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LaRouche Speaks Bluntly on the Insane Fascism of Ariel Sharon

Bush Cannot Make Excuses for Sharon's Suicidal War

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December 10, 2001

Lyndon LaRouche, the Democratic Party pre-Presidential candidate, issued a blunt warning on Dec. 9, 2001, that the policies being pursued by Ariel Sharon and top officials of the Israeli Defense Force will surely lead to the self-destruction of Israel, and its future vilification as a Nazi-like state, guilty of hideous crimes against the Palestinian and Arab people.

LaRouche wrote, “Israel under the current Sharon dictatorship, is a Nazi-like, fascist regime in the footsteps of Napoleon I, Napoleon III, the Carlists of Spain, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler. In the pre- history of modern Israel, the most notable roots of fascism are traced from the Odessa of the days of the Okhrana's Col. Zubatov, the Odessa of the common associates of Alexander Helphand ("Parvus") and Vladimir Jabotinsky. The principle immediate antecedent of political fascism in Israel is the influence of Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky's organization of his fascist movement is situated principally in the Italy of Jabotinsky's Venice associate, Volpe di Misurata, Benito Mussolini, Ezra Pound, and Jay Lovestone's crony, James Jesus Angleton, et al.”

LaRouche continued, “Fascism, as fascists such as Napoleon Bonparte defined his fascism, and Mussolini and Hitler theirs, is a form of murderous tyranny created in explicit imitation of the Romantic tradition of the ancient Caesars. It was created out of the rubble of Immanuel Kant's empiricist `Enlightenment,' as a counterforce to the impact of the American Revolution of 1776-1789, first in France. It was launched under the conditions that the world of the Habsburg tyranny was crumbling. The intent was always a rebirth of Roman Caesarism.

&#Within Judaism's ranks, fascism found its most immediate enemy in the Judaism of Moses Mendelssohn and the Yiddish Renaisance. In Israel today, a Nazi-like form of fascist tyranny is centered in the currently ruling, bonapartist consulate of the ruling circles of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). In the background, we find that the corrupting influence of existentialism, as spread back into Israel by the arguments of Martin Buber, has been the corrosive, anti-Mendelssohn sickness, which made possible a widespread abandonment of everything precious which the Mendelssohn-led reform and the Yiddish Renaissance had contributed to European civilization at large. Today, any American Jew who wishes to know what Nazism was, and who supports the present rampage of Sharon and the IDF directorate, need but stand before the mirror, and look into his own hate-filled, enraged eyes. Take the case of wild- eyed Congressman Tom Lantos, for example."

Sharon's suicidal march

LaRouche concluded with a warning that Israel faces doom, if the policies of Sharon are not abandoned.

&#All among those of us who understand the strategic implications of the role currently assigned to those Israeli Ceasars, know with certainty, as martyred Prime Minister Rabin knew, that the end result of what Sharon and his IDF masters are doing, will be the obliteration of Israel, with the construction of the Third Temple on the site of al Haram al Sharif as its crematorium, its `Massada.' Is the Washington Post, for example, supporting Israel; does one describe a man who throws a hand grenade as a supporter of that hand grenade. If Israel's Nazis did not exist, the haters of Judaism would have probably had to have created them.”


Bush Cannot Make Excuses
for Sharon's Suicidal War

by Michele Steinberg
December 10, 2001

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., economist, statesman, and Democratic Presidential pre-candidate, is warning that the Bush Administration must not make any excuses for what Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is doing in the Dec. 2-8 attacks on Palestinians. "Sharon and the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] are determined to kill Arafat and to destroy the Palestinian Authority. We will not tolerate this," said LaRouche.

On Dec. 7, LaRouche further asserted that the present government in Israel represents currents inside Israel and abroad that must be judged as clinically insane. Even after the intervention by the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin—who warned that unless there was a fundamental change in Israeli policy, the nation would soon cease to exist—those same suicidal policies were continued, and were, in fact, the driving factor behind Rabin's assassination. LaRouche emphasized that a government that pursues suicidal policies cannot be treated as sane. If Israel persists in its current policies, somewhere down the line, the result will be the destruction of Israel, and its vilification as a Hitler-like state.

LaRouche demanded the Bush Administration tell Sharon: Stop this Nazi-like policy toward the Palestinians, or the United States will come at you full force and crush you; such unequivocal action could stop Sharon's madness.

Killing The Palestinian Negotiators

At about 3:30 a.m. on Dec. 7, in defiance of appeals from Pope John Paul II and other leaders in the world community, Prime Minister Sharon escalated his attacks on the Palestinian Authority, ordering Israeli F-16s to bomb the police station and police academy of the Palestinian National Authority in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, in a show of Hitler-style insanity, Sharon demanded the same Palestinian police crack down on terrorism, while he is bombing their headquarters, stations, and prisons.

The new attacks came on Pearl Harbor day, just hours after Sharon's government had told U.S. envoy Gen. Anthony Zinni (ret.) that Israeli security officials would meet with their Palestinian security counterparts to begin discussing how to end the violence. The deceit is an exact replica of Sharon's behavior, then as Defense Minister, in Lebanon in 1982. The Israeli Prime Minister not only is pursuing an agenda for war: He also has a clear ulterior purpose in mind—a continuing vendetta to kill Palestinian National Authority President Yasser Arafat, which dates back 20 years.

LaRouche emphasized that the Bush Administration and other leaders in the United States must have the courage to tell the truth, despite the U.S. mid-term elections next November and all the pressures from the right-wing Zionist lobby that go with them.

Sharon's actions, LaRouche said, are creating a Thirty Years War-type of situation, and the administration must not make apologies for Sharon and his IDF murder machine. The Israelis are bombing their own occupied population and carrying out systematic, pre-meditated assassination campaigns among them, and are violating every international resolution passed by the United Nations regarding Israel.

The Israeli people and institutions themselves must be told, said LaRouche, that "these madmen," Sharon and fellow Likud party leader, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are leading them and the nation of Israel to destruction. LaRouche compared the situation to that of Count Wallenstein in the middle of the Thirty Years War (1618-48), as described by the great poet Friedrich Schiller in his play of that name. Wallenstein, commander of Imperial ("Catholic") forces, was assassinated for his "unauthorized" search for peace with the Protestant alliance—guaranteeing nearly two decades more of war, and the absolute devastation of much of Europe.

LaRouche referred to the importance of the treaty that did end that war. "The Peace of Westphalia policy is what must be applied, now," LaRouche said. "It is the only policy which can rescue the situation."

Sharon 'Alliance With Hamas' Exposed

Inside Israel itself, evidence of opposition to Sharon's actions is showing up in the press. In fact, some are exposing that Sharon has a secret deal with Hamas, reporting that a stormy Cabinet meeting followed Sharon's return from the United States after meeting with President Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. In the Cabinet session, members of Sharon's inner circle were pounding the table and telling Foreign Minister Shimon Peres that they intend to bring the deadly Hamas group that claimed credit for the suicide terrorist acts, into power to replace Arafat. At that point, led by Peres, Labor Party members of the governing coalition walked out of the meeting, and are now debating whether to bring down the Sharon government.

This Faustian pact with Hamas was detailed in a Dec. 4, 2001 Ha'aretz article by senior commentator Akiva Eldar, who revealed that at a Cabinet meeting, Minister Silvan Shalom blasted Peres for advocating "negotiations" with Arafat. Shalom stated, "Between Hamas and Arafat, I prefer Hamas," adding that Arafat is a "terrorist in a diplomat's suit, while Hamas can be hit unmercifully ... there won't be any international protests." The London Times, owned by Rupert Murdoch, one of Sharon's biggest backers, also reported that Sharon's Cabinet wants Hamas to replace Arafat.

Those familiar with the 30-years-long mode of operation of Israel's "Terror Against Terror" hit teams, dismiss the standard "preventive retaliation" explanation as calculated double-talk: The assassinations are pre-calculated to provoke revenge strikes from Hamas or other terrorists, which in turn unleash the IDF generals.

Bully The White House

These events in the Middle East should shock no one who has heard LaRouche's warnings that the region was being used to ignite a global religious war, by forces in the United States and Britain seeking such a "clash of civilizations." The World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks had this purpose, and were an attempted coup d'état against President Bush. But already on July 20, LaRouche warned that the "Guns of August" were being readied, and that a faction inside the IDF command even more rabid than Sharon, might consider assassinating him, to blame Palestinians and justify launching a general Mideast war. Then on Oct. 21,2001 LaRouche identified how the phony terrorism is used in detail. "Who benefitted from the assassination of [Tourism Minister Rehavam] Ze'evi?" wrote LaRouche. "None other than that section of the Israeli military command which is determined to bully the Bush administration into allowing, or even conducting full-scale attacks on Syria and Iraq."

And "bully the Administration" is what Sharon is doing, using the assets in Congress of the "billionaires club" of Jewish donors who call themselves "Mega."

Sharon claimed he got a "green light" from Bush to give Arafat and the Palestinian Authority. "the Taliban treatment." But Israeli sources expose this as a lie. On Dec. 5, 2001, Ha'aretz coorespondent Zev Schiff wrote that, in their meeting, Bush laid out a series of "red lines"—not "green lights"—to Sharon, warning him not to harm Arafat, nor topple the PA, which is the U.S.-recognized partner in the peace negotiations. Sharon is ignoring Bush and counting on Mega's politicial clout.

To further the Sharon/Mega aims, a resolution sponsored by Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) and Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), two of Sharon's biggest backers, was rammed through the House of Representatives by a vote of 384-11, to pressure Bush to crush Arafat in the name of a "war on terrorism." At the same time, ten members of Congress, including Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.), Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.), Jesse Helms (R-N.C.), and Trent Lott (R-Miss.) sent a letter to Bush, demanding Iraq be made the next war target in the "war on terrorism."

Despite the broad margin, however, there is some clear-minded opposition, reflected in the warning by Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), that this resolution pushes a policy for Israel and the United States that leads to world war.


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