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LaRouche Outlines National Vision
In State of the Union Address

January 2012

January 19, 2012 —In a one-hour address aired at prime time on LaRouche PAC-TV yesterday, American statesman Lyndon LaRouche both confronted the American population on the actual state of the union, and offered an inspiring vision of how to restore the United States, as well as the world, to the pathway of scientific and technological progress.

LaRouche laid out the situation in what he defined as four sections:

  1. the existential crisis of global economic breakdown and thermonuclear war the nation faces;
  2. the Constitutional issues which must be reasserted in order to solve those crises—Glass-Steagall's restoration and a credit system;
  3. the physical economic programs at hand to build our way out of those crises, such as NAWAPA, Arctic development, and the Mars-oriented space program; and
  4. a "galactic destiny before us, something greater, more beautiful, more satisfying, than anything you've ever dreamed of before."

Throughout, the leading economist necessarily stressed the other prerequisite for saving the nation, and restoring its noble republican roots, the removal of the insane President Barack Obama from office.

In stark contrast to the cowardly, small-minded, if not utterly craven approaches of most U.S. politicians, including presidential candidates, LaRouche directly challenged his fellow-citizens to contribute to the future:

"When we want to think about the United States, we have to think, not about a nation, how you "manage a nation," like some grocery store or something, huh? You have to think about what a nation is. It's the repository of a continuing process, of development of powers of mankind in the universe, to accomplish things that mankind can do, or will be able to do, under this kind of program. And when we talk about the purpose of life, we talk about the meaning of life of our children and grandchildren, that's what we should understand. Not some futile cry, "Oh, you're dead, you're gone, I can't reach you any more! My life doesn't mean anything any more!"

"No! It should mean something! If you're contributing something to the future of mankind, across future generations, and help to make that leap by this kind of technology, this kind of science, your immortality is not to be doubted! Because what you can do while you're alive, here, or some other part of the system, what you can do, will reach across generations, directly from what you are!

"And it's that sense of your own value, in that kind of role in life, which must be the mission, which we, and Russia, and China, and so forth, must share in common."

In addition the full video available in archive, in English and Spanish, a full print transcript will soon be available as well.