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LaRouche South Africa: Go Nuclear!

August 2014

Following is the text of the LaRouche South Africa leaflet on nuclear power currently being used in deployments in greater Johannesburg.

What Would He Have Done?


July 18 marked the 96th anniversary of the birth of the founding father of modern South Africa, Nelson Mandela. It is the first such anniversary without his living presence.

This week also found South Africa strongly endorsing the creation of what could become the seed crystal for a just new economic order, the New Development Bank (NDB), being created by the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). The NDB will have a regional headquarters in Johannesburg at the insistence of South Africa, which argued that the major focus of its lending must be to lift the African Continent out of the continuing grip of poverty and the neo-colonialism of monetarist global empire. While Russia and China have recently been very active in pursuing bilateral development deals, the NDB would offer financing based on pooled credit, taking such lending out from under the abusive and deadly thumb of the City of London and its Wall Street satrap, which are committed to a policy of non-development that would kill off most of Africa in the process of eliminating 6 billion lives around the globe.

Left unspecified, however, is what kind of development will be funded by the NDB. We must not leave such important matters to chance or circumstance, for the ability of the agents of the monetarist empire will spell this out in terms and ways that will make what is done meaningless, or worse.

A Nuclear-Powered Africa

To state the matter simply: Africa must go nuclear, with a big programme intended not only to increase the raw amount of power available, but to increase the energy-flux density of the continent's economy as rapidly as possible. We shall accomplish both goals, by quickly building many safe, South African-designed pebble bed reactors throughout the continent. The 'dark continent', so cynically named by its British colonial masters, must finally see the light. Africa was kept in darkness, to destroy the potential sovereignty of nations which have been freed in name only, and remain exploited by the empire of money controlled from the City of London and Wall Street. To be truly free, we must have cheap, abundant energy, to power all other development, including the provision of fresh water. And safe nuclear power, and later fusion powered plants, as they come on line in the future, is the only way to accomplish this.

The nuclear plant at Koeberg, South Africa is currently the only one on the continent. It provides 1,800 MW, or 5%, of the country's electric power.

Stated another way: If Africa does not go nuclear, then it will die. Energy, the increasing density of its available use over a given land area, is the true measure of the progress of civilisation. Mankind has moved from less dense energy sources, such as wood and coal, to hydrocarbons, including petroleum, to nuclear power in middle of the last century. But the masters of the global monetarist empire have built their system around the control of energy and limiting its availability and density. They are the ones behind the now decades-long campaign against safe nuclear power, while they have since the 1970s built their financial empire around speculation in the price of oil, using this to generate a global mass of dollars which is the primary support for their now collapsing system, while using inflated costs related to hydrocarbon fuels as a way to limit energy densities in Africa and elsewhere. It is the lack of available cheap energy that drives down relative potential population densities to the point of a holocaust, the which is now well underway in Africa and elsewhere. If not reversed, then the stated mass-death intent of His Royal Virus Prince Philip--the cadaver-like consort-husband of the bitch Queen who squats atop the British Empire--will prevail.

The Zuma government has recently stated its continued commitment to nuclear power. This is laudable, especially in the context of the exciting new BRICS proposals. But the Zuma government's proposed plan of development is not sufficient to meet even our present, let alone our future needs. How will we produce enough electricity with a plan that still bows down before stupid and failed 'alternate' energy technologies, such as windmills and solar panels, which will never produce necessary and sufficient amounts of power? The government has not yet dared to speak of increasing its nuclear power plans, or of expanding them for continent-wide needs, harnessing South Africa's nuclear industry and full-set industrial economy--the only one available on the continent--taking the natural lead. There is every reason to believe that such an initiative would have the full support of the other BRICS nations.

A New World Economic Order

It is time to give up the ghost of this decadent collapsing financial system and its mass of worthless petro-dollars and debts. It is hopelessly bankrupt, and needs only a swift kick to put it out of its misery. So, why not additional bold and necessary actions, coming from South Africa to bring this system down? Surely any refusal to pay petro-dollar debts will have that felicitous result. But out of fear and fealty to the dying system, and its Brutish imperial masters, South Africa continues to pretend, at least publicly, that this rotten system can be 'saved' by reforms.

No reforms can save the system! Reforms will only prolong and intensify our misery. Instead, all actions need be focused on transitioning to a new system, one that does not farm debt for the benefit of a decadent financial oligarchy, but provides credits for specific development projects and programmes. And the most critical programme to be funded is large-scale, safe nuclear power development for Africa. Don't believe the lies that a nuclear plant has to cost several billions and take a decade to build; in all cases, the reasons for the high cost and delay are unnecessary red tape and requirements imposed by those whose desire is to suppress nuclear development while making money financing the artificially bloated price tag. There is no reason that we can't build safe nuclear plants, quickly, using pebble bed technologies developed right here in South Africa, for a fraction of the billions that are normally stated as the cost. It was the City of London and Wall Street that were behind the sabotage of the promising South Africa pebble bed programme, right at the point that is was producing a viable design that would have cut hundreds of millions off the cost of safe nuclear reactors. That programme must now be given the 'full go', and our scientists must collaborate with the Chinese and other colleagues around the world to bring a pebble bed reactor on line quickly. This same collaboration should then provide the basis for work on a crash programme to bring a fusion reactor on line.

This is what the NDB can make possible. The City of London and Wall Street will never finance plans to increase African energy. The monetarists intend to leave Africa dark, while they foment war, and create conditions of famine and disease to kill off what they consider 'overpopulation'--that is, our entire population.

The ultimate success of a plan to develop an energy- intensive Africa depends on the world, as a whole, moving as rapidly as possible towards a fusion-powered economic paradigm. And South Africa, with its nuclear scientists and research capabilities, will have a significant role in planning this as well.

Our beloved Founding Father, Nelson Mandela, would have strongly supported such a programme. He envisioned the new South Africa not merely as an African leading nation, but as a global power in the fight for economic justice and true freedom. That Mandela was unable to see this promise in his lifetime is in part due to the lack of allies he found for his vision, most importantly the lack of a partner in the United States. Today, that great nation is a virtual captive of the British Empire under the puppet Barack Obama, the same Empire to which South Africa still pays fealty. Both nations must throw off their yoke, and take their rightful place in the fight for human dignity and justice. They must answer the call of the great American statesman and economist, Lyndon LaRouche, to end the monetarist system, walk into a future in which sovereign nations determine their own future, and put an end to empire-orchestrated wars. Today, South Africa has allies, in the other BRICS nations. Let us move forward with confidence in the future, as Mandela would surely have done.

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