way, a way for digging-into the still broader implications, of that which had later become the differences between, the so-called, conventional literary criticism, since during the Twentieth-century onward, as from the truly Classical practices to be found, among instances taken directly from among relevant cases of earlier, modern, Classical European and related literature, from the period of the "Golden Renaissance" and through the time of a strictly Classical aspect to the meaning, then of Classical artistic and related conceptions and practices, until, implicitly, the death of Johannes Brahms,[9] as contrasted to the relatively excellent distinctions typified by the Classical Greek exposition of the subject of Zeus-versus-Prometheus. The root of the difference between Zeus and Prometheus, is not an imagery, but represents a fundamental of man (e.g., Prometheus) and the virtual Devil-in-Himself. The difference has been proven in physical-science practice, over, and over again, in the deepest of the ancient roots of the culture which distinguishes the human species from all known lower forms of life.

Hence, by the aid of that root, we are enabled, if we gather the wits to do it, to find the proof of the cause of Prometheus in that specific distinction of man from beast, from good, rather than evil. Christianity itself, makes that point, implicitly, in the Christian Apostle Paul's summary expression in the form and content of I Corinthians 13. The demonstrable implication is, that modern science, properly understood, even the simpler of the competent expression of modern physics, already demonstrates the implications of that, from within the entire, known physical history, now underlying the continuing efforts to clarify the roots of scientific principles, which attest, with implicit perfection, the devotion expressed in I Corinthians 13.

The Root of the Differences To Be Considered:

The thesis which that, and other relevant information, implies at this point of my account here, is the lesson from competent treatments of an excellent modern echo of the original subject of Prometheus, but which tends, nonetheless to tread the relatively safer ground (even during Shakespeare's time) than I would have done, at this specific point in writing this present publication as a whole.

I would prefer the implications of a modern physical chemistry's better side, by emphasis on the actual achievements of actual progress in actual chemistry, that which could not have been reached otherwise, by humanity, without having reached at the last, even the echo of the actual version of the Classical Greek original which Shakespeare risked the relevant gibbet of his time, to present publicly. Hence, the somewhat diluted appearance of Shakespeare's actual intention in the much more than mere practice of drama, in emphasis on the actually original Chorus of the original basis in the actuality of the original, ancient Greek, Classical, drama.

That inspired will, to which I have the burning passion of the original chemistry which I had come to adduce in the original Prometheus, is necessarily drawn from the explicit ancient manifestation of the use of the powerful influence inhering in the original Classical Greek drama, as that acted-out as on stage. My own knowledge and proof of that actually Classical legacy is to be recognized, scientifically, as a perfected representation of the real history of the originally real-life Prometheus, as already better expressed, than even any among Shakespeare's excellent achievements on stages, to apprehend the experience of the conflict with the Roman Empire's Zeus, against the Christian characteristic of Christ's own disciples which had been certified in the summation given, as the signal feature of the legacy portrayed by the summary account taken from Genesis.

It is exactly here, that my methodological, actually historical record of action, amid the actually evil of the Roman empire, in versions from the legacy of the living Christians of those times, which, as a dramatic form, and also ontological weight of the image of reality, is ontological: whereas Shakespeare could be praised for the intention of the meaning imbued in his King Henry V, even though it fails to reach the full meaning of the ontological actuality of the case of the sheer Hell, versus a mankind, of the ontological immediacy of not only the original Greek reality, and its drama; but, the living horror which the relevant original Greek culture, comprehends with a rich portent of the promised victory of mankind over the Satanically evil Zeus.

This fact is expressed, otherwise, in mankind's actually Promethean triumph over the Satanic butcheries cast, implicitly now, in the specifically opposing case of the mass-murderous determination to exterminate all but about 14% of the human species, a demanded result emphasized with unblushing mass-murderous insolence expressed by the imperial agencies, such the British empire's Queen Elisabeth II's explicitly genocidal intention, of reducing the world's population, rapidly, from something bordering upon what which had been recently seven billions living human person, to a precipitous acceleration of the entire-world population, now aimed at the goal of no greater than one billion: an, already, actively ongoing campaign of extermination against the human species of our planet, a policy currently accelerating, most actively, as in span of "pure," implicitly "satanic," or, what might be summarized in choice of terminology, as an echo of the Zeusian essence of the now defunct Roman Empire, but, under the present imperium of the same principal, essential notion, as the Roman Empire's true precedence for the current British empire presently.

So, presently, evil throughout our planet presently, under the effects of the reign of the imperial British power over much of our planet, presently, continues to claim the authority of the evil of the ancient Zeus.

It might be fairly spoken, that my personal intention in this matter, is to liberate the British Isles, for example, which is conventionally named, otherwise, as its domination by an imperial, planet-spanning evil, of its own imperialism, and, thus, to liberate the victims which sit, still presently, on a virtual Satan's throne, of historical imperial tyranny and its explicitly historical antecedents.

A better fate for all mankind, might be passionately desired.

War! A Crucial Thesis

The Horrors of Zeus Today

Specifically, this aspect of the continued, de facto legacy of Zeus today, has been typified, in its due course, as the modern model of the horrors of the British initial support for the promoting, from a relatively very high ranking of the relevant thugs of both Wall Street, as now, and the actually existing empire, as a real empire, more fully in the Zeus tradition. The Zeusian tradition of today, is currently, already, actively destroying the population of our United States, itself, under the U.S. Presidential policies shared with one-time Hitler promoter Prescott Bush, of what soon became the genocidal rampage of the Hitler T-4 launching of the genocide as soon as he had settled into his Nazi mass-murder program, an action in the image of the Roman imperial arena, as against the Christians.

Such a "new scheme for the likeness of a new Roman Empire (and its accompanying, historical) doom:

Such, also in due course, has been the span of awesomely terrible consequences of what has been the implicitly genocidal threat, against the entire human species on Earth, when traced down, within presently modern history, since the ouster of Chancellor Bismarck: the dumping of Bismarck, which launched the entire span of an intended, ultimately genocidal depopulation, on our entire planet:

When, and if, as, thus, bespoken, in some soon recurring affirmation, and with the practical demonstration of a presently added, accelerating, terrorist topping, added, pre-defines a state of genocide, globally.

Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898)

Against that actually present state of strategic realities, what has been described by such present international authorities, is to be an associated concern: seeking-out remedies. This must reckon with, the declared, deliberately stated policy of urgent, implied requirement for means of the escape of the human species, itself, for remedies.

For an urgently needed moment of serious reflection on these such urgent considerations, there must be a, publically aroused, not merely existing, but effective response: an appropriate response, to those of such disposition of the current British empress, her own, and, currently suggested successor in office. She now esteems herself, in effect of practice, as the de facto heir of the Roman Emperors, that, ultimately, and in the context of her currently expressed mustering of a plan for widespread, ultimately global genocide. That, in her implicit imitation of such precedents as the evil, Roman, Empire, while she, or some alternate, might be following the precedents set, early on, by the satanic Zeus, whose heirs' still now, prominently, situated events, had included the legendary rise and fall of the Roman empire, a legend on which the Dutch empire of the Seventeenth Century, has trans-morgue-refied a Dutch orgy of unholy terror, into the British world-empire of today. That has become, presently if not altered, the threatened, as impending, new, more horrible, reign of the virtual kingdom, that of an offspring of Satan, called the author of the Roman empire, named Zeus.

A similar threat, is, also, otherwise, exemplified, as a paralleled case of the trends launched, as relatively, "junior offenders," under the successive regimes of the U.S. Presidencies under, recently, the virtually also Romantic reigns of both (actually British imperialist under-dogs) Presidents George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama, and, still, the, actually, more significant, the brutish virtual blood-lust of the actual British Empress, as frankly launched, in, most frankly, the shamelessly, mass-murderous, bravado, the present Queen, their mistress as empress, now colonizing the United States through the "green policies," which is being spread as if like a gigantic, epidemic throughout the plant, almost like a global fungus, since the 1960s.

She is empress, by name, and, also, in fact, of much of the planet, named presently, Queen Elizabeth II, since the successful assassinations of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and his brother, pre-presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, at the point of his actual securing of the claim to the Democratic Party's Presidential candidacy for election as the President.

For, example: neither of those latter two assassinations, were perpetrated by the customary scapegoats which the authors of those actually criminal murders, which had, thus, proffered as those "sacrificial," selected scape-goats, a matter of fact which remained to be intended to securely screen attention, only to prevent (with emphasis on the use of the term, "already perfected"), with the accommodating intention expressed, to evade what would have been, otherwise, a successful ("some dirty editor's trick") diversion from the truth of the nature of the murders at play amid the perfectly (my already perfected, and thus completed, perfectly) edited portion of the total end-result of the yet to become the assured perfection of what had been already perfected above.

The assassination of the Kennedy brothers, Robert and John, on behalf of the British Empire, ushered in a downward paradigm shift in American cultural and political life, from which we have not recovered.

To avoid a scandal which would have, more or less promptly, pulled down the roof over the U.S. public's otherwise sudden reaction against these political assassinations deployed from the combination of the relevant fraction of a kernel of Wall Street and kindred U.S.A. "insiders," and, also, their backers from within the foreign-backed, financial-imperialist predators invading from quarters abroad, as from the time of France's President Charles De Gaulle, who was not deceived in such matters, then, during same period President Kennedy's assassination was already in play, and, a time, when the formally Catholic memorial for the assassinated President Kennedy, is to be celebrated in consecration to the memory of the deceased, and, also, to the memory of the assassinated, other, greatest heros of our Republic: all that, the embittering fruit of a fraud with imperialist's consequences. All that a present expression, still presently, that of the fraudulent disregard for the mandatory honor to be attributed of such fallen heroes as our own President John F. Kennedy, as a case still urgently pending for the reason of a continuation of the process of the intended assassination of that President's brother, and, thence, on, to the related occasion of the attempted, assassination of President Kennedy's brother, and to the similar assassination, in fact, of the then about-to-be-confirmed, as the Democratic Party's later, when a virtually certified Presidential candidate, John F. Kennedy's brother, Robert Kennedy, who was to have been assassinated by a margin of an assassination's hair's breath, but, nonetheless, actually by the same machinery of conspiracy, "from the top," so to speak, by a margin of a hair's breath, "from the top."

In this manner, carefully pre-selected and targetted assassinations of actual U.S. Presidents, or also Presidents as kindred types of scapegoats, must be recognized, as in the instance of each and every, actually politically-martyred U.S. Presidents, and also as in the perfectly proven instance of the assassination of Alexander Hamilton, that by the means of the British monarchy's professional assassination of such as "usefully chosen scapegoats," which had been selected for the assassination of the former U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, but also the British agent, Aaron Burr, of the already established, imperial British monarchy, and in the creation of institutionalized quasi-genocidal ruin imposed upon the imported and other slaves. This had occurred, even within our own United States, by aid of the means employed by the actual authors of same, British-imperial economic policies integral to the establishment of the entirety of the functional effectiveness imposed as an actual implication of the gross violations of the permanently primary features of the founding of the original U.S. Federal Constitution.

Those, changes made according to British imperial interests, had become changes accreted, as modes for corruptions which were, also, changes effected by means of such as the openly known, actually openly publically-declared targeting of victim Alexander Hamilton; a murder effected by the command of the British monarchy's then, already official execution of Hamilton.

That assassination had been done by a British-imperial assassination-agent, against the United States, the same Aaron Burr. That had been done, overtly, as represented by the then British monarchy's leading, American-based, Brutish, assassination-specialist: the same Aaron Burr, who had been operating also inside the United States against the then government of the United States. This had occurred, and overtly so, in active support of the fraud both conceived and funded, under the explicitly, also foreknown, direction, on which two particularly treasonous creatures, U.S. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, had been hauled into power. This roster featured the placing of those wretches in the Presidency, personally, by the same British monarchy's' assassination-Agent, Aaron Burr, all done in the interest of the British Empire's hatred of the United States.

Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, had served as having been, largely, as I have just written, British-bought, and paid-for, wretches, who had, also, become leading, even seminal, dead or living, in continuing their influence on U.S. public policy. This influence had been continued, during, and beyond that interval of time, and, had also supplied persons who were scoundrels in their own right, who were virtually openly, essentially, fully witting accomplices of the British Empire in such inherently treasonous exercises, as I attributed precisely that same character of Wall Street's leading predators, currently. These were, and, generally remain, as scoundrels which indelible evidence is available to show (with official consent), for reason of a public influence extended to the later regions of that same, and pretty much the "imperialized world" as a whole, in the relevant recent centuries, on.

The British-steered assassination of President Abraham Lincoln initiated a period of virtually continuous world-wide warfare.

So, as a matter of principle, with U.S. Presidents in the model of such cases as a President Truman, or even much worse, I am enabled, presently, to demonstrate the rarely comprehended meaning of the wide-river which flows betwixt the truly wide and deep difference between mere tactics, and the fundamental meaning of what is actually strategy, which is really absent from all but those who are of the same bent as I share, if only on my own account, and relatively meagre, relative effectiveness of merely tactics. The cases of our General Douglas MacArthur as also reflected in the military incarnation of President Dwight Eisenhower, and an echoing temperament expressed by the brothers, the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and his brother Robert, both murdered on behalf of the ever-lasting kiss-breachers of the Imperial British butt.

Such assassinations as by such inherently treasonous creatures as had been made in the model of later U.S., treasonous Presidents, and, also related species of scoundrel, were, each and all, actually, and indelibly so, had been paid sub-agents, even sometimes pre-paid, of exactly that same, specific denomination, as the same agent of the British monarchy, as in the particular, the British agents of the London-based system of of the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, and of others, a pattern which has recurred, and then recurred repeatedly, still today, as under the pre-direction and financial backing of the installation, in overt complicity with connections to the U.S. Presidential elections of the earlier succession of both President Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren.

Both that inaugurated pair of swindlers, both of whom had been shoved, under the direction and funding of the assassin Aaron Burr, and put in place into our Presidency, and by top-ranking British agent and professionally deployed British assassin working against the United States, the same assassin, Aaron Burr, who was also a key, active link to a network of foreign, British banks operating within the Dutch tradition of New York City and its environs, during his own lifetime, who had directed the election of the concert of fully witting culprits, such American treasons-in-Americans concert with the direct British imperial control over both Andrew Jackson and the essentially New York City based Van Buren who had been brought into such power as Vice-President, and President of the United States, to spread, each his own particular case, after Jackson, as President of the United States, or lesser-ranking office, has often been, in turn, the same species of British imperial and related mischief, even after he was, in his continued personal career and influence formally, out of office in the Presidential system as such, as before.

The assassinations of crucially important candidates for Presidency, also feature, a specific, perfectly secured identification of the list of the roster of assassination of Presidents, coinciding with a knowable specificity of British-linked operations associated with the assassinations and a related manner for the package of operations for the actual killings of later Presidents, or a marginal escape from attempted assassins, even before the cases of President Kennedy and brother, as in cases of such as the William McKinley, on a trip to Buffalo, an event frankly known for the links to McKinley's Vice-President, and his successor, Teddy Roosevelt, and strong indications of links of other Presidents to attempted assassinations, such as President Woodrow Wilson (who had resurrected his family's heirloom, the Ku Klux Klan, from within, flagrantly, the offices within the White House). There were, similarly, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover, who, one and all, belonged, simply, to the "skunk" variety of American "politico," they being the actively treasonously foe, systemically, of U.S. Federal Constitution, in general, and, continuing manner and fashion, even to the present date, remaining of the same rotting temperament, in roles of a persistent foe of the creation of the implicitly U.S. Constitutional system, and, particularly foes, persons of prominence as permanent haters of President Franklin Roosevelt, and by kindred creatures working for the destruction of Glass-Steagall, even, from its beginnings. These facts have exposed those Constitutional facts of the national matter of the case to be executed, still, against the Wall Street of yore, and of, then, as now, illustrated by the relevant mechanisms, as under the history of the Presidency ("in spades"), as otherwise of the actual so-called moral characteristics, that to my own direct knowledge, as that of Harry S Truman, eagerly leaped into a role of a dirty stooge at the disposal of the British monarchy ever since that time, to, perhaps even to times beyond "Old Harry's" demise.

Current U.S.A. Policy Considered

It had been the "successful assassination" of President John F. Kennedy, which set off a chain-reaction expressed on behalf of the cause of outright treason. This was done in a subsequent epidemic of a growing propensity for treasonous schemes under our government, subsequently, the which has tended to continue a risen tide of a trend of de facto treason, within the bounds of the official policy-shaping within my own United States: a dirty disease of policy-making, which has reached an odious extreme in evil, now permeating, at escalating rates, since the treasonous evasion of the hard facts of the British Empire-authored (with its Saudi minion), internationally, as "9-11" operations. This, as during the full sweep, of the nominal tenures of the George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama U.S. presidencies, to date, and, not-to-be-overlooked practice of a rising-tide of "population-reduction, "green" and related measures, of the intended the genocide which has now erupted in the incidence of the treasonous implications of which has skyrocketed during this, present, second administration of the British imperial-shaped, and also British Queen today, the Obama-shaped, administration.

Wikimedia Commons
The last photograph of President William McKinley, Sept. 6, 1901, before his assassination the following week. The replacement of McKinley with Vice President Theodore Roosevelt was a strategic victory for Britain and a disaster for the United States.

This tide of treasonous conduct in very high places within the history of treason inside our United States, which had then been, the accelerated tide of treason permitted under the Presidencies, to date, of Presidents George W. Bush, Jr. ("who, himself, was more a fixture-on-display, of the Presidency, than (in fact of international practices) representing an actually qualified Presidency); that, each, for a shamefully extended (actually, politically-stinking) two terms, even after his Administration's sheer, actually treasonous fraud, in a systemic effect of a sustained, intrinsically fraudulent-in-plain facts, cowardly consent among the highest ranks, all condoned among significant numbers of consenting members of Government, generally, and Congress, and, in-fact, in virtual defiance of the manifest evidence, which would have brought the incumbent British and Saudi accomplices, acting in concert, to pre-determine the treasonous concealment of the truth of "9-1l's" actually responsible authorship by the agencies of both the British and Saudi co-authorships of that particular case of mass-murder of our citizens, and of the attacks on the Pentagon, and the personnel assaulted within it, and its immediate vicinity.

Lyndon LaRouche in his 1999 video, “Storm Over Asia,” which can be viewed at

It is a notably relevant fact, that I, in 1999, had exposed, factually, and with extended evidence, knowledge summarized in a produced, notional-documentation, of mine, which had published thence, internationally, and still repeatedly, up through present date, the corroborated pattern of evidence which I had, prior to that date, identified to a relevant, immediately former President of the United States, and other relevant persons with a record of a superior authority on actual insight to the relevant internal processes of our Federal government, then, the connection between what I had caused to document, under my direct supervision of the assembly of crucially relevant facts, on the Chechen-linked terrorism, which I had, by my own production of the documented, even broadcast evidence, which I had employed as included leading features of my report, "Storm Over Asia," in 1999, my now retrospective seeming prophecy (for the edification of the presently astonished) report of the Chechen origins of what is presently, often identified as international terrorism, from the moment of my relevant communications pursuant to the significance of my documentation of the origins of a presently global expression of "international terrorism." My report, "Storm Over Asia," had already defined for me, in the very moment of President George W. Bush junior's entry in the last step, for closing down the last remnants of President William Clinton's actual hold on the transit from the entrails of his former Presidency, and into the wave of international terrorism, what was as I had foreseen, since my following of the trail of international terrorism which would be traced. in any competent study, as the origins of what in that 1999 report of mine, "Storm over Asia," I was already tracking down as a foreseeable, relatively immediate event, which I were then, already, almost certain, would emerge as the pre-organization of a massive bombing attack on the specific location association with the D.C.-based Pentagon, as I had also expected, during that time, prior to actual "9-11" attack, from out of actual traces of prospective attacks, soon pre-staged, in part, in the vicinity Washington, as in relevant regions of Virginia, to be already symptomatic, and with a strategically, almost inevitable kind of massive "terrorist attack," being for purposes of strategically massive implications for the politically strategically terrorist mode, of a strategically terrorist assault on the internal, political, demoralization of our United States, strategically.

From my first actually visible evidence of the materialization of the intention of our nations's foe in this action, I, observing the in-process of the then ongoing visible attacks on New York City's region, through to the end of the day, I had been, thus made certain of the truly strategic nature of the strategic attacks of "9-11," and of the adoption of the accuracy of the evidence, thus presented to me in a crucial, if limited form of clear evidence, then, pointing, correctly, toward, directly toward a complexity of Saudi responsibility up front, and of the British Empire, behind, from the moment of the close of the attacks, later named "9-11," on the same day.

My insight, of which some part had been at a somewhat later, significant lapse of time, during that same year, had what had been a matter of the events of a momentous single day. However, my own intelligence assessment of the actuality of the actions in which both the British monarchy and the Saudi nation, were the immediately culprits of record, the truth of the matter, remained, as since 1999:

That the implications of their history of a specific class of international terrorism, as generated under the wings of both the British empire and its British, integrally Saudi, implications. That was the only serious category of truthfulness, which corresponded to those global strategic realities presently confronting our United States (and other intended victims) to the very present day.

There is, in consequence, no major governmental power, which does not harbor elaborated knowledge of evidence, and which can, and must be, treated, that some, so-named (rightfully) act of international terrorism, an act which, continued to be covered over under two successive, U.S. Presidencies, those of Bush and Obama, which had worked in strenuous endeavors, to conceal the real, unhidden, but actually available truth, concerning what has been, slyly misnamed as being merely "9-11". I am, in no significant degree, the only "hero" in this matter, but, rather, a relatively outstanding, but also minor aspect among those who have been carrying the responsibility for addressing, in a practical way, that which I already presently know, from actual evidence, in this particular matter amid the present world's current, world crisis. But, I have not been lacking in some considerably important contributions to the evidence.

These are my facts, not necessarily, always, anyone else's later deductions. However, such examples as those which I have selected, here, as being actual, merely illustrate the modern, global expressions of those actually Zeusian devotions-in-fact also within the bounds of British and Saudi collusions, which now still, confront us, most immediately, with what has been shown to be, as relatively unique to the deadly political diseases of our human species, as far as we humans, presently, have ever successfully demonstrated a directly contrary, actual principle of man's progress, as being distinct in quality, from the progress of every known living species, other than mankind itself.

The consequent, the idea of "evil," expresses, faithfully, a notion which one could adduce, if wished, to that which has been accomplished from out of the actual history of competently practiced, modern human influences in the upward evolution of a principled chemistry itself. This aroma of evil, underlies the evidence supporting the conclusive proof, of both the principle of those voluntarists' creative powers of the actual human mind, which underlie what are to be distinguished from both beasts and those human beings whose cultural codes of practice, correspond to the bestiality permeating the tradition of every expression of the cultural currents which express what is often named presently, as to be known as a truly Zeusian, and, as, also, fully evil, so-called "green" imperialist modes of belief and practice consistent with the distinction of the Zeusian model, fundamentally, from that of Zeus's most deadly living, opponent, the Promethean man.

Hence, in that view of a universal reality of the human experience, the history of the progress in chemistry, is not, in and of itself, the root of progress; it is the nature of the sane species in advancing the humanly-discovered advances expressed, inclusively, as the advances in chemistry of mankind, which can determine the special quality of chemical process of man's willful advancement in our species' condition, in its precious part as an implicitly "godly" establishment, menaced by the Satanic powers expressed, in alternate choice of language, as the intrinsically pro-Satanic, oligarchical system.

To come to a crucial point in what I have been in the process of presenting, thus far, the actually scientific knowledge of the unique history of the species, in contrast, and systemic distinction from all known, lower forms of life, makes no concession to the absolute distinction of the human species, from all known others, including those for which no evidence has been known so far.

In approaching the issues which I shall address, once through this present chapter's particular sort of introductory collection of necessary, but not, presently, gratifying remarks in and of themselves, we shall complete this necessary, but, also, necessarily awkward pre-introductory, unavoidable content, which shall begin to be played out appropriately, that with a wish for limiting this part of the business to necessary, but not particularly attractive, unavoidable matters to be put out of hand.

I shall now turn, thus, but without interruption of the point of this present, now-closing chapter, to the immediate focus of the remainder of our proposed attention here, on those immediate issues here, flowing into the content of the immediately following next chapter.

The History of the Future

The principal doctrinal error in, still-prevalent, customary belief, has been, so far, the presumption that the basis for customary knowledge of truth, depends, essentially, on some connections of a categorical system of sense-perception associated with the human brain. The fallacy attached to that belief, had produced a commonplace error, the error of confusing the nature of the human mind, with merely the human brain.

In stating that point of fact, one forgets, often too easily, a specific effect, one which is illustrated by the case of the clinical death in the case of a human mind. I am now, here, pointing to what is properly termed, scientifically, the role of the specifically human quality, the quality of the role of a scientifically definable phenomenon, to be appropriately named human noŽsis.

That specific phenomenon, when situated within the totality of the specifically human experience of the processes respecting the development of the life and death of the human personality, is, unfortunately, still today, the root of a commonly systemic blunder of opinion, specifically, respecting the functional identity, specific to the human personality.

The human pathologies which are, specifically systemic among human personalities, could not be competently addressed (e.g.: therapeutically) without taking this subject-matter into account. The essential concepts to be included under this subject, include relevant pathologies in human behavior, and also brain problems, combined with, also, psycho-pathologies, otherwise, but, despite all else, to leave matters at that point, would be a grave error for an appropriate type of strategic practice in science.

The principal root of error, in specifically human behavior, on this account, should be identified, clinically, with the exemplary phenomenon of induced, massed, functional disorders, of a type typified by populations of slaves, or, similarly, by entire sub-classes of what are, clinically, fairly classifiable types of categories of human behavioral dysfunction.

The much-needed, better understanding of such pathologies, requires insight, including the category of clinical, insight, into both the creative achievements, and the most notable pathologies among individuals, and, also, among individuals in society. The appropriate clinical approach to a proper understanding of the relevant phenomena, would be a study of the history of what is sometimes identified as "systemic expressions" of the pathologies induced by slavery or serfdom studied as mass phenomena. Those classes are, to be diagnosed, in effects on the behavior of the human mind, for the systemic mind disorders which they represent, clinically, for relevant selection of identifiable categories of human-behavioral types. Such investigations, when treated, in proportion, as clinical studies of specific relevant populations of types of cases, provide a general conception of approach to such as those topics contribute to understanding of broader classes of both the good and the bad in human behavioral patterns generally.

My own concern, when treated in the context of the noŽtic powers of what are commonly called "human geniuses," affords us a crucially appropriate means for insight into what must be considered, as I do here, as the category of "creative human genius" syndrome, but, also the phenomena of scientific discoveries, not only physical-science "Eurekas," but, the discoveries of new physical principles, and kindred stereotypes of human-specific, noŽtic phenomena. That has been my own particular concern, in emphasis, throughout my childhood and later life: on which, my professional concerns have been, chiefly, focussed, since, as, still under pursuit, in the here and now, presently.

In Classical-Greek history, this same subject-matter references the attention paid then, and, also, later, to those mutually exclusive categories, the respective categories associated with the respective names of Zeus and Prometheus, a.k.a Master versus Systems of Human Slavery. The proper use of references to such categorical distinctions, is, in fact, scientifically precise. The application of expert knowledge in respect to such matters under those topical headings.

Those distinctions, applied to reality, especially realities of actually scientific practice, come under the general category of the practice of: systemic progress, in the physical development of, the practiced, noŽtic powers, of the human mind. Those powers are a leading, emblemic type of the characteristic distinction of the precise distinction of the specific quality of the human species, from all other presently known types of species.

The differences between the human mind, and human brain, are most notably, the significance of the distinction of the contrasted effects of animal, as, from human brain: which, should be the question of the suitability of the differences between the human brain, compared to the alternative (and correlative features of those distinguishing effects).

The notion of evolution of everything concerning known life on Earth, is not itself a true God; but, we such mortals as are, in our present incarnation, rather, thus humbled, as being merely the subject of that mere notion of the existence of the Creator, who is, not, incidentally, the source for noŽtic potentials of we human mortals. That is, of a notional shadow existing, a leading subject of the prophetic, first chapter, of Genesis, and, is also, to be believed, by inferences of a virtual "hand of God," as the uniquely pursued, properly sought, even with great Zeal, appropriate to the notion of a universal vision of a Creator's presence among us. Indeed, that, for those who are not confused, is a difficult notion to absorb.

Mankind knows, customarily, only the shadow cast by that potency. This acquired, specifically human knowledge, otherwise named as a specifically human potential for creativity: is the central, topic to be addressed, so, as experiencing the shadow which has been cast, upon the human mind, but, not, directly the actual image of that which rules the universe still now. There, lies the awe, of that specific existence: when seen, as a shadow cast, but not, for us, as mere substance, per se. However, that distinction, should not be considered, as if limited, merely in and of itself.

Thus, in respect to the foregoing elements of this present report, in its own entirety: we are blessed by the receipt of a great hope for mankind's future; but we, in our present state of mortal existence, must break out from the prison of previous conventions, but must be cautious, lest we walk away from the progress of man's approach to the mission for the future, for which mankind's own will, must be responsible.

What must be recognized, on this latter account, is that the imperative of the identified principle of the existence of a Creator, which is implicitly intended for our use, lies in mankind's service to the promotion of a certain, actual quality, of creativity, a quality which corresponds to what truth experiences, as the uplifting of mankind, from a merely slavish kind of ignorant humility, to the expression of an actually creative force, expressed by the universe in a particular way, as that which is, as-if, a pattern of shadows arranged in such an ordering of relatively elementary principles of creativity-per-se!

This, uniquely special category of such discoveries, when assigned to, and specified for, the fulfilling of the divined, assigned duties for human progress, that for, implicitly, the service of the sake of mankind's intimations of an efficient knowledge of the available options for the future. In brief: the essence of man's potential escape, to a higher capacity and its realization; what should be the meaning of the name of "science."

That notion which I have referenced, as such, is, in fact, what we must consider in the light of the known aspects of the evolution of that universe: its effect, for outside of our own bodies, as, also, within. The which matter of distinctions, is, incidentally, that which we must necessarily identify with the notional presumption of the notion of an Creator: a meaning of "Creator," for what has been widely believed to be, at the same time, as the summation of those aspects of a known Universe[10] which we may recognize as having been in the process of creation, and also, implicitly, we think, if only implicitly, are those aspects of the known aspects of the true universe, aspects which we have yet, even by the estimated extent and shape respecting the desire, to identify, as those aspects of that process of upward progress sought in the realization of mankind's effort in search of the absolute truth the which we must properly seek to explore more explicitly; the individual must fail-because it was never anything but his foolish desires.

There are two avenues of approach to the implicitly presented notions of that experience, respective pathways which have a credible correspondence to a foolish mankind's particular experience of an upward sense for what was never there. That crucial point of distinctions which we must now introduce, as a potentially problematic impediment, to find a credible notion of an existing reality, within the limits of which, our attempts to settle upon our wonder of which of our experiences are real, as distinct from the mere casting of shadows by unseen objects, a sport which is the most crucial issue in the effort to distinguish between mere shadows perceived, and what may be considered, or not as actual truth. That topic, goes directly to the ensuing obligation: to solve the quandary which systemic uncertainty presupposes.

“Saint Paul Writing His Epistles,” 17th-Century painting by Valentin de Boulogne or Nicolas Tournier.

Deduction of those types, leaves the conventional man in a quality of madness invoked by an impassioned devotion to the hopeless quest for the pursuit of easy victories from within a greedy, and also a worse than meaningless life.

In that latter respect, modern experience shows us, now retrospectively, but, therefore, also by means supplied to our future, the will to create previously unknown physical states of principal states within the future state of this universe, states of development which can be foreseen with a discoverable kind of certainty needed to inspire the creation of the future beyond the pre-design of this presently future moment of previously unknown existence; all else is relatively false, during whatever lapse of time that attainment of the actually experienced future will require.

The humanly digestible content of this matter, as suited for the mind of mankind, is given in a relevant utterance, perfectly, by the Apostle Paul, in I. Corinthians 13: " . . . For now, we see in a glass, darkly; but, then, face-to-face; now, we know in part; but, then, the greatest of these is charity." As the truly creative human mind, is, thus enabled, to foresee the future which is opening to humanity, partakes of the love of discovery, which enables us, if we are willing, to discover discoveries themselves, which are above the limits which men might seek to break open, the promise of the discovery of the future for mankind. That is a truly great, and also truly, a comprehension of the identity of a principle of love, for mankind's realization of a divinely intended future, for the love of work done past, but a still greater love of that future, in which the deceased, and the hopes for the newborn child, was be continued, in intention, and works, forever.

The matter of what are, categorically, matters of human religious belief, takes us, relentlessly, toward seeking the proper direction for the solution for this conundrum. I shall, henceforth, point out the ordinarily undetected "factors" which often pervade the means for finding what were actually clues required for solutions. Henceforth, from this point, onwards, what I have identified, above, as the actually efficient difference between shadow and substance, which might provide the patent solution to the otherwise mysterious distinction between the efficient meaning, and effect and solution, for what might be the resolution which might efficiently solve the search for an actually ontological solution.

Naturally enough, such delicacy of the argument escapes the reductionist (e.g., Zeusian) cults. The term "Zeus-like" defines Zeus as the authority for any creation to be tolerated in his vicinity. Hence the evil degree of sheer, brutish mentalities associated, alike, shared among all imperialist and comparable, purportedly-theological schemes, which prescribe the existence of some implicit godlike system, in such instances as are provided as the oligarchical models of imperialism, or proto-imperialism.

Science, considering all its shortfalls in either mere dreams, or actually effective practice expressed as evolution of mankind's progress categorically upwards, presumes a single God of the universe, a God whose who presently known aspects are already given to us, not a-priori, but as existing, in an actual perfect unity, which exists only in the consequently implicit (i.e., "scientific") character of as what is to be actually recognized as never known to be merely prescience of some mysterious power of arbitrary presumption, rather that perfectly defined, evolving conception of a certain constant model, that of a coherent process of a principle of our actual universe's potential, which is expressed, as if in shadow-like progress of upward evolution of mankind's powers, the power to gain true knowledge, in progress from the actually acceptable mode of a truly human religious belief. The morally adoptable remainder of evidence on that account, is a state of remaining ignorance. Hence, the necessary conclusion, that the "Green" policies have their basis in an intrinsic quality of evil.

Thus, not returning to this ostensibly "religious" theme which I have thus now already portrayed within this present chapter, I shall conclude the treatment within the bounds of this chapter of my accounts.

Truly so, we are enabled to foresee the future, in this way.

Science & Art

The necessary apprehension of the actual unity of both so-called physical science and art, per se, is often degraded into the status of something situated, as if contained in some indecently foolish nonsense: best situated, as an intrinsically disgusting, mish-mash of silly opinions. All of which, is reduced to a mere mish-mash of tactics, then misnamed as merely "strategy," or, otherwise, even worse choices. Like a similar sort of intrinsic, similar strategic foolishness, an intrinsic foolish babble such as that very much unclassical artistic composition, the which is misnamed as a suggested element of "strategy," the which must tend to converge upon a kind of merely nominal modality: in matter of fact, a modality which is the net expression of a mere hodge-podge of some ingredients composed into the likeness of what slogan-making might compare to a notion of the incredible being fed by the inedible.

In summary, on this point: in other words, a typically habitual, mis-arrangement of an intrinsically chaotic, disparately-misarranged collection of indigestible parts: that in respect to matters of principle misdefined as merely loosely cast, subsumed collection of intrinsically composition of the respectively intrinsically indigestible parts.

For example, the typical misconception shared, among typically greater and lesser nations, may be ingested by the incompetence which has been made transparent to me, by aid of my perspective, located within actual knowledge, on the British imperial action already preceding the ouster of Chancellor Bismarck, personally, from office, and the consequences of that event, as expressed in the ouster of Bismarck, which was not the cause of the launching of permanent war from his ouster of the 1890s, through the present January 1, 2014, a formal launching, which had then been actual since that ouster. An ouster which had been the result, but absolutely not the cause, of the British imperial management, from the top down, from the beginning of the state of globally imperially-directed, process of global homicide in warfare and related operations, from 1890 to the present date-so far.

The perpetual state of globally extended warfare, and associated additional modes of general mass-homicide, which had been actually launched under the direction of the British Empire; but, essentially, it had been created by the effect which, in and of itself, had been only the detonator of the previous preparations for such a global conflagration, already-installed explosion, taken in fear of the future victories against, chiefly, the mass-murderous intentions of the British Empire, pitted against a world which had not yet performed, then, the intended termination of the most important adversary of the Zeusian form of the British reincarnation of the fallen Roman Empire, the process of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, at its inception, and the subsequent achievement of the founding of the United States of America, and its Federal Constitution, an instrument of resistance against Zeusian world-order, as known to exist in fact, in the emergence of the resistance against the induced Zeusian bestialization of so many of the past or recent societies of Zeusian offsprings, such as the Roman Empire, and the model of the Empire to bring on its heir and intended likeness, the current, global (in intention), British-Dutch world empire of this present moment of thermonuclear terrorism from that same Zeusian legacy.

So, in principle, similarly, matters stand now, immediately, the threat of a lurking global thermonuclear warfare, globally, in a conflict with the presently doomed, and, thoroughly Zeusian, now greatly extended since that time, shadow of doom over that British

imperial system.

And, Now!

This planet, when conceived in the entirety of its habitation, the planet as a whole, now stands at the point of some nearby anyday, in which the self-inflicted process of the accelerating collapse of the former trans-Atlantic powers, prompts the evilly insane represented by the so-called "British Empire," presently a superpower of subjected nationalities self-entrapped in a global-scale collapse of the entire sweep of the oligarchical dominating the trans-Atlantic sector, is standing in last ditch of its global power, during which, each moment, is a next step, almost daily, in every increment of world history presently, brings it closer, and closer again, toward the sudden, fragmentation of what is once been its former relative might.

Queen Elizabeth II is the empress of “a superpower of subjected nationalities self-entrapped in a global-scale collapse.”

The trans-Atlantic, Zeusian empire, like, its follower, the Roman Empire, has a thus-inherited fatal folly; the same, earlier, destroyed the once powerful Roman Empire, before it.

What has presented, as if before our eyes and ears, now, the threat, the world in conflict, is the Dinosaur of a doomed, British, Zeusian echo of a past Roman Empire. If that presently Zeusian quality of the British Empire, top-down, were to launch its weapons, thermonuclear potency would settle the matter of outcomes. Given the fatal decadence which the extended British empire of today threatens: to achieve its present empires, or launch a waiting thermonuclear conflict poised, presently, in a posture of waiting thermonuclear conflict, "between West against East," which either removes the Zeusian head from the Peace of the planet, a horror of extinction of virtual dinosaurs will threaten to obliterate the human species, as if "in the virtual twinkling of an eye." The Eurasian sector stands as prepared in principle, if not fine details. The issue which I have just summarily described, is to be seen in the rate of the now precipitous threat, which, the similarly fatally flawed echo of the deceased Roman sort of Zeusian empire, is in a presently precipitous decline, which it could not live out, for any time. It is doomed, like every Zeusian imperium; this time, Zeus will become extinct, forever. For the security of our human species, and of all which depends upon it.

The only serious question now, is how, strategically, considering those prospects, mankind, will thus avoid, a global recurrence of the Zeusian precedents of the fall of Rome, and then, of Venice, which no part of the human species were presently likely to survive, unless the strategic tide turn against the neo-Roman-imperial forces of the present peril now enveloping all mankind.

The answer to the implicit question, lies with a needed break of the leadership of the United States, now, from the policy-standpoint of the Prescott Bush and nominally Obama tradition, the trend which Prescott Bush (and his Anglo-American co-sponsors) played in bringing Hitler into his threatened conviction for Germany's debt-guilt tradition, through the British rescue of Hitler from such a fate from the personal, but British-backed act, which ushered the tyrant, Adolf Hitler, into an immediate role in T-4, and kindred measures, thereafter.

Now, since Bismarck!

The Military Situation Since Bismarck

The present threat of a global world war-a thermonuclear war of the world, soon, is now one which had been extended from the victory of the Union over the British empire's puppet, named the Confederacy.

For the purposes of securing an actually peaceful, ultimate concession by the Confederacy forces, President Lincoln had sought to secure a peace within the Southern states, by conciliatory negotiations intended to assure the peace for an armistice. This had been done by his own direction, soon after the terms of a peaceful surrender of Confederacy forces had been secured. That had occurred shortly prior to his assassination, which occurred in the nation's Capital, the City of Washington, D.C. That assassination, directed from Britain, had occurred through an operation which had been taken prior to the return of the Union army to its assigned, regular bases.

That assassination had opened the particular fire which had triggered a new state of warfare, a state of warfare, the which had launched the beginning of an actually permanent state of world-wide warfare, which, with the likeness of dinner-time breaks, has, in fact, been effectively continuous, from that time, to the present one, and still, today, awaiting that continued warfare, still on this same present day I am writing my present report, here: e.g. Grand, global warfare, running in "spurts," but with no real peace between, with only virtual "dinner breaks" of a continuous intention, from the time of the Lincoln assassination, and not yet ended in the present day.

On this account, heretofore, beyond the mere high-ranking tacticians participating in the process of London-launched "Grand" warfare, from the time of the Lincoln assassination, to beyond this present date of my writing this report, it has been, in net effect, a continuous process, up to the moment in which the world as a whole, stands, waiting, until we had reached the present strategic posture for the launching of an essentially thermonuclear, global state of engagement, which is now already overripe for its expression, even as early as a few moments' steps from the completion of this, my present report, here. Perhaps, in present history, perhaps with the virtual end of the continued history which threatens to end wars, that done by measures which could, even probably, mean the extinction of the human species, amid the resonant consequences of the outbreak of such a war. That, fairly said, is the looming reality which requires the concern and intentions of any great American Commander in general warfare, typified by the role of strategic command, as in the Pacific and trans-Atlantic regions, in that time: under the U.S.A.'s General Douglas MacArthur, for the Pacific Theater, and his complementary great strategist of that time, General Eisenhower.

A virtual "World War III," which had actually, also occurred, in all but that name, in a still continuing series, today, has been passed; but, the apparent passings, were merely temporary "pit stops" for the immediately lurking outbreak of "World War III," in a continuing very real greatest war, since the ouster of Bismarck, an actually continuing world war to bring a merely subsequent, merely ostensibly new "World War" which continues to the present day, continues, remorselessly, and unceasing, if you count "the brief gasps between, mere rest-stops in a world-wide journey": a war of, presently, virtual human extinction, conducted, under conditions of a virtually global, greatly enhanced form of thermonuclear super-warfare, now to be expressed, if it is not halted now, continued, now, in action on virtually one not-so-bright day, of virtually a likelihood of thermonuclear extermination, soon, unless the entire "shebang" is prevented, now.

Beyond, and betwixt the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, that global conflict of the war, already implicit in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, an actual world-wide war has proceeded, since the ouster of Chancellor Bismarck, from the date of his ouster from office, to the brink of the present time, above all interim considerations of apparent successions of war or peace, has been continued under the guise of great spurts of killing, with dubious intervals of a "merely nominal dinner-time breaks for the sometimes exhausted contenders (between rounds in a continuing ring of conflict)," of a merely nominal peace, up, through the present moment of my writing of this report.

What, then, still now, to do?

What Is Strategy, Really?

Foolish specialists in warfare, whether in mufti, or within the uniformed standards of combat, approach the subjects of both warfare, and the preconditions for such battles: all, chiefly from the dubious standpoint of a notion of strategy, which persons of very poor judgment in such matters, emphasize as "tactics." The cases of General officers of the U.S.A. command during the so-called "War in General," "World War II," have had outstanding, and richly earned credibility in command, the senior and magnificently brilliant General Douglas MacArthur, in the "Pacific Theater," and his long-standing companion in service for our United States, within the Pacific Theater, and the already well-seasoned, and very-well-chosen, General Dwight Eisenhower, combined as a forces commander in the trans-Atlantic theater, under President Franklin Roosevelt, with disgusting complications, for the most part, ever since.

In contrast to such Generals-commanders as those under Franklin Roosevelt's Presidency, as to be sought out, then, or earlier, for the requirements of future threats of comparable challenges, those suited to be favorably regarded as prospective, strategic Commanders in military service under the prospect of being called to active duty for their abilities for the work, of strategically masters of the craft.

Generals Douglas MacArthur and Dwight Eisenhower in Japan, 1946. Their leadership in World War II, under President Franklin Roosevelt, was a triumph of strategic thinking.

Under wartime, or prospective major warfare among continents, most notably, the name of appropriate meanings for the name of "Strategy" acquires awesome perspective and challenges to the leadership of both heads of states, especially in a condition of a conflict among relatively very powerful nations, or clusters of such nations, in which the very notion of "tactics" is a hideous abomination in the eyes of the sane and qualified leadership of nations, as a matter of fact.

We, of the world, now, are in such a situation, at the same time that many among the dominating national powers of the world, are in the most reduced mental capacity-in-fact, for dealing with the challenge of a threatened thermonuclear conflict, now. Even principal military leaders of our own nation, are beset by the follies of incompetence, or worse, when under the present qualities for command during certain recent times, such as the recent terms of the most recent, particular U.S. Presidential regimes. This is fairly to be considered a pervasive quality of relevant leadership to be found in the current Trans-Atlantic leadership.

No one, in the United States, for example, in particular, who has recently had command of high-ranking offices of President, and certain other high offices of government, presents the United States with a combination of offices held and of qualities of practiced judgment fit to be associated with a necessary function to be called upon for reasons of strategic crises. Unfortunately, even when we, have persons of strategic qualifications available, a bad President, means a very bad outcome for the United States in general, and the citizenry in particular.

For example, it should be, already, a generally known fact, that the current President's government is neither, competent for his essentially either maliciously destructive agent of profound and malicious intentions for what appear to be his office, on the surface of matters. Otherwise, in fact, as is widely bruited among relevantly expert observers close to the higher rankings of government, that the current President is, like his immediate predecessors, a virtual "monkey" when matters come to really serious considerations, such the matter of war-or-peace; the control, by methods of oversight, of that government of the United States, presently (in particular), under those two most recently elected Presidents, has been the bleating of (if personally wicked) sheep, presently merely tools of the British Empire's tyrannies. (as since the two Chechen Wars, which have, since, been the root of the spread of what has come to be known as the intertwined conduct of international terrorism, and its integral complement, the internationally integrated illicit drug-trafficking) as associated with some of the crucial roles performed for the British empire (as in Iraq wars) under the leadership of the British empire's Tony Blair.

The importance of stating these topics as urgently needed-to-be-considered as urgent fact, has been this present control exerted by powers such as the present-day, Anglo-Wall-Street packs of the most monstrous financial thievery anywhere on this planet, a thievery which has, in and of itself, brought the United States itself, into the peril of a global thermonuclear war among all of the most relevant continents and their localities of the planet in its entirety.

That is the core, of the immediately present globally strategic situation. What must we do about that? That, as the fellow said: That is the question?

Therefore: Tactics; or Strategy?

Fortunately, now, for you, my readers, I am enabled and, visibly, quite willing to supply a form of recommended advice, which will now serve, in its aggregation from, either the beginning, or as the conclusion of this present fulfillment of the totality of this present report-in-hand.

CNSA/Gordon Ugarkovic
The mining of Helium-Three on the Moon would enable the more rapid development of fusion power, and secure mankind’s place as not mere Earthlings. The Chang’e 3 lander took this photo of the rover Yutu on the Moon on Dec. 22, 2013.

The purpose governing the process of what I have written for immediate publication here, has merely set forth the indispensable preconditions for introducing an adequately comprehensible statement on the kernel of breadth and depth respecting strategic matters now presently and urgently, currently at hand. I write as much as I do, here, for the reason of a generalized popular lack of an understanding of the mere essentials of a generally lacking truly strategic competence in such matters, as distinct, fortunately from the follies of the mere matter of a current quality of popular opinion, which is merely a matter of tactics.

On that account, I had thought that the "edification" of my own leading associates, urgently required an improvement in their practical orientation for this crucial moment of world crisis.

Strategy, when its meaning is properly understood, is not a matter of battles as such. "Strategy," is a concept far higher than the conduct of battles, or even wars as merely such. It is a matter of defining the purposes which should guide human civilizations in respect to the process of their global or related development. There is, for example, a deeply rooted meaning of good reasons such as brushing one's teeth, not only eating nourishing meals, but by going to the heart of the matter of creating the means for dealing with the problems of existing crises confronting the human species.

In respect to the matters of strategy, rather than the relatively limp importance of mere "tactics" as such.

The particular requirement for "strategy," rather than mere "tactics as such:" is to be illustrated at the level of nothing less, than the shaping of the organization of the continued progress specifically required for the continued existence of our species, and with its progress to higher powers of the essential means, per capita of effective energy-flux densities of power for the human species to exist, and to prosper. It is nothing other than a proper devotion of mankind, not only for present purposes of mere choices of convenience, such as "entertainment, per se." Strategy, in its truly proper meaning, for man under a reign of the notion of His Creator, is struggling to appreciate the Creator's intention for us to prosper in ways which will serve His intention, by our discovering of such an urgently needed edification of our human species.

That, incidentally, is the essentially underlying definition, of the meaning of a true conception-in-practice of strategy. That is the true root of the meaning of a category of strategy.

In conclusion for this report, here and now:

The concept for the meaning of strategy, which I have just introduced here, immediately above: is a statement of a discovery of a universal principle in, for example, valid physical science, as for Nicholas of Cusa, his proximate outcome, Johannes Kepler, including such outstanding exemplars as Gottfried Leibniz, Carl F. Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein, for their time, and for the science needed, and potentially available in near sight, for the effective use, on Earth, for the use of Moon-stored supplies of Helium-Three for the realization of higher expressions of thermonuclear-fusion product, secured and applied to practice on Earth.

Were that successfully achieved, mankind would no longer be classifiable as mere Earthlings; what would, thus, ensue, for human benefit, would be Man-on-Earth's actual power, to reach out from the limitations of this planet, as a habitation: to, rather, reach out, from merely Earth, into an increasingly enabled capacity for a mankind, still-at-home on Earth, but enabled to reach, from that place, the control of what might be selected, as a properly refined product, of materials and fabricated, other useful products for mankind's 'shaping' his destiny, and, for the realization of becoming a center of aggregation and deployment, of substantial products, and much of their production, to and from, the range of Mars (for a first shot), to the "farming" of a harvest of asteroids, in, and from Earth, as this might, in effect, enable mankind to inhabit the means of power, for the work to be done by what had been, there, heretofore aims of the human species.

Our intention must become, thus, improving the relevant regions of our Solar System, pending the future lapse of time, when more ambitious goals actually become ponderable.

True human strategy, can be properly expressed so.

Strategy, properly understood as a term of usage, means nothing must come in the way, between such a prospective for we earthlings, and the security of the needed future development of the capabilities of mankind to achieve such actually indispensable goals for the higher edification in the practice of our own human species.

To that end, tactics must be subordinated to its inherently entire subordination to the notion of strategy, as I have defined it, in this conclusion of the entirety of my now completed presentation of, this, my own intended report.

This has, only now, been the required content of this present report.

Dedicated to the Memory of
The Active Spirit & Mind
William Shakespeare
"Who could no longer hear my voice"

[1] EIR, Jan. 17. 2014

[2] I have preferred the term "Helium Three," over "Helium-3," to avoid the mis-interpretations, Or should I say, implicitly, concomitantly "miffed" connotations, which are implicitly the unacceptable misinterpretations of meaning, implicated in the use of the alternate expression of "Helium 3," even in the variant "Helium-3." It is the ontological aspects, rather than the specifically nominal ones, which are crucial.

[3] This, according to my acquired knowledge, obtained from significantly more than eighty of my own years, solid experience, of significantly more than eighty adult years, it is properly to be regarded as obligatory for the intellectual modes of Classical musical expression and of a still broader range for a Classical poetic mode of personal thinking, within the effective expression of not only scientific thought and insight themselves. I would date my efficient insight into the foundations of competent development of the ability even to think competently, as the consequence an inevitable transcendence, in the development of not, the human brain, but what transcends the brain's role, ontologically, as mind, as in its being as being merely an essentially, if biologically well-developed (in the literal biological sense of the practical use of that term), and of the notion of being merely the biologically living basis of support for the support of the functions of the human brain, in and of itself; while the identity of biology of the man resides elsewhere. in an effect which is named the mind. The functions of the brain, as merely brain, are essential; but the higher department, the quality of the mind, is an absolutely superior entity, to be recognized, in effect, in that which is the supra-biological function of the mind. My point here, is perfect, unto my knowledge and experience on that distinction as such. The distinction, determines the essential character of the moral competence of the essential use of the brain. (See this point, later, here.)

[4] Such achievements as those, are the crux of the distinction of mankind from all known, qualitatively inferior rivals of the human species, that, against all presently known others, as we are the only species yet known to us, which is self-governed according to an "actually unbestial" principle, of its most intrinsic existential qualities: including validly competent attempts as efficient claims to his or her special quality of immortality, one uniquely available, to the innately, truly-creative powers which had been donated to the existence of the human species' existence, and that species' innate opportunities for a witting destiny, which has fallen beyond a mortal demise. This statement has been now continued from this earlier footnote, here (on the subject of Sharon's death, here, by me, here, at the specific point, in the process of this published document underway, here, pertains, most emphatically, in its entirety, to the systemic quality of uniqueness, and of crucial relevance to the ongoing subject here, a relevance which is specific to the core of the uniqueness, in quality, and those specific potencies of the human species, when expressed as a unique essence known, on Earth today. My statement in this footnote, but, only in contrast to all other presently known living species heretofore known. This, as intrinsically in the nature of a reasonably healthy and sane human adult, and also others of an appropriately developed mind which has outlived the husk of that which is the mind, from the inception of those of its created actual experience of the earned power of living foresight, a quality unique, so far known, only to the richly (intellectually) endowed once-deceased personality, a relationship to the continued influence of the human will, which has achieved the seemingly mysteriously extended power of the human mind, the power which to a once-deceased personality, is a relationship to the matter of the continued influence of the human will of person, which has achieved the seemingly mysteriously extended power (of the power of the human mind, the power to be recognized, even in the role of the once-deceased mind: the power to be recognized, even while senses tongue of the once-deceased human body, the mind's power to be recognized, and expressed in the future of society in that mind's still to be recognized, even in the role of deceased, were that fitting.)

[5] Cited in my own Storm Over Asia (1999).

[6] The industry of the mind, is not to be measured in numbers, or mere calculations, but, rather, in magnitudes and passions. God save accountants and Wall Street vendors of the whorish diseases of brokerage!

[7] I for one, chiefly for reason of the effects of the impaired of that part of the faults in my own eyes, actual vision, brought upon me as now permanent empty spots in my field of physical vision's relatively very small, emptied, spotty patches. I compensate, for my relevant duties, with all-the-greater zeal, but only that by extending and enhancing my practice to relatively higher orders of adopted tasks.

[8] My intention respecting my own view of Shakespeare, from the pulpit of the "Chorus" of Shakespeare's King Henry V, is a matter which I have dedicated to the included purpose of the recovery of the recent misfortune struck upon the ice of a needed, hastened recovery, of my colleague, Matt Ogden, with a relative emphasis on two among his most significant customary roles in matters of my immediately own practical concern, here and now. A point of distinctions, which must be referenced, usefully, in this literary production, as in this specific setting set forth by the inherent features of this published composition. I have written that remark here, according to the principle of reason which is otherwise pervasive, inherently, in the true principle of reason.

[9] Classical artistic composition, and the sundry expression of its result, were continued, in current practice, but in accelerating decline in expression, for the trans-Atlantic regions, in particular. The downward plunges had accelerated during each phase of a successive more or less-wide, "world wars," and, related respects, with the advent of each batch of spasmic expressions of periods of protracted "major warfare," as typified by, what has been World Wars I, II, and through the entire sweep, on a global scale, from the beginning of the post-President Kennedy outbreak of the Indo-China war and its social-economic, accelerating decline of the productivity of the trans-Atlantic regions of the planet as a whole, from across the broad spectrum centered as a, strategical derivation decline of trans-Atlantic sector of the world's society's currently economic-cultural, currently downward-plunging of the breakdown-crisis now reached within the trans-Atlantic "strategic sector" of the planet, as compared to the modestly upward progress from which the major parts of the Eurasian strategic sector. This pattern has become, currently, the basis for the presently active, threat of a generally global, thermonuclear conflagration within even the weeks, or even days of the period of January and February, or, even, ironically, the month of March.

[10] I.e.: man acts on an environment, and, also, the potentially, actually (crucial) noŽtic, which distinguishes the human mind, from the mentality of beasts (a terminology, not unfamiliar to the circles of Max Planck): the evidence is, that man's action on the society, shapes the human species-member, and, also, reciprocally, the species as a whole. Actually noŽtic manifestations, include the integral features of what we call "education" (in its broader sense of presently acceptable meanings), which feeds back upon which the human species is efficiently enabled, potentially, to promote a kind of development, a non-reductionist response, under certain, adduced effects, which we may be properly permitted be to classified as a category of behavior, which can be properly classified, clinically, as "noetic." When, that is properly understood-and, "properly understood," means, clinically "hard-and-fast," actually-ontological biological, as the essentially, intrinsically-strict standards: the relevance of that approach to clinically-significant effects, is distinctly clear: but, about which much remains to be learned, before a fair approximation, aided by the selection of appropriate methods of appreciation, remains to be more adequately supplied, clinically and otherwise.