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My Christmas Greeting

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
December 25, 2010

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

It is Christmas in a year in which all nations which are part of the continents on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, now, like those of other divisions, share the most terrible threat to nations and their peoples which has been known since that last great holocaust of Europe in a time known today as that Fourteenth-century "New Dark Age," a holocaust of evil which wiped Europe of a fairly estimated one-third of its population.

Today, Christians will pray that this new dark age be taken away, but is mankind a mere animal who lacks that unifying power of creative will, to act to remove the evil of usury which none but that mankind itself has brought upon itself? A people which will not act to remove this evil, therefore brings evil, by its own choice, upon itself.

We must act now, to wipe away that monstrous cancer of torture and death of billions of human beings on this planet, an evil presently escalating throughout this planet. In past centuries men and women spoke of ejecting the money-changers from the temple; today it must be the ejection of the usurers from the institutions of the world's governments.

Those of us in the United States of America, have in our hands, if not yet in their minds, the clear, uncomplicated mission of following the precedent of a Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, and co-designer of our Federal Constitution, Alexander Hamilton, and of President Franklin Roosevelt's role in the institution of that Glass-Steagall law, which turned back not only the United States, but much of the world, from the virtual gates of usury's Hell. Today, it is that same Glass-Steagall law without which the United States, among other nations, is now surely at the verge of a Hell beyond even the imagination of most. It is a Hell which threatens the entirety of the trans-Atlantic regions of the world, a Hell from which the Asian world is not secure.

The people of the United States must compel their lawful representatives to use a re-enacted Glass-Steagall as the occasion to save the very existence of the states which have composed the United States from a virtual, almost immediate plunge into Hell. However, the same people of the United States have the power to launch the greatest advance in the human condition which the world had ever known, by measures in support of a designed program, NAWAPA, whose design requires the rapid employment of a program which would increase employment in the United States and its neighbors by four millions persons, and would provide the lever for the benefit of the nations of every continent of this planet, and even beyond.

Do you wish to pray? Then, pray that the cowardice be removed from within your selves, that you might rise to make that happen which must be done. Remove the Hellish grip of a vast, global holocaust of usury from our suffering world.

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