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Dialogue of Cultures
Slime-Mold Watch:

Wall Street Dirty Tricks
Against the LaRouche Movement

Counterintelligence Reports:
Thomas "Pop" Watson
Bodman and Achelis Foundations
March 2, 2002

... Talk about a "cult"!! Get the real story behind the "Politcal Correctness Thought Police" Mafia, currently operating in Wall Street's interests, to minimize the oppositon to their universal fascism. This oligarchy fears thinking people, especially students , who dare to question their utopian policy for war and world empire, preferring to scare young people with lies and slanders about LaRouche, Lincoln, and other great thinkers.

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Thomas 'Pop' Watson

The American Family Foundation (AFF), founded and bankrolled by Wall Street banker John Irwin III, the grandson of IBM founder "Pop" Watson, has launched a thought-police campaign of intimidation against supporters of LaRouche on university campuses across the country. So, just who IS 'Pop' Watson??

Thomas Watson was a leading figure in organizing public/private intelligence networks tasked to conduct Gestapo-style dirty tricks against the political enemies of the Anglo-American establishment. A pro-Mussolini ideologue, Watson was brought into IBM in 1911, becoming its President in 1924 with the backing of the Morgan financial interests. In 1937, as head of the International Chamber of Commerce, Watson traveled to Europe for meetings with Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini, where he received the German Eagle from Nazi Finance Minister Hjalmer Schacht. At the same time, Watson's IBM was being built up through U.S. government contracts for typewriters and business machines. During World War II, IBM played a major role in the espionage efforts run by Sir William Stephenson, director of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) in the United States during WWII.

In a 1944 speech to the graduating class of the FBI academy, Watson called for the creation of an international police force to hunt down war criminals. Formation of such an agency began in 1946, when Watson and a former official of the OSS began to organize a private international intelligence agency based around IBM. This later became integrated with official government intelligence agencies, through direct contracts, and a revolving door through which IBM security and R&D executives switched places with officials from such agencies as Naval Intelligence, the National Security Agency and the Department of Justice.

"Pop" Watson's intelligence apparatus was deployed against LaRouche no later than 1974. In June of that year, the head of IBM security, Joe Rossetti, conducted a series of seminars and joint operations against LaRouche, in coordination with the International Association of Chiefs of Police. These became highly publicized after internal documents from the operation were leaked to various news organizations, including the New York Times and Associated Press. This joint IBM/IACP operation, against LaRouche, coincided with the now infamous efforts by the FBI's New York City office to assist the Communist Party U.S.A. attempts to target LaRouche for assassination.

The Bodman and Achelis Foundations

The single largest financial promoters of the American Family Foundation for the past decade have been the Bodman and Achellis Foundations. These two separate foundations have overlapping trustees and officers and are both housed in the New York City law offices of Morris and McVeigh, which also acts as general counsel for both foundations.

Both the Bodman and Achellis Foundations and the Morris and McVeigh law firm are chock full of New York-based intelligence and banking families who generally avoid the political limelight, preferring to shape national, political, and cultural policy through private foundation grants.

George Bodman, who established the Bodman foundation with his wife, was the senior partner in one of the oldest Anglo-American Wall Street investment houses, Cyrus J. Lawrence and Sons, founded in 1854. Bodman was active in intelligence circles and ran the Intelligence Service of the War Trade Board of New York during World War I.

Of the founding partners in Morris and McVeigh, the former was a trustee of the Bank of New York with George Bodman, while the latter was the president and trustee of the Bodman and Achellis Foundations.

Among its many projects, the Bodman Foundation funded the International Rescue Committee, while former CIA director William J. Casey was its president.

The board of trustees of the Bodman Foundation includes former Ambassador Walter J. P. Curley, an associate of Casey's; Peter Frelinghuysen, whose family is married into the family of former CIA officer Cord Meyer; and John N. Irwin III, the son of the under secretary of state to Henry Kissinger.

The Bodman and Achellis foundations combined to grant over a half million dollars to the American Family Foundation during the first decade of its existence.

A close inspection of the grant-making activity of these foundations discloses support for institutions that have been seminal to the erosion of Judeo-Christian culture. In 1969, the Bodman foundation financed the Temple of Understanding, which established itself as the only religious chapel housed in the United Nations in New York. Antropologist Margaret Meade, the grande dame of the New Age, was was an active supporter.

The Temple is the creation of the Lucis Trust, a leading Satanic cult, founded in London in 1922 as the Lucifer Trust. The name was changed from Lucifer Trust, to Lucis, to make the nature of the organization less conspicuous.

American sponsors of the Lucis Trust include Henry Clausen, former supreme grand commander of Scottish Rite Freemasons; the Rockefeller Foundation; former secretary of defense Robert S. McNamara;, Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum of the American Jewish Committee; and Thomas Watson, Jr. of IBM. Watson is the uncle of John N. Irwin, III.

Offices of the Temple of Understanding are located at the Anglican Church of St. John the Divine in New York City, which is also funded by the Bodman Foundation. The church is well known as a key sponsor of New Age activity.

Why does Wall Street slander LaRouche's movement as a "Cult?"

What is the AFF?

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