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Schiller Institute/ ICLC 1998 Labor Day Conference

Sept 6, 1998
Reston, Virginia

Panel IV:

The World Tells The USA:
We Must Have LaRouche's New Bretton Woods

Chaired by west coast spokesman Harley Schlanger, the panel included a taped statement by Mike Billington from prison, John Hoefle with an update on the insanity of the lunatics running the financial system, Linda de Hoyos on the genocide in Africa, a report from Columbia by EIR's bureau chief Max Londoño, Dennis Small on Brazil's economy, Gail Billington on the economic crisis in Southeast Asia, Ramtanu Maitra on India, Rachel Douglas on the destruction in Russia and the patriotic circles dialoging with Mr. LaRouche, a reading of the resolution in defense of the institution of the Presidency, and a short Question and answer period.