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Volume 7, Number 3, Fall 1998

Cover of Fidelio Volume 7, Number 3, Fall 1998


Beethoven’s Christ on the Mount of Olives: Gethsemane, As Schiller Would Treat It  

by Fred Haight

Beethoven’s Creative Process of Composition: Reflections on Leonore (1806) And Fidelio (1814)  

by Anno Hellenbroich

Laughing Between the Lines: Metaphor and Metric in Nicolaus of Cusa’s About Mind  

by Dennis Small

A Not So Distant Mirror—The Lessons of the Fourteenth-Century New Dark Age  

by William F. Wertz, Jr.


‘To Live in Real History’  


Friedrich Schiller: Philosophy of Physiology  

Translated by Anita Gallagher.


D.C. Meet: ‘LaRouche’s Forecast Proven Right—All Others Fail’  

LaRouche Movement Spurs Broad Coalition: Passage of McDade-Murtha Bill: A Stunning Victory for Justice  

Schiller's Aesthetical Education Theme of Germany Conferences  

‘New Bretton Woods’ Proposal Presented in Bratislava  

Mexico Concerts Launch Fight for Classical Music Education  

Maestro José Briano Teaches in Chicago  

‘Music Manual’ Presented in Switzerland: Scientific Tuning Is a Moral Question  


Professor Norbert Brainin, Primarius of the Amadeus Quartet  

by Ortrun Cramer and Hartmut Cramer


‘A Collector’s Cabinet’: Exploring Both the Cosmos and the Soul  

by Bonnie James


A Spur To Learn Some Real History  

by Nancy Spannaus

Amistad, A motion picture by DreamWorks SKG, Directed by Steven Spielberg

Murder Will Out  

by Mary Jane Freeman

The Committee: Political Assassination in Northern Ireland by Sean McPhilemy