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Volume 7, Number 2, Summer 1998

Cover of Fidelio Volume 7, Number 2, Summer 1998


How Gauss Determined The Orbit of Ceres  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum and Bruce Director


Russia: A Coup from Above?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


The Importance of Scientific Pedagogy In Challenging the False-Axiomatic Assumptions Which Have Brought Civilization to the Abyss  


LaRouche Assesses ‘New Bretton Woods’ at D.C. Meet  

LaRouches Mobilize in Italy, Poland For a ‘New Bretton Woods’  

Schiller Institute Performs Bach’s ‘St. John Passion’  


The Alexandria Library Will Be Reborn  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach


British Crimes Against America  

Desperate Deception—British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44 by Thomas E. Mahl | Jeffrey Steinberg

It’s Time To End the Death Penalty  

by Marianna Wertz

Frontiers of Justice, Vol. 1: The Death Penalty edited by Claudia Whitman and Julie Zimmerman

The Puzzle of Life on Mars  

by Marsha Freeman

Mars: The Living Planet by Barry E. DiGregorio

Where Wisdom Begins—The Urgent Necessity for the Classics  

Who Killed Homer? The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom by Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath | Tony Papert