Lynne Cheney, John Train and Dennis King:

Their Obsession with LaRouche
Reaches A New Low

EIR Research Team
May 2007

May 5, 2007--Pro-fascist New York investment banker John Train's long time hod-carrier, Dennis King, has launched a scurrilous slander campaign against Lyndon LaRouche. King has posted a series of smears on his website and other internet blogs concerning the recent death of long-time leading LaRouche collaborator Kenneth L. Kronberg. These slanders, along with King's posting of stolen documents, are a distasteful exploitation of a personal tragedy in pursuit of Train's political vendetta against LaRouche and a disrespectful disregard for the memory of Kronberg.

King has been in Train's stable of operatives since at least 1983, when Train convened a series of meetings at his home in New York in reaction to LaRouche's success in organizing President Ronald Reagan to adopt LaRouche's space-based laser defense strategy (known as Strategic Defense Initiative--SDI). Following Reagan's SDI speech of March 1983, Train launched a campaign to destroy the LaRouche political movement, deploying journalists and low-life like King and and his crony Chip Berlet to smear LaRouche.

Financier Train, an intimate of Vice-Presidential spouse, the evil Lynne Cheney, has had a nearly 25 years obsession with LaRouche, whom he considers to be his major political adversary. Today, Train's renewed obsessions stem from his and Cheney's reaction to, among other things, LaRouche's building a growing youth movement that has succeeded in initiating a shift in U.S. and global politics, as exemplified by the groundswell of support or Vice-President Cheney's impeachment.

In recent weeks, Train's obsession has become obvious with the purchase of pro-Train advertisements on Google against LaRouche's name. The ads appear on an Internet user's screen when they are using Google products like "gmail," and mention the name, "LaRouche." The ads lead to mega-financier Train's website, where he has a page attacking LaRouche.

King's slander campaign after the death of Ken Kronberg mimics the campaign run by King, and Lynne Cheney's British collaborators, in the case of Jeremiah Duggan, who died in 2003 in Germany. Despite the fact that German authorities who investigated the case ruled the death a suicide, Cheney's confederates, along with King, have exploited the tragedy by repeatedly reviving a press campaign challenging the official investigation, where all official evidence is to the contrary.

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