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The Promethean Method
To Save Civilization Today

This transcript appears in the January 10, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review and is reprinted with permission.

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This is the transcript of Lyndon LaRouche's Friday LaRouche PAC Webcast of Jan. 3, 2014, which can be viewed on the LaRouche PAC website . The moderator was Matthew Ogden, and he was joined in questioning of Mr. LaRouche by Creighton Jones from the LaRouchePAC Research Team.

Matthew Ogden: The first question tonight comes from a contact within institutional circles, and it reads as follows:

"Mr. LaRouche, we would like your appraisal of the state of the U.S. economy over the next several years. As of Dec. 28, 1.4 million Americans lost their extended unemployment benefits, leaving them without any source of income. This number will greatly increase in the next several months, unless Congress and the President reinstate the extended benefits. The Obama Administration has failed miserably to create any new real jobs. A majority of the so-called "new jobs" created since Obama came into office are either part-time or temporary. Looking from the standpoint of the entire working-age population, as opposed to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' labor-force measure, real unemployment is well over 25%. In short, these are depression conditions. How do you see the U.S. economy in the remainder of the Obama second term in office, and what options are there to foster genuine economic growth?"

Storm Over Asia: watch the video
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche: There will never be a survival of the United States within the nominal term of Obama's Presidency. What you have, is you have many people—probably 60% of the voters in the United States are opposed to Obama, and wish he would go away. The problem is, they're terrified. And Edward Snowden's case gives you partly a good illustration of what the fear is. So, therefore, they hate Obama. But many people hated Hitler—and remember that. The ability of Hitler to do what he did, did not depend upon the issue of what a majority of people thought they wanted to see. They gave in to Hitler, under a reign of terror, and the history of that is well-known to some of us—even of your age.

No 'Solution' with Obama as President

So, therefore we have to eliminate all these cheerful things, and trying to put a cheerful note on it, and talk about a possible solution. There is, and are solutions, but none of them are forthcoming, now.

You have something in Germany which may tend to be a break-out.

What's the situation? Under Obama, continued under the present policy, Obama will not be the President of the United States. He is on the end of this thing. He's unimportant. This is not an election campaign. The election campaign was a long time ago, when people came in with the Green policy.

It came in, actually, with the ouster of Bismarck, because when Bismarck was kicked out, from that moment on the world in general, especially the trans-Atlantic region, has been engaged in off-again, on-again continuation of world war. That's what the truth has been.

Just think of the history. Very shortly: How do wars start? Well, the war that we're talking about started with the assassination of the President of France [Sadi Carnot, in 1894]. Then it came to another one. And then you had the war involving China, Japan, and so forth. It kept coming, and coming, and coming. And then, in 1914, the Guns of August: We had a world war. But it didn't end there. There was a peace of a certain kind, but it was temporary.

The United States shot back, with President Kennedy, later, as they had done earlier, but all these things didn't stop. For example, Kennedy's success, boosted by Eleanor Roosevelt, actually turned the tide in a certain direction. When the tide began to turn, they killed him; they murdered him, and tried to cover up the assassination, and did so fairly successfully.

What happened then? On the successful execution of President Kennedy, we had a war start in Indochina. For the first couple of years, it was considered a war; after that, it was a called a drug orgy. And the drug orgy then took over the United States. And if you want to take it from the time that Kennedy was assassinated, within that very period, since that time, the United States and its population has been degenerating intellectually and morally. And that's the present condition today.

Now, this condition is leading to what? What's on the table now? Genocide: possibly human extinction; it could come in a matter of weeks now, or it could come in a longer period of time. We're on the edge of a thermonuclear war.

Now, a thermonuclear war is nothing to compare with what had happened in the earlier wars—World War I, World War II. These were minor events compared to what's about to happen right now.

And it's being pushed. Look at the line-up. You have the trans-Atlantic region. Now, the trans-Atlantic as a whole is now in a process of accelerated rates of degeneration. The United States is now economically hopelessly and socially degenerating, and the rate of degeneration is going to accelerate. Everything you thought was bad in recent experience is going to become much worse, and very quickly. It could become so very quickly.

So, you have a line-up of powers. The trans-Atlantic region is the concentration of one side of a world power. The core of that is the British Empire, the Anglo-Dutch Empire, headed up nominally by the Queen. The Queen's intention has been—as she has made public since the Copenhagen conference—her intention has been to reduce the human population from 7 billion persons, which it had been approaching just recently, but is now in a process of accelerated rate of decline. In the case of the United States, in the case of most countries in western and central Europe, most countries, the decline of most of this world is accelerating: it's dying. Portugal, Spain. France is now in the process of collapsing, degenerating. It's going, too. Southern Italy. The Greek population. The only part of the western and central European part which has an option in that region, is Germany, and they're fussing around on that issue right now. Germany is inclined to disengage itself from the rest of western Europe, because the rest of western Europe is dying—except for the Anglo-Dutch region, which ain't doing too good in terms of their economy there.

All right, now you've got another part of the world; let's call it the Eurasian part of the world. We have to call it Eurasian because it includes Russia and nations associated with it. And it goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This is the Eurasian part of the world. The Eurasian part of the world, except for certain areas that we know about in the Near East and so forth, and from the Uyghurs and people like that, the entirety of this Eurasian region, as an entirety, with the dominant forces within it, is actually on the way up. It has been increasing its technological power and capabilities.

The Chinese Moon Landing

The Moon landing. Now, we've discussed that here, and in our own discussions in other places. The Moon landing, the latest one, goes to the question of helium-3: thermonuclear fusion. And that means that suddenly we have a major power, China, which has a major capability, which is not merely a tickle of the type the United States did on the Moon before. This is a really serious business. They set up an operation, for an extended operation into space, and for other kinds of things. And they are working what had been known before as the helium-3 potential of the Moon. If they exploit the helium-3 potential of the Moon, suddenly China and nations cooperating with it are going to have a source of power available to them which would be a revolution—a planetary revolution. On that basis, mankind would get its feet out of the ditches of Earth itself. Because once you go to a helium-3 operation, milking the Sun regularly to get more helium-3, you use that, which is an equivalent of what we've wanted to do here on Earth.

If we do that, then we have a source for high-speed—really high-speed, relative to anything we've done now—moving around inside the area of the Solar System we're close to, such as the area with Mars and so forth; that area becomes open to us. Then the natural tendency, the natural ability of mankind, as our potential, will now begin to take over, not just sitting on Earth and grunting and groaning about what's going on, but actually mankind not living away from Earth, but actually controlling things out of Earth, such as some of these asteroids. And we will use them—we'll not only defend ourselves against them; we'll use them.

So, therefore mankind will be moving off the surface of the Earth—not in terms of where he lives, though some of that may occur, but in terms of what mankind is able to reach and control, and develop for the benefit of mankind. And also we'll begin to get more worried about building up the Solar System. We'll begin to think about the long-term question of: Can we maintain the Solar System, which has been in a long period of decline over the recent times? Mars collapsed because the Sun was running down. That's why it collapsed. The Moon collapsed; it has been collapsing, because the Sun was running down.

So, therefore, by our developing—not only utilizing, but developing—these resources, like helium-3, into a higher form of organization, mankind will become able, if he chooses to do so, to actually take action against the continuing decline of a Sun which is about to go dead in about 2 billion years, or something like that, and then go into an explosion which ends everything.

So, therefore, we have to have a different perspective than the poor idiots who are whimpering and whining about this and that. Because this is where we're going.

Wars of the Oligarchical System

Now, in this context, what's the military situation? The trans-Atlantic region is building up for a war, a thermonuclear war, in the early future. The intention of that war, as the Queen of England's actions since Denmark and subsequently show, is the accelerated extermination of the human population to the degree that probably 1 billion people might be lucky to survive—or unlucky enough to survive under those conditions.

The whole process here, look at it. What is the nature of this hatred against human beings? What's the expression of that? It's the Green policy. This was done by the Roman Empire and others, to reduce the population; that is, to have a small oligarchy which dominates the planet, or parts of the planet, and kill off the "excess" population, which is the rest of the people. This is what the Queen's policy is, and that is what she says it is.

So, who's the key? Well, the key of this is the Anglo-Dutch system. The center of this whole operation that I just talked about, is the Anglo-Dutch initiative, which is really an empire which dominates, directly and indirectly, the world, not only in its physical practice, but in its cultural extension: the Greenie policy. How many Greenies are there in the United States and in Europe? They're all brainwashed. They're condemned to extinction by the things they believe.

This is what happened to the Roman Empire. The Roman oligarchy got tired of trying to feed all these people, and began mass-killing them with experiments like in the arenas, and the killing of the Christians. The mass-killing of the Christians was largely an extinction process.

And then the Roman Empire collapsed upon itself. The remnants existed, and the wealthy Romans picked up their property, their jewels and so forth, moved up to the northern part of the Adriatic, sat around there in the mud for a while, and then became known as Venetians. Well, this is the new meaning for "Venetian blind," and we have a lot of people who are Venetian blinds in that sense.

So, this is what we're up against. We're up against a phenomenon which is not uncommon in human history, and that is in known human history. And the story of Prometheus, as against Zeus, is a real story, it's a true story, the typification of the kind of policy which we are faced with right now. The determination is centered in the Anglo-Dutch Empire, which is not limited to the British and the Dutch: It's global. Australia. Most of Africa, the Middle East, the Saudi Kingdom, for example. These are all extensions of this Empire, which is comparable in its intention to be something like the Roman Empire was.

In human history, we've had periods of large-scale extinction caused by an oligarchical tendency which goes out to kill people in the way that the people of Troy were extinguished. They weren't just killed, they were extinguished. And that's what we're looking at now.

Now, go back to the strategic issue again. What's the reality? The greatest power in the world, right now, lies in the Eurasian area. Why? It is growing. There are some parts that aren't growing. But China is growing. Russia is growing—it's reversed its population collapse. Other parts are growing. We now have a coalition emerging in Eurasia, which is not totally unified, but a very powerful part is there. The economy of that area of the world is improving. The policy of the trans-Atlantic region stinks, it's dying, at an accelerating rate. As you know now, after January 1st of this year, the death rate in this United States is going to accelerate immediately, unless we stop it.

That's the key part of the story. But part of the answer to the question that was posed to us is, if we don't have the guts to throw a crooked, evil President out of office to save the United States, that's the problem. Forget all this about the coming several years, how things are going to work out. There's not going to be a couple of years, several years, unless we change things.

Now as I say, about 60% of the eligible voters in the United States have a rather strong and increasing inkling toward having this guy go away, in the very near future; that's their desire. But at the same time that this development is occurring, our President, who's the enemy of the people of the United States, his policies are the enemy of the survival of the United States. Look at his frauds; look at his fraud on his health-care fraud—he's literally killing people en masse, and they're sitting there, whining, but saying, "We have to work with this, we have to live with this guy." And the others are saying, "I hate him." And some are saying, "Let's get rid of him."

So that's what the situation is. This is the reality. Don't try to explain things by some little explanation, and some source that tells you this fact and that fact—this is nonsense. We're talking of a process which has been long known in the human species, the human populations, has been engaging in these kinds of things, with an oligarchical movement killing off those who are of lesser power.

And that's what's happening again. The Queen has made it plain, her intention, and she has written it, and her husband has written it, others have written it; the Greenie movement entirely is part of that. Every Greenie that exists, pushing the Green policy, is actually an enemy of the human species, in just exactly that way. And why are we suffering in the United States? The Green policy killed us. The Greenie policy is what poisoned the United States.

The people of the United States, as they're born, are becoming dumber and dumber and dumber, and worse than dumber, generation by generation—we call them successful degenerations. Their education stinks. Education in the schools today in the United States virtually does not exist. There's a certain kind of show, manipulation, and cheap old show. But brain development? Mind development? No, it doesn't exist. It's getting worse and worse and worse. And together with that degeneration of our young people in California, for example, with their thumb game—they're insane. They're not just dumb—they are dumb, but their dumbness takes on a quality of insanity with this thumb and related business. The education system which produces this thumb-on-thumb is part of the degeneration.

The Problem with the U.S. Population

So therefore, what do we do practically? That's the question. You take all of these considerations which I've summarized. What do we do practically? We've got to reverse the education policy. We've got to eliminate the Green policy. Without eliminating the Green policy, the United States can't exist. And most of Europe can't exist; whole nations of Europe are about to disintegrate, disappear from the map.

And how can you stop it? Well, we have a factor in the Eurasian region, including Russia, China, and so forth; a number of powerful nations who are coming together, and forming an aggregation, not as an empire, but as a coalition. Their intention is growth. Their intention is typified by what China did, in landing on the Moon. And when you look a little closer at what is included in the features of that landing, you see here's a nation which has picked up on something as a mission, which could be the salvation of the United States, if we would join in it.

There is no good reason for a war at this time in the world, no good reason. If you think the thermonuclear and related power, which can be assembled for a war of most of the world, when you think of in terms of the thermonuclear and related capabilities, of military forces of the opposing forces from the trans-Atlantic and the Eurasian area, the possibility of extinction of the human species is sitting right before us.

What's the problem? We have people who are like the poor guys who didn't have the authority, who knew they were being, as they say, "screwed," and worse and worse and worse. They know they're losing their jobs, they're losing their health care, they're losing their education, they're losing their relations with everybody. They're being destroyed. They know it, and they hate it, more and more. But what are they doing to act, to free themselves of that problem? And that's what's lacking.

Now what's a typical person who knows this, who hates these guys, increasingly, but really doesn't act effectively in any way? What's the problem? "Well, I know you're right, but I'm not going to say anything about it, I'm not going to do anything about it, because I've to take care of myself, my opportunities, my family, and so forth. Therefore, I'm not going to resist, I'm going to protest." And will protesting, under those conditions, stop a thermonuclear war? No.

So the problem lies essentially with the man in the street in the United States. Because if the United States were to throw this bum, this so-called President, out of office, there would be a change in the ability of the typical citizen to begin to act to force a change in policy.

The typical citizen does not want to have a part in a thermonuclear war. But what he's going to say is, "I hope it doesn't happen." But this has to be made not to happen. And this requires that the people—I know these American people, I'm very familiar with them, over a longer period of time than most of you—I know them. They have these feelings, a typical American tends to have a generally good tendency somewhere in them, about what they think the future should be. They think in terms of coming generations. They think that their children should somehow be better off or at least more secure, and have opportunities. And they know all this. And they hate that they're accepting that being taken away from them. And from that comes the question of the ability of a small crew of dirty, evil thugs who seized control, as happened right after President Kennedy's death. People caved in, they took it. People who had been at war, who had been warriors in a victorious war, caved in.

And we divided the American people against those who were kissing the butt of one class of people, a smaller number, and doing everything against the really vital interest and future interest of the majority of our people. And that's the weakness, because of the corruption which has occurred with bad Presidents of the United States, with drug dealers, and simply with these characters on Wall Street. We tolerate these people, we allow them to subordinate our people, crush them, cheat them, loot them, kill them through the effects of what they do, and we can do nothing for our cause, the cause of the human species, the common interests of the American people in particular.

And that's what I say. I know what the American people could do if they would throw Obama out of office, and that's the only way that I see that the world can survive, avoid a thermonuclear war: If the American people were to throw Obama out of office, given the lack his popularity, estimating maybe running into 60% of our citizens, voting citizens, we could stop this. We would not allow the war to start. And if the United States would not start the war, it couldn't be pulled off.

And that, I think, is the only reality to think about on this issue.

The Volgograd Bombings

Ogden: Last week, we emphasized the significance of the initiation of the Eurasian integration with this now-emerging Eurasian Economic Union, which is being established for the mutual benefit of all of the nations involved. But since our webcast last Friday, there's been an explosion, literally, of terror attacks against Russia, on Russian soil. Most especially, as people very well know, there were two fatal suicide bombings within the span of two days in Volgograd, which was formerly known as Stalingrad, which killed over 30 people and wounded around 100. And since then, many people have recalled the implicit threats that Saudi intelligence head Prince Bandar made to Putin over the summer, in which Bandar attempted to extort Putin into a compromise over Syria, in exchange for a mafia-boss-style guarantee for protection of the Sochi Olympics against Chechen terrorism. And of course, Putin refused to be strong-armed by Bandar.

But immediately after these bombings, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying, "We shall not retreat, but continue our tough and consistent battle with a crafty enemy who knows no borders, and can only be stopped by joint efforts. The criminal attacks in Volgograd, like the terrorist attacks in the U.S.A., as in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and other countries, are organized on the same model, and inspired from the same quarters."

And Kirill Benediktov, who's a regular columnist for Izvestia and an editor of the Terra America publication, and who has interviewed you, identified Saudi Arabia by name, and stated that what we're seeing with these attacks is a "Wahhabite fifth column" that's being deployed to destabilize Russia.

Now, I'd like to point out that these attacks are obviously coming in a much broader context. In the United States, you have a very concerted effort now underway, to force the declassification of the 28 pages of the 9/11 Congressional Joint Inquiry Report that reportedly prove direct Saudi involvement in financing and supporting the 9/11 attacks against the United States.

And in China, we're seeing, as you referenced earlier, a rise in Saudi-supported Uyghur terror attacks against, directly, the Xi Jinping government, including a direct attack on Tiananmen Square right before the Third Plenum.

So all three of these countries—Russia, China, and the United States—have actually been victims of the same irregular warfare operation, coming from the exact same sources, and there are several individuals now speaking out on this, saying that we must work together against a common threat, including today a Congressman from New York, Michael Grimm, who's the co-chair of the Russia Caucus, who warns that any failure by the United States to cooperate with Putin in this regard, could lead to a "new Benghazi" on Russian soil.

And you also have a major article today in Italy's Il Giornale newspaper, making a similar point, called "The Twin Towers Are in Moscow."

'Storm over Asia'

Now, what I want to do with this question is put something on the record and then ask you to elaborate on it. I would point people's attention, to a television program that you, Mr. LaRouche, produced in 1999, fifteen years ago, called "Storm over Asia" And in that program you said the following:

"What you're seeing is a war in the North Caucasus region of southern Russia.... This war, if continued, using mercenaries, can lead to nuclear general war. The major powers principally threatened today by this mercenary operation, are two of the world's largest nations: China and India, [and] most notably Russia. If these nations are pushed to the wall by a continuing escalation of a war which is modelled on the wars which the British ran against Russia, China, and so forth, during the 19th Century and early 20th Century, this will lead to the point that Russia has to make the decision to accept the disintegration of Russia as a nation, or to resort to the means it has, to exact terrible penalties on those who are attacking it, going closer and closer to the source, the forces behind the mercenaries...."

And you continued by saying:

"If Russia is pushed to the wall, and forced to decide to disintegrate willfully, or fight back—the likely thing is, it will fight back. It will use the weapons it has ... to impose a powerful, deadly deterrent on the nations behind the mercenary forces which are presently attacking it. Therein lies the danger."

So, I would like to ask you to elaborate on that warning that you are on the record having made 15 years ago, about the endgame of this process being thermonuclear war.

LaRouche: As some people know, I made that forecast, I organized it, in Germany, around Helga and around friends of ours there. I was there as a quasi-hospitalized case from a very thorough, shall I say, rehabilitation, back to life.

And but the point is, how could I do this? Let's put it this way, to make it simple. Most human beings are capable potentially of forecasting the future, future events. However, in our society, the typical citizen, for example, of the United States will say, "No one could know what's going to happen. No one could predict what's going to happen." Well, what I did was make a prediction based on a response to some evidence, and the importance of the event as you referred to it, is precisely that that was the beginning of the whole process. And as you said, this is what the implication is to understand what's happening now. What happened 15 years ago, was the origin of what is happening now.


But the problem is, we live in a society—and this goes to this Zeus problem—where the oligarchical system, as it's called, has dominated the planet in most areas for as long as we know. And this is the Zeus question.

And therefore, most people in society, who are educated in our own schools and so forth, in our colleges and our universities, do something which most people don't recognize, but if they understood what the educational system has been—now we don't have an educational system, we have a crap-house—but when we had an educational system, the basis for public education and university education, was that the university, or similar kinds of institutions, or government, would prescribe the principles, as if scientific principles, which must govern what the student must believe. The student and the professor, as well, are all conditioned to go through a college process, or something like it, and to be trained to rehearse in a "quote-after-me" attitude. The students are graded successful, get an A or B standard, if they give the right answers that are demanded by the system of education. Therefore, what you have, is you have a general population—and this goes right to the Zeus versus Prometheus issue, the Zeus that people obey—they accept the education of the master. And therefore, they grade themselves, and are graded, on the basis of their ability to conform to a predetermined schedule, which is often totally contrary to truth.

The effect of that kind of education makes these people stupid. They may not be called stupid; they may not look like stupid people, but I know they're stupid, because I know what this educational pattern means. There are very few people, sometimes called geniuses, you know, great discoverers, like Einstein, Max Planck, so forth; Nicholas of Cusa is another example of this kind of thing. You had great people, as scientific discoverers, who overturned the crap that most people in educational systems were conditioned to believe. And their grades and their promotions depended upon going through that nonsense. So therefore, there are very few people in society, who really have what we might call an independent intellectual authority.

The average person will argue with you, "Well, you couldn't know what the future is. You couldn't know what's going to happen." But I did, and often. Not that frequently, because nobody does that. There are very few instant geniuses running around, from my knowledge of the world. I'm just a minor one, in this case, but I'm active at it. And therefore, that's the issue.

Most of the people who have been educated, who believe they're educated, who believe their Professors So-and-so and So-and-so, really are so indoctrinated with this doctrine, that they don't realize they're being stupefied. Therefore, they can do things they're trained to do, they're able to play games they're trained to play. And therefore, they play the games they're trained to play, whether it's football, baseball, or mathematics. And that's the problem.

Some are scientific geniuses, like Einstein or Max Planck and so forth; others have the same quality of insight. My whole career, all my successes in terms of science and so forth, were based on this, on knowing that what is taught which is supposed to be stuffed down your something-or-other, is crap! And that what you have to do, is you have to actually understand.

If you look at the history of mankind, mankind is a very special kind of creature. We know of no other creature existing, which is comparable to mankind. The human species is the only species, which starts out eating a meal which they cooked, or something like that. And proceeding from that, by finding out higher and higher ways, like an evolutionary, an intellectually evolutionary way, they rise to higher and higher levels of behavior. And that's the history of mankind.

I often refer to case of chemistry. You take, not the crap chemistry, but the real chemistry. What does chemistry teach you? It teaches you that the human species goes from a lower energy-flux density, in terms of its capability, to a higher one than before. And that's the nature of the human being. That's how we got to all the higher energy-flux density capabilities which are characteristic of the progress of the human species, from being some poor lout, sitting down in a cave someplace, and what we achieve as mankind today.

The Process of Creative Discovery

There are a few people who do create, who do think in terms of creativity, who don't simply depend upon what they're taught to do and taught to believe, but actually make discoveries of what they should believe. And it's the discovery of what you should believe and should come to believe, which is the proper basis for mankind and mankind's culture. And you see it, in terms of chemistry. Because what's the difference? Mankind's mind created organizations of matter, in such a way that mankind was able to increase the productive powers of labor and to raise mankind from a low level, almost like a poor animal, to a higher level, into societies, which have the great scientific achievements which have made human existence, as we know it today, possible.

So it's the relatively few people, out of the total population, in the history of mankind, who actually have been creative, and who break with the common opinion, and go outside the common opinion. And that's where we get creativity, is from the people who actually do make discoveries.

They don't do deductive action. Creativity never comes from deduction, and what is taught in most schools is mathematics. Mathematics is useful in some ways, if you don't let it take you over; but if it takes you over, you become stupid!

And this is what the problem is: We have a population which is victimized by a culture, a dictated culture, a pre-shaped culture, which suppresses the unique ability of the human specimen, to actually make discoveries. Like the small or large degree of actually scientific discoveries, where you actually make a discovery of a principle—you don't deduce something. You actually realize there's something missing, in the way you think about society. And you realize that that something missing, is available for you, and you're attracted to it. And you make a discovery. And that's how mankind advances.

The problem is, the process of brainwashing, which is what is happening in the school systems today, and in the universities as well—they are becoming worse and worse now. Therefore, the people become more and more stupid, that is, less capable even of understanding the experiences their parents and grandparents had had, respectively. That's what's happened.

So we have to recognize that that is the problem. And you have to count on leaders who actually have a truly creative outlook, the ability to discover what the future is, as like making any principle of scientific discovery, same thing. The practical man is a useless man, when it comes to actually defending the requirements of progress. The practical man is useful only to the extent that he's able to adapt to what he is already capable of knowing, or being trained to do. The creative person goes beyond learning; the creative person creates.

And therefore, we have to deal with the fact that we have this problem in society, we have a limited proportion of the population which is actually able to get free of this whole training program, this preconditioning program sort of thing, and actually rely upon the yearning to discover the truth: the thing that carried man from the caves into his greatest scientific achievements. And that's the issue. That has to be our policy. Our policy is to understand this problem, and to get people who have creativity, or who are at least able to respond to the stimulus of creativity, and bring them on as the inspirers of much of the rest of the population. Because most of the rest of the population is not capable, on their own account, of doing what is needed. But they will respond to something which is presented to them, once they have discovered it because somebody helped them discover it.

Don't try to capitulate to the opinions of people out there. Their opinions are already making prisoners of them, and prisoners of a terrible type. Therefore, you have to have the people who lead, who are leaders, who are discoverers, and turn them loose to educate and inform the rest of the population, just like when we used to have jobs, good jobs, in manufacturing for example, or scientifically related kinds of jobs. The point is, you'd go into a job, say, in a factory, a high-grade factory, where there is technology, and you have a few people there who are the drivers of that factory, or that operation, and those few people become the leaders, the true leaders, or the actual scientific leaders. So it's their scientific role, in conveying scientific progress to the people who are employed in this factory—like a GE factory or something like that. So you have people who are skilled, who want to be skilled, who are responsive to education, responsive to the experience of education, who are led by a few people who actually are capable of opening up the minds of these people to a discovery. They can not make the discovery themselves, they can not generate it themselves, but they can be led to making the discovery. And what you need is leadership, which inspires the average human being in our society, to actually begin to learn what they can learn from those who are actually making these creative contributions, to what man's capabilities, and related capabilities must be.

And that's the only way, I think, you can actually make a practical, actually practical indication of how we might be able to save humanity.

What Will Helium-3 Contribute?

Creighton Jones: Okay, Lyn, this next question will call upon your powers as the world's leading physical economist. And it pertains to something you mentioned earlier, which is the mining of the Moon of helium-3. As Harrison Schmitt, who was an astronaut on Apollo 17, recently said, the Chinese have made no secret of the fact that part of their intention of going to the Moon is for the mining of helium-3. And the father of the Chinese space program himself has said that that is part of the intention, along with a broader idea of industrializing the Moon.

Now, the question that this often raises is, what is the value of going to the Moon for helium-3. If you look at it now, really, one of the only uses for helium-3, which is a useful use, is for enhancing MRI imaging for lung scans. But beyond that, it's still a potential energy source, but the technology doesn't yet exist; and of course, there are plenty of energy sources, many would say.

So, what really is the value, of putting all this effort, all this money, all this what-have-you, into sending something to the Moon, to mine it for helium-3? How do you, as a physical economist, as someone with insight into what really the true nature of man is, understand this idea of value, and how should we understand the value of the current landing on the Moon on behalf of the Chinese?

LaRouche: Well, the simplest evidence to give you, in answer to what you said, is the issue of what happened to controlled thermonuclear fusion, in the early part of the 1970s and beyond? What happened? We have never actually moved to install that technology. We've had preliminary approaches toward the outskirts of that effort, but we never did it?

Why didn't we do it? Because it wasn't allowed. Because the Green policy had dominated, and everything has been done to destroy the creative powers of mankind in respect to physical science, and even to medicine, as you know right now. Right?

So the policy is to kill people, to lower the numbers of people, and maybe, even by accident, extinguish the whole human species! That's what's going on. The Queen of England has led, with her policy, which went on since the Copenhagen event, openly stating the intention to reduce the human population from about 7 billion people to less than 1, which has now become her explicit intention and that of her husband; and also, the whole Anglo-Dutch leadership crowd of the oligarchy. They've always gone in that direction.

So therefore, you've got to resist and break the power of these guys. We have the Eurasian area, we have people who are moving. What China's doing with this helium-3 program, actually, as they've already made it clear: They're taking the flow of helium-3, which is one of the most effective, so-called "natural sources" of this higher grade of power that we are denied in the United States and Europe today. So, we want that power. And if we get that power, we'll use it! And then mankind will be able to deal with many problems, be able to do that which he can not do now: We can not save mankind on Earth from becoming extinct, because some asteroid hits us. Because some asteroid hits us, and instead of just killing most of us, kills all of us, the whole species. Why do we have that threat? Because, where's the thermonuclear fusion? With thermonuclear fusion, we would have access to the kind of technology necessary to deal with this.

Eliminate the 'Green' Policy!

So therefore, the point is—and everyone knows it in this room, and elsewhere—the point is, the United States has a Green policy. Wall Street has a Green policy. And Wall Street's policy is a mass-murderous policy. If you allow Wall Street to continue to function, you're going to kill human beings, en masse.

That's already happening, with the policies of Obama on health care: Obama is engaged in mass-murder of Americans. That's what he's doing. That's the inevitable effect of what he's doing; therefore, he or his accomplices are intending to do that. And they even talking about it, about the "kill ratio."

So that's the problem. And you have to look at things in that way. Mankind, yes, we have problems: The Sun is running down, and the estimates are that, you know, within about 2 billion years, the Sun will one day, twinkle, twinkle, down, down, down, and boop! Blow up. And the whole Solar System disappears.

So therefore, the issue is, are we capable—and man should be capable—of moving in a way, where we reverse this. And what do we do with helium-3? Well, helium-3 is something produced by the Sun. Now, by using something that's produced by the Sun, how are we going to actually gain against the problem of the threatened long-term decline of the Sun? We have to use helium-3 and other modalities of relevance, to reverse the decline within the Solar System. We have to do some engineering on improving of the life-expectancy of the Sun. That's an example of it. And you have to get the idea of doing that, in this case: what China has demonstrated by making a very clear policy on this, on this thermonuclear fusion.

And that shows us what's wrong, that China came up with the right answer. What's the United States school system doing, lately?