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LaRouche on the Bolshevik Revolution

by Rachel B. Douglas

November 2007

The Kremlin

November 8, 2007 (EIRNS)--The Russian monthly Smysl ("Sense"), a publication of RosBalt news service, features Lyndon LaRouche in its November 2007 four-page spread on the 90th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, which was Nov. 7, 2007. The article on the Great October Socialist Revolution, as it became known under the old, Julian calendar dating, was contributed by Alexander Yeliseyev, a historian and journalist. He explored the roots of the October 1917 events in Russian history. In his March 2007 article "British World Rule," published in the online journal, Yeliseyev had noted the importance of LaRouche's analysis of the way in which "the British elites prioritize their ability to influence Washington's policy, and not in the best direction." In that earlier article, he cited LaRouche's "special attention to the British-American-Commonwealth (BAC) grouping, which forces British postures on the USA."

Yeliseyev's November 2007 article in Smysl is titled "Rebellion Against Rebellion." He writes, "The October Revolution of 1917, the culmination point of all Russian rebellions, had a long pre-history and substantial global consequences. The Russian people has never lost its `rebellious spirit.' No other country ever replicated the feat of 1917, to the extent that it emerged in early 20th-century Russia."

Punctuating Yeliseyev's article are short commentaries from three experts in the West: Stalin biographer Robert Tucker; faddish revisionist historian Niall Ferguson; and, Lyndon LaRouche. The commentaries were limited to 200 words or less. LaRouche's observations, which were slightly truncated for reasons of length, read as follows in the original (square brackets indicate parts that were cut):

Lyndon LaRouche at an interview on, with translator Rachel Douglas

"I know the Russian Revolution of 1917 as what must be viewed as a crucial moment from a great, still continuing, global, Classical tragedy, like a crucial event from within the real-life course of Friedrich Schiller's Wallenstein trilogy.] In that time, it was a crucial event within the intent which had been expressed by the British Prince of Wales Edward Albert's monstrous, geopolitical scheme for putting his two royal nephews, Germany's Wilhelm II and Russia's Nicholas II, at one another's throat. That same wicked intent was, and remains today, maintaining the British financiers' Empire's continuing campaign for global supremacy through long periods of war, as continuing still today.

"The events of 1917 Russia began with London's launching Japan into its long, implicitly global, 1895-1945 war against China, a tragedy which has been renewed for even our present times by what I personally know to have been the after-effects of an absolutely unjustifiable nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a bombing arranged by what President Franklin Roosevelt had sometimes referenced as his troublesome temporary ally against Hitler, by the Anglo-American `Churchill gang.'

"That story of 1917 has not yet ended; we who understand those events in the light of the situation of the world still today, are obliged to strive for the long-awaited close of that continuing tragedy, as we must strive now for the equivalent of a Peace of Westphalia in our time.

"We must therefore understand the revolutionaries of 1917 as they did not then fully understand themselves. They were heroes in an awesome tragedy, who fought because they sensed that they must fight, without knowing fully how and why that awful, continuing struggle had come about, or what its outcome would actually be. [We must see that history in light of, especially, the awful struggle which Russia knew as its Great Patriotic War. We must act to ensure today that the fallen in those events did not suffer and die in vain.

"Real history, as I now know it and have lived, hated, relived, and loved it, is like that.]"

The omissions will be restored in the Russian version posted on the LaRouche movement's Russian website.