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Historic Schiller Institute Music Videos
EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
Violinis Norbert Brainin and Günter Ludwig rehearse for a December, 1988 concert in Washington, DC.

Historic Schiller Institute Music Videos

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Antonella Banaudi Master Class and Concert at C=256 Hz in Boston, MA September 30, 2008
CONCERT VIDEO (Download, 630 MB)

Antonella Banaudi

Conference on Tuning, Ticino/Tessin, Switzerland, May 29, 1996

Download DivX (1.15 GB)
In Italian, no translation, but includes crucial demonstrations by soprano Antonella Banaudi at the Verdi A=432 Hz tuning and the modern A=440 Hz.

Violinist Norbert Brainin Demonstrates the Principle Of Motivic Thorough Composition September 1995. A series of seminars featuring Lyndon LaRouche's late close friend and collaborator Norbert Brainin, at the Dolná Krupá castle in Slovakia. With the help of two young string quartets, Brainin demonstrated the principles of Motivführung (motivic thorough-composition)...

Brainin and Ludwig

Norbert Brainin / Günter Ludwig C=256 Concert, Munich, December 12, 1988

Download DivX (841.2 MB)

Pierro Cappuccilli

Conference on Tuning, Casa Verdi, Milan, April 9, 1988, German voice-over, English subtitles (YouTube)

Download DivX (1.70 GB)
From the Casa Verdi tuning conference featuring soprano Renata Tebaldi and demonstrations by baritone Piero Cappuccilli. The voice-overs are in German. The last part of the video is a concert by Norbert Brainin and Günter Ludwig.




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