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Helga Zepp-LaRouche
EIRNS/Wolfgang Lillge
Helga Zepp-LaRouche, standing, addressed the April 1, 2006 Bueso Party Congress in Berlin, Germany. From l to r: Daniel Buchmann, Ulrike Lillge, Heiko Zeimann, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche, and Monika Hahn

Defend Germany Against Globalized Fascism!

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Defend Germany Against
Globalized Fascism!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Mrs. LaRouche is the chairwoman of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo) in Germany. She issued the statement excerpted here on March 24; it has been translated from German.

Germany today is facing an explosion: Hospital doctors are striking for a 30% pay increase; primary care doctors are afraid of losing 30% of their practice; public service employees launch a lengthy protest; civil servants and even police are joining in. A metal workers strike is looming. The massive attack on living standards of the long-term unemployed and pensioners is getting worse. In many cities, there is unrest because of the unprecedented wave of privatization and the takeover by the [financial] “locusts.”...

In France, one can see the agony of a dying system.

Does the Berlin government really believe, that the spark from France could not jump over to Germany? For while [French Prime Minister] de Villepin wants to eliminate job security “only” for youth, the [Berlin] coalition agreement envisions the abolition of job security protection in the first two years for all employees. This would leave about 8 million people who have been newly hired over the past year, and 27 million employees in total, mostly without rights. Apparently nobody in the CDU/CSU [Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union] who is dealing with issues of job security in the negotiations within Germany’s ruling coalition, is taking the news from France into consideration.

To be sure, most doctors are overworked and underpaid, and it is the patients who end up suffering on this account. But the doctors are not fundamentally questioning [Federal Minister of Health and Social Security] Ulla Schmidt’s brutal health reform, but are only trying to improve their own position within the system. To be sure, the dismantling of the public service sector has consequences for the common good—and not only for the removal of dead birds, which have succumbed to bird flu. To be sure, most workers have for a long time been confronted with falling real wages, while the management of many banks and businesses pockets millions. And certainly, the cut in pensions is a crime against the elderly, who have built up Germany and have paid into their pension funds over decades. And to be sure, privatization leads, almost always, to a brutal attack against the living standards of those affected.

But, as long as the affected groups only raise “their” issues and “their” demands, all the protests will, in the best case, have only a very limited and short-term effect, and in the worst case, will dissolve into general chaos. Thus, as long as the protesters don’t address the fundamental question of why, in Germany and worldwide, the bottom is now falling out of the system, they will achieve absolutely nothing. It is not a question of individual problems, but rather the entire system.

Who Is the Enemy?

The so-called “globalization” system is the problem. The paradigm-shift that for about 40 years has been leading us farther and farther away from a society of producers, oriented toward scientific and technological progress, and instead to speculation and a money economy, has reached its end. The budget- and trade-deficits and the debts of many countries, but especially of the U.S.A., cannot be paid. With the end of the zero-interest-rate policy in Japan, and thereby of the so-called “carry trade” that is linked to it, one of the most important liquidity-pumps is drying up....

In the U.S.A., which is equally threatened as a nation by this predator capitalism, there is at the present time a massive resistance growing against these neo-cons: in the traditional military, since the Iraq War is turning out to be the greatest strategic catastrophe in the history of the United States; among traditional Republicans, since they don’t want to go down with Bush and Cheney and the neo-cons; and among Democrats, because most have understood that America will only survive, on the basis of Lyndon LaRouche’s proposal for a nonpartisan coalition of Democrats and Republicans, returning to the policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal, with which Roosevelt, during the 1930s, was able to overcome the Depression.

We need in Germany a new “Atlantic Alliance” with the real America, the opposition to the neo-cons. We need a patriotic movement, which will prevent Germany from being plundered by the representatives of predator capitalism. This means that we must regain sovereignty over our own currency, which now lies with the private European Central Bank (ECB). And we need about 200 billion euros per year, or 400 billion deutschemarks, of credit creation, in order to create a total of 10 million new productive jobs. Then the tax coffers will be full again, the unsocial health reform can be repealed, doctors can be better paid, the 1.2 million employees in public service who have been fired since 1990 could be rehired, and the well-deserved pensions can again be paid....

Support the BüSo, and not the politicians who have done nothing lately but defend the system just described, whether they are in the Grand Coalition, or a black-yellow, red-green, or red-red coalition. Because only the most stupid calves will choose their own butchers!

Join us! Germany must be defended!

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