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Week of December 30

FIDELIO 2004: Knowing the True Geometry, A Dialogue in Two Parts

FIDELIO 2001: Leibniz, Halle, and The American Revolution

LaROUCHE SHOW: “The Year in Review: How Lyndon LaRouche Prepared the
                                       U.S. To Reverse the Great Crash of ’07.”

Week of December 23

ADDRESS: Lyndon LaRouche Addresses BüSo Business Meeting in Germany

ADDRESS: Lyndon LaRouche Addresses BüSo Party Congress in Germany

LEAFLET: Finally Good News from the U.S.A.: New Hope for Germany,
                    by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

LaROUCHE SHOW: “The LYM and the Choral Principle:
                                      Key to a Really Happy New Year.”

Week of December 17

FIDELIO 2001: An Invitation for Dialogue With China, Pope Paul II

FIDELIO 2001: Matteo Ricci and the Disaster Of the ‘Rites Controversy’

PRESENTATION: Political Revolution Requires Aesthetic Education of Man
                                 by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

FIDELIO 1994: The Brotherhood of the Common Life

LaROUCHE SHOW: LaRouche Youth Movement Activists panel on “The New Politics.”

Week of December 10

FIDELIO 2001: Nicolaus of Cusa’s ‘On the Quadrature of the Circle’

LaROUCHE SHOW: “LaRouche Economic Recovery Act on the Agenda.”

Week of December 3

FIDELIO 1997: What It Takes To Be a World-Historical Leader Today,
                            by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Cheney in Riyadh: The Case for Double Impeachment.”


Week of November 26, 2006

ARTICLE: Lorenzo Da Ponte: Mozart’s ‘American’ Librettist

HIGHLIGHTS: Amelia Boynton Robinson Martin Luther King Commemoration Tour,
                            with the LaRouche Youth Movement

FIDELIO 1997: John Dryden’s Attack on Shakespeare:
                             The Origin of ‘Sing-Song’ Recitation in English Poetry

LaROUCHE SHOW: Organizing the ‘LaRouche Recovery’:
                                      The View from the Pacific Rim.”

Week of November 12, 2006

FIDELIO 1995: Norbert Brainin on Motivfuehrung, by Lyndon LaRouche

FIDELIO 1995: In Celebration of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 225th Birthday

FIDELIO 1999: Interview with Carlo Bergonzi: “Return to the Verdi tuning”

LaROUCHE SHOW: “The LaRouche Factor Following the Mid-Term Elections:
                                       The Importance of LaRouche’s Nov. 16 Webcast.”

Week of November 5, 2006

FIDELIO 1999: Interview: Mstislav Rostropovich, ’Cellist and Conductor

FIDELIO 1999: Wilhelm von Humboldt’s study of the Kawi Language

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Campaign Roundup: The Overriding Importance of
                                       LaRouche's Upcoming Nov. 16 Webcast.”


Week of October 29, 2006

FIDELIO 2000: What Does It Mean To Be Rabelaisian?

Week of October 22, 2006

COMMEMORATION: On the First Anniversary of Mrs. Rosa Parks Death

FIDELIO 1999: How Champollion Deciphered the Rosetta Stone

FIDELIO 1997: Dar Es Salaam University and The Black Faces of
                            The New British Colonialism

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Ending the Reign of Trumanism on U.S. Campuses.”

Week of October 15, 2006

FIDELIO 2001: Andalusia, Gateway To the Golden Renaisssance

ARTICLE/SPEECH: Rhodes ‘Dialogue of of Civilizations’ Hears LaRouche Spokesmen

LaROUCHE SHOW: “For a November Democratic Landslide, Derail ‘Big Sister’s’ Train.”

Week of October 8, 2006

FIDELIO 2000: FDR’S New Deal: An example of American System Economics.

FIDELIO 2000: J.S. Bach’s Musical Revolution

LaROUCHE SHOW: “The Isotope Economy”

FIDELIO 1995: The European ‘Enlightenment’ And the Middle Kingdom

Week of October 1, 2006

STATEMENTS: Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Is October Surprise WW III?

FIDELIO 1996: Venice’s War Against Western Civilization

AUDIO FILE: Audio Link for a Bach Jesu meine Freude LYM Rehearsal

LaROUCHE SHOW: “The Secret Government Inside the Government:
                                     All the Dirt on John Train.”


Week of September 24, 2006

LaROUCHE STATEMENT: On the Hoax Against the Pope

LaROUCHE STATEMENT: LaRouche in Berlin Webcast: Bring Back The Axiom of FDR

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Time Has All But Run Out: Act Now To Save the U.S.
                                     Auto/Industrial Base.”

Week of September 17, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “LaRouche's Post-Webcast Challenge: Impeach Bush/Cheney,
                                     Go with Eurasian Development.”

Week of September 10, 2006

FIDELIO 1996: China’s Confucian Legacy in Today’s World, by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Paid to Lie—What’s Behind Mind-Control Operations in
                                     TV and Movies?”

Week of September 3, 2006

FIDELIO 1996: The Essential Role of ‘Time-Reversal’ in Mathematical Economics,
                            by Lyndon LaRouche

LaROUCHE SHOW: Helga Zepp-LaRouche on the role of the Sept. 6 webcast address
                                     from Berlin by her husband Lyndon LaRouche, and also on the
                                     campaign of BüSo’s candidate for Mayor of Berlin, Daniel Buchmann


Week of August 27, 2006

FIDELIO 1993: Nicolaus of Cusa and the Concept of Negentropy

FIDELIO 1993: The Spirit of the Golden Renaissance is Mankind’s Best Hope,
                            by Lyndon LaRouche

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Dynamics and Animations: LaRouche’s Revolutionary Pedagogy
                                    for Transforming Physical Economy.”

Week of August 20, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Why Economic Decay Makes People Sick—
                                     The Medicine of the Future Requires a Scientific Renaissance.”

Week of August 13, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Report from Mexico City, Live from the LYM Encampment,
                                     at the Statue of Benito Juárez, at the Zócalo.”

Week of August 6, 2006

STATEMENTS: Amelia Robinson Sends Greetings to Mexico

                             Stop WWIII—LaRouche Doctrine for Southwest Asia!

FIDELIO 1995: The Metaphor of Perspective

LaROUCHE SHOW: “The Most Qualified Leader in France: A Discussion with
                                      Jacques Cheminade.


Week of July 30, 2006

FIDELIO 1995: In the Footsteps of Socrates and Plato

FIDELIO 1995: Lyndon LaRouche We Must Attack the Mathematicians
                            to Solve the Economic Crisis

LaROUCHE SHOW: “The Growing Southwest Asia Crisis: It's the Synarchists, Stupid!”

Week of July 23, 2006

FIDELIO 1994: On the Theory of the Transfinite: Correspondence of
                            Georg Cantor & Cardinal Franzelin

FIDELIO 1994: Lyndon LaRoucheAfterword

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Mexico Is On the Move for Justice; What’s Wrong with
                                     U.S. Democrats?”

FIDELIO 1994: The Taoist Perversion of 20th Century Science

FIDELIO 1996: Thomas Hobbes: Fascist Exponent of Enlightenment Science

Week of July 16, 2006

FIDELIO 1993: Aeschylus’ Republican Tragedies

FIDELIO 2004: An Introduction to Pythagorean Sphaerics
                            Los Angeles LYM Sphaerics Group

FIDELIO 2004: Helga Zepp-LaRouche, “The One and The Many, and
                            The Dialogue Among Cultures

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Fascism: Past and Present,”

Week of July 9, 2006

FIDELIO 2003: Lyndon LaRouche, Believing Is Not Necessarily Knowing”

UPDATE: LaRouche Page Updated

ARTICLE: Hundreds of Corps Projects Needed To Restore Our Waterway System

FIDELIO 2001: Nicolaus of Cusa Moved the Earth

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Defeating the Nazis: Time Is Running Out, but the Time for
                                     Victory Is Now!”

Week of July 2, 2006

ARTICLE: The Development of American Machine Tools

ARTICLE: Tehran Times Calls for a New Bretton Woods

LaROUCHE ARTICLE: Lyndon LaRouche Article: Soviet Ideology and
                                          Creativity, June 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Who Is Bankrupting America?”


Week of June 25, 2006

LaROUCHE DIALOGUE: Answers to Email Questions

FIDELIO 2005: Pope Benedict XVI—Interreligious Dialogue and Jewish-Christian Relations

FIDELIO 2000: Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.On the Subject of Strategic Method.

FIDELIO 2000: Helga Zepp LaRoucheOnly a New Classical Period Can Save Humanity
                                                                      From A Dark Age

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Iraq: Will It Be Peace, Or a New Dark Age?”

Week of June 18, 2006

FIDELIO 2006: Edgar Allan Poe: The Lost Soul of America

FIDELIO 2006: On the 375th Anniversary of Kepler’s Passing

FIDELIO 2006: Spring/Summer 2006 Table of Contents

LaROUCHE SHOW: Anton Chaitkin reports on Dirty Tricks vs. the Democratic Party
                                    and a Natalie Lovegren LYM report on the LYM candidate
                                    Lakesha Rogers at the Texas Democratic Convention.

Week of June 4, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Going Nuclear: The Science, Nuts-and-Bolts Retooling, and the                                     LaRouche Juggernaut.”


Week of May 28, 2006

LaROUCHE ARTICLE: Cities of the Plain

STATEMENT: LaRouche Warns: Cheney Plans To Launch Iran Strike in June

ARTICLE: The Beauty of Completing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

FIDELIO 1998: Lyndon_LaRouche: Non-Newtonian Mathematics for Economists

LaROUCHE SHOW: “A Cornered Cheney and the New Terror Threat.”

Week of May 21, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Where We Stand on ‘Emergency Legislation Now!’ ”

Week of May 14, 2006

FIDELIO 1998: Lyndon LaRoucheHow to Think in a Time of Crisis

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Economic Development—From Tierra del Fuego to Canada:
                                    Nuclear Power, Auto, the Nation-State.”

Week of May 7, 2006

STATEMENT: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Issues Renewed Call for a New Bretton Woods

STATEMENT: Lyndon LaRouche Calls for Emergency Legislation to
                           Save American Industry

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Emergency Legislation Now! The LaRouche Emergency
                                    Auto Legislation.”


Week of April 30, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Live, On-the-Scene Reports from the California Democratic Party
                                    Convention and the Lansing, Michigan Labor Rally.”

Week of April 23, 2006

ARTICLE: The LaRouche Youth Movement visits Moscow University

STATEMENT: Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Defend Germany Against Globalized Fascism!

LaROUCHE SHOW: “First-Hand Report from Ground-Zero Real Estate Bubble:
                                    Loudoun County, Virginia.”

UPDATED: LaRouche page

Week of April 16, 2006

LaROUCHE PRESENTATION: Lyndon LaRouche speech to the 27th International Economics Symposium at the Monterrey Technological Institute in Monterrey, Mexico
(to see photos)

FIDELIO 2000: The Strategic Significance of J.S. Bach’s A Musical Offering

LaROUCHE SHOW: “It's Our Time: The End of the Financial System Has Come—
                                     Exactly as LaRouche Said.”

Week of April 9, 2006

FIDELIO 1999: Lyndon LaRoucheHow to Save a Dying USA

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Out of the Bushes, Into the future: For the LaRouche Youth
                                      Movement, the Future Is Now!”

Week of April 2, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Rohatyn, Shultz, Cheney ‘Privatization’ Scheme To Wreck U.S.                                       National Security—The Halliburton War in Iraq, and Other Cases...”


Week of March 26, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Momentum Grows for Retooling Auto.”

Week of March 19, 2006

FIDELIO 1994: ‘Man Measures His Intellect Through the Power of His Works’
(About Nicolaus of Cusa)

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: The New Crusades.”

Week of March 12, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: Helga Zepp-LaRouche, on “The LaRouche Factor in the
                                     Escalating Strategic Crisis.” (March 11, 2006)

LaROUCHE SHOW: Jonathan Tennenbaum, on “LaRouche in Berlin: How To
                                    Advance Civilization.” (March 4, 2006

Week of March 5, 2006

ARTICLE: To Meet Pandemic Threat: A Bio Defense Initiative, by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

LaROUCHE SHOW: “Quality of Leadership To Save the Nation:
                                     Post-Webcast Roundtable.”
(Feb. 25, 2006)

UPDATED: LaRouche List for 2006


Week of February 26, 2006

FIDELIO 1998: How Gauss Determined the Orbit of Ceres

Week of February 19, 2006

FIDELIO 1998: Appendix (The case of Classical motivic thorough-composition), for
                          ‘The Substance of Morality,’ by Lyndon LaRouche

LaROUCHE SHOW: Connecting the Dots to Animate the Next 50 Years (Feb. 18, 2006)

Week of February 12, 2006

ARTICLE: How JFK Mobilized the U.S. for Recovery

LaROUCHE SHOW: Muriel Mirak-Wiessbach on “Shades Accord Are Cast Over
                                     Southwest Asia
(Feb. 11, 2006)

                                     EIR’s Gerry Rose and a panel of LaRouche Youth Movement
                                     activists,on "Winning the Battle Against Sophistry...’
(Feb. 4, 2006)

Week of February 5, 2006

FIDELIO 1998: ‘The Substance of Morality,’ by Lyndon LaRouche

ARTICLE: On the Necessity of the LaRouche Youth Movement

FIDELIO 1999: The Living Memory of Pushkin, 1999 (PDF file only)


Week of January 29, 2006

ARTICLE: Mozart’s 250th Birthday

STATEMENT: Amelia Robinson Statement on Passing of Coretta Scott King

LaROUCHE SHOW: Lyndon LaRouche Remarks To a Cadre School, and a Report on                                      Washington DC Organizing to Stop the Fascist Alito Appointment

SCHILLER TRANSLATION: The Ring of Polycrates

Week of January 22, 2006


ARTICLE: Amelia Boynton Robinson Changes Seattle Updated With Sound Files

LaROUCHE SHOW: “De-industrialization Causes Disease, Death: The Case of Baltimore.”

Week of January 15, 2006


SCHILLER TRANSLATION: On The Employment of the Chorus in Tragedy

ARTICLE: Benjamin Branklin & Friends Lay Basis for Manned Flight

SCHILLER TRANSLATION: The Philosophical Letters

LaROUCHE SHOW: Defeating Fürher Cheney; Rohatyn Fascist Economics; and
                                    the Case of Pinochet’s Chile.

Week of January 8, 2006

LaROUCHE SHOW: “The Coming Final Defeat of the Schmittlerites.”

ARTICLE: Rebuilding the U.S.A.: Travel Among Cities, by Lyndon LaRouche

ARTICLE: The FDR-Harry Hopkins Method of Job Creation (Jan. 2, 2006

LaROUCHE STATEMENT: Why Felix Rohatyn is Not an American

Week of January 1, 2006

SCHILLER TRANSLATION: What Is, and to What End Do We Study, Universal History?

FIDELIO 2005: In Memoriam: Maxim Ghilan, A Fighter for Peace


LaROUCHE SHOW: EIR's Jeffrey Steinberg and the LYM discuss demise of
                                      the Children of Satan

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