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Circulate the following statement for endorsements:


To: The Honorable Anthony Williams, Mayor of the District of Columbia; The Congress of the United States of America

      At a recent meeting that took place just outside of Washington, D.C. between Lyndon LaRouche and a group of elected officials, trade unionists, and constituency leaders, Mr. LaRouche identified the current groundswell to stop the shutdown of D.C. General Hospital--the capital city's only public hospital--a matter of international importance. We agree with him.

There can be no argument that the world has entered the greatest financial and economic crisis in modern history. In the context of that crisis, the United States is at a crossroads. Either we re-adopt the commitment to the General Welfare clause of the U.S. Constitution that was the basis of both Franklin Roosevelt's policies and Dr. Martin Luther King's, or we will find our nation going the way of Nazi Germany.

      Although those who advocate closing the hospital seek to cloak their actions behind the veil of ''fiscal management,'' the fact is, the closing of the hospital is an expression of a social policy that the poor should die. Beginning with Richard Nixon's infamous ''Southern Strategy'' alliance with the Ku Klux Klan, up through the ''globalization'' policies of the Bush (Sr.) Administration, the operating policy of the U.S. government has been one of systematic undermining of General Welfare clause.

      This hideous policy has not only served to destroy this nation's productive capability and basic infrastructure, as evidenced by the currently spreading energy crisis that began in California, but also has resulted in the emergence of over 29 new diseases, as well as the re-emergence of new, treatment-resistant strains of old diseases worldwide. AIDS is devastating the population of Africa. BSE and ''hoof and mouth disease'' have placed Europe's entire food supply in jeopardy. As a willful and deliberate consequence of these policies, all of mankind has been put in jeopardy.

      The battle for the preservation of D.C. General Hospital can only be understood in this context. To close Washington, D.C.'s only public hospital is to deny medical care to the 135,000 poor people who live there, and is a policy decision to wipe out this largely black ''underclass.'' To do so represents an unacceptable step toward the Nazification of America.

      Mr. LaRouche has asserted that the legitimacy of our government rests on ''its authority and responsibility for the promotion of the General Welfare of all living persons and their posterity.'' Once again, we agree, and we insist that that means maintenance of public schools, public roads, the public water and power systems, and, most emphatically, public hospitals and public heath-care facilities.

      We face a crisis today even greater than the one FDR faced in 1932, but the choices are the same--either we protect the General Welfare, as FDR did then, or we go the way of Nazi Germany. There is no middle ground. It is time to draw the line. D.C. General Hospital must be kept open and restored to its full operational capability to serve the population of Washington, D.C.

NAME                                     CITY/STATE                                AFFILIATION





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(* Indicates former) Affiliation for identification purposes only.

Current and Former U.S. Congressmen and Administration Officials:
George S. McGovern, former U.S. Senator, SD
Cornelius Gallagher, former Congressman, Democrat, NJ
John Dow, former Congressman, Grandview, NY
Robert J. Cornell, former Congressman, Professor of History, St. Norbert College, Depere, WI
Clair Callan, former Congressman, Fairbury, NE
James R. Mann, former Congressman, Greenville, S.C.
Hon. Joycelyn Elders, former U.S. Surgeon General, Little Rock, AR

Statewide Officials:
Curt Johnson, Commissioner of Schools and Public Lands, Pierre, SD
Vel Phillips, former Secretary of State, Milwaukee, WI

State Legislators:
Sen. Charles Steele, Tuscaloosa, AL
Rep. John Rogers, Birmingham, AL
Rep. Joseph Mitchell, Mobile, AL
Rep. Thomas Jackson, Thomasville, AL
Rep. James Thomas, Selma, AL
Rep. William Clark, Pritchard, AL
Rep. John Letson, Moulton, AL
Rep. Eric Major, Birmingham, AL
Rep. Demetrius Newton, Speaker Pro Tem, Birmingham, AL
Rep. Steve Jones, West Memphis, AR
Sen. Eric Coleman, Hartford, CT
Rep. Ernest Newton III, Bridgeport, CT
Rep. Felipe Reinoso, Bridgeport, CT
Rep. Michael Mulrooney, New Castle, DE, Vice-President, IBEW Local 313, New Castle
Rep. Dennis Williams, Wilmington, DE
Rep. Tony Hill, former Sec.-Treas., Florida state AFL-CIO, Ft., Jacksonville, FL *
Rep. Lawrence Roberts, Albany, GA
Rep. E.C. Tillman, Brunswick, GA
Rep. Carol Pietsch, Bonner, County Democratic Central Committee Sand Point, ID *
Sen. James Clayborne, Jr., E. St. Louis, IL
Rep. William Delgado, Chicago, IL
Sen. Billie Breaux, Member, Democratic National Committee, Indianapolis, IN
Sen. Samuel Smith, E. Chicago, IN
Rep. R. Tiny Adams, Muncie, IN
Rep. Jerry Denbo, French Lick, IN
Rep. Ron Liggett, Redkey, IN
Rep. Sarah Wolf, Hancock Co., IN *
Rep. Mark Smith, IA
Rep. Dale Swenson, Wichita, KS
Rep. Lee Hamm (former), Pratt, KS
Sen. Joey Pendleton, Hopkinsville, KY
Sen. Charles Jones, Monroe, LA
Rep. Charles Hudson, Opelousas, LA
Rep. Arthur Morrell, New Orleans, LA
Rep. Clarence "Tiger" Davis, Baltimore, Md.
Rep. Ben Swan, Springfield, MA
Sen. Ray Murphy, Detroit, MI
Sen. Alma Wheeler-Smith, Lansing, MI
Rep. Ken Daniels, Detroit, MI
Rep. Belda Garza, Detroit, MI
Rep. Derrick Hale, Detroit, MI
Rep. Artina Tinsley Hardman, Detroit, MI
Rep. Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit, MI
Rep. LaMar Lemmons, Detroit, MI
Rep. Patricia Lockwood, Fenton, MI
Rep. George Mans, Trenton, MI
Rep. Bill McConico, Highland Park, MI
Rep. Keith Stallworth, Detroit, MI
Rep. Samuel "Buzz" Thomas, Detroit,MI
Rep. David Woodward, Royal Oak, MI
Rep. Rob Leighton, Austin, MN
Rep. Louis Ford, St. Louis, MO
Rep. Charles Quincy Troupe, St. Louis, MO
Rep. Frank Williamson, St. Louis, MO *
Rep. Earl Banks, Jackson, MS
Rep. Jim Evans, Jackson, MS
Rep. Erik Fleming, Jackson, MS
Sen. Don Eret, Dorchester, NE *
Sen. Joe Neal, Las Vegas, NV
Sen. Carlos Cisneros, Questa, NM
Rep. Delano Garcia, Alburquerque, NM*
Sen. Luther Jordan, Wilmington, NC
Rep. Walter Church, Valdese, NC
Rep. Milton Fitch, Wilson, NC
Rep. Raymond Meyer, Sioux County, ND *
Rep. Catherine Barrett, Cincinnati, OH
Rep. Kenneth Carano, Youngstown, OH
Rep. Mary M. Cirelli, Canton, OH
Rep. Bryan Flannery, Lakewood, OH
Rep. Annie L. Key, Cleveland, OH
Rep. Paul Costa, Pittsburgh, PA
Rep. Harold James, Special Assistant to the President, NBCSL; Chairman,
Region II (NY and Pa.), NBCSL Philadelphia, PA
Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, Chester, PA
Rep. Harry Readshaw, Pittsburgh, PA
Rep. William Russell Robinson, Pittsburgh, PA
Rep. Timothy Solobay, Canonsburg, PA
Rep. W. Curtis Thomas, Philadelphia, PA
Rep. Fred A. Trello, Coraopolis, PA
Rep. Jewell Williams, Philadelphia, PA
Sen. Maggie W. Glover, Florence, SC
Rep. David Mack, Charleston, SC
Rep. Joe Neal, Columbia, SC
Rep. Walter Lloyd, Walterboro, SC
Sen. Robert Duxbury, Wessington Springs, SD
Sen. Paul N. Symens, Amherst, SD
Sen. Ron Volesky, Huron, SD
Rep. Charles Flowers, Iroquois, SD
Rep. Pat Haley, Democratic State Executive Board, Huron, SD*
Rep. Jim Hundstad, Bath SD
Rep. Frank Kloucek, Scotland, SD
Rep. Gerald Lange, Madison, SD
Rep. Paul Valandra, Rosebud, SD
Rep. Alfred Waltman, Aberdeen, SD *
Rep. Theodore LaRue, SD *
Rep. Ulysses S. Jones, Memphis, TN
Rep. Joe Towns, Memphis, TN
Sen. Benjamin Lambert, Richmond, VA
Sen. L. Louise Lucas, Portsmouth, VA
Del. Viola Baskerville, Richmond, VA
Del. Mary Christian, Hampton, VA
Del. Flora Crittenden, Newport News, VA
Del. Jerrauld Jones, Norfolk, VA
Del. W. Ferguson Reid, Richmond, VA *
Del. William P. Robinson, Norfolk, VA
Del. Leonill Spruill, Chesapeake, VA
Rep. Pedro Colon, Milwaukee, WI
Rep. Christine Sinicki, Milwaukee, WI
Rep. Donald Hasenhorl, Pittsville, WI *


Geneva Bledso, Mayor, Five Points; Chairman, ADC, Chambers County
Isaac Bonner, Sumter County Commissioner, Aliceville
Marvys Boswell, Exec. Committee, Holmes County Democratic Party, Holmes County
Carrie Johnson, Exec. Committee, Choctaw County Democratic Party
Don Moore, City Councilman, Uniontown
Douglas Pride, Chairman, Bullock County ADC, Union Springs
Amelia Boynton Robinson, civil rights leader, Tuskegee
Ernest Summerville, Chairman, Pickens County Commission, Aliceville
Ann Turner, county chairman, ADC; Vice Chairman Democratic Party for Marion County
Alberta Dixon, City Council, Thomasville
Ocie Williams, ADC County Chairman, Clanton
Alphonso Wright, Pres. ILA 1410, Mobile
Thurman Underwood, rec. sec., UMWA Dist. 20, Mulhga

Richard Hair, Business Representative, IBEW #640, Phoenix

Willie Carrington, Mayor, Ozan
Bill Conway, Dem. Chairman, Desha County; retired hospital administrator
Rev. Royce Jackson, Justice of the Peace, Lincoln County, Star City
Vance Judd, Lafayette County Chair, Lafayette County
Byrum Kelly, Dem. County Chairman, Prairie County
Stan O. Morgan, IBEW #1516, Jonesboro
James Newman, IBEW #700, Ft. Smith
Betty Proctor, St. Francis County Dem Party Chairman
Ms. Johnnie Pugh, Little Rock City Council, Little Rock
Sherman Smith, Mayor, Earle
W.E. Smith, IBEW #1516, Jonesboro
Genevieve Stewart, City Council, Little Rock.
Charlie Tyson, Mayor; Pastor, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Buckner
Ed Wiles, Dem. County Chairman, Sharp County

Dawud K. Abdullah, Chairman, Compton Muslim PAC, Compton
Dr. Jason Appel, former Director, Mt. Diablo Hospital District, Concord
Haitham Aranki, pres., Arab American Club, Santa Fe Springs
Naomi Armada, Director, Philippine Heritage Institute, Los Angeles
Kevin Baysinger, SEIU #790, Stockton
James Bitterman, Shop Steward, Local 250, SEIU, Concord
M.R. Juergen Bless, German Evangelical Lutheran Bishop
George Bioletto, State Rep., California International Association of Machinists (IAM), Los Angeles
Stephen Burke, Business Rep., Teamsters Local 986, So. El Monte
Barbara Calhoun, President, SEIU Local 347, Los Angeles
Mark Calney, Member, California State Central Committee, Democratic Party
Maureen Calney, Member, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee; Member, California State Central Committee Democratic Party
Rosa Cobos, Director, Bell Gardens Community Center Bell Gardens
Emily Davis, President, IBEW #569, San Diego
George Davis, State Rep., of the Martin Luther King Democratic Club to the California Democratic Council, Los Angeles
Ted DeCroff, V.P., American Federation of Local Musicians Local 292, Santa Rosa
Rick DesJardins, IBEW #40, Woodland Hills
Ruby Dye, SEIU #660, Compton
Lisa Garvin, President, AFGE Local 405, Butner
William Glazewski, Member, Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee; Member, California State Central Committee Democratic Party
Mark W. Gribble, IBEW, San Mateo
Youseff Haddad, President (ret.) Arab American Press Guild Los Angeles
Henry Harkema, City Council, Paramount
Rosalind Hinter, RN, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, Martinez
Laura Hoffmeister, Mayor, Concord
William Horning, Member, Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, Member, California State Central Committee Democratic Party
Simone Issertes, Registered Nurse, Altadena
Reverend M. J. Jackson, Jackson Institutional Baptist Church, Oakland
Richman Jackson, SEIU, Los Angeles
Robert Jones, Member, Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee member, Member; State Central Committee Democratic Party
Richman Jackson, SEIU, Los Angeles
Rick Linder, member, United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, local 250, Long Beach; Political Action Committee, Community Services Committee
Marlys Lipari, Member, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee; Member, State Central Committee Democratic Party
Bert Lujan, Member, Bargaining Committee United Aerospace Workers (UAW) Local 148 Los Angeles
Robert J. Lull, M.D., Chief of Nuclear Medicine, San Francisco General Hospital, Pres.-Elect, San Francisco Medical Society
Eugene Lumpkin, Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church, San Francisco; Calif. leader ``Coalition to Save St. Luke's Hospital''
Carol E. Lyles, SEIU #434B, Los Angeles
Reggie McNeal, Pres., AFGE Local 4038, Los Angeles
Willie McReynolds, Trustee, IAM #1111, Hawthorne
Susan Espiritu Maquindang, Exec. Dir., Filipino American Service Group, Los Angeles
Warren Mollow, Vice-President, AFGE Local 4038, Los Angeles
Josie Moony, SEIU #790, San Francisco
Kathleen Navejas, former Mayor, Hawaiian Gardens
Judith Neurge, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, Oakland
Adwoa Nyamelye, Exec. Dir., Black Employees Assn., Los Angeles
Charlene Overshone, Exec. Director, HICARE, Oakland
Yolanda Parsons, SEIU #616, Hayward
Gerald Pfeiffer, IBEW #332, Los Bamos, CA
Glenda Ponder, First Vice Pres., United Domestic Workers, Visalia
James Ponder, Jr., regional rep., AFSCME #3299, Oakland
Paul Regnier, IBEW, San Mateo, CA
Samer Saba, editor, Al Akbar, Glendale
Maxine Sherard, Pres., Martin Luther King Club of San Diego
Doris Smith, Chairperson, Butte County Democratic Central Committee
John R. Smith, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, Oakland
Ruby Spann, Pres., AFSCME #3299, Los Angeles
O.G. Hickmann Steward, AFSCME Local 685, Los Angeles
James Tippins, past Pres., Orange County Branch, NAACP
Jamal Thrower, Vice Pres., AFSCME Local 685, Los Angeles
Robert Tragni, IBEW #332, San Jose
Armando Valino, President (ret.), Los Angeles County Filipino American Association, Los Angeles
John Lee Williams, Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee Member
Stephen S. Winkler, Vice Chair, Region 1, Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, Member, State Central Committee Democratic Party

Roseanne Bachus, SEIU, Mt. Dora
Eligio Martinez, City Councilmember, San Luis
Gerald Muhammad, Nation of Islam, Mosque 51, Denver
Desiree Olammus, SEIU, Denver
Arlo Peterson, National Farmers Union, Limon

Merritt Ball, Democratic Committeeman, Groton
Carol Censki, AFSCME, Enfield
Richard (``Dick'') Days, Town Councilman, Bloomfield; Chairman, Connecticut CBTU
Harold Davidson, Roofers Local 12, New Haven
William R. Hales, Sr., publisher, The Inquirer newspaper, Hartford
Richard ("Dick") Days, Town Councilman, Bloomfield, CT; Chairman, Connecticut CBTU
Lois O'Connor, AFSCME, Hamden
Gary Stewart, AFSCME, Council 4, New Haven
Rosemarie Tate, NEHCU #1199, West Hartford
Drew P. Truncari, SEIU #760, Hartford

District of Columbia:
D. Billingsly, SEIU #82, Washington, D.C
Morrell Bolding, DOJ, Washington, D.C.
Ms. Verline Bowie, President, IBT Local 922, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Melissa Clarke, MD, emergency room physician, Howard University Hospital, Washington, D.C.
Rev. Cora A. Davis, East Caanan Baptist Church
Junior Hinton, head coach, Sugar Ray Leonard Gym
Rev. C.P. Johnson, New Prospect Baptist Church
Walter Jones, President, AFSCME Local 2087, Washington, D.C.
William Lockridge, Washington, D.C. School Board, Ward 8
Rev. Richard McSorley, SJ, Georgetown U. Director, Center for Peace Studies, Washington, D.C
Barbara Lett Simmons, Democratic National Committee, Washington, D.C.
Mattie J. Tabron, Chairman of the Department of Radiation Therapy, Howard University, Washington, D.C.
Rebecca Tyson, SEIU, Washington, D.C.
Peggy Valentine, Ed.D., President, National Society of Allied Health, Washington, D.C.
Jocelyn A. Woodard, The Black Agenda

Brian Calhoun, SEIU, Ocoee
Rev. Louis W. Cheatham, Pa.
Jose M. Cruz, M.D., Hialeah
Richard Hardy, IAM, Pensacola
Vivian Koonce, Treas., Dem. Central Committee Jackson County
George Moore, Pres., IAM Local, Pensacola
James Palmer, Executive Board Democratic Party, Gadsden County
Michael Sullivan, Hernando County Housing Commissoner, Springfield
Andrew Younger, Pres., IATSE Local 780, Coca Beach

William J. Breeding, Chairman, Greene County Democratic Party
Larry Dowdy, President, AFGE Local 2317, Albany
Henry Gallimore, Asst. Business Mgr., Georgia Building and Construction Trades Council, Atlanta
John James, Chairman, Chairman, Douglas County Democratic Party
Ronald James, Chairman, Jasper County Democratic Party
Marcellus McBride, Chairman, Marion County Democratic Party; City Councilman, Buena Vista
Jerome Major, Evangelist (black radio preacher), Albany
Ben Martin, President, Council 39 AFGE, Vice Pres., AFGE Local 2317; Exec., Vice Pres., Council 240 AFGE, Albany
Jim Pearsall, Chairman, Houston County Democratic Party, Centerville
Bobby Richardson, former chairman, Miller County Democratic Party, Colquitt
Melvin S. Underwood, Laborers Local 438, Atlanta

J.D. Bailey, Business Agent, IBEW #538, Danville
Hank Bowers, Business Agent, Local #78, National Conference of Firemen & Oilers
William Brown, former Ward Committeeman, Chicago
Dorile Burnell, Vice President, USW #960, Rockford
James Hayes, City Councilman, Urbana
Robert Holder, Business Agent, Painters' Local, Chicago
Tony Lowrey, Campaign for Better Health Care, Chicago
Emmett James Marshall III, Attorney-At-Law
Lorenzo Martin, Editor-Publisher, Chicago Heights
Gary Rome, IBEW #20, Wake Forest
George F. Traymere, AFGE 7th Dist. National Rep, Chicago

Thomas V. Barnes, former Mayor, Gary
Arvin Byrd, National Rep., AFGE
(Indiana, Ky, Ohio), Danville
Michael L. Closson, Sr., IBEW #305, Ft. Wayne
Ron Ellis, City Councilman, Jeffersonville
Robert Freiburger, Pres., Carpenters, Local 232, Ft. Wayne
David Frye, Field Rep., Laborers Union Local 120, Indianapolis
Darin Griesey, former Democratic nominee for Congress, Indianapolis
Rich Hailey, former Pres., American Trial Lawyers Association, Indianapolis
Chuck Hughes, City Council, Gary
Duanne Jeffries, Pres., AFGE Local 1020, Marion
William Miller, Vice Pres., AFGE Local 1020 Marion
William T. Overbey, Pres., AFGE Local 1020, VA Hosp., Northern Indiana Health Care System, Marion
Jesse Pruitt, Pres., USWA loc 1999, Diamond Chain Industries, Indianapolis
David Rhum, Chairman, Lawrence Co. Democratic Party, Bedford
Amy Rudbeck, Chief Steward, Professional Unit, AFGE Local 1020, Muncie
Carol Smith, UAW Educ. Committee, Corydon
Greg Strack, Iron Workers Local 147, Fort Wayne
William Thompson, IBEW organizer, Kokomo
Sylvester Tutt, Pres., South Indiana African American Democratic Caucus, Jeffersonville
David Warrick, Assoc. Dir., AFSCME Council 62, Indianapolis
Robert White, City Council, Gary

Russ Woodrick, Delegate, 2000 Democratic Convention, Cedar Falls
Anthony and Denise Jago, co-chairs, Paige County Democratic Party

Mary Jo Heiland, licensed psychiatric health-care technician, Wichita

Donna Haynes, Vice Chair, IBEW Local 1701, Philpot

Roger Beall, Democrat, Candidate for Congress, 5th C.D., Winnsboro
Bret C. Butler, MD, Medical Director, South Allen Doctors' Clinic, Kinder
Roy Burrell, City Council, Shreveport
Maggie Daniels, Iberia Parish Council, New Iberia
Patricia Flanagan, Delegate to '2000 Democratic Convention, Shreveport
Danny Hamilton, Councilman, Kinder
John Hopkins, Business Agent, IBEW #446, Monroe
Charles R. Kelley, Baton Rouge City Council, Baton Rouge
Wali Muhammad, New Orleans
Martin L. Richard, Iberia Parish Council, New Iberia
Eleanor Siebert, President, NAACP, New Roads
Archie Tiner, professor, School of Architecture, Southern University, Baton Rouge

Barry Cote, SEIU #1989, Augusta
Richard Feeney, County Commissioner, Cumberland County, Portland

Jonathan D. Bishop, SEIU #500,
Montgomery County
Rev. LeRoy Bowman, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Annapolis
Dave Brode, COPE director and vice president, AFL-CIO, Western Maryland Central Labor Council, Cumberland
Clifton Brown, Pres., Suitland Democratic Club, Suitland
Rev. Conrad Burch, First Baptist Church of Landsdowne, Baltimore
Purnell Chapple, Jr., USWA Local 2610, PAC, Baltimore
Dorothy Cunningham, Pres., AFSCME Local 1356, Baltimore
Bill Dickens, Pres., United Container & Rail Haulers, Baltimore
Pastor Clyde Dowell, Laurel Bapstist Temple, Laurel
Ed Evans, President, NPMHU (National Postal Mail Haulers Union) local #305, Capitol Heights
Diana Fennell, Mayor, Colmar Manor
Bea Gaddy, City Council, Baltimore
Marie Goff, AFSCME, Hyattsville
Jacqueline L. Harris, M.D., Dem. state central commiteee, Salisbury
Pastor Bill Hill, New Chapel Baptist Church, Baltimore
Joanie Horschler, SIDS Committee, Cheverly
Jeffrey Johnson, AFSCME Council 92, Baltimore
K. Johnson, AFSCME, Upper Marlboro
Ann Kempski, Associate Director, Public Policy Department, AFSCME, Silver Spring
Pastor Joe Kwon, Korean Baptist Church, Baltimore
Rev. Lampert Y.K. Lee, Baltimore Chinese Baptist Church, Baltimore
Sheila Lane, SEIU, Lanham
Marsha Leslie, AFSCME Council 92, former exec. bd., Local 266, Baltimore.
Moriah Mattingly-Jones, Democratic state central committee, Allegheny County, Cumberland
William P. Miles, Maryland Dem State Central Committee, Hebron
Idell Mitchell, Pres., National Postal Professional Nurses Union, Temple Hills
Bernard Nutwell, Democratic State Central Committee, St. Leonard
Quentin Montgomery, Dir., Chapel Hill Citizen Assn, retired aide, U.S. Senate Library, Ft. Washington
James Mosley, Vice Pres., UAW Local 239 Retirees; Comissioner, State Commission on Aging, Baltimore
Ruth Pajowhandeh, Labor Relations Specialist, Local 800, City Union of Baltimore
C. Paul Rambo, IBEW #24, Baltimore
Tim O'Reilly, IBEW #26, Germantown
Rev. James Pfeiffer, Scotland AME Zion church, Potomac
Tom Pratt, Treas., Democratic State Central Committee
Micheal Reichert, AFSCME, Council 20, Pasadena
Rev. James Reid, Word of Life Church, Ft. Washington
Ruben Reid, Councilman, former Mayor, Glenardern
Helen Robinson, staff for former Pres. Clinton, Greenbelt
Alice Thompson, AFSCME, District Council 67, Kettering
James Wilson, former city administrator, Takoma Park
James Whitley, Washington, D.C. Batallion Fire Chief, Mitchellville
Jackie Young, Vice Pres., ``Give it Back to the Community,'' Capitol Heights

Rev. John Hennessy, Boston Society of Redemptorist Fathers, Boston
David M. Mortimer, Ironworkers Local 501, Boston
Donald Muhammad, East Coast coordinator, Nation of Islam, Boston
Clifton E. Reed, NAACP Education Cttee, Pinehurst
Joseph G. Sullivan, President, IBEW #7, Springfield
Chuck Turner, City Councillor, Boston
Robert E. Ward, IBEW #104, Plymouth

John Austin, Board Member, Michigan State School Board, Fenton
Kay Beard, Wayne County Board of Commissioners, Detroit
Richard Berlin, Assist. to the Pres., Government and Community Relations, Detroit Federation of Teachers
Rick Blashful, City Manager, Grand Rapids
Edward Bivens, former Mayor, Inkster
Joseph Black, City Councilman, Lapeer
Frank Carter, Pres., Gasworkers Local 80, Detroit
Robert Cebina, VP, UAW Local 723, Monroe
Rebecca Cerena, Ottawa County Democratic Party, West Olive
Herbert W. Cholger, former Mayor, Tawas City
Victoria Cook, SEIU, Detroit
Dorothea Crocker, City Commissioner, Bridgeman
Richard Crutts, City Councilman, Owosso
Eileen Dabakey, Ottawa County Democratic Party, Jenison
Dan Dengel, Michigan Joint Council Rep., Michigan Teamsters Joint Council #43, Detroit
Allen Dickenson, City Councilman, Grosse Pointe
LaVern Dittenber, Mayor, Au Gres
Judge Maggie Drake, Detroit
Mike Duggan, Wayne County Prosecutor, Wayne County
Robert Flournoy, Plaster and Concrete Masons Local 514, Detroit
Dan Gorman, IBEW, Lansing
Bobby Hill, Macomb County Commissioner, Mt. Clemens
Randall Holley, UAW Int'l Rep., Detroit
Flora Hommel, National Bd., of Directors, Gray Panthers, Detroit
Dave Hydes, IBT Drive Committee, Loc. 299, Tecumseh
Naomi James, City Council member, Inkster
Walter J. Jones, State Chair, Michigan Democratic Party Black Caucus, Kalamazoo
Kwame Kenyatta, Detroit School Bd. (former), Detroit
Valerie Kunkel, City Councilwoman, Eaton Rapids
Ed McNamara, Wayne County Executive, Wayne County
Delores Mancilla, Ottawa County Democratic Party, West Olive
Keith Mickens, Vice Pres., UAW Local 1700, Detroit
Michael Moran, IBEW Organizer Local 58, Detroit
Phil Morawski, chaplain and farmer, Farm Care Organization, Decker
Rolland Olney, City Manager, Lansing
Fred R. Parks, SEIU, Eagle
Charles Ruth, Saginaw County Commissioner, Saginaw
Olga Salazar, Chair, Health and Safety Committee, UAW local 2145, Saginaw
Dan Shepherd, Financial Sec., UAW 892, Saline
Jeanne M. Stine, Mayor, Troy
Ed Taylor, Councilman, Flint
Ray Trevino, President, UAW local 925, St. Johns
Jack Vernier, Fin. Sec., UAW Local 845, Canton
Simone Wilson, Legislative Aide to District #2, State Senate
Robert Woods, Saginaw County Commissioner, Saginaw
Pete Zajak, 16th Dist. Democratic Club, Democratic Precinct Delegate, Dearborn Heights

Jennifer Burke, SEIU #113, St. Paul
Larry Clark, IBEW #292, Minneapolis
Robert Van Hee, City Councilman, Redwood Falls
Judy Schermer, Civil Rights Attorney, Delegate to '2000 Democratic Convention, Minneapolis

Hon. Douglas Anderson, Hinds County Board of Supervisors, District 2, Jackson
Aubry Brent, City Council, Yazoo City
Curtis Gray, County Commissioner, Bay Springs
Joyce Jones, editor, {Banner} newspaper Hattiesburg
Carl Kolb, President, IUE Local 698, Jackson
Mrs. A.M.E. Logan, civil rights activist Jackson
Min. Eddie Muhammad, Mosque #78, NOI, Jackson
Dave Schnell, Sec-Treas, Central Labor Council, Hines County
Brenda Scott, Pres., MASE/CWA, Jackson
James E. Wolfe, City Council, Jackson
Rev. Carlos Wilson, Pastor, Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church Hattiesburg
Gertrude A. Young. Alderwoman, City of Vicksburg

Richard Albrecht, Sec. Treas., Kansas City Federation of Musicians, Local 34-627, Kansas City
James Harvey, Mayor, City of Wellston
Patrick Johnson, 1st Exec. Vice Pres., AFGE Local 96, St. Louis
Jesse Jokerst, Sec., Truman State College Democrats; Delegate to the '2000 Democratic Convention, Kirksville
Eugene Martin, National Organizer, AFGE, Delegate to the 2000 Democratic National Convention, St. Louis
Rev. B.T. Rice, St. Louis
Warren Siegel, President, and Regional Collective Bargaining Council, AFGE/NCFLL #1748, AFL-CIO, Kansas City
Stacey Salmon, Delegate to Democratic Convention, 2000, Joplin
Nancy Snow, President, CWA local 6326, Kansas City

Dan Flynn, IBEW #44, Helena
Larry Littrell, Business Manager, IBEW #768, Kalispell
Dan Roe, IBEW #768, Kalispell

Milo Bartek, former director, Saunders County Health Bd.; former Chair, Mental Health and Retarded Services Bd. for Southeast Nebraska; former member, Governor's Advisory Bd. for the Dept. of Public Institutions, Wahoo
Robert J. Corner, AFSCME Local 61, Lincoln
Floyd Hemmer, state V.P., National Farmer's Organization, Lindsay
Melvin Muhammad, former Pres., NAPE/AFSCME; Douglas County Democratic Party, Omaha

New Hampshire:
Gary Smith, SEIU #1984, Concord

Floyd Hemmer, State Vice President, National Farmer's Organization, Lindsay
Les Mitchell, Vice Pres., AFGE Local 2297, Las Vegas
Lena Young Dell Vecchio, former chair, Paradise Democratic Club, Las Vegas

New Jersey:
Joseph DiCarlo, Pres., IUE Local 106, Moorestown
Jerry DeRogatis, Pres., AFGE Local 225, Picatinny Arsenal
Lana Mae Hall, AFSCME, Vineland
Leamon Hood, Area Field Service Director, AFSCME International, Willingboro
Minister Reginald Muhammad, Camden
Jose Miguel Rodriguez Juarbe, member, National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO), former member, Camden BOE; member, Dept, of Development of Camden
Kathy Williamson, AFSCME, Vineland

New York:
Jacob Azeke, AFSCME District Council 37, Local 374, New York
Carolyn Backstrom, CSEA Local 1000, Bronx
Linda Banks, AFSCME, District Council 37, New York
Dr. Shafi Bezar, Chairman, Pakistan League of America; Chairman, Westchester Muslim Center, New York
Saunders Boone, AFSCME, Local 420, New York
K.L. Bieleskin, CSEA Local 1000, Lockport
Andre Brown, CSEA Local 1000, Albany
Lisa Brown, SEIU, New York
Jim Butler, AFSCME, International Vice Pres., New York
Sekou Caston, SEIU #1199, Bronx
Angel Cintron, Deputy Mayor, Haverstraw
Esther Cohen, SEIU #1199, New York
Greg Davis, Shop Steward, AFGE Local 3148, New York
Robert R. DeMeo, M.D., Staten Island
U. Dorah, SEIU #1199, Bronx
Rev. Willie Harvey, Pastor, Peace Baptist Church; former NAACP Chairman, Rochester
Ronald C. Hill, CSEA Local 1000, St. Johnsville
Kyle B. Harris, CSEA Local 1000, Albany
Glenn Huff, AFSCME District Council 1707, Vice Pres., Local 205, Brooklyn
Labrenne Josephs, SEIU, New York
Ena Thompson Judd, Pres. #1980 AFGE, St. Albans
Rev. Dr. James A. Lewis III, Director, Pastoral Care, Erie County Medical Center, Erie County
Tommy Meritt, Laborers Local 178, New York
Donald Morgan, IBEW #43, Syracuse
Harold Omrow, SEIU, Queens
Anne Powe, SEIU #1199, New York
Lizabeth Priarno, CSEA Local 1000, Poughkeepsie
Sarah Riley. SEIU 1199, Bronx
Francis Rogers, SEIU #1199, Bronx
Jacqueline Stanford, CSEA Local 1000, Brooklyn
Willa Mae Young, SEIU #1199, New York

North Carolina:
Nancy Carter, City Council, Charlotte
Malachi Faison, Sampson County Commissioner, Clinton
Lorene Garland, Chairman, Caswell County Democratic Party, Blanch
Ronald Hatton, Shop Steward, AFGE Local 405, Butner
Rev. Roosevelt Higgs, Chairman, Ashcombe County Dem. Party, Ashcombe
Larry Hill, Chairman, Tyrrell County Democratic Party, Columbia
Louis C. Hoggard III, Berte County Commissioner, Windsor
Donald Rains, Chairman, Johnston County Democratic Party, Johnston County
Rev. Randy Royal, Pitt County Commissioner, Greenville
James Saddlewhite, Pres., Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1493, Raleigh
Carol Sheerer, Bus. Agent, UNITE, Eden
William Ward, Sr., Mayor, Dobbins Heights
Zettie Williams, County Commissioner, Magnolia

North Dakota:
Father Richard A. Sinner, Fargo

Willie Haywood, Vice Pres., AFGE Local 31, Cleveland
John S. Hornacek, IBEW #306, Akron
Yvonne McMillan, City Council, Warrensville Hgts.
Nathaniel Martin, Pres., City Council, East Cleveland
O. Mays, Vice President, City Council, East Cleveland
Dr. Michael Medgyessy, Northeast Chiropractic Academy, Oberlin Rotary Club, Oberlin
Bev Mitri, SEIU #47, Cleveland
Idotha Neal, City Council
Dr. Brenda Perryman, National Medical Association, Cleveland
Hank Ruppel, Pres., Laborers Local 423, Columbus
Deborah Schneider, SEIU District #925, Cincinnati
Kenneth Smith, Labor Chair, Toledo NAACP, Toledo
Barry Sweeney, Jr., SEIU #47, Cleveland
Roger Thrash, Organizing Coordinator, IBEW #71, Columbus
Darrell Tibbs, Laborers Local 935, Warren
Greg Woda, Ironworkers Local #55, Toledo

Jim French, IBEW #1002, Edmond
Don Land, President, Nat'l Assoc of Letter Carriers Local 458, Oklahoma City
Michael Kelly, National Vice Pres., District 9 AFGE, Oklahoma City
Don Landis, Pres., NALC #458 Oklahoma City
Donald Scholi, IBEW #1141, Moore
Jerry Weldon, Business Manager, Plumbers and Pipefitters #344, Oklahoma City

Mike Danielson, SEIU #503, Eugene
Ron John, IBEW, Medford
Rev. Max and Edwina Wills, Oak Grove Methodist Church, Milwaukee

Frank Basker, Bricklayers Local #5, Harrisburg
Janus Bond, SEIU, Greensburg
O.G. Christian, State Board, Pennsylvania NAACP
Rev. Dr. Harry Davis, Philadelphia
Kyle Simmons, AFSCME, District Council 37, Tobyhanna
Dave Schauf, IBEW, Norristown
Olu Sangodeyi, MD, Sewickley
Dr. Simon L. Wilcox, Aliquippa
Christine Smith, Pres., AFGE Local 2028, Pittsburgh
Robert Hinson, Painters and District Council 21, Philadelphia

South Carolina:
W. Harry Cone, Mayor, Walterboro
Rudy Feagin, Recording Sec., Catawba Central Labor Council, Columbia
Modest Keenan, Pres., NAACP, Union
Raymond Mitchell, Vice Pres., AFGE Local 1915, Columbia
Robert Mitchell, City Council, Charleston
Kenneth Riley, Pres. ILA Loc. 1422, Charleston
Franklin Smalls, City Council, Walterboro
Marvin Stevenson, County Commissioner, Marion County
Raymond Storey, Bus. Mgr., Local 92, International Insulators and Asbestos Workers, Ridge Spring

South Dakota:
Dennis Feichert, Brown County Commissioner, South Dakota
William Murtha, former chairman, Hutchinson County Democratic Committee, Parkston
Jeff Nelson, Democratic State Committee, South Dakota
Trudi Nelson, Democratic State Committee, South Dakota
Kermit Pearson, Rural Electrification Admin, Lake Kermit
John W. Steele, President, Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, Manderson
Alan Tekrony, former Gubernatorial candidate, Reform Party
Larry Venner, County Commissioner

Mike Becorski, IBEW, Nashville
John E. Bigelow, former member, Anderson Co. Health Council, and East Tennessee Health Improvement Council under Hill-Burton, Oak Ridge
Jack Gatlin, Business Manager, IBEW #474, Covington
Regina Hill, SEIU #205, Lavergne
Randy Jones, Bus. Mgr. IBEW #934, Kingsport
Lindsay J. Lee, Business Manager, IBEW #429, Nashville
Carlene Malone, Knoxville City Council, District 4, Knoxville
Linda Morris, V.P., PUSH Woman's Board, Chattanooga
Min. Majied Muhammad, Minister, Nation of Islam, Nashville
Rev. Alvin Oldham, Pastor (retired), Concord Baptist Church, Clarksville
Ocie Pleasant, Jr. Election Commissioner, Memphis
Shelvie Rose, Alderman, Dist. 1, Covington; County Commissioner, Dist. 1, Tipton County
Kenny Smith, IBEW #175, Chattanooga
Gary Watkins, IBEW #175, Chattanooga
Jack Watkins, SEIU #205, Nashville
Teresa G. West, SEIU #205, Nashville

Mack Bennett, Bus. Agent, IUE #178, Ft. Worth
Jean Birmingham, City Commissioner, Marshal
Sue Daniel, Financial Sec., County Central Labor Council; co-chair, COPE committee IUE, Delegate to the '2000 Democratic convention, Frankston
Betty Franklin, City Council, Greenville
Johnny Friday, President, AFBE Local 1920, Ft. Hood
Santos Hernandez, IUE/CWA District 8, San Antonio
Joe O. Holguin, Councilman, San Angelo City Council, District 3, San Angelo
Mitchell Martin, Dem. precinct chair, Harris County, Houston
William Pate, IBEW #602, Amarillo
Pablo Puente, IBEW #66, Houston
Norman Sachse, Int. Rep., IBEW, Austin
Joe Powell, President, Dallas Coalition for African Americans with Mental Illness (DCAAMI), Dallas

George Garwood, Jr., City Council, So. Ogden

Lance Moran, Bus. Mgr, Local 693, Plumbers and Pipefitters; Vermont Central Labor Council, Burlington
Timothy Watins, IBEW #300, South Burlington

Ruby Archie, Member, City Council, Danville
Jim Avery, IBEW #1340, Hampton
Rebecca Coleman, NAACP, Orange
Wally Damon, President, Carpenters Union, Local 613, Norfolk
G.W. Delorme, Va.-N.C. Laborers District Council, Richmond
Greg Dorton, President, IBT Local, Collinsville
Rev. Dr. Anthony E. Jackson, Minister of Music, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Alexandria
Ikechukwu Jenkins, Principal Representative, AFGE Council 236, Manassas
E. Martin Jewell, NAACP, Richmond
Rev. William Avon Keen, SCLC, Danville
Odis Kenyon, AFSCME Local 1509, Falls Church
Dr. Max King, MD, FACR (Fed. Assoc. of Certified Radiologists), Portsmouth
Rev. Martha Knight, Social Action Director for AME Church
Dr. Frederick Lillis, doctor of internal medicine, Leesburg, VA
Thomas Henry Otto, Pres., Local 88, Asbestos Workers, West Point
Rev. William Perry, Upper Room Baptist Church, Virginia Beach
Dallas Proax, Trans. & Communications Local 1090, Roanoke
Deacon Alain Stewart, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Alexandria,
Tim W. Williams, vice-president, IBEW #666, Virginia Beach

William Bowser, IBEW #46, Seattle
Greg Henning, Pres., Local 341, Washington Federation of State Employees, Shoreline
Freddie Johnson, Minister, Freedom Missionary Church of Seattle, Seattle
Clyde Jones, Shop Steward, Washington Federation of State Employees, Seattle
Elizabeth Lindberg, retired nurse, Battle Ground
John Meier, Pres., Pierce County Building and Construction Trades Council; Exec. Board member, Pierce County Labor Council, Tacoma
Mike Smitten, Vice Chair, SEIU, Local 1199; Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman, Tacoma
John Walston, Vice Pres., USWA, Tacoma
James Weddington, former delegate, San Francisco Labor Council for Marine Shipyards, Local 86, Tacoma

West Virginia:
Gary R. Barnes, IBEW, Clarksburg

Sharon J. Brown, AFSCME Dist 2 Executive Board, Pewaukee
Mary Burpee, organizer, AFSCME Council 40, Elkhorn
Kevin Corbett, Business Manager, Glaziers Local 1204, Milwaukee
Jack Cunningham, legislative rep., Local 281, United Transportation Union; Past General Chairman, Local 281, UTU, Walworth
Bob Chybowski, AFSCME, Madison
John Garland, Pres., Loc. 33, AFSCME, Milwaukee
Jim Garity, AFSCME Executive Board Council 40, Palmyra; Village President, Palmyra
John Heckenlively, Sec., Racine Co. Dem Party, Racine
Mike Hagene, Vice Pres., Ashland Central Labor Council, Ashland
Henry Hendrickson, State Gov't Relations Committee, AARP Viroqua
Jean Herring, Board of Directors, Milwaukee Board of Realtors, Milwaukee
Marlene Johnson-Odom, Alderwoman, Milwaukee
Kim Lalor, Chairman, Burnett County Democratic Party, Webster
Dean Licht, President, IBEW #14, Eau Claire
Diane Luedtke, Treasurer, Dodge County Central Labor Council; Pres., District 1 IAM, Beaver Dam
George Meyer, National Pres., State Environmental Officers, National V.P., Fish and Wildlife Officers; former sec., Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Madison
Bill Moyer, Business Manager, Painters Local 802, Madison
William Moyle, IBEW, LaCrosse
Kevin Nord, Bus. Mgr., Local #15, Elevator Constructors, West Allis
Mary Ann O'Neil, Vice Chair, Vernon County Democratic Party, former Delegate to 2000 Democratic National Convention, Viroqua
Mary Rasmussen, DNC member, Boyceville

Dr. Lucille C. Norville Perez, President-Elect, National Medical Association
R.J. Strong, Jr., Attorney
Susan Sarandon, Actress
Yves St. Germain, Business Agent, IBEW #568, Montreal
Joe O'Brien, Business Agent, IBEW #120, Ontario
Dr. Victor Omelchenko, MD, Ph.D., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
John Pender, IBEW, Toronto, Canada
George Smith, IBEW #353, Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Vince Surmanksi, Recording Secretary, IBEW #120, Ontario

Sally Higgins, Mayor, Town of Narrogin, Western Australia
Ken Griggs, National Secretary, Aviation Branch, United Firefighters Union of Australia
Garry Wood, State Secretary, Mining and Energy Division, Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union, Western Australia.
Terry Iturbide, Central Manager, Lyons Community Care Centre, Western Australia; Member International Association of Home Servives for the Aged (IAHSA), Australia
Cecily Musumeci, Registered Nurse, Member, Queensland Nurses Union, Queensland, Australia
E.A. Nicholas, Midwife, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
Pastor John Mallaby, Baptist Church, Western Australia
Dennis Doust, Minister of the Uniting Church, Western Australia
Jean Robinson, CEC State Secretary, Western Australia
Mr. Brian McCarthy, CEC State Chairman, Western Australia
Alison Pash, Director of Nursing for the Tom Price and Paraburdoo regions of Western Australia
Stephen Slocombe, Sister in Charge of the West Kambalda Nursing Post, Western Australia
Andrew Upfill, Health Services Manager of the Carnarvon Medical Service, Aboriginal Corporation, Western Australia
Gwyneth White, State Registered Nurse, Western Australia
Wayne Warner, Co-ordinator of Municipal Services to 20 outlying Aboriginal Communities, Western Australia
Gloria Strachan, Manager, Baryulgil and Malabugilmah Health Outpost (National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations), New South Wales, Australia
Mary Ann Martin, Director, Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service, Western Australia
Andrew Amor, Director, Milliya Rumurr Incorporated, Western Australia [Milliya Rumurr is aboriginal for Drug & Alcohol Abuse]
Phillipa Jones, Registered Nurse, In Charge Remote Health Service, Western Australia
Fiona Coad, Director of Nursing, District Hospital, Western Australia
Jan Mazza, Registered Nurse, In Charge Nursing Post, Western Australia

Alan Clayton, Organization Ctte, Scottish National Party

Organizations or institutions which have introduced resolutions or sent letters in support of keeping D.C. General Hospital open:
Michigan Legislative Black Caucus, Michigan
Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus
The Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee
Congressional District 13 Democratic Party Organization, Michigan
Congressional District 11 Democratic Party Organization, Michigan
Congressional District 16 Democratic Party Organization, Michigan
Metro Wayne Democratic Club, Wayne, MI
Michigan State Legislature House Concurrent Resolution 27
Missouri State Legislature House Resolution
Alabama House of Representatives House Resolution 512
Detroit City Council, Detroit, MI
Racine County Democratic Party, Racine, WI

Other statements of support have been received from:

Most Rev. Thomas J. Gumbleton, Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, Michigan May 8, 2001 (Statement to May 9 Washington, D.C., Town Meeting on D.C. General)
Quincy Beaver, Pres., California Democratic Council, Los Angeles, CA
Rep. Michael Kahikina, chairman, Health and Human Services Committee, Honolulu, HI
Joseph F. Walker, Chairman, Carson Chapter, Black American Politican Association of California (BAPAC)
Celes King III, California State Chairman, Congress of Racial Equality
Pastor Julius Bridges, President, East Los Angeles Baptist Ministers Union, East Los Angeles, Ca.
Ernest H. Smith, M.D., Associate Professor, Pediatrics, King/Drew Medical University, Los Angeles, CA
Eve Lee, Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee Member, Member State Central Committee California Democratic Party, Member African American Caucus, California
Elliot Greenspan, candidate for Democratic Party nomination for Governor in New Jersey, a LaRouche Democrat
City Councilman Ali Sloan-el, 2nd Ward Councilman, Camden, New Jersey
Walter Dallas, Democratic Party Ward Leader and County Committee, Passaic, New Jersey
Rev. Duane A. Quamina, Camden County Economic Development Agency, Camden, New Jersey
Judith Schramm, Democracy for Camden, Camden, New Jersey
J. Gilberto Soto, Organizer, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 723, Organizer, New Jersey
Donna Viscardi, 1199J Delegate at St. Francis Hospital, Jersey City, New Jersey
Rev. Franklin West, Pastor, St. Paul's AME Church, Hampton, VA
Henry Nicholas, President, District 1199C, Hospital Workers, Philadephia, PA
Rev. Martha Knight, Past Director of Social Action, Virginia Annual Conference of the AME Church
Marlene E. Johnson-Odom, 6th District Alderperson, Milwaukee, WI
Paul Henningsen, 4th District Alderman, Milwaukee, WI
Don Richards, 9th District Alderman, Milwaukee, WI
Will Hines, Jr. 17th District Alderman, Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Elena Roeder and Dr. Joachim Roeder, Medical Specialists for General Medicine, Sprendlingen, Germany
Dr. Michael Belonogoff, M.B., B.S. (QLD); Dip. R.A.C.O.G; F.A.C.R.R.M., Queensland, Australia
Dr. Guenter Buch, Medical Doctor, Stockdorf, near Munich, Germany
Erich Geihe, Lebenshilfe Noerdlingen, Sheltered Workshop for Mentally Handicapped, Nordlingen, Germany
Hedda Mierheim, Katharinenhof, Senioren und Pflegewohnanlage (Senior-and Nursinghome), Berlin, Germany
Dr. Edgar Remmel, Spokesman for the German Association of Surgeons in Private Practice, Nuernberg, Germany
Wieslaw Gwizdz, Polnischer Katholischer Sozialer Verband, Warschau (Polish Catholic Social Association), Poland
Dr. Uwe E. Thieme, Roentgeninstitute (X-Ray Institute), Goslar, Germany
Fritz Hermann, President of the United Farm Organization (LFO), Denmark
Dr. Med Alfred Haeussler, Neckarsulm, Germany, Europaeische Aerzteaktion in den deutschsprachigen Laendern: (European Action
of Doctors in German speaking countries)
Europaeischer Buergerinitiativen zum Schutze des Lebens und der Menschen-wuerde (European Citizen initiatives for the Protection of Life and the dignity of Man)
Alfonso Lujan Celaya, Treasurer, El Barzon Movement political party of Mexico
Dr. Rogelio Peralta Heredia, head of the State Association of Cardiology, Jalisco, Mexico

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