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Who's Telling Lies About LaRouche?
...Talk about a "cult"!! Get the real story behind the "Politcal Correctness Thought Police" Mafia, currently operating in Wall Street's interests, to minimize the oppositon to their universal fascism. This financial oligarchy fears thinking people, especially students, who dare to question the utopian policy for war and world empire, preferring to scare young people with lies and slanders about LaRouche, Lincoln, and other great thinkers.

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Get The REAL Story About The LaRouche Case:
The LaRouche FrameUp
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"The Man in the Iron Mask" -- A special presentation on the history of the "utopian" faction's decades-long, but unsuccessful efforts to eliminate Lyndon LaRouche and his ideas from the political scene. Introduced by EIR Counterintelligence Editor Jeffrey Steinberg.

"Hearings of DOJ Abuse and Prosecutorial Misconduct"
Overview video documenting the historic August-September 1995 hearings in Washington, D.C. on the tyranny of the U.S. Justice Department, both in the persecution of targetted black elected officials, and in the 1986-89 railroad prosecution and conviction of Lyndon LaRouche.

NEW!!! July 2002- Soros Man in Argentina Flips Out Over LaRouche

American Family Foundation:
Linked to East German Secret Police!
What is the AFF?
Who Is Pop Watson?
Bodman and Achelis Foundations,

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Who Is Telling Lies About LaRouche?

March 14, 2002

There's a new operation afoot targetting U.S. Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Agents are being deployed to slander LaRouche and harass you from collaborating with him. You've seen and heard them. They say things like LaRouche is a leader of a cult, or that he is anti-semitic, or some other vile epithet. Invariably, those repeating these lies, when challenged, can never back up what they say.

Don't be fooled by these rumors and lies. Get the facts and learn the truth about the people spreading them.

These slanders all originate from a gestapo-style, thought police, operating under the banner of organizations such as the American Family Foundation (AFF) or the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). These organizations were created and financed by the highest levels of the Anglo-American financial oligarchy, through Foundations such as, the H. Smith Richardson Foundation, the Olin Foundation, the Scaife Foundation, and the Bodman and Achelis Foundation, which is run by John Irwin III, the grandson of super spook IBM founder Thomas "Pop" Watson. Through these Foundations, their associated law firms, and their operational arms like AFF and ADL, the families of the financial oligarchy exert control over politics in the U.S., through the top-down management of "approved" popular beliefs, and religions, just as the oligarchy of the Roman Empire, administered political control through the approved pantheon of pagan gods.

These very same Foundations which run the slander mill against LaRouche are behind what is, in fact, the most dangerous cult in the world today. A cult of utopian military lunatics, typified by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel Huntington, Henry Kissinger, or the current Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. These lunatics are the real masterminds behind the attacks of September 11. Watching their power crumble under the weight of the collapsing financial system, their aim is to drive the world into a racist global religious war, that Huntington calls a "Clash of Civilization". They are the ones who engineered the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, then concocted the Osama bin Laden hoax, sending the U.S. military off to fight the "Clash of Civilization", and diverting attention from their own culpability in an ongoing coup against the interests of the United States. This powerful and crazed utopian cult is the greatest real security threat to our nation.

They hate LaRouche and they attack him with slanders from people like Dennis King, a pro-drug plagiarist whose book attacking LaRouche was financed by the H. Smith Richardson Foundation, one of the major backers of Brzezinski and Huntington's drive for war. Or, they spread lies through the AFF, a so-called deprogramming cult made up professional kidnappers and mind control specialists, like Robert J. Lifton, Margaret Singer, and the late L. Jolyon West, all of whom were veterans of the CIA's notorious brainwashing program known as MK-ULTRA. Or, they rely on the ADL, an organization linked to organized crime, that has been caught illegally spying on American citizens, and is one of the chief apologists for the Nazi atrocities of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the utopian lunatics in the Israeli Defense Forces.

What has happened to the minds of your fellow citizens, that they have become blinded to a threat to their nation from such a powerful utopian cult? How have they become so mentally malleable, that they allowed the once productive agro-industrial U.S. economy to collapse, while running like a herd of lemmings, full tilt into such hoaxes as the now discredited "New Economy"?

From the 1940's launching of the "anti-authoritarian" doctrine by Nazi-lover Hannah Arendt, against the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, through the gestapo-style terror of Trumanism and McCarthyism, to the 1960's launching of the rock-drug-sex counterculture, Americans have fled mentally away from being willing to face reality, and into the fantasy world of increasingly strange varieties of popular "religious" belief, that vary from fundamentalist religious movements, to New Age spiritualist cults, to the cult of "free trade", or the increasingly depraved types of mass entertainment and sports, that have become so popular. The varieties of lunacy are many, but they all have one thing in common -- they are popular because they are approved by the financial oligarchy. It is the management of these popular beliefs, for which the oligarchy created a thought police such as the AFF and the ADL.

That's who is spreading lies about LaRouche. You hear them repeated, often by people who don't know their source, but who would rather be overheard repeating these lies, because they think it will make them popular.

Don't believe the lies about LaRouche. Get the facts!


Wall Street Dirty Tricks
Operation Caught !!!
Attacks on Lyndon LaRouche's
Campus Supporters by
"American Family Foundation"

AFF Was Linked to East German
Secret Police!


The American Family Foundation (AFF), founded and bankrolled by Wall Street banker John Irwin III, the grandson of IBM founder "Pop" Watson, has launched a thought-police campaign of intimidation against supporters of LaRouche on university campuses across the country.

The post-September 11 activation of the AFF against LaRouche ends almost nine years of "lying low," after it came to light in the earlier 1990s that the AFF had been working against LaRouche with an agent of the East German secret police, the Stasi. The AFF's then head of International Cult Education, Pastor Friedrich Haack of Germany, had worked with a Stasi agent in Munich, putting out the first AFF-sponsored "cult" slander against LaRouche in Europe.

After German reunification, the German government discovered that the Stasi had pumped substantial resources into AFF's Stasi helper, Kurt Hirsch. At this point, AFF-affiliated operatives laid low. Marcia Rudin, head of the AFF International Cult Education Program, filled Pastor Haack's function after he died. She, along with AFF's Ronald N. Loomis, run a network into university student personnel, campus newspapers, and campus security, who have been goaded into campaigns against LaRouche supporters. This is the source of the "cult" slander against LaRouche.

Irwin is the president of the Achelis and Bodman Foundations, in New York city. Along with Richard Scaife Mellon's Scaife Family Foundation, Irwin has bankrolled the AFF from its founding up to the present.

Irwin father, John Irwin II, was Henry Kissinger's Deputy Secretary of State in 1972-73. Scaife Mellon has also financed Daniel Pipe's Philadelphia Foreign Policy Research Institute (FIPRI), a U.S. support center for Ariel Sharon's crimes. Daniel Pipes has added to AFF propaganda, calling LaRouche a "conspiracy theorist." FIPRI was founded by Robert Strausz-Hupe, one of the seminal influences on Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Samuel Huntington.

What is the AFF?
Who Is Pop Watson?
MORE Background

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Documentation -- What is the AFF, really ?

Counterintelligence Report:
American Family Foundation

The American Family Foundation is one of the central thought-police organizations of "Pop" Watson's intelligence networks. It was founded in 1979 with grants from the New York based Bodman and Achelis Foundations, which are run by Watson's grandson, John N. Irwin III. AFF has also enjoyed significant funding, since its inception, from the Scaife Family Foundation of Richard Mellon Scaife. AFF also received initial grants from the Pew Foundation. Members of the Philadelphia-based Pew family, like "Pop" Watson, were secret funders of pro-Hitler organizations in the United States during the 1930's.

The AFF overlaps the American-Israeli right wing Zionist intelligence aparatus which came to light during the notorious Anti-Defamation League (ADL) spy scandal in San Francisco. AFF's president, Herbert Rosedale, is the senior partner of the law firm, Parker, Chapin, Flattau, and Klimpl. The firm's founder, Albert Parker, was the vice chairman of the New York ADL Appeal, its fundraising arm. The law firm represents the ADL's Sterling National Bank and, was general counsel to the Israeli Bank Leumi. It has also represented Republic National Bank of the late Edmond Safra.

AFF is also funded by the San Francisco-based Swig Foundation. Melvin Swig, a trustee of the foundation, has been ADL national commissioner and an executive board member of AIPAC.

AFF's Advisory Board has included the director of the Task Force on Missionaries and Cults from the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York. Established in 1981 under the supervision of JCRC director Malcolm Hoenlein and with the assistance of Office of the Interior Minister for the State of Israel, the task force established an intelligence gathering war room to track political adversaries. Hoenlein has been identified as a key operative for the Mega Group, the private club of Zionist billionaires, established in 1991 by the Bronfman brothers, hedge fund manager Michael Steinhardt and Max Fisher.

Galen Kelly, the decades-long leading kidnapper, knuckledragger, and 'deprogramer' within AFF's orbit, has collaborated directly with ADL intelligence hand Mira Lansky Boland and has used terrorist Jewish Defense League members for his kidnappings. According to documents filed with the U.S. Federal Court in Alexandria, Virginia, when Kelley was arrested in October 1992 for kidnapping, AFF president Rosedale sent a letter to the court testifying to Kelley's character. Rosedale wrote that he knew and worked with Kelley for more than 10 years and that Kelley's "credibility and trustworthiness have been evident and exemplary...I wholeheartedly vouch for him..." Kelley's years of political service to this network landed him membership on the board of directors of JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, in Washington, D.C.

As detailed in the special report Zbigniew Brezinski and September 11th, a Special Report issued by Lyndon LaRouche, this fascist Zionist aparatus embedded within the AFF is a major collaborator with other projects funded by Richard Mellon Scaife whose intent is to create a religious war in the Middle East and a general Clash of Civilizations.

The AFF thought police is composed of premier psychiatrists and psychologists such as the late Dr. Louis Jolyn West and Margaret Singer, who were both major participants in the CIA's mass drug-pushing project, known as MK-Ultra which came out of the British Tavistock Institute's studies of Nazi social control techniques.

After World War II, up through the 1960s and 1970s, the CIA and U.S. military agencies funnelled money through research foundations and universities to study the various effects of torture, brain surgery, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and hallucinogenic drugs on individuals. These experiments were seeking to perfect mthods of mind control. In many cases, the subjects were not volunteers, but were given drugs and otherwise tortured without their permission.

Over the course of 30 years, AFF advisory board member Dr. West experimented on the minds of veterans, prisoners, alcoholics, and drug addicts with electroshock, isolation, and small group behavior-control techniques.

In 1977, Dr. West was exposed on the front page of the New York Times as being funded by the CIA to perform experiments in mind destruction using LSD, as part of the MK-Ultra project. In his studies, West wrote that the government could supply drugs to control a group or select a portion of the population. "This method, foreseen by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World (1932), has the governing elementy employing drugs selectively to manipulate the governed in various ways." West wrote. "In fact, it may be more convenient and perhaps even more economical to keep the growing numbers of chronic drug users (especially of the hallucinogens) fairly isolated and also out of the labor market, with its millions of unemployed. To society, the communards with their hallucinogenic drugs are probably less bothersome—and less expensive—if they are living apart, than if they are engaging in alternative modes of expressing their alienation, such as active, organized, vigorous political protest and dissent."

After America's ghettoes exploded in violence in the late 1960s, West promoted chemical castration and the implanting of electrodes into people's brains as a means of controlling violent behavior and political activity. In 1973, West proposed the creation of a Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence. Among programs planned were genetic, biochemical, and neurophysiological studies of violent individuals, including prison inmates and "hyperkinetic" children.

AFF advisory board member Dr. Margaret Singer got her start as an Army psychiatrist studying Korean War Veterans and prisoners of war. Her writings were cited by the Society for the Study of Human Ecology, Inc, which was also exposed as a CIA front.

Together with Dr. West, she ran a survival and torture-resistance study for Air Force Intelligence at Stead Air Force Base in 1966. They also collaborated in profiling the Haight-Ashbury hippie drug 'culture', interviewing drug-crazed hippies and examining their LSD-induced religious experiences.

Although she prides herself as an expert in "mind control or coercive persuasion" she was not allowed to testify as an expert witness in a 1990 federal court case. In his ruling rejecting Singer's expertise, U.S. Judge Lowell Jensen said, "The evidence before the court...shows that neither the APA (American Psychological Association) nor the ASA (American Sociological Association) has endorsed the views of Dr. Singer....Her proferred testiomony in this case has been challenged by the scientific community on grounds of both scientific merit and methodological rigor." In 1992 she filed a RICO suit against these two organizations for refusing to sanction her work! AFF psychiatrists have also been interlinked to the FBI's behavioral sciences unit at Quantico, Va. AFF-linked operatives, Margaret Singer, Priscilla Coats and Rick Ross were intimately involved in orchestrating the FBI and ATF's siege and assault on the Branch Davidian headquarters in Waco, Tx. in which more than 80 people died.

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