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The Showdown Has Now Begun

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 2012

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

This article appears in the May 11, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review and is reprinted with permission

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May 4, 2012

The already more than bankrupt British imperial monarchy should have recognized that it had stepped into a global economic mine-field, when it had continued its commitment to drive Russia into submission to the British monarchy's stated intention to reduce the world's human population from currently seven billions persons, to less than two billions or, as the British monarchy had also projected, similarly, recently, no more than one billion.

Simply said: no sane treaty or law concocted by anyone on this planet, has the actual right to demand the passive submission of the human beings of any nation to their destruction, as the Roman Empire had sometimes demanded. The list of victims of the so-called "Anglo-American Empire" of Queen Elizabeth II's plan for the intended "Green" virtual mass-extinction includes more than five billions human beings of this planet. Those policies have lately included the mass murder already conducted against Greece, and threats of a similar fate intended for Spain, Portugal, and also, implicitly, Italy. The British intention for "green" genocide on a planetary scale, also includes the majority of the population of our United States; unless the British monarchy's puppet-U.S. President Barack Obama and his frankly fascist advisor Cass Sunstein are removed from office, very soon, that done for reason of abundantly proper cause. This removal of such fascists-in-fact as Obama's advisor Cass Sunstein, must be done very soon.

It is in that immediate setting, that the British empire and its puppet Barack Obama, have intended to push President Vladimir Putin's Russia down the road of submissions designed to promote extinction, too. Naturally, it is the emotionally highly disturbed, British puppet-President of our United States, Barack Obama, who is to be presumed, yet once again, to act as the "patsy" selected to do the imperial monarchy's dirty-work of a presently existential threat of warfare against President Putin's Russia. Forcing a chosen class of victims of the intended warfare to defend themselves from the intended preparations for launching such warfare in defense of its already threatened existence, is already a casus belli. Unfortunately, as I warned in an important public address during 2009, neither British puppet and Emperor Nero think-alike, Barack Obama, nor the fascist official Obama advisor Cass Sunstein, is truly civilized.

Encirclement of Russia and China by U.S./NATO Deployments

The evidence respecting Sunstein on this account is thoroughly consistent with his own widely publicized professions.[1]

The point to be stressed against Sunstein for a clearer view of the Obama administration of the present moment's, global, strategic outlook at this time, is the following.

My Duty in This Matter

The time has come when it is my particular responsibility to make clear the force of the truth of an ugly situation which was made possible by the manifest prevalence of political cowardice among our citizenry, even among most of our republic's current crop of political authorities, so far. This comes at a time when I must also warn against the closely related matter of the present, immediately looming threat of global thermonuclear warfare. I appear to be among the best qualified, from the combined experience of age, as also in the clinical sense of experience in public affairs, and economic forecasting, to address what I have addressed over many decades, of the blend of cowardice and confusion which has made cowards, or simply fools of many among the so-called "most influential" of the leading strata of my own United States.

After all, I do have the necessary, superior qualifications of experience to speak publicly on this specific matter, as I shall insist here and now. That issue here, is the immediate threat of the extinction of entire nations on this planet through the direct and indirect launch of a massive assault by thermonuclear weapons, an assault which has been prompted by the whim of the de facto British puppet Barack Obama, a launch which would prompt the immediate response by Russia and others.

White House Photo/Pete Souza
President Obama offers a toast to Queen Elizabeth II during a dinner in London, May 25, 2011. Obama has become virtually a puppet of the British monarchy.

The present British imperial intention in this matter, is to either launch war against Russia, or terrify it into a degree of submission under which Russia would lose its capacity for resistance to the intended global tyranny of the British imperial instruments operating from a roster of nations which have been reduced to virtual puppets of Queen Elizabeth II and her lackey-like puppet Obama. The current NATO threat of war against Russia, is the pivot of this moment on which the choice of either planetary thermonuclear warfare, or the peacefully productive survival of the planet, now depends.

Now, having said that much as a matter of introduction of the subject of the present war-like actions by Britain against Russia, consider how such a mere British puppet of doubtful foreign, and massive financial backing, such as Barack Obama, came to play a crucially significant role in the British empire's current launch of threatened nuclear warfare against President Vladimir Putin's Russia. It is the nature of the British financial backing of Obama which forces a special kind of attention to that subject.

That put to one side, I shall now sum up, very briefly, the actual causes for the presently immediate danger of a generalized thermonuclear war intended to engage Russia in deadly conflict. I shall present the essentials of the deep background of the British motive for setting in motion such a war against Russia at this time. I shall summarize the subject-matter by continuing my explicitly stated commitments, up to the present date, on the account of this issue, since a brief evening meeting when I had shared my response on the request of a gathering of a few American soldiers assembled in a military camp in India (from where I was about to move to northern Burma). The occasion was the news of both the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, and also the inauguration of Harry S Truman as President Roosevelt's replacement. I was confident that the U.S. forces would defeat Japan's. What worried me was the prospect of the promotion of Vice-President Harry S Truman. I have never been wrong in my thoughts about Truman which had troubled me on that occasion in India. Nor, would I doubt my fears concerning the outcome of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The actually present intention of the British Empire and its puppets among our own citizens, as among the peoples of western Europe, is to proffer the choice of two options to the nations of Russia and Asia. The first choice is the subjugation of Russia to join all western and central Europe in the category of British imperial puppets, as we witness in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and probably, soon, Italy; the alternative choice is the use of (principally) U.S.A. thermonuclear arsenals to bring about the virtual extinction of Russia-and, therefore, Russia's return of fire within a very brief lapse of time within the framework of a U.S. launch by President Barack Obama in support of the British intention. The pivot of that latter threat is that Russia condone a military build-up by U.S.A. and western and central European forces among the nations bordering Russia, a threat clearly intended to reduce Russia's strategic position to a level of loss of capability for effective defense. The probable net outcome would include the thorough destruction of western and central Europe, and also the United States.

The fact of that matter is, that if Russia were crushed along the lines of either of those two, distinctly differing, indicated options presently presented to Russia, the British/Wall Street cabal would be freed to detonate a kind and scale of genocide on this planet which would be sufficient, on its own account, to reduce the human population of this planet to what the present Queen of England and her circles have demanded repeatedly, since the likeness of the late Bertrand Russell's publicly stated intention to launch nuclear warfare against the Soviet Union in 1946.

The only power on this planet which could, or possibly would be enabled to launch an effective NATO attack on Russia, is centered in the backing supplied by the thermonuclear capability of the U.S. military organization, the Ohio class submarines in particular; but, the result of such an assault as that, would be the virtual extermination of human life through the continuing spread, for as much as a generation or more, of the threatened effects on any surviving portion of those remaining alive after such an exchange.

Yesterday's dispatches from the Presidency of Russia on these matters are to be recognized as existential in all their leading implications. No nation of this planet were likely to survive such a conflict, were such a conflict with Russia uncorked at this present juncture.

The Root of this Threat of War

The first and foremost fact to be faced by the citizens of our United States, is what is now known as "bail-out," or, in other words, how did a sick wretch like Barack Obama happen to become a President of the United States?

The fuller, centuries-old story of the United States defense of itself against Anglo-Dutch tyrannies should be viewed in the light of all presently practical considerations now. Trace that page of history from the capture of the British Isles by the New Venetian Party of the followers of Paolo Sarpi, the Sarpi followers who had actually led that attack on Britain and beyond by the William of Orange who represented the same New Venetian Party which is still currently associated with the New Venetian tradition of the Netherlands and the British Isles.

The crushing of the Massachusetts Bay Colony which had formerly been founded and led by the Winthrops and Mathers, had suppressed the original North American root of a society consistent with the specifically American roots of our later sovereign republic. The corruption which had already been expressed by the New Venetian Party, was expressed afresh by that 1763 Peace of Paris which established the actually imperial system of what was to become recognized as the British Empire then, as today.

It is crucial, in the light of the threat of world-wide thermonuclear warfare which the deranged, British-controlled puppet-President Obama typifies, that we must recognize a profound, deeply rooted distinction of the general population of the United Kingdom from the virtually world-wide financier power expressed as the currently collapsing global financier power of what has been the actual power of an existent British Empire since 1763, a date on which the conflict underlying the cause of any future war between the United States and the British empire's monetarist predators first arose.

The Alternative to World War

As things have gone thus far, war or no war, whoever the current Republican candidates might be, and whoever might lose the nominal vote in the present Presidential election-campaign, it is both the United States and western and central Europe, which are almost certainly qualified to bring a defeat upon themselves which will not also be a crushing defeat of anyone as much as the leadership of the established political parties.

Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore
If Mitt Romney were to win the election as the least despised Presidential candidate, his “success” would be that of being chosen by the British to extend the destruction of our nation.

For example: as long as Obama remains a candidate for President, a Republican candidate (surviving out of four) might (hypothetically) win the vote for being the least despised; but the nominal victory of either, his success-Mitt Romney's, for example-would be the success of being chosen to extend the destruction of our nation now.

For example, as matters stand right now, as long as President Barack Obama remains in the competition, Romney probably wins (unless President Barack Obama were to unleash thermonuclear Hell at some early date). Whereas, if almost anyone were to replace current President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, for example, would be the blamable cause for a national catastrophe, since Obama is already sufficiently despised.

Actually, but for the constraints placed upon me by my age-at near to the age of 90-I would have been the best qualified choice for the Presidential election for the sake of our republic. I would have been the man whom our nation's frantic enemies would fear the most: me. None of the others actually represents a fungible option.

That is not merely "my opinion;" the failure of all among the presently indicated choices is that none among what might be considered as options for candidacies presently, possesses the combined knowledge and temperament required even to identify an actual solution for the rapidly plunging economic-breakdown-crisis, let alone to bring it to a success. Thus, for the present moment, we are gripped by a crisis now careening into utter catastrophe for the world presently.

I have specified the only feasible remedy for this present crisis of the United States. It consists, essentially, of three, relatively crucial, interlocking actions:

  1. Immediate installation of a replication of the 1933 Glass-Steagall doctrine of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  2. Immediate installation of the original model of a national banking system of Public Credit of the United States under the Treasury System, as that had been installed under U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

  3. The immediate launching of the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) as the keystone of an actual economic recovery program.

There are, actually, no other presently existing, and also competent options, other than exactly those three. Anything different would produce a national farce.

These three principled form of actions, when combined, represent the only U.S.A. action which might presently rescue the United States from an immediate, most calamitous self-destruction. That successful economic turn-about can be accomplished by proceeding immediately to bring about the installation of a renewed principle of Public Credit, under the guidance of a Twenty-First Century model of design for a contemporary version of the original NAWAPA, as extended to cooperating with Canada and northern Mexico.

This defined action, as presented by the presently updated form supplied as the NAWAPA-XXI design, is that unique quality of "keystone" reform which is presently required for the North American continent during a span of a prospect of process of development over about a quarter century ahead.

The decision to proceed with NAWAPA-XXI would ensure the accompanying effects of progress which would prompt cumulative vast other accomplishments for the conditions of life through much, even most of this planet.

Why Not Choose To Win?

There is exactly one reason why the United States has failed in every election since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy: the same reigning opinion which was responsible for the fraudulent agreement to cover up the actual causes of the assassinations of both President Kennedy and his brother Robert. It is the so-called "establishment" which rigs the behavior of the mass of the citizenry.

The approximate rule to be considered in the customary cases is that, in such cases, the idea of a "will of the people" is usually a farce, except in the cases such as a crushing defeat in some nation's war, or a shocking catastrophe of comparable magnitude. Otherwise, the majority of the electorate has little knowledge of how the election (or dictatorship) might have "worked out."

How the Reform Succeeds

The United States had been a crucial element in the 1945 defeat of the Adolf Hitler regime. That victory had been made possible, in fact, through a leading role of the initial support, by other forces inclusive of the role of the decisive margin of the support against the Hitler forces by many nations of the world. Those opponents of Hitler included, at that time, the forces of the British empire and of Britain's Wall Street cabal, which emerged as the leading agency, among various allied nations, which had joined in the defeat of the Hitler system.

Unfortunately, it had been the reigning trans-Atlantic interests, including the New York- and London-based Brown Brothers Harriman, who had joined in promoting the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, until the point that Winston Churchill realized that it was President Roosevelt who provided the only hope for Britain's survival.

However, beginning with the death of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, the frankly anti-Roosevelt, British-inclined policies which included formerly pro-Hitler elements of Wall Street (such as Prescott Bush's Brown Brothers Harriman) operated through the U.S. Presidency of Harry S Truman. Under the post-World War II leadership, a still mighty U.S. power, had already slipped into a severe economic decline.

General Dwight Eisenhower's campaign both for ending the Churchill-Truman and Bertrand Russell intention for a continued steep economic decline of the U.S. economy and also for an end of the active war in Korea, was a great and popular action which swept Eisenhower into the Presidency.

Although the ouster of President Truman by the election of President Dwight Eisenhower had lessened both the degree of economic ruin and the "witch-hunt" frenzies which the Truman Presidency had promoted, the evil which Truman had been largely responsible for unleashing had a continuing momentum expressed in the hatred against President Kennedy and a continuation expressed in the chronic efforts to assassinate both President Charles de Gaulle and also President John F. Kennedy.

The opposition to the memory of President Franklin Roosevelt, and the hatred of President Kennedy shown from the legendary right-wing circles heart-set on long waves of suppression of scientific and related economic progress, had two leading motives which no actually intelligent and patriotic Americans had not wished to suppress: weakening the United States through foolish "long wars," and sabotaging the types of economic policies which the British and U.S. right-wingers wished to destroy. The assassination of President Kennedy stopped net economic progress, and pushed the United States into the series of useless long wars which have been a leading factor in the accelerated collapse of the U.S. economy under the vicious U.S. Presidencies of George H.W. Bush, his son George W. Bush, Jr., and the worst of them all, Barack Obama.

The one thing the British Monarchy has feared, is an actual revival of the U.S. economy, and U.S. opposition to being dragged into ruinous "long wars," even, presently. These are the familiar scheme of Britain's prominent organizers of wars and revolutions, such as the infamous arms peddler Alexander Helphand, whom British agent Frederick Engels had co-sponsored as a British intelligence agent specializing, on British behalf, in "permanent wars, and permanent revolution."

NASA/Pat Rawlings of SAIC
An artist’s conception of a nuclear thermal rocket arriving in the vicinity of Mars. The three most-urgent reforms proposed by LaRouche will pave the way for man to revive his exploration of the Solar System and beyond.

Those same British motives and methods for ruining our United States have been expressed up through the present moment of a general, virtually global,"economic breakdown crisis" over the span of the section of the world centered within the range of the trans-Atlantic region during the interval 1964-2012. Since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, the practice of Helphand-style "long wars" has been the characteristic expression of treason leading into the assassination of President Kennedy and kindred varieties of "political dirty tricks" which have been the British empire's greatest successes in ruining both the economy and the morals of our United States.

During this present year, 2012, especially since the close of the United States' Presidency under the George W. Bush, Jr. Administration, there has been far worse performance under the Presidency of Barack Obama. It must also be emphasized, that a comparable collapse of the entire trans-Atlantic system had erupted in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the consequent effects of the systemic decline of western and central Europe under the process represented by the current "European system" which is presently gripped by the condition of general monetarist bankruptcy rampant throughout Europe presently.

"The U.S.A. & Russia Now"

Under the U.S. Presidency of Barack Obama, and the general breakdown-crisis which his influence has unleashed on the United States, the trans-Atlantic region of the planetary system has entered what has now assumed an ostensibly permanent and ultimately fatal form of present general-breakdown-crisis, a crisis from which civilization could not recover were the present trans-Atlantic systems of economic and related social practice under Obama and his ilk permitted to be continued now.

For as long as an actual, systemic form of reversal of this present breakdown-crisis remains lacking, the condition of the planet at large will be generally the combination of one of the worst dark ages in world history with a monstrous collapse of the world's present levels of population to either less than one billion persons, or, a more than merely possible virtual extinction of the human species.

I report these conditions not only because what I warn against is true. I report those conditions because a revival and progress of civilization is available through means which are already within the bounds of our existing cultures. It is the will to make the necessary reforms which has been lacking since about a time dated within the aftermath of the assassinations of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and of his brother Robert.

The reforms which I have indicated, above, for the United States presently, are the needed, explicit expression of the means by which the present most calamitous depression can be averted and turned into an upward direction. The three-part reform which I have identified in the opening of this report, is a relatively unique source of remedy for the present trends of destruction and rot, and the most clearly defined remedy for the willfully arranged, current acceleration of the variously actual and otherwise threatened destruction of civilization as a whole.

The immediate, outlined, three-part reform of the U.S. economy with which I have opened this present report, contains essential, integral elements, which afford the United States the means to reverse the disastrous trends which have now virtually destroyed the hopes of our nation, in particular. The three-element policy for reconstruction of the U.S.A. economy, is a presently unique quality of reform which is urgently needed if the survival of even our own republic could be reasonably assured.

The True Physical Principle of Life

There is one special, added factor to be emphasized in completing this present report.

What are known to our record of history as the general, ultimately fatal designs, which continue to dominate the systems of human society generally in the vicinity of the Mediterranean area and beyond, have represented the fruits of subjection to the prescriptions for what has been termed as an oligarchical system. Such a system is based, traditionally, as the Roman Empire typifies such atrocities conceived in the spirit of evil, on a broad division of the members of human society between what has been defined conventionally as an overlordship by an oligarchical social system, reigning over other humans subjected to a relatively cattle-like status.

In the history of ancient Europe and beyond, the customary dividing-line of those two so-called classes, separating "over" or "under," has been associated with the human-controlled use of fire as the principal mode for the distinction of social classes as being either "man" or "beast." Indeed, only the human species is defined by the role of the willful use of fire. That distinction appears, today, to have referenced some sort of "aboriginal" social distinctions within populations of ancient time.

An artist’s conception of an anti-matter-powered spacecraft for travel to Mars. The equipment and crew landers are at the right, and the engine, with magnetic nozzles, at the left. Such advanced technologies of the future could make it possible to travel to Mars in a single week.

However, the general rule for the successful progress within the ranks of the human species, is the increase of the applied energy-flux density per capita on which depends the ability to sustain or improve the productive powers of the product of labor per capita and per square kilometer "cross-section" of such roles of willful power of mankind per capita and per unit of cross-sectional flow of applicable power per capita and per square meter cross-sectional flow.

Increase of such cross-sectional rates of flow, distinguishes the progress of the human condition from both the stagnancy of a culture and its degeneration. Western Europe and North America have entered into a general degeneracy of their culture during an interval now approaching more than four decades, for example.

This thermodynamical characteristic of living processes generally, is carried over from other forms of variously living and extinct species and human cultures. This general principle of all living process presently known to us, is a general law. That law is definable as a condition of progress from lower to higher modes of thermodynamics of all forms of life, as the fruit of this same set of terms. The universe, most clearly the human species, depends for the survival of existing and improved species on increase of the relative "energy-flux density" in the flow of various expressions of progress and upward-directed evolution of living processes.

Any culture, or species, which falls behind a universal standard of progress measurable in terms directly contrary to the fraudulent concoction of a so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics," is a culture, or species, which is relatively on the course toward its own, and other extinctions. Notably, although the advocacy of the hoax known as a "Second Law of Thermodynamics" is, indeed, promoted among advocates of an oligarchical motivation, it has been promoted as a means for what becomes a motive for increase of death rates within human populations, and other cases; there is no actual "Second Law" except among oligarchical classes of humans, slaves, or simple-minded fools.

All competent scientific approach to such matters, reflects a universal law of progress for all viable forms of existence so defined.

An Example: the Speed of Light

The characteristic trend of discoveries associated with the typical achievements of the genius of modern scientists such as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and relevant cases of others, is best typified by selected examples such as the notion of "matter-anti-matter" factors. It was demonstrated on the basis of such developments of insight into physical principles, that neither time nor space exist as specific magnitudes. For example, we are approaching the calculable potential of powered rates of propulsion which could achieve arrival at a moon of Mars from the Moon after a journey of about a single week. Propulsion at the indicated "speed of light" is associated with the notion of "matter, anti-matter" impulsion.

EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
The human creative powers revealed in the special role of Classical music express “the most precious gifts to the human experience.” Shown are soprano Antonella Banaudi and accompanist My-Hoa Steger, performing on Sept. 7, 2011.

However, the needed expression of human understanding of our universe, depends not only upon the conception of life which was discovered by the efforts of V.I. Vernadsky, but the principle of life as addressed more deeply by living processes which express a principle of life as such, rather than merely the "footprints where life has walked."

Morever, since we must expect the Sun to "die" within a lapse of about two billions years, and since our attention to the fact of the targetting of Earth, within the Solar system, by hostile "rocks" or other relevant means, the very conditions within the galaxy within which our Solar system is contained, require a factor of physical-scientific and related expression of invented progress within and beyond our Solar System, even merely to sustain the reasonably demanded actions for the continued existence of human life.

For these and related reasons, the need for the continuing, forward progress of mankind's development of our activity, qualitatively and quantitatively, within no less than this galaxy, is a law of both the principle of life, and also of processes which are systemically superior to life in their inherent qualities of implied design.

The Popular Frauds

The so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics" is among the worst, and yet most popular frauds encountered since that hoax was hatched by Rudolf Clausius' 1850s projection of the hoax of an alleged "Second Law of Thermodynamics."

All competent "social theory" pertaining to the definitions of physical science, is properly situated as a fruit of insight into characteristics of our universe which are poorly represented from the standpoint of what is merely "sense perceptions." Given all the practical thermodynamic-like processes of relevance to physical progress, per se, in science, we must consider that deeper features of practiced science must be discovered by means other than the experience of human sense-perception, as such.

The two cases which most readily demonstrate the point which I have just presented here, involve the notions associated with, first, life as such, and, second, the power of creativity which is, to the best of our present knowledge, limited to the human creativity which is known to us only as a phenomenon of the development of the noëtic potential expressed by the actual functions of the human mind.

The necessary diagnosis to be considered, lies in the fact that the human mind reflects the highest of the known characteristics of the role of the conscious human mind, such as those expressions of human mentation as represented by Wilhelm Furtwängler's analysis of the unique role of the human mind in the expressions of Classical musical composition's proper use of the human singing voice.

The extraordinary importance of this principle lies in the fact, that the human mind's most characteristic distinction is the role of the Classical principle of composition which defines music as Furtwängler was enabled to reveal its innermost "secrets" most explicitly among leading Classical composers and related Classical musicians. The human mind is the type of the most powerful conception of universal principle presently known to mankind. The decline in possession of that specific expression of knowledge has been proven to have been a principal source of the cumulative moral degeneration of popularized musical expression since the last great generations of composers-down to modernists and junk-dealers alike-during the course of the Nineteenth Century.

In fact, the human creative powers revealed as existent by the special role of Classical musical composition, and related poetry and drama, express the most precious gifts to the human experience known as principles, for mankind.

The only important question remaining, is what must we do to change all this?

[1] See National Section.