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"Shoot the Neighbor's Cat"

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"Shoot the Neighbor's Cat! "

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Saturday, September 15, 2001

The following statement was released by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Frankly, the 24-hour brainwashing network, CNN, has gone over the edge. The terror-bombing and mass-killing have pushed CNN, and many others into state of mind of the man, who, returning home to find his house has been robbed, takes out a shotgun and obliterates the neighbor's cat. Indeed if his wife had said, "Henry, it's just the neighbor's cat," the maddened fellow would have threatened her, "Don't get in my way, or I might have to kill you, too!"

The United States has been surprised by a mass-murderous attack from rogue forces deployed from within the U.S.A. itself. Since no foreign power has the ability to do to us what was done this past Tuesday, some rogue element operating within our military-security establishment is the only possible principal author of what has just occurred. That mass-murderous rogue is the burglar, who is presently lurking from within the U.S.A., preparing for his next strike, which he certainly intends to deliver soon.

We must defend ourselves, our nation, against that rogue; anything we do to shift the blame to foreign forces which were not capable of organizing Tuesday's attack, simply makes our nation more vulnerable to the rogue from within who has just done this, and is lurking ready to do more.

Cowardly lunatics like the CNN organization, prefer to obliterate the cat, "for revenge," rather than mobilize to defend the nation against the rogue from within. CNN thus expresses the form of cowardly cowardice which the military vocabulary calls "flight forward:" the man cowering in his foxhole, filling his pants with fear, who charges the burping machine-gun fire, "To get it over with."

It is time to make certain that the advisors of President Bush are not the sort of cowardly cowards who would rather obliterate helpless, innocent brown-skinned people, in various distant parts of the world, than face up to the awful reality of the murderous menace of the rogue lurking within our own ranks, where he smirks, waiting to strike us again. Are you so afraid of that enemy, that you therefore prefer to pretend he does not exist, while taking vengeance by shooting down the kid with the pea-shooter next door? Do you seriously consider yourself sane at this moment?

Let the real generals, in the tradition of General Douglas MacArthur take over the job of advising the President. Get the new-fangled, Clockwork-Orange strategists back into their Crackerjack boxes, and let serious professionals develop a winning strategy and program of national defense.

The Risk of Vengeance

On the record of history, wars and similar operations conducted for the purpose of "revenge," of "retribution," are the most stupid policies any government, or its people have ever conducted. The "blow-back" of such policies, especially when conducted under the pretext of religious wars, has destroyed repeatedly the very nations which launched such policies.

Let us stop being stupid now. Consider the consequences of using nuclear weapons of any scale, against the nations which veteran mass-killer Henry Kissinger, the proverbial Jack-the-Ripper of modern diplomacy, has just proposed. According to reliable sources who saw him on German television, Kissinger, in a press conference at the Frankfurt Airport this week, listed Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya (and possibly other countries) as countries to be targetted.

Think for a change! Ask yourself: What would be the effect of hitting any or several among that list of nations, with or without the use of mini-nuclear bombardment? Examine this in two successive steps. First, the application of mass-destructive force against some of the nations on Kissinger's hit-list, with or without including nuclear bombardments. Second, the very distinct effect of including the use of nuclear weapons.

The world in general hopes desperately that the United States will not proceed to exact terrible and continuing "retribution" on the nations arbitrarily selected as victims of the current CNN blood-lust. The rest of the world will consent tacitly to such atrocities by the U.S.A. only because they are afraid to do more than politely suggest restraint. Suppose the U.S.A. then proceeds as Kissinger has proposed. Suppose it succeeds in inflicting awful destruction upon the brown-skinned people of those poor nations. When that has happened, what comes next?

In the meantime, the world's present monetary and financial system will disintegrate as a result of the current policies of the U.S.A. and some other influential nations. The problem here, is that the self-deluded idiots in the U.S.A. are clinging to the hysterical belief that by establishing dictatorial measures they could save the system. Belief will not turn the Moon into delicious green cheese. What next, little man?

Take the second possibility: the included use of nuclear-weapons bombardment. Here, one might say, "Never mention psychology in the house of the mad!"

Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945, especially since professed pacificist and mad nuclear bomber Bertrand Russell published his call for "preventive" nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, in September 1946, through and beyond the 1962 missile-crisis, the world has been terrorized increasingly by the mere word "nuclear." The politics and ideology of the world at large have been shaped and misshaped by awe of that word.

Some people were mad enough, perhaps, even to propose to remove the ominous nucleus from all atoms. Every sinew of politics and most of popular ideology has been saturated with the lust to suppress nuclear-fission and fusion effects, everywhere and forever.

Naturally, people who are as incapable of looking into their own mental processes, as the CNN crew is, will tend to overlook some of the things lurking in the bottle where their unconscious mental processes reside. The use of nuclear weapons of any type, in warfare, at this time, particularly to target entire nations for crushing blows, will unleash the waiting genie from the bottle. Woe to him who is blamed for unleashing that genie upon the planet.

The trouble is, there are too few people on this planet today, especially in my own country, who have both the knowledge and the guts to tell the truth about such matters. That is why I am a leader among my nation's celebrities, and some others who pretend, or are even elected to be leaders, are not.

As for the current global monetary and financial crisis, which defines the environment of what happened on Tuesday, I have warned you about it. Many of you rejected my warnings, including the leading candidates for the 2000 U.S. Presidential election. You were wrong; they were terribly wrong. Now the devil against which I warned you then is here. I know how to get us safely out of this monetary and financial crisis. I do not know who the treasonous rogues are, who did what happened on Tuesday, but I know we can defeat them if we come to our senses soon enough. Have courage. Stop looking for retribution against those who have been proven guilty of no crime. Face up to what you have lacked the courage to face up to now. Then, together, we shall build this nation out of this horrible nightmare.

I can propose; what you do about what I propose, is up to you. You can reject my warnings, but you can not escape the consequences of your own folly.

For a start, turn off CNN!


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