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Below is a partial list of articles on Music from FIDELIO Magazine. We try to update this list regularly, and link to the articles from past issues as they are posted online. Please check the FIDELIO Table of Contents pages and the What’s New pages for a more complete list of links.

Further down this page are other Music-related Articles on the site, which did not appear in FIDELIO.  There are no external links to other sites, sorry.

More links, inlcuding to PDF files of sheet music notes can be found on the main page, REVOLUTION IN MUSIC.  Email the Schiller Institute if you don't find what you are looking for.

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From FIDELIO Magazine 

[*] Indicates PDF file
[**] Indicates PDF continued from the title above it

Fall 2005, Volume 14, No. 3
Sigerson, John - Music, Politics, and J.S. Bach’s Jesu, meine Freude

Spring-Summer 2005 Volume 14, Nos. 1-2
Obituary for Norbert Brainin, Primarias of the Amadeus Quartet
Interview in 2005 with Norbert Brainin

Winter 2004, Volume 13, No. 4
Review: Verdi’s Il Trovatore: Sublime Love vs. Revenge *
Review: Rigoletto, Verdi’s Education of the Emotions **

Fall 2004, Volume 13. No. 3
Review: Verdi’s LaTraviata-The Woman Who Went Astray *
Review: Close to Perfection- Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro **

Winter 2003, Volume 12, No. 4
Mexico: Schiller Choruses Open Pavarotti Concert
Interview: Ana Linda Ruiz, Choral Director
András Schiff in Concert *

Summer 2003, Volume 12, No. 2
Hellenbroich, Anno - “Johannes Brahms’ Four Serious Songs-An Introduction”
Interview: Actor and Director Robert Beltran

Spring 2003, Volume 12 No. 1
Schlanger, Harley - “Who Owns Your Culture”

Winter 2001-Spring 2002, Volume 11, No. 1
Interview with Pianist Andras Schiff

Fall 2001, Volume 10, No. 3
An Evening in the “Simultaneity of Eternity” With Shakespeare, Keats, and William Warfield

Summer 2001, Volume 10, No. 2
Institute Concert Honors D.C. General Hospital

Spring, 2001 Volume 10, No. 1
LaRouche, Lyndon —Politics as Art
“Save the African-American Spititual” A Dialogue with William Warfield and Sylvia Olden Lee 

Winter 2000, Volume 9, No. 4
Shavin, David -Thinking Through Singing-Strategic Significance of Bach’s ’A Musical Offering”

Summer-Fall 2000 Volume 9 No. 2-3 (Special Conference Issue)
Tennenbaum, Jonathan—Bach and Kepler: The Polyphonic Character of Truthful Thinking
Ortrun Cramer, Beyond Bach: Beethoven’s Studies of Bach’s Works
Los Angeles Concert: A Tribute to the Spirit of Man (PDF)
Anno Hellenbroich—J.S. Bach’s Musical Revolution

Spring, 2000, Volume 9, No. 1
Richardson, CloretBrahms and Schiller Instruct Us In Today’s Civilizational Crisis
Review: Mozart’s “The Philospher’s Stone”
Steven P. Meyer — The Classical Revolution in Jewish Liturgical Music * from EIR
Susan W. Bowen — Celebrating God's Universal Creation ** from EIR

Fall 1999, Volume 8, No. 3
LaRouche, Lyndon—Music, Judaism, and Hitler
Petition for a Verdi Opera at the Verdi Tuning in 2001

Summer 1999, Volume 8, No. 2
David Shavin — Philosophical Vignettes: Life of Moses Mendelssohn
Steven P. Meyer — Moses Mendelssohn and the Bach Tradition
Interview: Elizabeth Borowsky, Pianist (PDF)

Spring 1999, Volume 8, No. 1
Interview: Mstislav Rostropovich, ’Cellist and Conductor

Winter 1998, Volume 7, No. 4
LaRouche, Lyndon — The Substance of Morality
The Following are PDF files:
Introduction to Appendix:The case of Classical motivic thorough-composition
Chapter 1: The tradition of Florentine bel canto
Chapter 2: J.S. Bach and inversion as a universal principle of development in the continuum of musical composition
Chapter 3: J.S. Bach’s Art of the Fugue
Chapter 4: The ‘Royal Theme’ from A Musical Offering in dialogue among Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven
Chapter 5: W.A. Mozart’s Fantasy in C Minor K. 475 and the generalization of the the Lydian principle through motivic thorough-composition
Chapter 6: The principle of ‘time-reversal’ in Mozart
Chapter 7: On questions of motivic thorough-composition in Beethoven’s late works
Chapter 8: Brahms’ Fourth Symphony: A masterpiece of motivic thorough-composition

Fall 1998, Volume 7, No. 3
Haight, Fred- Beethoven’s Christ on the Mount of Olives: Gethsemane, As Schiller Would Treat It,
Hellenbroich, Anno—Beethoven’s Creative Process of Composition: (partial text only)
Mexico Concerts Launch Fight for Classical Music
Manual on Verdi Tuning Presented in Switzerland
Interview: Professor Norbert Brainin, Primarius of the Amadeus Quartet (PDF)

Summer 1998, Volume 7, No. 2 (Special Issue)
Tennenbaum, Jonathan & Director, Bruce — How Gauss Determined the Orbit of Ceres
Schiller Institute Performs Bach’s St.John Passion (PDF)

Spring 1998, Volume 7, No. 1
Dialogue and Interview with Syliva Olden Lee
Symposium on Excellence in Music

Winter 1997, Volume 8., No. 4
LaRouche, Lyndon The Classical Principle In Art and Science
Thomanerchor To Perform in Washington, D.C.

Summer 1997, Volume 6, No. 2
LaRouche, Lyndon — Behind the Notes
Interview with Dietrich Fischer Dieskau
Interview with Norbert Brainin
Interview with Lee Soo-in Korean Master Composer

Winter 1996, Volume 5 No. 4
Pechenuk, Mindy - Ave Verum Corpus

Summer 1996, Volume 5, No. 2
Wolfe, KathyLyric Song and the Birth of the Korean Nation

Winter 1995, Volume 4, No. 4 1995
LaRouche, Helga Zepp—The Question of Motivic Thorough-Composition in Schiller’s Poetry
Anno Hellenbroich—In Celebration of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 225th Birthday

Fall 1995 Volume 4 No. 3
Marienfeld, Stephan- The Schöne Müllerin and the Mathematical-Sublime
Interview: Dr.William Warfield, baritone (PDF)

Winter 1994, Volume 3, No. 4
Speed, Dennis-African-American Spirituals And the Classical Setting Of Strophic Poetry
Director, Bruce - What Mathematics Can Learn From Classical Music

Fall 1994, Volume 3, No. 3
Seeds Planted for National Conservatory of Music Movement

Summer 1994, Vol. 3, No. 2.
Interview: Afrika Hayes- Growing Up with Roland Hayes

Winter 1993, Volume 2, No. 4
Dennis Speed
The Classical War against Multiculturalism
Interview: George Shirley, Tenor (PDF)
Interview: Cornelius Reid, Professor of Voice (PDF)
     3rd page of Cornelius Reid interview, high-resolution (so graphics are fully readable) (PDF, 5MB)
Brainin-Ludwig Concert for Civil Rights

Fall, 1993, Volume 2, No, 3
Interview with Carlo Bregonzi

Summer, 1993, Volume 2, No, 3
Interview: Betty Allen, Harlem School of the Arts (PDF)
A Setting of Schiller’s “Dignity of Women”

Spring 1993, Volume 2, No. 1
An Early Setting of the “Ode to Joy”

Winter, 1992, Volume 1, No. 4
LaRouche, Lyndon Mozart’s Revolution in Music, 1782-1786
Illustrations and Graphics
Shavin, DavidMozart and the American Revolutionary Upsurge
A Manual on Tuning and Registration

Fall, 1992, Volume I, No. 3
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. — On the Subject of Metaphor

Summer 1992, Volume 1, No. 2
Lyndon LaRouche: The Classical Idea: Natural and Artistic Beauty

Fall, 1991-2 (out of print) (Volume I, No. 1 )
LaRouche, LyndonThe Science of Music: Solution to Plato’s Paradox of the “One and the Many”
Tennenbaum, Jonathan —The Foundations of Scientific Musical Tuning
Tennenbaum, Jonathan —A Brief History of Tuning (Box from article)
Interview: Violinist Norbert Brainin

Schiller Institute
Online MUSIC
Articles and Reviews:

Interview with Norbert Brainin

Robert Betran, Classical Actor Discusses Drama

Book Review: EA Hackley: African American Singer and Social Activist

Maestro Briano Exercises Minds To Build Beautiful Voices Dec. 18, 2003

Mexico Schiller Institute Choruses Inaugurate Pavarotti Concert, Nov 12, 2003

“What’s All This About Bel Canto, Anyway?” Conference Presentation- Audio/Video
(2nd half of Panel II) presented by the LaRouche Youth Movement

Maestro Briano Teaches Bel Canto to Youth In Los Angeles

European Schiller Conference Music Panel (Audio file)

LaRouche Discusses Brahms’s Four Serious Songs (8/01/01)

Bach, Mozart, and the 'Musical Midwife' (8/15/01)

Verdi’s Opera Simon Boccanegra and the Science of Statecraft (10/01/01)

Verdi and Schiller (9/28/01)

Tribute to William Warfield on his 80th Birthday (1/18/00 )

Mozart’s Clemenza di Tito in Dresden, (11/20/00)

Thomanerchor Symposium (2/7/98)

Florentine Bel Canto (8/98)

The African-American Spiritual and the Resurrection of Classical Art: (10/9/95)

Goethe’s “Mailied” (9/95)

What Beethoven Teaches Americans about Hope (11/90)

Milan Conference- A Revolution in Music! (4/9/88)

The Unity of Science and Art- (5/95)

Astronomy and the Spirituals—(12/00)

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