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Dialogue of Cultures


Dialogue with
Lyndon LaRouche
and Helga Zepp LaRouche

Photo Album

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Speeches and Dialogues

Background and Links

Why Does the Media Black Out LaRouche?

Meet Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Meet Helga Zepp—LaRouche, Schiller Institute Founder


2002 Speeches and Dialogues with Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in 2002

2001 Speeches and Dialogues with Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in 2001

E—Mail Dialogues — Correspondence with LaRouche, 2002

E—Mail Dialogues — Correspondences with the LaRouches, 2003

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The Academy 2004— Website of the LaRouche Youth Movement

**Highlights Page** for More Schiller Institute Activites



Dec. 18—LaRouche To The Berliner Salon: The Role of the Sublime In Politics Today

Dec. 16—LaRouche Press Release: 50% Collapse Of The Dollar Signals Bankruptcy

Dec. 15—LaRouche Tells U.S. To Seize The Opportunity To Cooperate With Russia

Dec. 6—Classical Culture: The Case for National Sovreignty - LaRouche speech in Paris.


Nov. 23—Lyndon and Helga LaRouche Address Organizers' Schools in Ibero-America

Nov. 17—LaRouche LaRouche Addressed the Annual Bueso Conference in Mainz, Germany

Nov. 1— LaRouche Addresses Youth on Passion, Reason and Emotion

Nov. 1 — Helga LaRouche Discusses Schiller with Cadre School Youth


October 25— Helga Zepp LaRouche Interview on The LaRouche Show

October 22 —Webcast— Preparing the Post Cheney Era

October — Cadre Schools in Copenhagen, Sweden and Germany


Sept. 30 — Article: Shakesepeare as a Scholar: U.S. Politics As Tragedy

Sept. — Lyndon LaRouche Addresses Moscow Conference

Sept. 3 — Helga Zepp LaRouche Addresses World Public Forum In Island of Rhodes


August 31—Helga Zepp—LaRouche Schiller Institute/ICLC Labor DaySpeech

August 30—Lyndon LaRouche Schiller Institute/ICLC Labor Day Conference Keynote

August 15— Schiller Institute Summer Academy in Frankfurt, Germany (Audio Files)


July 15—The LaRouches Address Youth Meeting in Hannover, Germany

July 11— New Article Released: "Science for Teachers: Visualizing the Complex Domain"

July 2—Lyndon LaRouche Addresses Capitol Hill (and Internet) Audience


June 30— LaRouche in NYC: ‘Fight Fascism, As Franklin Roosevelt Did’:

June 25 — East Coast LYM Meeting in Pennsylvania

June 13—17—Public and Private Meetings In Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey

June 15 — Helga LaRouche Releases Lautenbach EIR Report on at Frankfurt Seminar


May 26—27— Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp—LaRouche Trip to Bangalore, India

May 10 — Helga Zepp LaRouche Issues Open Letter to German Unions and SPD

May 8— LaRouche Interviewed in Russian "Polyarnaya Zveda"' (“The Pole Star”)

May 5 LaRouche Addresses the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce Think Tank

May 3 — International Cadre Schools Across Three Continents


April 26 — West Coast Youth Cadre School Address

April 8—10 — LaRouche Visits Rome, Italy

April 1— International Mass Leaflet Issued for Anti War Rallies


March 21—23 —Bad Schwalbach Conference— Dialogue with 46 Nations
March 21— LaRouche Keynote Speech (includes Graphics)
March 22 — Helga Zepp LaRouche Keynote Speech

March 12 — LaRouche Proposes Solution to North Korea Crisis


Feb. 23Lyndon LaRouche Address Pine Bluff, Arkansas Townhall Meeting

Feb. 18—Lyndon LaRouche Address to ICLC/Schiller Conference Cadre School

Feb. 16—Lyndon LaRouche ICLC/Schiller U.S. Conference Open Discussion
Feb. 16 — Helga LaRouche Conference Speech: The View from "Old Europe"

Feb. 15—Lyndon LaRouche ICLC/Schiller U.S. Conference Keynote
Feb. 15—Keynote Presentation Questions and Answers

Feb.5—European Youth Movement Meeting

Feb. 4—Helga LaRouche at German—French Schiller Institute Conference

Feb. 2—Press Release on the Loss of Columbia Shuttle,
               "Blame the Bookkeeper Mentality"

Feb. 1—Youth Cadre Schools in East and West Coast, USA and Europe
Feb. 1—2 —
Hear the Audio of the West Coast Event


Jan.31 — The Elysée Treaty Is a New Opportunity (by Helga Zepp—LaRouche)

Jan. 28 — LaRouche Delivers Webcast in Washington, D.C.

Jan.10—22 The LaRouches Return to India
                Press Release, Speeches, Photos

Jan. 5 — Lyndon LaRouche to Wiesbaden Cadre School

Jan. 5 — Helga Zepp LaRouche to Wiesbaden Cadre School

Jan. 4 — Lyndon LaRouche on LaRouche Show (AUDIO)
                Click here for Transcript

Jan. 1 — Helga Zepp LaRouche New Year's Message

Jan. 1Lyndon LaRouche's January 1st Message

Photo Album

January, 2003
Lyndon and Helga LaRouche Visit India

February, 2003

LaRouche Speaks with Youth Organizers in between Panels at the Schiller Institute Presidents'
Day, 2003 Conference

March, 2003

At the European Schiller Institute Conference, Bad Schwalbach, Germany

April, 2003

Amelia Boynton Robinson Speaks to 40,000 — 50,000 People
About Lyndon H. LaRouche in Leipzig, Germany

May, 2003

LaRouche Addresses the Think Tank of The Vicenza, Italy Chamber of Commerce

June 2003

Lyndon LaRouche in Ankara, Turkey, Chamber of Commerce, Recieving the Gold Atatürk Award

Helga Zepp—LaRouche, at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Börse),
with Hartmut Cramer and Lothar Komp

July 2003

Lyndon LaRouche Takes On Dick Cheney and the Synarchists
Intenatiional Webcast, Washington, DC
July 2
August 2003

Lyndon LaRouche delivers keynote address to August 31 Schiller Institute/ICLC Labor Day Conference in northern Virginia.

September 2003

Helga Zepp—LaRouche to Dialogue of Civilizations Conference in Rhodes.

Lyndon LaRouche, center, at Moscow conference.

October 2003

Lyndon LaRouche Oct. 22, 2003 Webcast

November 2003

Lyndon LaRouche talks with LaRouche Youth Movement attendees of a Nov. 1 cadre school in the Philadelphia, Pa, area

Helga Zepp—LaRouche leds a celebration of Friedrich Schiller's birthday, on November 10, 2003 in Wiesbaden, Germany

Lyndon LaRouche press conference in Concord, New Hampshire, November 12, 2003

December 2003

Lyndon LaRouche addressing Dec. 18, 2003 meeting of Berliner Salon.


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