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Week of December 25, 2011

UPDATE: Spanish Schiller Institute Pages Updated

History: Where George Washington Got His Money

This Week in History: 1767: Birth of Nicholas Roosevelt, Who Made a Steamboat Link to the American West

LaRouche Show: Christmas Eve Special: The Five-Continent Mobilization To Defeat the British Empire's War Drive

Week of December 18, 2011

Political Economy: Prospects for 2012: World War III, or the Onset Of the Age of Reason?

Interview: EIR Exclusive Interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on the War Danger

This Week in History: 1783: Washington Resigns His Commission; — Returns to Mount Vernon on Christmas Eve

WEBCAST : LaRouche PAC Basement Team December 17: Metaphor: The Substance of the Universe

Week of December 11, 2011

REVIEW: Michigan Opera Theater Performs Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro”

Press Release: Behind the Targeting of Hillary Clinton: Obama, Gorbachev and Susan Rice

Press Release: Copenhagen EIR/Schiller Institute Diplomatic Seminar: Stop World War III

Press Release: Was It Hillary's Error?

POLITICAL ECONOMY: Only a Two-Tier Banking System and a New D-Mark Can Ensure Mankind's Survival!

Webcast Transcript: A National Policy Discussion by the LaRouche Basement R&D Team November 19, 2011

This Week in History: 1777: The Conway Cabal Attempts To Slander and then Replace General George Washington

Press Release: LaRouche PAC To Air Lyndon LaRouche in Live Address Dec. 11

LaRouche Show: Acting on the Reality of the British Empire Drive for War

Week of December 4, 2011

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Schiller Showed the Way To Cope with a Time of Crisis

Painting: With Hieronymus Bosch, On the Track of the Sublime

This Week in History: 1863: President Lincoln Reports to Congress — On the State of the Union

LaRouche Show: LPAC-TV Goes Live: Just in Time To Save Your Ass! and Big Ben's Big Bazooka

Week of November 27, 2011

Conference: Schiller Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, Nov. 27 (German, not yet translated)

VIDEOS: LaRouche and LPAC Basement Address Conference at Russian Foreign Ministry University

This Week in History: 1955: Rosa Parks Refuses To Go to the Back of the Bus

OPERA REVIEW: Will Regietheater Egoists Destroy the Classics?

PRESS RELEASE: LaRouche, LaRouche PAC Basement Address Conference at Russian Foreign Ministry University

LaRouche Show: The Most Urgent Question: The Ouster of Obama

Week of November 20, 2011

Declaration: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Issues International Call to Action to Stop World War III

This Week in History: 1944: President Franklin Roosevelt Outlines Plans for Postwar Scientific Research and Development

Week of November 13, 2011

WEBCAST: A National Policy Discussion by the LaRouche Basement R&D Team, November 19

Strategic Studies: How Can Anyone Be So Crazy As To Start a Nuclear War?

Strategic Studies: Behind London's War Drive: A Policy To Kill Billions

This Week in History: 1753: Young George Washington Sets Out on a Diplomatic Mission — Through the Wilderness

LaRouche Show: There Is No Other Option: Throw Obama Out of Office Now!

Week of November 6, 2011

Political Economy: Russian Conference Hears LaRouche, Calls for Global Glass-Steagall

Opera Review: Verdi’s Aida and the Need for A Treaty of Westphalia

This Week in History: 1794: A Daring Attempt To Rescue Lafayette from Prison

LaRouche Show: Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Week of October 30, 2011

Statement: Long Live a Free Greece! by Jacques Cheminade

Press Release: U.S. Military 'Surge' in the Gulf

Strategic Studies: Threat of World War III : Qaddafi’s Death by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

EXHIBIT REVIEW: Rembrandt Portrays Jesus ‘from Life’

Political Economy: Merkel Wins Pyrrhic Victory; Say 'No' to the Europe Of Banana Republics!

Press Release: LaRouche Video Keynotes Conference at Russia's Dubna University

This Week in History: Roosevelt, Hoover Offer Clear Choice — In 1932 Presidential Campaign

LaRouche Show: The System Is Dead: Don't Let Obama Kill Again!

Week of October 23, 2011

Political Economy: Helga Zepp-LaRouche: We Stand at the Threshold of a New Era of Mankind

NEW WEBSITE: Agora Erasmus (Schiller Institute in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) (Dutch and French)

This Week in History: 1787: Hamilton Leads Battle To Ratify the Constitution

LaRouche Show: Glass-Steagall Now, Or You're Doomed!

Week of October 16, 2011

This Week in History: 1932: FDR Campaigns Against 'The Gospel of Fear'

LaRouche Show: Report from Occupy Wall St. Rallies, London's Hitler-Coup Threat under Obama

Week of October 9, 2011

Physical Economy: The Extended NAWAPA: Engineering the Biosphere

Schiller: New List of Schiller Translations

MUSIC: How Beethoven Set Schiller’s Poetry (PDF, from Fidelio, Vol. I, No. 2)

Technology: Prince Henry's Navigations (PDF, from Fidelio, Vol. I, No. 2)

SCIENCE: The Science Behind Columbus (PDF, from Fidelio, Vol. I, No. 2)

History: The Council of Florence: The Religious Event that Shaped the Era of Discovery (PDF, from Fidelio, Vol. I, No. 2)

AESTHETICS: On Grace and Dignity by Friedrich Schiller (PDF, from "Poet of Freedom", Vol. II)

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1932: FDR's Decisive Presidential Campaign

LaRouche Show: The Great Pacific Alliance: On the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Revolution

Week of October 2, 2011

Press Release: Former French Prime Minister Comes Out for Glass-Steagall

HISTORY: Statues in Schiller Park (Syracuse, New York)

STRATEGY: LaRouche Special Address: Build the Trans-Pacific World Now!

Painting: Copley’s Portrait of Samuel Adams

This Week in History: 1781: Gen. Washington Begins Siege of Yorktown

LaRouche Show: The Great Pacific Alliance: New Strategic Reality

Week of September 25, 2011

Press Release: Lyndon LaRouche Congratulates Vladimir Putin: "First Step on the Road to New Pacific-Centered Recovery"

PETITION: Urgent Call for International Glass-Steagall by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

This Week in History: 1768: Samuel Adams Faces Down Gov. Hutchinson — British Troops Driven from Boston

LaRouche Show: When, Not If, Europe Defaults

Week of September 18, 2011

strategy: The Solution: A U.S.-Russia-China Agreement for Global Recovery

economics: Alexander Hamilton’s Credit Principle

food for peace: ‘Unavailability’ of Livestock Feed Signals: U.S. Food Shortages Are Here

strategic studies : Videos of the "The Palmerston Zoo" Presentations, Schiller Institute/ICLC Conference Feb. 1994

SCIENCE: Beyond Your Current Sense Perceptions: What & Where Is Your Mind? by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

This Week in History: Sept. 18 - 24, 1806: Lewis & Clark Return from Expedition

LaRouche Show: 9/11 — Ten Years Later

Week of September 11, 2011

Book Review 9/11 Secrets Partially Revealed (PDF; review of The Eleventh Day: The Full Story of 9/11 and Osama bin Laden by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan)

fIDELIO ARTICLE: The Great Art of China's 'Soundless Poems' (PDF)

Press Release: LaRouche: Forge a U.S.-Russia-China Agreement for Global Recovery

Declaration: Call for a Referendum in Germany: Return to the D-Mark And Economic Sovereignty

Political Economy: LaRouche's 7 Necessary Steps: 1: Remove Obama, Implement Glass-Steagall

Interview: Why NAWAPA Is the Only Viable Solution to the Farming Crisis

Political Economy: Merkel Before the End: Democracy, Honecker-Style

This Week in History: 1810: Mexico Goes to War for Independence

LaRouche Show: LaRouche's Real Jobs Program: NAWAPA and Planetary Reconstruction

Week of September 4, 2011

Political economy: Herr Schäuble's 'Secret' Paper: Something Is Rotten in the State of Germany

This Week in History 1716: Spotswood and His Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Reach the Shenandoah River

LaRouche Show: Glass-Steagall or Chaos! Report from the Sept. 15 Danish Elections

Week of August 28, 2011

Economics: Schiller’s Call for a Debt Moratorium Enters Debate Over Debt Crisis

Politics: Interview with Helga Zepp LaRouche On the Eve of Denmark’s Elections

This Week in History: 1776: Washington Saves the Continental Army from Sure Destruction on Long Island

LaRouche Show: Why NAWAPA Is the Only Viable Solution.

Week of August 21, 2011

This Week in History: 1935: Public Utilities Holding Company Act

DVD: "Rescuing Civilization From the Brink" Conference: Order the Conference DVD includes Musical Evening and selected speeches.

LaRouche Show: Today's Break-Point—Remembering August 15, 1971

Week of August 14, 2011

Celebration: Happy 100th Birthday, Dear Amelia!

INTERVIEW: LaRouche on 'The Pact of the Human Soul'

SCIENCE: LaRouche’s “Basement Team” Scientists Address Russian-Ukrainian Conference in Crimea

Strategic Studies: LaRouche Warns of 'Reichstag Fire' Drive for Dictatorship

War on Drugs: 1 Million Afghan Addicts: Cash-Starved Bankers and Terrorists Keep Asia Narcotics Boom Going

UpDATE: "Rescuing Civilization From the Brink" Conference Transcript added, Panel 1

UpDATE: "Rescuing Civilization From the Brink" Conference: DVD includes Musical Evening and selected speeches.

ECONOMICS: Mrs. LaRouche Issues Emergency Call for a Global Glass Steagall System

This Week in History: 1935: Social Security Act

LaRouche Show: Summer Shields, Liliana Gorini: The Time for Action Is Now!

Week of August 7, 2011

Press Release: A Trans-Atlantic Call for Emergency Solution to the Present Global Breakdown Crisis

This Week in History: 1939: FDR Extends Social Security Coverage To Conquer 'Human Want and Fear'

LaRouche Show: In the Aftermath of the ‘Super-Congress’ Treason: Turning Adversity into Advantage!

Week of July 31, 2011

Strategic Studies: Congress Ratifies Obama's Hitler Coup

Webcast: Lyndon LaRouche July 21: Either Obama Goes Or the U.S.A. Goes

This Week in History: 1864: Admiral Farragut 'Damns the Torpedoes'; Enters Mobile Bay

LaRouche Show: No More Bullshit! America Needs New Leadership, Now!

Week of July 24, 2011

UpDATE: "Rescuing Civilization From the Brink" Conference Transcript added, Panel 1

This Week in History: 1957: Founding of the International Atomic Energy Agency

UpDATE: Overview of "Rescuing Civilization From the Brink" Conference in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

LaRouche Show: Send the Second Law of Thermodynamics to Its Own Heat Death!

ECONOMICS: What QE3 Means for Europe: Stop Hyperinflation With a Glass-Steagall System

Week of July 17, 2011

Press Release: LaRouche To Give July 21 Webcast; 'There Are No Options, Only Solutions'

This Week in History: 1944: Conclusion of the Bretton Woods Conference

LAROUCHE SHOW: Showdown Time: Glass-Steagall or Die!

Week of July 10, 2011

UpDATE: "Rescuing Civilization From the Brink" Conference in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

This Week in History: 1789: The Low-Down on Bastille Day

LAROUCHE SHOW: Rescuing Civilization from the Brink

Week of July 3, 2011

Conference: "Rescuing Civilization From the Brink" Rüsselsheim, Germany. Keep visiting this page as videos of presentations, transcripts and written contributions continue to be added.

UPDATE: North Africa: The Blue Revolution

This Week in History: 1776: Text of the Declaration of Independence

LAROUCHE SHOW: The American Revolution, Then and Now!

Week of June 26, 2011

POLITICAL ECONOMY: The U.S.A. and Europe Are Reaching the End of the Line

ART EXHIBIT REVIEW: Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus

PAINTING: 200th Birthday of George Caleb Bingham, American Artist of the American System

This Week in History: 1646: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz's Birthday

LAROUCHE SHOW: July: Last State Standing? Or, Glass-Steagall!

Week of June 19, 2011

This Week in History: 1848: Congressman Abraham Lincoln Assails President Polk's Veto of Internal Improvements

Week of June 12, 2011

LAROUCHE SHOW: Countdown to a Deadline: Surviving the End of the Euro!

ECONOMICS: Europe on the Brink: No to Bailouts, Deindustrialization!

STOP GREEN FASCISM: Germany’s Nuclear Phase-Out Means Deindustrialization and Genocide

UPDATE: Updated Biography of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche: Will our U.S.A. Survive?: A Deadline in Destiny

This Week in History: 1933: A Review of FDR's First Hundred Days

Week of June 5, 2011

This Week in History: 1933: FDR Signs the Gold Standard Act

PHYSICAL ECONOMY: What Obama, Media Won’t Say: Storms Threaten Food Supply

STOP GREEN FASCISM: German Nuclear Suicide Decision Arouses Furor

LAROUCHE SHOW: Be a Citizen, Not a Statistic!

Week of May 29, 2011

PHYSICAL ECONOMY: Mississippi Basin Extreme Weather: Floods, Food Losses; Obama Oblivious

This Week in History: 1868: Memorial Day Proclaimed

LAROUCHE SHOW: What Obama and the Media Won’t Tell You: Disasters Threaten Your Food Supply

Week of May 22, 2011

Stop Green Fascism: Bertrand Russell from the Grave: Schellnhuber and John Holdren (EIR)

Stop Green Fascism: Swedish LaRouche Movement Delivers a Message to Green Fascist Confab

Lyndon LaRouche: When Governments Crumble

This Week in History: 1787: Constitutional Convention Begins

LAROUCHE SHOW: Eco-Fascists Trounced in Sweden! Mastering the Forces of the Universe

Week of May 15, 2011

This Week in History: 1933: National Industrial Recovery Act Introduced

Science: The Importance of NAWAPA For Geophysical Research

LAROUCHE SHOW: Obama Gives Haiti Treatment to the American South

Week of May 8, 2011

STOP GREEN FASCISM: Zepp-LaRouche Issues International Call To Condemn the WBGU

Strategic Studies: Real Authors of 9-11 Are Still At Large

Webcast: Lyndon LaRouche April 19: Our Creative Universe

This Week in History: 1933: The Federal Emergency Relief Administration

LAROUCHE SHOW: Glass-Steagall and the Ouster of Obama: It’s Now Up to You!

Week of May 1, 2011

STOP GREEN FASCISM: No To Global Gleichschaltung: Make June 17 The Day Of German Resistance

This Week in History: 1933: FDR's Second Fireside Chat

LAROUCHE SHOW: Disaster Relief? Glass-Steagall! End Obama’s Haiti-Treatment of the U.S.A.!

Week of April 24, 2011

REVIEW: The “Miracle” of Mozart On Display at Houston Grand Opera (The Marriage of Figaro)

POLITICAL ECONOMY: The Long Gray Line: Obama Attacks Keystone Of America's Defense: Military, Economic—And Galactic!

REVIEW: “The Magic Flute”: Science vs. Superstition (Michigan Opera Theater)

Review: Houston Grand Opera Studio, We Have A Problem: Mozart's Così fan Tutte

This Week in History: 1803: The Louisiana Purchase 1943: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

LAROUCHE SHOW: “Look, Ma—No Country!” It’s Glass-Steagall, or Die!

Week of April 17, 2011

SCIENCE OF MUSIC: The Classical Revolution — A Foretaste (Videos)

Physical Economy: North Africa: The Blue Revolution (Video)

This Week in History: 1933: Gold Standard vs. Gold Reserve

LAROUCHE SHOW: The Unique Potential of Glass-Steagall

Week of April 10, 2011

WEBCAST ANNOUNCEMENT: Lyndon LaRouche, April 19, 2011

ECONOMICS: Playing The Great End-Game by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

SCIENCE: Opportunist Crisis Management Is No Solution for Today by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

This Week in History: 1933: The Tennessee Valley Authority

LAROUCHE SHOW: Science Is Statecraft

Week of April 3, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Expose U.S. Government Lies on Rise of Great Quakes 

STRATEGIC STUDIES: The Empire's Genocide Policy, Key Threat to Man's Survival 

PRESS RELEASE: Tsunami Deaths and Damages Could Have Been Avoided, Italian Scientist Says

NEW MOTIVFÜHRUNG VIDEO:Overview of Norbert Brainin's Demo, Strictly German (this video has already been linked from this page with English subtitles; now you can watch it without the subtitles)

DRAMA REVIEW: A “Ricardo Muti Moment” in Los Angeles: The Mass Strike and the Arts

PHYSICAL ECONOMY: The Science of Glass-Steagall

Diplomatic LUNCHEON: A Confluence of Crisis: Our Job Is To Manage the Universe

PRESS RELEASE: Defeat the Green Fascist— Your Life Depends On It

This Week in History: 1933: Provisions of the Glass-Steagall Banking Act

HISTORY: The Army Corps of Engineers Tradition: A Crucial National Science Resource

LAROUCHE SHOW: Killer Seismic Dangers? Don’t Blame San Andreas; It’s Obama’s Fault!

Week of March 27, 2011

MUSIC: Italy's 150th Anniversary: Citizens Sing Va Pensiero

This Week in History: 1933: FDR Re-regulates the Financial System

LAROUCHE SHOW: Only a Criminal Would Ignore the Galaxy, and Oppose Nuclear Power!

Week of March 20, 2011

TRANSCRIPT: The Rim of Fire, the Mass Strike, and the Crisis of Civilization

Press Release: New LaRouche PAC-TV Release: 'The Rim of Fire'

This Week in History: 1933: FDR Launches Public Works

LAROUCHE SHOW: The Rim of Fire, the Mass Strike, and the Crisis of Civilization

Week of March 13, 2011

REVIEW: Cathedral Choral Society Performs Choral Fantasy and Missa Solemnis

strategic studies: Frederick the Great, and the Battles of Rossbach & Leuthen

Economics: Financial Tsunami Ahead — About-Face Before It's Too Late! by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Economics: The Science Behind Glass-Steagall Lyndon LaRouche addresses a private meeting

This Week in History: 1933: Emergency Banking Act Goes Into Effect

LAROUCHE SHOW: Ireland and America

Week of March 6, 2011

Webcast Announcement: Lyndon LaRouche on "Ireland and America", March 10

THE MASS STRIKE: There Is a Limit to a Tyrant's Power! by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

This Week in History: 1933: Franklin D. Roosevelt's Inaugural Address

LAROUCHE SHOW: Revulsion or Revolution

Week of February 27, 2011

Webcast Announcement: Lyndon LaRouche on "Ireland and America", March 10

This Week in History: February 27 - March 5, 1933: The Reichstag Fire

FOOD FOR PEACE: Egypt Is Everywhere! Put Price Controls on Food And Enact Glass-Steagall by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

LAROUCHE SHOW: The Global Mass Strike: The View from France

Week of February 20, 2011

Music: Offering from Franz Schubert's Opus 100

REVIEW: Houston Grand Opera Presents “Lucia di Lammermoor”

PHYSICAL ECONOMY: BüSo Party Congress in Berlin: We Are Paying for Bank Bailouts with Human Lives by Helga Zepp LaRouche

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: February 20 -26, 1732 George Washington's Birthday

LAROUCHE SHOW: It's Not Just an 'Egypt Crisis'; The Solution Is a Global Glass-Steagall

Week of February 13, 2011

This Week in History: February 13 - 19, 1847: Lincoln on the Presidential Power to Make War

Strategic Studies: The Global Truth About the ‘Egypt’ Crisis by Jeffrey Steinberg

LAROUCHE SHOW: The Science of the Extended Sensorium: Creativity Per Se, Part II

Week of February 6, 2011

political economy: The Historic Opportunity of 2011! by Helga Zepp LaRouche

physical economy: Is Europe Breaking Up? Youth Need a Vision For the Future! by Helga Zepp LaRouche

From the larouche basement team: The Extended Sensorium: Overview

  1. Insects and Infrared—Oyang Teng
  2. Magnetoreception—Benjamin Deniston

This Week In History: Feb. 6-12, 1809: Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

LAROUCHE SHOW: Transforming the Galaxy: The LaRouche Youth Movement International Candidates’ Movement

Week of January 30, 2011

Strategic Studies: LaRouche: Obama's Targeting of Mubarak Will Blow Up the Region

ECONOMICS: China Condemns U.S. Policy of Drowning World in Liquidity As Hyperinflationary

PRESS RELEASE: Statement by Jacques Cheminade: To the Tunisian People, After the Fall of Ben Ali

This Week In History: January 30 - February 5, 1690: America's First Paper Money

LAROUCHE SHOW: Will You Eat Next Year? Special Report from Australia and Canada

Week of January 23, 2011

Webcast: Transcript (Opening Presentation): The State of the Union: A.D. 2011 by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Webcast: Transcript (Questions and Answers): The State of the Union: A.D. 2011 by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

POLITICAL ECONOMY: The Schiller Institute Testifies before the Danish Parliament about the European Bank-and-Euro Crisis and for a Glass-Steagall Law

This Week in History: January 23 - 29, 1943: The Casablanca Conference

Week of January 16, 2011

Physical Economy: No More Floods! Build the Missouri River Development Project

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: Jan. 16-22, 1706: Benjamin Franklin's Birthday

LAROUCHE SHOW: To Save Civilization, We Must Move Beyond the Senses

Week of January 9, 2011

HISTORY: The Nuremberg Precedent

LYNDON LAROUCHE: An Election's Terrible After-Taste: The Global Crisis Now at Hand

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: Jan. 9-15, 1588 How John Winthrop Organized a Republic — In the Wilderness

LAROUCHE SHOW: Glass-Steagall Cuts Off the Head of the Snake!

Week of January 2, 2011

OPERA REVIEW: Così Fan Tutte and the Power of Reason

Book Review: Don Giovanni: Music, Strategy, Method, Or, The Real Plot Hatched by Mozart and Da Ponte

PRESS RELEASE: Operation "Euthanasia — Never Again!" by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: January 2-8, 1412: Birth of Saint Jeanne D'Arc

LAROUCHE SHOW: No Hitler in the White House! The LaRouche Candidates Slate, Part 2

Week of December 26, 2010

This Week in History: 1862-1863: Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation Goes Into Effect

Lyndon LaRouche: My Christmas Greeting

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Science's Next New Undertaking: What Makes Sense?

RUSSIA: A Russian Dialogue With LaRouche & Friends: The Cultural Imperative of Russian-American Cooperation

LAROUCHE SHOW: LaRouche PAC Launches the Next Salvo: Six Candidates Now for Congress: 2012 Is Way Too Late!

Week of December 19, 2010

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1776: Crossing the Delaware River Before Dawn on Christmas Day

LAROUCHE SHOW: Exciting Perspective from the Pacific, on Defeating the British Imperial System

Week of December 12, 2010

PHYSICAL ECONCOMY: The World Landbridge

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MUSIC: Danish Schiller Institute Celebrates Schumann and Schiller: Video Recital, Classes, Pedagogy

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1790: Hamilton's Report on a National Bank

LAROUCHE SHOW: Exciting Perspective from the Pacific, on Defeating the British Imperial System.

Week of December 5, 2010

ECONOMICS: A Matter of Principle: Alexander Hamilton's Economics Created Our Constitution

ECONOMICS: LaRouche: On the Urgent Need for a Hamiltonian Credit System

BATTLE FOR JUSTICE: Judge Tosses Kronberg Case; Cites Abuse of Federal Court

PHYSICAL ECONOMY: LaRouche PAC NAWAPA Drive Expands, Generating Excitement for Action Now

ECONOMICS: The Euro Is Rosemary's Baby! No Bailout for the Banks by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

ART AND POLITICS: Mozart’s Entschlossenheit, or “Don Giovanni” vs. Venetian Ca-Ca

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1863: Lincoln's Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction

LAROUCHE SHOW: Glass-Steagall or Die! The Principle of Production, e.g. Agriculture

Week of November 28, 2010

BATTLE FOR JUSTICE: The Mighty Wurlitzer Implodes: British Legal Attacks Against Lyndon LaRouche Exposed As Frauds

BOOK: Dope, Inc., the Book That Still Drives British Royals Mad, Is Back

DIPLOMATIC LUNCHEON: Our Choice: Disaster or the Long-Term Options For Preventing It

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1823: The Monroe Doctrine

LAROUCHE SHOW: Sovereignty and the NAWAPA Approach

POLITICAL ECONOMY: A Call for Resistance Against 'Fiscal' Fascism by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Week of November 21, 2010

CONFERENCE: A Transatlantic Fist-Punch Against Financial Oligarchy

DECLARATION: Jacques Cheminade: Stop the Looting of Ireland!

THANKSGIVING: Happy Thanksgiving!

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1963 and 1863: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

LAROUCHE SHOW: The Dope on Dope, Inc.: Defeating the Inter-Alpha War Against the World

Week of November 14, 2010

HAITI EARTHQUAKE: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Calls For "Operation Frederick Douglass" To Save Haiti

MEXICO CONFERENCE: NAWAPA-PLINHO Conference Keynote Presentation: "A New Concept of Infrastructure"

LYNDON LAROUCHE: The Wonderfully Immortal Ghosts We Must Be: Einstein Viewed Kepler

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1777: The Articles of Confederation

LAROUCHE SHOW: "LaRouche: Flank the Bastards! Target Rand Paul!"

Week of November 7, 2010

Webcast: Lyndon LaRouche Nov. 6: After Tuesday: Last Chance To Avert a Global New Dark Age

WEBCAST SUMMARY: LaRouche Rallies Patriots To Avert a New Dark Age

AFRICA CONFERENCE: Schiller Institute Brings NAWAPA Approach to Chad

HISTORY: The Legacy of Friedrich Von Hayek: Fascism Didn't Die With Hitler

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1933: The Civil Works Administration

Week of October 31, 2010

PHYSICAL ECONOMY: LPAC Videos Complete LaRouches' Vision of Eurasian Land-Bridge

AFRICA CONFERENCE: Schiller Institute Intervention at 8th World Forum for Sustainable Development Conference to “Save Lake Chad”

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1825: Completion of the Erie Canal

LAROUCHE SHOW: It's Time for New Leadership in America, To Implement the `LaRouche Plan.'

Week of October 24, 2010

OPERA REVIEW: Virginia Opera Performs Verdi's Rigoletto

POLITICAL ECONOMY: Endgame for the Systemic Crisis: What Recovery? Mass-Strike Process Erupts in France by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

PRESS RELEASE: LPAC Presents the Darien Gap Project: The Last Hurdle to the LaRouches' Global Eurasian Land-Bridge Program

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1648: The Treaty of Westphalia

LAROUCHE SHOW TRANSCRIPT: The Current Transatlantic System Is Dead: It Is Time for the LaRouche Plan

LAROUCHE SHOW: The Current Transatlantic System Is Dead: It Is Time for the LaRouche Plan

Week of October 17, 2010

NAWAPA: Plans and Discussion for Implementation

CONFERENCE: Updates and Videos Added to Berlin Conference Main Page

ECONOMICS: Foreclosure Scandal Exposes Systemic Derivatives Fraud

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1781: Victory at Yorktown

CONFERENCE presentation: Developing Siberia’s Raw Materials: An Adventure for the 21st Century

CONFERENCE presentation: A World Rail Network To End The British Imperial System

LAROUCHE SHOW: Foreclose on the Empire, with Glass-Steagall

Week of October 10, 2010

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Science & Drama! What Is Sense-Perception?

CULTURE: The Deconstructionist Assault on China’s Cultural Optimism (Fidelio, 1997, PDF format)

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1988: LaRouche's Forecast of German Reunification

LAROUCHE SHOW: LaRouche: Apply 25th Amendment To Remove Obama Now!

CULTURE: 'Don Giovanni': Mozart's 'American' Weapon vs. the Oligarchy

Week of October 3, 2010

CONFERENCE presentation: The Congo-Chad Water Transfer: The Main Features of a Feasibility Study

CONFERENCE REPORT: German Schiller Institute: Full Steam Ahead To Rebuild a Shattered World

WEBCAST: Lyndon LaRouche September 24: The New Economy: Questions and Answers

WEBCAST: Lyndon LaRouche September 24: The New Economy

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Address to Russian University Conference on "The Financial Crisis and Sustainable Development"

PRESS RELEASE: LaRouche Sends Greeting To Moscow-Area University Conference

THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: 1986 and 1989: The Brutish Empire Moves Against Lyndon LaRouche, the SDI, Germany, Russia, and the U.S.A.

LAROUCHE SHOW: Vindicating Mozart: The Case of Don Giovanni


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