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This Week in History
September 28 - October 4, 2014

Birth of Confucius
September 28, 551 B.C.


Happy Birthday Confucius! The Grand Ceremony Dedicated to Confucius (祭孔大典) is held annually on Confucius’ Birthday (Sept. 28) to pay homage to Confucius, China’s ‘First Teacher.’

Read more some background : China’s Confucian Legacy In Today’s World and  Toward the Ecumenical Unity of East and West: The Renaissances of Confucian China and Christian Europe

Many US and international organizations celebrate this great thinker with various events.A great way for Americans to celebrate is to get our government to stop the war and JOIN the BRICS! In China, the Confucian ceremony is 60-minutes long and is celebrated at Qufu (Shandong), the birthplace of Confucius, the Confucius Temple in Taipei, Taiwan, and at temples throughout China. The Confucius Grand Ceremony is held at day break each Sept. 28 on Confucius’ birthday, and according to some it consists of 37 parts which are each precisely choreographed.