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Civil Rights Heroine Amelia Robinson Organizes European Youth for LaRouche
December 2007

During her trip to Denmark in late September, Amelia Boynton Robinson got top billing on the nation’s 24-hour news channel, as well as extensive newspaper coverage. She also addressed more than 100 youth at a local high school.
EIRNS/Michelle Rasmussen

For six weeks, from approximately the end of September to mid-November, Mrs. Amelia Boynton Robinson, civil rights heroine and vice-chairman of the Schiller Institute in the United States, toured five nations in western Europe, bringing a message of hope and necessity to those nations’ youth. Mrs. Robinson received extensive press coverage in some countries, and addressed hundreds of young people, who were hungry to hear of her experience in the Civil Rights Movement—where, among other things, she provided a base for Dr. Martin Luther King in Selma, Alabama—and amazed to hear her agapic approach to organizing for a new, just world economic order, the centerpiece of Lyndon LaRouche’s plan to reverse the currently devastating world economic crisis.  

The pictures here provide a view of Mrs. Robinson’s activities in Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, and Italy. More information can be found at


Mrs. Robinson drew large crowds of young people at every event the Swedish LaRouche organization set up for her in early October. Most dramatic was the meeting sponsored by the Stockholm International School, which was held in a church that was totally filled (250-300 people) for the first time since an appearance by the Swedish Queen. EIRNS/Hussein Askary


Mrs. Robinson spent ten days in France, where her book Bridge Across Jordan was recently published in the French language. Here she is seen at a conference in Venissieux, with Colette Ilunga of the Café Noir Association, which co-organized an event for her, and Bertrand Buisson from the LaRouche Youth Movement. She was the guest of honor at the General Assembly of the LaRouche movement’s political party in France, Solidarité et Progres.
EIRNS/Julien Lemaître



Mrs. Robinson poses with members of the LaRouche Youth Movement after one of her meetings in Berlin. In Germany, she also addressed youth, African immigrants, and events sponsored by the Schiller Institute.
EIRNS/James Rea


Over 120 youth listened attentively to Mrs. Robinson, when she spoke at a political science class at the University of Milan on Nov. 13, the highlight of her short visit to Italy


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