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Press Release

LaRouche To Give July 21 Webcast;
'There Are No Options, Only Solutions'

July 2011

Webcast Transcript

As the bankrupt international financial system blows out on both sides of the Atlantic, the so-called leading institutions are dominating the discussion with drives for fascist dictatorship, and incompetence that will lead, at best, to murderous chaos. But, on July 21, leading American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche will put his unique solutions on the table, in his international webcast. This webcast could well be the crucial event in determining the survival of the United States, and civilization itself.

The webcast will begin at 1 pm Eastern Time, and be available live at the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee website. It will be simultaneously translated into German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

LaRouche laid out the crucial webcast themes in his choice of title for the event. "Either Obama Goes or the United States Goes; Throw Obama Out of Office Today! There Are No Options, Only Solutions."

LaRouche's solutions begin with the immediate reinstatement of FDR's Glass-Steagall law, to be followed by the establishment of a credit system in the tradition of First Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Two bills to reinstate Glass-Steagall are now before the House of Representatives, Rep. Marcy Kaptur's H.R. 1489, and Rep. Maurice Hinchey's H.R. 2451. Once the U.S. has taken this step, LaRouche argues, it can immediately create conditions for Europe to follow, and rid itself as well, of the trillions in toxic unpayable debt, which is destroying populations worldwide. The way is then clear for re-establishing a fixed-exchange rate system globally.

The immediate action for Glass-Steagall will also create the conditions for removing President Obama, already impeachable for his crimes against the Constitution.