Stop World War III! — The LaRouche Doctrine For Southwest Asia!
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                      Helga Zepp-LaRouche
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Stop World War III!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche,
Chairman, Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität

The world now staggers towards World War III. The character of this war will be fearsome, more than any of its predecessors. This time round, we are looking at global asymmetrical conflict, waged both with weapons of mass destruction, and through irregular warfare. Neither our ruling institutions nor the world economy can withstand such an escalation. If unchecked, mankind will be plunged into a New Dark Age.

The time is more than ripe for our governments to act, and boldly. President George Bush must be made to see that his transparent little game, in supporting Israel’s war against the Lebanon, means suicide, and not for Israel alone. A vicious cycle that will spin us all into the jaws of Hell, unless we halt it.

The only intelligent way out for Israel now is withdrawal from Lebanon, unconditionally. One should remember that the Hezbollah appeared on the scene as a reaction to the Israeli invasion in 1982. So there is little point in waiting for negotiations for a cease-fire. All military action must cease forthwith. A peace plan must be implemented without further delay, based on the existence of Israel and Palestine as states of equal weight and worth. Nor should we establish yet another Bantustan: the Palestinian State’s economy and body politic must be viable.

The causes of the conflict between Israel and Lebanon, and Israel and Syria, must be put aside. The Israeli-occupied territories (the settlements at Shebaa and the Golan Heights), must be given back, and a just solution found for the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees. Unless this is done, there will be no solving the historical problem.

The LaRouche Doctrine for Southwest Asia

In April 2004, the American opposition leader Lyndon LaRouche put forward a realistic peace plan for Southwest Asia.

In the interval, the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan has degenerated to the verge of catastrophe. In Iraq, the despised foreign troops fall victim to countless attacks and civil war looms, while in Afghanistan, the Taliban has launched a massive counter-offensive, which looks to shortly drive to the wall the unfortunate Bundeswehr troops we have planted there. Now become a matter of the utmost urgency, the LaRouche Doctrine sets out the following programmatic points:

A comprehensive peace plan can hold only on the basis of the principles enshrined in the Treaty known as the Peace of Westphalia. In 1648, that Treaty ended a century and a half of religious strife, that had erupted into the Thirty Years’ War. The Treaty defined a fundamental principle, viz., that the aim of foreign policy is "the benefit of the other", a principle that became the cornerstone of modern international law.

To be very concrete, what this means for the Near and Middle East is that Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Gulf States, Syria, Turkey, Israel and Palestine must be seen as a single region, needing over-arching economic development.

All foreign troups must immediately withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. The United Nations must help the Iraqi and Afghan populations to re-establish sovereign government. Iraq’s plight will require support from her neighbors — Iran, Syria, Turkey and of course Egypt, owing to the latter’s great importance, as the tensions now erupting in Iraq have far wider implications. Our purpose must be stability, throughout the region.

From the Arab world’s standpoint, only on condition that the international community ensures a two-State solution for Israel and Palestine will any such proposals be credible.

If the peace plan is to succeed, there must be economic growth. Anyone who has travelled by airplane over the region has looked out the window, to see nothing but desert and for hours on end. Little fossil water is available. First and foremost then we must desalinate seawater and build entirely new, modern irrigation systems. Now under construction in China and South Africa, the High Temperature Reactor, a failproof technology developed by Professor Schulten at J¸lich, will doubtless prove the ideal approach.

Never in history has the U.S.A. fallen so low in the world’s esteem, since the Neo-Conservatives have gained a stranglehold over Washington. Therefore the Southwest Asia Plan must be promulgated alongside the name of its author, Lyndon LaRouche. The Doctrine itself states: "... no such policy proffered by the U.S., even if it followed to the letter what has been said here, would be accepted among the peoples of the regions, unless the U.S. government were to identify such a declaration as the adoption, by name, of this as a ’LaRouche Doctrine.’ No other notable political figure of the U.S. would be capable of enjoying the trust of the Arab and related parts of the world, for this purpose, at the time."

Simultaneously, we must deal with the onrushing collapse of the world financial system, a collapse that has made reconstruction worldwide a matter all the more urgent. In this, the LaRouche Doctrine is a critical factor.

The world’s governments must require of the U.S.A. that it cease all support to Israel’s suicidal course. They must openly acknowledge that the rationale behind the war against Iraq was outright lies, and that the Israeli government too was led to place faith in lies, in imagining that Hezbollah might be "knocked out" in five short days. In Washington, one hears a persistent rumor that the White House is armtwisting Israel to work towards a new October Surprise: The plan is, that shortly before the November 2006 legislative elections in the U.S.A., there will be found — in Syria — "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction." This would provide a "good" pretext for attacking Syria. Our governments, including the German government, would do well to recall the old saw about locking the stable door after the horse has fled. Expose those lies for what they are!

In the U.S.A., there are individuals to be found, to raise their voice against Administration policy, notably Democratic Congressman Murtha, Republican Senator Hagel, and Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor to Gerald Ford and George Bush Sr. In a recent Washington Post commentary, Scowcroft writes: "... The current conflagration has energized the world. Now, perhaps more than ever, we have an opportunity to harness that concern and energy to achieve a comprehensive resolution of the entire 58-year-old tragedy." Significantly, Scowcroft stated, "Hezbollah is not the source of the problem; it is a derivative of the cause, which is the tragic conflict over Palestine that began in 1948."

Should the warring parties be drawn into the cycle of retaliation, there will be no way back, and we shall all be swept into the spiral of asymmetrical warfare. Although one can well understand the fury, the outrage in the Arab world over the death of women and children — who had just fled to presumed safety in Qana — this war must nonetheless end, for the sake of all the children in the region. The children are innocent.

Although it is indeed true that unless the U.S.A. changes its policy, there will be no peace, that does not mean that nothing can be done in Europe and Southwest Asia. World War III can be stopped. The citizenry, worldwide, must be told about the LaRouche Doctrine. That is the best option now available to us all.

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