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2012: The Year of the Spirit of Jeanne d'Arc

by Katarzyna Kruczkowski

January 2012

This year is the 600th anniversary of Jeanne d'Arc's birthday (approximately 6th of January). In those days she intervened in an almost hopeless situation, but having kept her mission upfront with a divine passion and strong commitment, she inspired her folk to fight the Empire and launch the fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—a fight which we will bring to a successful end almost 600 years later by destroying this Empire once and for all!

The Maid of Orleans

Humanity's bright image to impair.
Scorn laid thee prostrate in the deepest dust;
Wit wages ceaseless war on all that's fair,—
In angel and in God it puts no trust;
The bosom's treasures it would make its prey,—
Besieges fancy,—dims e'en faith's pure ray.

Yet issuing like thyself from humble line,
Like thee a gentle shepherdess is she—
Sweet poesy affords her rights divine,
And to the stars eternal soars with thee.
Around thy brow a glory she hath thrown;
The heart 'twas formed thee,—ever thou'lt live on!

The world delights whate'er is bright to stain,
And in the dust to lay the glorious low;
Yet fear not! noble bosoms still remain,
That for the lofty, for the radiant glow
Let Momus serve to fill the booth with mirth;
A nobler mind loves forms of nobler worth.

—Friedrich Schiller