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Helga Zepp-LaRouches New Year's Message

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

January 2012

EIRNS/Chris Lewis
Helga Zepp-LaRouche at the conference in Berlin, Nov. 27.

December 31, 2011—The chairwoman of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement (BüSo) and of the German Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, greeted the new year with the following message to all citizens.

Instead of Financial Crash and World War: The Common Economic Development of the World!

Dear Fellow Citizen,

I direct this message to you for the new year, because in the other messages which you have heard from our government, you have heard nothing about matters which are actually essential. We face two fundamental problems for the coming year 2012 which we must solve. The first: The euro has collapsed and the trans-Atlantic financial system is at the edge of immediate disintegration. The second: We have an acute war danger, in which military operations against Syria and Iran may lead to a global thermonuclear war. There are solutions for both problems, but they require a dramatic change of course.

Most of you know or suspect that the euro has failed. Even the chief economist of Deutsche Bank, Thomas Mayer, gives the euro not much longer than until May; but even this is probably too long a time, because Italy absolutely can not fulfill the demands which have been imposed upon it under the austerity dictate of the European Union. The collapse can come even much sooner, however, in January for example. Repeated reports like those coming from the British government, that it will evacuate British citizens from the continent in case of a euro collapse, are absurd and cynical.

We need an orderly exit from the euro. The covenant with the people must come first, the promise that the general welfare will take the highest priority; that incomes, pensions, life savings -- and not banks and speculators -- will be prioritized. Therefore, the transition from the euro to the new Deutschemark must be linked with the introduction of the system of separated banking in the tradition of the Glass-Steagall Act of Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the 1930s, he led America out of the Great Depression with the Glass-Steagall Act. What we need, therefore, is the strict separation of commercial banks, savings banks, Raiffeisen banks on one hand, whose deposits and assets will be placed under state protection and which must be fully saved, from the banking sectors connected to casino finance on the other hand, such as investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, special purpose vehicles, the entire shadow banking sector. And naturally the creative financial instruments they have created will not be honored. The principle must be: Speculators are bankrupted, people and useful institutions must be saved.

Some people who have become very rich through speculation will suddenly be very poor, but is that really so bad? Either this reorganization is done, or there will be hyperinflation or a chaotic collapse. And in that case, no one will possess anything any more.

The government must, through the exit from the euro and EU treaties, take back sovereignty over its own currency and economic policy, and then immediately make sufficient credit in D-marks available, through the Bundesbank acting as a national bank or through the Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau, to industry, agriculture, and trade as well as government obligations such as pensions, healthcare, etc. Productive companies, agricultural activities, investments in the increased productivity of the real economy -- these areas must all be supplied with adequate D-mark credits; all those areas in which one would invest simply because they are good for the economy. This is the only way we can restore productive employment.

Thus, we have only to do again what we did in the reconstruction after 1945, with which we created so rapidly the German economic miracle. And we can do that again today, with exactly the same policies.

- The Danger of War -

The second existential danger, is the danger of war which can lead rapidly to thermonuclear war. This war, on the surface against Syria and Iran, but in reality directed against Russia, China, and other nations in Asia, must be stopped. Its basic dynamic is the same as the dynamic prior to to World War I: At that time, the British Empire felt its control of the sea lanes for its own interests threatened by economic development on the Continent, as the land corridors suddenly became of greater interest through the construction at that time of the infrastructure of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the planned railroad from Berlin to Baghdad.

At that time the doctrine of geopolitics arose, from such insane politicians as Mackinder, Milner, etc. This doctrine held: Whoever controls the Eurasian heartland controls the planet, and then the trans-Atlantic Rim countries will fall behind. This doctrine then led to the geopolitical manipulations on the chessboard, out of which then the shots at Sarajevo were only the trigger for the war.

The situation today is comparable. China and India are developing into economic superpowers, Russia will likewise do this under the future presidency of Vladimir Putin; while the trans-Atlantic region, the Eurozone, the United States face collapse.

This war drive, ultimately directed against Russia and China, began with the aggressive war against Libya and the bestial murder of Qaddafi, who was already a prisoner of war at the time. And both of these things -- aggressive war and murder -- represent war crimes under the Geneva Convention. This war campaign is now supposed to be continued with wars against Syria and Iran. The threat of these wars clearly comes from the British government and the Obama Administration. The Obama Administration has formed a special war group which is supporting the Syrian opposition and is using a war scenario worked up by the British Henry Jackson Society.

The Henry Jackson Society includes such infamous neo-Cons from the Bush era as James Woolsey, Richard Perle, William Kristol; but also the Obama designee as ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul. On its British side we find, among others, Sir David Dearlove, head of the British secret service SIS from 1999 to 2004 -- the period in which the frauds were fabricated which then led to the Iraq War.

Currently in the Indian Ocean and the eastern Mediterranean Sea is the greatest concentration of thermonuclear weapons in the world; on the U.S. fleet and the British warships which have gathered there. The Iranian Navy is engaged in maneuvers exactly in this region, in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean; Russia has also sent warships toward Syria.

The Russian publication Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported on December 15 that the Kremlin had been informed of an imminent Israeli military strike against Iran, in which the United States will intervene in support of Israel. Since that time, Russia Today is warning almost daily that this attack will occur suddenly, and that a total war with unforeseen consequences is possible.

- The Mobilization Against the War -

This war must not happen, because it could lead to the destruction of the entire human race. The international LaRouche Movement has been mobilized against this war danger since the end of October. Important military forces in the United States and Israel are trying to stop this war. The world is gradually recognizing that Obama is continuing the policies of George W. Bush, only more efficiently and more terrifyingly: aggressive wars, targetted assassinations, imprisonment of U.S. citizens without due process, drone warfare. But if Obama is removed from office through an impeachment proceeding, this war can be stopped.

There is a way out. Instead of throwing mankind into a Third World War out of which, perhaps, no human life will remain on this planet, we need a framework of peace for the 21st Century. Russia and China have decided to advance their economic development through long-term investments in the areas of high technology: manned space exploration, fourth-generation, inherently safe nuclear power, development of strategic materials in the Arctic, and above all, lifting of the living standard of their populations.

Germany must regain its sovereignty with the D-mark and the system of separated banking; and instead of being a hostage and a target of aggression in the context of the Anglo-American policy of war, it is in its own most basic interests to pull the world out of this depression together with Russia, China, and the other Asian nations.

The fate of mankind is at stake. Do not be a spectator in this great drama, but help realize the order of peace!