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Amelia Boynton Robinson
Featured on Danish TV
September, 2007

Amelia B. Robinson

Sept. 22 — Schiller Institute (SI) Vice Chairwoman Amelia Boynton Robinson, on tour in Europe after speaking at the Schiller Institute's Landbridge Conference in Kiedrich, Germany has taken the Denmark press by storm, appearing on three national TV programs - a 10-minute live interview on TV2 News, a 24-hour news station; a 2 minute segment on the TV2 widely watched 7 p.m. evening news; and a taped spot that aired on the major national 9 p.m. evening news program on Denmark's DR TV1.

While the short segments focused on Mrs. Robinson's role as a heroine of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, asking for her view of the ongoing demonstrations in Jena, Louisiana, the longer, live program provided the 96 year old activist with the opportunity to draw the connections between the continuing civil rights problems in the U.S. and the economic devastation sweeping the country. She described the need for an FDR solution to the current crisis, including the role of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche and the international Schiller Institute.

Mrs. Robinson was identified as the vice president of the Schiller Institute in the U.S.A, and the anchorman concluded the interview by announcing the time and location for her public meeting on September 27 in Denmark.

Amelia Boynton Robinson, in 1965, after being
beaten by Sheriff Jim Clark’s officers.

On the DR TV1 program, the narrator described the situation in Jena, saying that the demonstrations are looking more and more like those in the 1960s, where then-Amelia Boynton was in the front ranks, showing news clips of civil rights actions from that time, including the famous photo of Amelia left for dead on Selma's Edmund Pettus Bridge, during the voting rights campaign's Bloody Sunday, in March 1965. Amelia said that racial relations were no better now than in the 1960s, because racism continues, just under the surface. She also said that her advice to the demonstrators was to use non-violent methods to fight for justice for all people.

Mrs. Robinson's interviews also really touched the journalists and cameramen, with one spontaneously asking her to sign his copy of her book, one promising to come to her meeting, and to hang up the poster for her meeting in the news room. Another asked for a picture taken with Amelia.

Thus, in just two days, Mrs. Robinson, representing the Schiller Institute on both of the major national Danish TV stations, has added a new flank to the growing impact of the Schiller Institute campaign in Denmark. Her commitment, warmth and love radiated thoughout the country, reflecting the concept that morality and politics are really the same thing, and that people can rally to the Schiller Institute idea.

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