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December, 2001

November, 2001

October, 2001

September, 2001

August, 2001


Week of December 22, 2002

FIDELIO Article: John Keats vs. the Enlightment, (Fall 1996 )
Amelia Boynton Robinson Tours Italy for Peace
FIDELIO Article: Leibniz from Riemann's Standpoint, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr .(Fall, 1996)

Week of December 15, 2002

FIDELIO Article: Lyndon LaRouche's "The Truth About Temporal Eternity" (Summer 1994)
--Why Cusa's Solution is Superior to Archimedes'sNotion of Quadrature (Summer 1994)
--Adam Smith Smashes the Decalogue (Summer 1994)
FIDELIO Article: Brahms and Schiller Instruct Us in Today's Civilizational Crisis (Spring 2000)
Vocal Score of Brhams's "Dem Dunkeln Schoss der Heil'gen Erde" (also in PDF version)
LaRouche Calls for Emergencey Famine Relief for North Korea (Nov. 2002)

Week of December 8, 2002

"De la metáfora" por Lyndon LaRouche, Added to Spanish language Section (1992)
Paul Laurence Dunbar: The Struggle for an American Classical Renaissance
LaRouche Was Right About D.C. Hospital Shutdown Scandal (Dec. 2002)


Week of November 24, 2002

Summer-Fall 2002 FIDELIO Magazine (Double Issue) Released
LaRouche's 1994 FIDELIO article online! "How Bertrand Russell Became an Evil Man"

Week of November 17, 2002

LaRouche Dialogues Page Updated (includes new photos and emails)
New on Pedagogy Page: Archimedes and the Student and Human Knowledge (poems)

Plato's Dynamis Versus Aristotle's Energeia

Week of November 3, 2002

Transcript of Panel 4, Labor Day Conference Open Discussion with LaRouche (9/01/02),
Remarks by Sohair Sokkary Added to Panel I Discussion, following Keynote


Week of October 27, 2002

FIDELIO Magazine Interview with Andras Schiff, Pianist
1982 "Dear Bill" Letter from Henry Kissinger to FBI Director Wm Webster!
New Bretton Woods Draft Resolution for NBCSL Conference

Week of October 20, 2002

Eurasian Landbridge Speech by Helga LaRouche - Institute of Sino Strategic Studies (8/17/02)
Speech by J. Tennenbaum on "New Basis for U.S.-China Economic Relations" to ISSS

Week of October 13, 2002

LaRouche 2002 Page Updated - LaRouche's Email Correspondence and Photos Added
Translation of a Short Excerpt from Plato's "Theaetetus" Dialogue
Schiller Institute Highlights Page Updated
A Very Grim Fairy Tale: "What Happened to Accounting?"

Week of October 6, 2002
Translation of Wilhelm von Humboldt's "Essays on the Greeks"


Week of September 29 2002

Excerpts from Labor Day Conference Youth Panel (9/01/02)
Amelia Boynton Robinson in Italy Promotes Civil Rights and Peace (Sept. 2002)

Week of September 22, 2002

LaRouche's New Bretton Woods Approved in Italy's Parliament (9/26/02)
Petition and Call for New Bretton Woods Conference (9/28/02)
"Today's Purloined Letter?" by LaRouche (9/20/02) with link to Poe's "The Puloined Letter"
September 11 Webcast Transcript-- "The Truth About "Pollard II" and the Iraq War"
Hyperbolic Functions: A Fugue Across 25 Centuries (diagrams to follow soon.)
Transcripts of Labor Day Panel II Presentations, Jeff Steinberg and Dennis Small

Week of September 15, 2002

Festschrift Book Published In Honor of Lyndon LaRouche's 80th Birthday (9/08/02)
Amelia Boynton Robinson Honored in Selma, Alabama

Week of September 8, 2002

Transcript of Helga LaRouche's Keynote Speech to Labor Day Conference
Question and Answer Session with Helga LaRouche
China in a Changing World- LaRouche Speech to Institute for Sino Strategic Studies
Audio Archives Added to "The LaRouche Show" (Interview Program Every Saturday)
Transcript of Lyndon LaRouche's Keynote to the Labor Day Conference (new graphics)
Italian Senators Call for New Bretton Woods Conference (
July 2002)

Week of September 1, 2002

Tribute to William Warfield, Schiller Institute Board Member, Poet and Musician
Schiller Institute Conference Program and Audio-Video Archives and Links to Texts
Link to LIVE WEBCAST Aug 31-Sept. 1, 2002


Week of August 11, 2002
Lyndon LaRouche on Brahms' Four Serious Songs

Week of August 4, 2002

G.W. Leibniz: Two Papers on the Catenary Curve, from FIDELIO Magazine
"The 'History Plays:' Use Shakespeare to Fight the Jacobin Mobs"
FIDELIO Article: William Shakespeare and Thomas More: The Conscience of Kings

JULY 2002

Week of July 28, 2002

Texto en español de la invitación a la conferencia del Instituto Schiller
More Speeches and Dialogues from LaRouche's June Visit to Brazil
Panel IV- Open Discussion, Schiller Institute Presidents' Day Conference, Feb. 2002
Audio -- Interview with Australian Infrastructure Expert Scott Endersbee

Week of July 21, 2002

The LaRouche Show- Link to EIR-EIW Internet "Talk Radio" Each Saturday
Schiller Institute/ICLC Conference Invitation
New Fidelio Magazine Released- Winter/Spring 2002

Week of July 14, 2002

Excerpts of Phaedon by Moses Mendelssohn (Concluding Section)
Who's Telling Lies About LaRouche?" Slime Mold Page Updated
Rome New Bretton Woods Seminar-- NOW IS THE TIME for New Bretton Woods !

Week of June 7, 2002

Truth and 9/11: "Who Killed Cock Robin?" (Includes the Nursery Rhyme of the Same Title)
The Northern Command-Crossing The Rubicon"
(Includes "Miniver Cheevy" Poem)

JUNE 2002

Week of June 30, 2002

Amelia Boynton Robinson Visits Iran, June, 2002
Interview of Mrs. Robinson by Iranian National TV, June, 2002
Pedagogical Studies: "Justice for the Catenary",
Part I

Week of June 23, 2002

Learn the Anthem of the Freedom Movement: Verdi's Va Pensiero, with link to Vocal Score

Week of June 16, 2002

Russian Symposium Honors Pobisk Kuznetsov, May 30-June 1, 2002, Moscow, Russia
Lyndon LaRouche's Remarks to Kuznetzov Symposium (5/30/02)
Press Release: LaRouche Honored in Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 12, 2002
LaRouche E-mail Correspondence: Violent Videos and the 'Killing of Civilization.'
(May 2002)
The Solution to the Paradox of Current History- A Lesson in Strategic-Intelligence Method (1994)

Week of June 9, 2002

Dialogue of Cultures- Helga Zepp LaRouche Speech in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Wall Street Magicians Fooled You Again

Week of June 2, 2002

Lyndon LaRouche Keynotes Conference in Abu Dhabi, June 2-3, 2002
Interview with Lt. Col David Grossman by Mrs. LaRouche, added to New Violence section
Transcript of Memorial Day Webcast by Lyndon LaRouche

MAY 2002

Week of May 26, 2002

Eurasian Landbridge In Progress-- Includes New Maps and of Ongoing Projects

Week of May 19, 2002

German-Iranian Festival on Poetry and Dialogue of Cultures (4/20/02)
FIDELIO Article: Short Excerpt from Mendelssohn's Phaedon (1995)
LaRouche Memorandum to Associates: Affirm Mendelssohn's Defense of the Soul
Congress Must Act to Restore DC General Hospital, to Defend the General Welfare (5/20/02)
FIDELIO Article: Relevance of Schiller's Aesthetical Education for Today's Students (1999)

Week of May 12, 2002

Transcript of LaRouche's May 1, 2002 Webcast Questions and Answer Session
Transcript of LaRouche's May 1, 2002 Webcast Presentation

Week of May5, 2002

FIDELIO Article -Moses Mendelssohn- Philosophical Vignettes (1999)
Helga Zepp LaRouche- Calls for Ban on Violent Video Games
Pedagogy—Gauss's Fundamental Theorum—Part II (see below for part I)

APRIL 2002

April 28, 2002

Press Release- Lieberman, Hollywood, Utopian Thinkers and Nintendo Massacres
Helga Zepp LaRouche Statement After Nintendo Killings in Erfurt, Germany
FIDELIO Article- "Behind The Notes" LaRouche's Intro to Music Manual Book II

Week of April 21, 2002

FIDELIO Article- The Confucian and Christian Renaissances (1993)
Announcement of LaRouche's May 1 Webcast
Spanish-language Music Articles on Mozart Revolution and Tuning History
Interview with LaRouche on the Mideast Crisis

Week of April 14, 2002

Theater Considered as a Moral Institution, by Friedrich Schiller
Pedagogy—Gauss's Fundamental Theorem of Algebra,
or How You Have Been Miseducated

Week of April 7, 2002

FIDELIO Article- Pushkin and Schiller by Helga Zepp LaRouche (1999)
Exceprt of Iranian Pres Khatami 2001 Speech on Dialogue of Civilizations Sept,.2001
Remembering US President William McKinley, 100 Years  After His Assasination

MARCH 2002

Week of March 31 , 2002

FIDELIO Article - Moses Mendelssohn and the Bach Tradition (1999)

Week of March 24, 2002

FIDELIO article -LaRouche on Erosthosthenes, Maui's Voyage and Discovery
Dialogue of Cultures -Highlights Page Updated
"Cybernetics And Littleton, Techniques of Mind Control " Added to New Violence Section
FIDELIO Article- Poisson's Spot and the Transfinite Principle of Light
Helga Zepp LaRouche "Mark Of the Beast"- America's Children in Mortal Danger (2/20/00)

Week of March 17, 2002

Harley Schlanger Speech to Schiller Institute Conference-"Aftermath of 9-11" (2/16/02)"
Press Release- Israeli Opposition Grows Against Sharon's Nazi Attacks on Palestinians
Massive Corruption Scandal- Norton, Brazile, McCain- Made a Deal To Shut DC Hospital
Death Toll Rises From Closing of DC General Hospital
Ramsey Clark 1995 Letter Added to "Exonerate LaRouche" Section
("Justice" Link)
New Items and Links on Books Page
Who's Telling Lies About Lyndon LaRouche?

Week of March 10, 2002

Helga Zepp LaRouche Speech to Schiller Instititute Conference (2/17/02)
The Military Genius of Jeanne d'Arc, and the Concept of Victory (
March 2000)
"The Woman On Mars" Filmscript by Lyndon LaRouche,
January 1987
Part II, Keplerian Economics- A Dialogue.with links to Part I and Picture-(3/03/02)
1994 Conference- "The Palmerston Zoo"- How The Venetian Oligarchy Works (9/94)

Week of March 3, 2002

More documentation from "Slime-MoldWatch"- MK-Ultra Engineers Are At It Again
Audio and Text of Stockwell Radio Interview with LaRouche
Introduction to Keynote Panel, Schiller Institute President's Day Conference (2/16/02)
Transcript of Zimbabwe Ambassador's Speech to Presidents' Day Conference
Press Release-"God Only Knows" Where the Utopians' Insane War Plans Will Lead
1985 Conference Speech- How to Deliver 25 Million Tons of Food to Africa (9/85)


Week of Feb 24, 2002

"Slime Mold Watch" -AFF, Wall Street, and Stasi Fear LaRouche's Ideas on Campuses
Transcript of Lyndon LaRouche's Keynote Speech , Presidents Day Conference
New FIDELIO Article: 'Simultaneity of Eternity' with Shakespeare, Keats and Wm.Warfield

Week of Feb 16, 2002

Audio/Video Coverage of Schiller Institute/ICLC Conference
(Link to all 5 Panels in either English or Spanish)

Week of February 9, 2002

Schiller Institute Feb. 16-17, 2002 President's Day Conference Invitation

Week of February 2, 2002

Fall 2001 FIDELIO Released: Symposium on Dialogue of Cultures
Death Toll Updated from DC General Hospital Closing
Goethe Poems Added- "America, You Have It Better" and "Becalmed at Sea"


Week of January 27, 2002

Israeli Reserve Officers Statement Refusing To Commit Atrocities in Teritories (2/2/02)
Press Release -Stop Warsaw Ghetto Methods, Now Being Used Against Palestinians (2/2/02)
Schiller Institute Presidents' Day 2002 Conference Announcement
Keplerian Economics -An Organizing Pedagogical Dialogue

Week of January 20, 2002

"How Natural Law Inspired Our Founding Fathers" FIDELIO, 1997 Article
Link to Audio/Video Coverage of LaRouche's Speech (Archived immediately)
Henry Kissinger's Genocidal NSSM-200, and Food Control as a Weapon
(11/95 article)

Week of January 13, 2002

"Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King"- by Amelia Boynton Robinson (1/12/01)
Color Poster from Nov. 27, 2001 Moscow Conference on Vernadsky and Russia's Mission

Week of January 6, 2002

LaRouche: Continue The American Revolution! (Discussion Paper for Upcoming Webcast)
Schiller Institute Successful Organizing Drive in Poland Upsets IMF and Polish Media
LaRouche Address and Discussion with Leesburg Cadre School, 11/11/01
Press Release - LaRouche Exposes Brzezinski and September 11 Coup Plotters - 1/06/02
Zbigniew Brzezinski and September 11-- Strategic Study by LaRouche
Press Release- Argentina Needs National Banking to Avoid Chaos
LA, Calif Meeting on Dialogue of Cultures Added to Calendar

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