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‘Ecosystems’: A Genocidal Fraud

January 2012

Ecosystems - A Genocidal Fraud from CEC Australia on Vimeo.

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At the orders of Prince Philip and the British Crown, a whole array of institutions including the Australian government; the lying hacks in the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA); and the entire Green Fascism movement in Australia centered in Prince Philip’s Australian Conservation Foundation, is in full mobilisation to shut down the Murray-Darling Basin, one of the greatest agricultural miracles in the world. They will thus destroy the livelihoods, and even the very lives of untold thousands of Basin residents. The MDBA itself has admitted that suicides will soar (as they have), and that entire towns will shut down and disappear forever; moreover, so will the food supply for most of the 60 million human beings whom the Basin presently feeds.

Contrary to their announced promises of a 20-week public consultation period to have begun in December 2011, the MDBA now doesn’t even dare to hold public meetings (or does so with virtually no notice, and only for highly select audiences), because of the universal hatred for their genocidal scheme.

All of the “science” used to justify shutting down the Basin, rests upon a single concept: that of the “ecosystem”. But now, a remarkable new film from the BBC, amplified by additional research by the Citizens Electoral Council, proves the notion of “ecosystems” to have been a witting lie from the outset, when it was first concocted in 1935 by the notorious British imperialist and eugenicist Sir Arthur Tansley. Virtually the entire modern science of “ecology”, along with its Green Fascist “environmentalist” shock troops, rests upon that singular fraud.

Do you want to see the indisputable proof for that assertion? Then watch the CEC’s new DVD, The plot to shut down the Murray-Darling food bowl: ‘Ecosystems’ A Genocidal Fraud. By exercising the cognitive powers of your own mind while viewing it, you yourself will come to know for certain, and will be able to explain to anyone else, exactly why and how this “ecosystem” concept is a British imperial fraud; how it was cooked up for the sole purpose of mass population reduction—as indeed will happen in the Basin and among the 60 million other human beings who currently depend upon its production.

If you thought “global warming” was a lying scam, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Watch the video right away—your life, and the future of Australia (and some other parts of the world) depends upon it.