Open Letter to the Goverments and Parliaments of the World in Opposition to the Global Warming Hoax

May 2007

EIRNS/Helene Möller
Schiller Institute Chairwomen Helga Zepp-LaRouche
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Schiller Institute Issues Open Letter to the Governments and Parliaments of the World in Opposition to the Global Warming Hoax

May 7, 2007 (EIRNS)—The Schiller Institute, whose Chairwoman is Helga Zepp-LaRouche, has launched an international campaign to unite the opponents of the Global Warming Hoax into an effective opposition. To this end, the Schiller Institute is soliciting signatures in support of the following Open Letter to Governments and Parliaments:

Open Letter to the Governments and Parliaments of the World

We, the undersigned, demand that the governments and parliaments of the world immediately stop the spreading of hysteria about alleged Climate Change.

Since the appearance of the unscientific film of hedge-fund manager, Al Gore, and the 4th IPCC Report, an outright campaign of indoctrination of populations and legislators has been underway, up to the point of "reeducation campaigns" in the schools in some countries. Contrary to the massive propaganda, the scientific basis of the hypothesis of man-made climate change has not been established, and the media depiction of a "scientific consensus" is dangerously misleading to the population.

This theory is being spread worldwide by a small group of questionable political institutions like the IPCC, with the help of massive financial backing. A precedent for the resistance of established scientists is the Petition Project of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine against the damaging effects of the Kyoto Protocol, which has been underway since 1998 and has been signed by 17,200 natural scientists so far.

Existential challenges of the 21st Century, like the threatening scarcity of energy and water in a world with a growing population, will force drastic increases of energy generation, which can only be ensured through scientific and technological progress.

Measures to save energy and increase efficiency disregard not only this fact, but also neglect the fact that the portion which can be saved from private households is minimal compared to industry and commercial traffic.

In the face of the already-endangered energy supply due to lack of investment in nuclear power generation, the proposed reduction of CO2 emissions would irrevocably disrupt worldwide economic development.

The most tragic and perfidious aspect of the political and economic measures currently demanded in industrialized nations, is the pretense of acting in the interest of future generations and nations in the developing sector. It is precisely the latter which are most adversely affected by the anti-industrial policies of "Climate Protection." As the African Union, the Group of 77 at the United Nations, and the Non-Aligned Movement have warned, an internationally enforced reduction of CO2 emissions would in reality mean a prevention of industrial, and thus social development, and therefore promote genocide on a world scale.

Against the background of a deep social and economic crisis, it is utterly irresponsible not only to be promoting an unproven hypothesis as truth, but above all to be spreading a dangerous existentialist and anti-humanist image of man. As Martin Durkin, the director of the documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle, aired on Britain’s Channel 4, confirmed in an interview on March 14th, and as historical documentation proves, the historical roots of this so-called environmental movement are very much related to those of fascism and the eugenics movement at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Therefore, we hereby call on the governments and parliaments of the world to allow an open debate of this subject, immediately outlaw all programs of "re-education" in schools using Al Gore’s propaganda movie, and under no circumstances to allow the passage of legislation based on such a questionable and obviously politicized theory.

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