Climate Campaign Is a Diversion;
Real Danger Is Financial Meltdown

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

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Reprinted with permission from the March 23, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review

Climate Campaign Is a Diversion; Real Danger Is Financial Meltdown

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The author is the chairwoman of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement (BüSo) in Germany and the founder and Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute. This article has been translated from German.

The population is currently being conditioned with a dramatic fear-campaign, to get them to accept a massive shrinking of their living standards and civil rights-and ultimately a different world order. Governments, the media, and "objective" scientists are speaking as if in lockstep, since the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on Feb. 7 provided the opening shot for the coordinated campaign for a paradigm-shift: to address the man-made climate catastrophe, the poor polar bears, who are swimming all alone toward the last ice floes in a warmed-up North Sea, and the "fact" that our "planet only has 13 years left." And Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel tries with some success to appear as weighty as Al Gore, and, according to Welt online, demands a "leader of the world."

While this panic-mongering affects the short-term memory of the citizen ("I was just in the Alps, where there was really no snow!"), on account of the fact that the very cold Winter and snow-catastrophe of last year has already been forgotten, the real drama is playing out on another stage. The disintegration of the global financial system, which has now convulsed various sections of the markets as a result of the unwinding of the yen carry trade, is unstoppable. The collapse of the American real estate market, especially in the realm of the subprime mortgages, due to the market-dominant role of the hedge funds, can lead to a crash of the system. The environmental hysteria is supposed to create a menacing situation in order to force through dictatorial measures in the resulting chaos.

In spite of all the swearing that the interest rate rises in Japan were only "a correction," but would not result in a crash, the disintegration is proceeding full speed, not only in the emerging markets, where there has been a collapse of 50-80%. The currently most dramatic situation is the collapse of the real estate bubble in the U.S.A., where the unsound practice of the issuance of so-called subprime loans has led multiple credit institutions into bankruptcy, and is spreading to other areas of the real estate market and the banking system [see this week's Feature].

Enter the Climate Hoax

Against this background, the climate catastrophe campaign is exposed as an effort by the investment banks and the hedge funds to find a new region for mega-profits, through creating a new bubble. Al Gore, who had sunk, discredited, into oblivion, due to his ineffective Presidential campaign as a stirrup-holder for George W. Bush, is now everywhere with his anti-scientific documentary and lectures in front of companies and hedge funds, in order to promote the CO2 emissions credit trade as a source of superprofits. What many of his green supporters don't know, is that Gore himself has been a hedge-fund manager since 2001. Gore was the proxy chairman of Metropolitan West Financial LLL (Metwest), whose chairman was junk-bond swindler Michael Milken, who was jailed for insider trading. In 2004, Gore and David Blood, previously the chairman of the board of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (aka "Blood & Gore"), founded the London Fund "Generation Investment Fund," which is itself massively active in the CO2 emissions credits trade.

"The real subject of what's going on, is the booming emissions trade," wrote the Daily Telegraph on March 14. "Gore recognized a trend that CO2 emissions certificates trading would be the hottest business." The Telegraph reported on the fact that the biggest investment banks in the world have plunged into this market, which is centered, by the way, primarily in London. Gore, who has been an official advisor to the British government on climate questions since 2006, promised about 2,000 companies that are involved in the emissions trade at a conference in Copenhagen, that he would turn the 2008 Presidential campaign in the U.S.A. into a campaign for climate change.

Therefore, all the more important is the documentary produced by the British Channel 4, with the title "The Great Global Warming Swindle," which takes up many of the scientific counter-arguments against the allegedly man-made climate catastrophe, and traces the beginnings of this campaign to the Thatcher Era. This film is an absolute must for anyone who is concerned with this subject.

There is a battle raging among climate scientists, geologists, chemists, and other scientists about the cause for the climate fluctuations which, over hundreds of thousands of years, have determined the shifts between ice ages, warming periods, interglacials, and inter-warming periods. All serious scientists agree that solar cycles, and only to a negligible degree human activity, are responsible for changes in temperature. In the face of this clear contradiction between scientific analysis and a propaganda campaign which has recently been used by the hedge funds, how is it explainable that Chancellor Angela Merkel used the German presidency of the European Union to make the subject of climate the top priority? And that, despite the fact that Merkel is herself a physicist, and therefore surely has the ability to inform herself on the facts of the matter.

The suspicion is that governments not only know that the "man-made climate catastrophe" is a swindle, but that they also know that the system associated with globalization is coming to an end. And because they don't have the courage to admit that their incompetent economic policy is responsible for the current systemic crisis, the climate question serves as a welcome scapegoat. Because if the financial system collapses, then chaos threatens, and in this situation they have several emergency measures in mind.

Call for Eco-Dictatorship

Interestingly, the newspaper Die Welt ran a lead article on March 10, entitled "Our Climate Debate Is Hostile to Progress," which, without any mention of the financial crash, states: "Meanwhile, the climate must suffer, in order to secure recognition for the necessity for a political thunderbolt. We have, that is, only a couple more years time-which we should not fritter away with the time-wasting and ineffective method of the previous policy.... In other words, the climate issue finally creates the very state of emergency that right-wingers and left-wingers as well as ecological friends of [Hitler's "crown jurist"] Carl Schmitt would like to have a license for." The emergency situation as the basis for dictatorship-that's what this article hints at. Therefore, what motivates Merkel to make the climate question the main theme at the EU summit, and to make the arguments of the ecology movement her own?

Surprisingly clear words come from someone who in previous times has himself been one of the most ardent supporters of globalization, the Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who, after the dissolution of the Comecon subjected his country to the most brutal shock therapy. Before the Cato Institute in Washington, Klaus elaborated the point that the ecology movement today is one of the most dangerous of all dangers facing the world. Behind this "friendly" ideology is an attempt to change the character of the world."They present their catastrophe scenarios in order to change our world, and that is very dangerous." And further: "If one theory is laid aside, then they find another. First there was the threat of overpopulation. Then there was the ozone hole. Now they come with their thesis about global warming." One could still add the dying forest, which obviously is as green as ever.

In an interview in Japan, Klaus remarked that the thesis of global warming was a myth, an evaluation which is confirmed by every serious scientist. The IPCC is not a scientific, but a political institution, a kind of non-governmental organization with a green taste. And on the decision of the EU Commission to reduce CO2 emissions by 20%, he commented: "This is obviously such a blunder by so many people, from journalists to politicians. If the European Commission falls for such a trick, then we have an even further reason why nations themselves, and not the Commission should make decisions on such questions...." Obviously Klaus has learned something and realized, that the new wave of globalization, and eco-dictatorship, would totally destroy his country.

U.S. Congress Must Take Up LaRouche's Ideas

But the current climate hysteria is also leading the American Congress on a false path. Instead of concerning themselves with the threatened financial collapse and the prevention of a new war by the Bush Administration against Iran, and initiating impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney, the Democratic Party has activated its green wing. But the war danger will not disappear as long as first Cheney, and then Bush are not removed from office.

If the human race is to finally come out of the systemic crisis which is reaching everywhere, then the dangerous ideology of the ecology movement must be replaced by scientific clarity and, generally, by an affirmation of scientific and technological progress. Besides, Russia, China, India, Brazil, the Eastern European nations, the Gulf states, the Maghreb countries, South Africa, and many others have already made it clear that they are not ready to allow themselves to be thrown into a dark age without a fight, and are striving for a renaissance of nuclear energy.

But finally, the crisis can only be overcome, if the hopelessly bankrupt financial system is reorganized, and replaced with a new Bretton Woods. Only if the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche are put into effect in the American Congress, and not those of Al Gore, does civilization have a chance.

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