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Dialogue of Cultures

Lyndon LaRouche Replies to Emails
On Various Topics

Autumn, 2002

Geopolitics and Gold
American History
On Violent Videos
On Education Policy
Rudolph Steiner
On Slanders Against LaRouche
On Financial Matters, the Euro, Hyperinflation
On LaRouche's Background

Dialogues with Lyndon LaRouche

Email Question About Slanders Against Mr. LaRouche:

To: schiller@schillerinstitute.org

Dear Mr. LaRouche:

I read and printed numerous copies of the "counterintelligence" article, who is the AFF the main organization spreading lies about Lyndon LaRouche.

I took the article to an acquaintance house and read mainly the portion on the infamous psychs, Dr "Jolly" West and their mind control operation.

I read the article aloud to the husband, his family was not home. At the end, his wife and daughter arrived home. The daughter read the article and asked is Lyndon LaRouche anti-sematic?

I responded, that I had no knowledge of him being hostle and that there have been accusations made.

The daughter and the wife were very upset. They are Jewish and they said that they believe your data must be incorrect.

I asked them if in fact, you, Lyndon LaRouche are correct, would they want to know?

They both said yes. And the opposite as well.

Where and what can they read to understand how you came to this knowledge about the various Jewish organizations mentioned in this article.

Please respond ASAP, because, the family will read the information and be better able to determine weather you are anti-semitic or these organizations have within them corruption and/or are corrupt themselves.

Thank you,

LaRouche's REPLY
The American Family Foundation (AFF), is associated with an Arizona-based John Irwin III, a major factor in real estate operations in that organized-crime infested state. Irwin is the grandson of a former governor of that state, and a nephew of IBM's Watson. AFF and related operations against me over the past quarter-century have been coordinated internationally by a group of wealthy right-wing foundations allied to RAND Corporation and closely associated with leading organized-crime organizations.

One of these right-wing groups is composed of the followers of the avowed fascist Vladimir Jabotinsky, the avowed fascist, opponen of Nahum Goldman and the Labor Zionists, and founder of what became the Likud of Israel's Shamir, Sharon, and Netanyahu. The inclusion of absolutely fraudulent "anti-semitic" propaganda against me was first launched in 1978 by the fanatically right-wing Heritage Foundation, over two issues: our exposure today's international drug-trafficking, and my association with efforts to secure Middle East peace through economic-development cooperation between Israel and Arabs.

No sane person who actually knows anything of me and my work over my entire lifetime, could possibly believe the lie that I, or Moses, were anti-semitic.

- - Lyndon

Webmaster's note
For documentation on the AFFand their dirty tricks, CLICK HERE .

For more information on the media, specifically the Washington Post-New York Times outlets' decision to slander LaRouche, beginning in 1974, CLICK HERE.

Read more about Lyndon LaRouche and the work of the Schiller Institute.

Email Query About Rudolph Steiner

Email Message:
To: schiller@schillerinstitute.org
Cc: Schiller
Subject: Steiner

Mr. LaRouche.

I have been listening to your webcasts on what's happening in the U.S.A.. I believe that you are receiving very precious and special inspirations on account of your concern for the future of mankind. I also believe that those who want to bring about a New World Order similar to the Roman Empire are subject to the influence of dark rituals which are designed to suppress their freedom of choice. That's where the main problem is. To understand and overcome such problem, it may be necessary to consult some of the ideas of thinkers such as Rudolf Steiner, who was very sincere in his quest and left the theosophists, other occultists and religious fanatics when he understood the tricksthey were up to. Regards.

Lyndon LaRouche's Reply
Rudolf Steiner was originally closely associated with a pro-Satanic, "Theosophhist," cult worship of "Lucifer" led by Britain's Aliester Crowley. Later, finding Crowley's explicit satan-worship a bit too bold for German Protestant sensibilities, Steiner created his Anthroposophs and associated network of Waldorf schools. In the history of modern mathematics, Steiner is known for his personal assistance to the effort of a radical-postivist network of the Ernst Mach variety, to drive one of the greatest modern mathematicians, Georg Cantor, insane. This was an operation by Steiner coordinated through the circles of associated directly with both Crowley and Crowley's long-term associate Bertrand Russell. I have traced this through my combined studies of Cantor's principal papers, including related correspondence. This shows a breaking-point, from genius to confusion, occurring about 1888. These mental problems show in his mid-1890s presentation of the transfinite. The specific event which shows the character of the change, is an insane piece which provoked a cessation of correspondence with the circles of Pope Leo XIIII, a lunatic elegy of Newton, which Cantor proffered as a dedication to the cause of that Pope.

Since Cantor was among the Nineteenth Century's leading mathematicians, in Karl Weierstrass's genre, and also an accomplished amateur musician in the great Beethoven tradition of Boehm, et al., it is much easier to track the axiomatic features of personal mental life expressed by such person's primary professional work, than the case of a personality of less refined epistemological character. Rudolf Steiner played a crucial "inside job" role in destroying Cantor.

- - Lyndon


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