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Virginia Tech Shootings

Microsoft's Violent Videos
Cheney's Military Reforms


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Helga Zepp-LaRouche's Campaign To Expose Violent Video Games

Killer Video Games Are Part Of The "Cheney Disease"

Bill Gates Hooked Millions on Videogames, Including the Violent Games

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche's Campaign
To Expose Violent Video Games

April 18 (LPAC)—Since 1999, Helga Zepp LaRouche has been a leading voice in the campaign to expose the menace of violent video games. She has addressed international conferences, interviewed leading experts in the field, and spoke before the City Council of Sao Paulo, Brazil on the subject. Below are links to some of her major speeches and writings.

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President's Day Conference Speech, February 2000

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Killer Video Games Must be Outlawed!
They Are Part Of The "Cheney Disease

In the volumes upon volumes of coverage of the Virginia Tech mass killing that have appeared in the U.S. print and electronic media this week, there is a systematic cover-up under way of what actually happened. Not the gruesome details of the incident; not the personal tragedies; not the endless droning of "experts." There's plenty of that. There is a cover-up of the role of killer video-games, marketed by Microsoft and other companies, in intentionally producing stone-killers out of otherwise healthy youth.

The Washington Post, for example, has been caught red-handed in perpetrating the fraud and cover-up. In response to attorney Jack Thompson's inquiry as to why the Post pulled their own reporters' reference to the video game angle, the Post replied: "It wasn't important enough in the whole thing to include."

Lyndon LaRouche yesterday discussed the deeper implications of the matter:

These killer video games, which is what the perpetrator played in Virginia--and in earlier cases such as Columbine and so forth--these games act on the human mind, as everyone knows, like a drug. It's a drug which turns people who are otherwise sane and sound into programmed killers. This should be outlawed, LaRouche insisted. Most of the major media coverage of this thing is a fraud, because it refuses to face the fact that people are dead because somebody wanted to make money peddling a system that turns ordinary youth into mass killers.

It's a drug; it is not a game, LaRouche reiterated. And the media are covering this up. People are shedding crocodile tears over the death of many students, as in many earlier cases. But they refuse to mention the name of the disease, which is called the Cheney Disease. The military affairs policy of Dick Cheney, which produced this kind of war games, these killer games, was designed to affect the mind like a disease, to turn normal people into killers. And they have demonstrated that they are able to do just that.

If you want to know the truth of the matter, LaRouche said, this drug was developed by people who are supporters of the policies of Felix Rohatyn and Dick Cheney. This is their new policy in military affairs: to replace regular armed forces by stone killers, who are mass produced by this method of turning young people into zombies. Just look at what they are doing in Iraq: it's the the exact same thing. They are destroying the U.S. military deliberately, because they intend to eliminate it and replace it by this insanity, replace it with stone killers of this type.

This policy is intentional, LaRouche emphasized, and it's a crime against the citizens. The continued promotion of these kinds of "entertainment" is a crime against the citizens. And it is a crime in which many of the mass media are implicitly accomplices. The issue is that Microsoft is heavily involved in this program, which is designed to turn young people into killers, and it happens to be a very profitable venture for some people. There's money in this, LaRouche said, more money than in Hollywood movies.

For years and years, we have been pointing to this problem, and naming the names. When almost no one else would even touch the issue, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche addressed it internationally. And today, the only place you can find the real story of what happened at Virginia Tech is here and on Lyndon LaRouche's website.

* * * 

Time To Deal With the Violent Videogame Lobby

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Leesburg, Va., April 18--The risk, if not the date, of the Virginia Tech shooter's actions was foreseeable, if he was, as reported, both a veteran of training by means of relevant types of video games and with correlated types of personal habits. As early as 1999-2000, this was a clearly foreseen risk, as emphasized, in public reports delivered by Germany's Helga Zepp-LaRouche in Germany, the U.S.A., and Brazil, in 2000.

Relevant forms of aberrant behavior associated with habitual use of relevant types of video games, is a sign of such a risk. The capabilities exhibited by the shooter show that exactly such a foreseeable risk was present, waiting for the set of circumstances to set off the relevant type of event, as at Columbine earlier.

Unfortunately, there has been a lobby for the types of video games which either promote such aberrant mental states through video shooting games, or sociological morbid other forms of children's and adolescent's video-based play-habits. These types of well-heeled lobbies have promoted the preconditions for a foreseeable increase of this type of behavior among adolescents and young adults.

Despite Mrs. LaRouche's investigations and reports, there was little effort to deal with what had already been demonstrated, by 2000, to be a serious threat of outbreaks of this sort of terrorist activity. Now, at last, the problem must be treated seriously.

* * * 

Gates Made Plan To Hook Millions on Videogames, Including Violent Killer-Trainers

April 27, 2007 (EIRNS)--Microsoft's founder, the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, planned for years to hook millions of young people on video games such as the one played by Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung Hui. "Counterstrike," the point-and-shoot video game to which Cho was reportedly addicted, is an Internet game that can be played on a PC or through Microsoft's X-Box console. Gates debuted the XBox 360 in 2005 after spending three and a half years and $1 billion in its development. Microsoft's website reported at a press conference in Los Angeles, May 9, 2006, "that Gates went on to outline the company's bold new vision to connect millions of Xbox 360 gamers with hundreds of millions of Microsoft Windows-based PC and mobile gamers from around the world through the Xbox Live online entertainment network."

In an interview on CNN on March 1, 2002, Gates gushingly praised a member of Microsoft's research group that helped devise the graphics of its video games. "If you use Xbox and you look at the grass and trees, you know how incredibly realistic it is. That's a neat little technique that one of these people came up with.... Microsoft wouldn't be anything like what it is today if it wasn't for our research group," said Gates.

Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates was, on September 9, 2004, elected to the 10-member Board of Directors of the Washington Post. This possibly explains why the Post withdrew any reference to the Virginia Tech killer playing of Microsoft's video game Counterstrike.

Lyndon LaRouche today called on Bill Gates to "cut out the computer war games," and drop "Counterstrike" and other violent videogames.

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