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French Circles Confirm Thesis:
Coup Attempt Unfolding In U.S.

by Helga Zepp LaRouche
November 15, 2001

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This statement was issued by Helga Zepp LaRouche, President of the International Schiller Institutue, and Chairman of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity in Germany, from Mainz on November 15, 2001. It's full title was "French Intelligence Circles Confirm Thesis Of An Attempted Military Coup In The U.S.A.: Challenge to the legitimacy of use of Article 5 of NATO Treaty."

In a series of exposés (see appended extracts), the leading French daily newspapers Le Monde and Le Figaro have refuted the officially adopted theory that Osama bin Laden was the sole instigator of the Sept. 11 attacks. The French intelligence-linked newsletter Reseau Voltaire even went so far, in its Sept. 27 issue, as to explicitly confirm Lyndon LaRouche's thesis that the Sept. 11 attacks on Washington and New York were part of an attempted coup, being run by extremist military circles within the United States.

On Sept. 11, during a live radio interview, which happened to be on the air as the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were unfolding, Lyndon LaRouche presented the thesis that an operation on this scale, and with this degree of precision, could only have been coordinated by criminal elements within and around the military and security apparatus of the United States itself.

The fact that sources in French intelligence have now not only adopted this thesis, but have begun to elaborate it with a plethora of questions concerning the many features of the Sept. 11 events that simply do not add up, has the greatest possible bearing on the current debate whether Bundeswehr [German army] troops should participate in military action in Afghanistan. For, if the primary movers behind the attacks are not bin Laden and Islamic terrorist circles, but rather are circles in the U.S.A. itself, then, obviously, the entire rationale for invoking Article 5 of the NATO treaty, would crumble to nothing.

More important still: If, as Reseau Voltaire's Sept. 27 issue put it ("Informational Note 235-236"), it were to turn out that this attempted military coup was "carried out by American extremists who were capable of provoking a nuclear war," then, obviously, this would need to be thoroughly investigated, and would require a major debate on security policy. An extremely important question in this connection, would be to determine precisely what motivated Russian President Putin, immediately following the attacks, to phone President Bush to inform him that Russian nuclear forces had not been put into a heightened state of alert.

At a time such as today, when it is a question not merely of the vote on whether to deploy the Bundeswehr, and not merely of the future of the red-green coalition [government] in Berlin, but rather, of Germany's most vital security interests, it is these matters which must be placed at the center of all discussion. What we urgently require, is a sober analysis of the entire situation, drawing upon the knowledge of experienced forces in our military and security sectors.


Sept. 27, 2001: The monthly French newsletter Reseau Voltaire writes on its website (www.reseauvoltaire.com) that "extremist American circles attempted on Sept. 11 to carry out a military coup against the U.S. government." In its full printed text, Reseau Voltaire's Sept. 27, 2001 issue goes so far as to state that:

"From 10:00 A.M. to approximately 8:00 p.m. [on Sept. 11], U.S. government officials were not thinking that this was the work of Arab terrorists, but rather that it was an expression of a military coup being carried out by U.S.-based extremists who were capable of provoking a nuclear war."

Oct. 16: Reseau Voltaire publishes information on secret financial connections between American circles and bin Laden. Among these are mentioned the infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which had already been deeply involved in the Iran-Contra affair.

Oct. 31: The French newspaper Le Figaro reports on its front page, that official U.S. circles had ongoing relations with Osama bin Laden up through July 2001. This information is confirmed the following day by the French government-controlled station Radio France International.

Nov. 12: France's leading daily Le Monde takes up the threads of the same story, by prominently running an extensive review of the book La Verité interdite (The Forbidden Truth), whose two authors are well-connected to French intelligence and government circles. The review, titled "When Washington Negotiated with the Taliban," reports on how, prior to Sept. 11, the Bush Administration was engaged in intensive negotiations with the Taliban.

What is crucial about these media reports, is not whether or not they match the truth on every single point; what is crucial, is their intention to halt the process of a surreptitious coup in the United States that began with the Sept. 11 events. There are many political circles—not only in France, but also in other European countries, and in Russia—who know that the attacks on New York and Washington were not a "terrorist attack," but rather a political operation of truly staggering strategic dimensions.


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