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Press Release:
German Officials Denounce British
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Blair War Clique Runs Anti-LaRouche Slander Drive

Media Locusts Do Dirty Work for
Cheney, Gore, and Blair

London Friends of Cheney Behind
New Slander Against LaRouche

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Media Locusts Do Dirty

For Cheney, Gore, and Blair

by an International Research Team

The following statement was released by EIRNS on April 10, 2007.

The Berliner Zeitung (BZ), on April 4, 2007, made itself a part of a character-assassination campaign against the organization of Lyndon LaRouche, a campaign which bears all the markings of a classic “Black Propaganda Operation” by the British Secret Service. This involves totally absurd slanders in the repeatedly discredited history of lies concerning the causes and circumstances of the suicide of the young Briton Jeremiah Duggan four years ago. Behind this campaign, lie circles of the London Fabian Society and

Top to Bottom:
Dick Cheney, Tony Blair and Al Gore.

the American neo-cons, who are obviously feeling the pressure of the exposure of their various shameful acts in international publications associated with LaRouche.

It is certainly astounding that Erica Duggan, Jeremiah's mother, has meanwhile been involved with a highly impressive mixture of PR firms, legal firms, and media locusts, as well as political circles in the environment of Dick Cheney, Al Gore, and No. 10 Downing Street. Surely the sums laid out for these methods are as huge and grotesque as the low-level methods of slander, methods of which, the chairman of the board of the PR Firm Dezenhall Resources, Eric Dezenhall, is so proud.

It is part of the strategy of these PR firms to always produce more and more new “investigative results” of “experts” from the realm of fantasy, which have only one aim: to launch new waves of slanders in the media. You simply place arbitrary, crazy assertions into circulation, such as that Jeremiah did not, as the official forensic report and several eyewitness reports have definitively asserted, throw himself many times, with an obviously suicidal intent, against passing vehicles, but that he was already dead, and therefore murdered. In each case, such “experts” again reflect the mentality of the previously expressed remarks of the “pitbull of public relations” Eric Dezenhall, as somehow being reality.

The occasion for the BZ article, which has been in other respects totally sloppily researched, was the London meeting of several “experts” on March 27, 2007, where a PR firm, whose activities trace directly into the high-level political and financial circles of the English Establishment, stepped forward with their political-institutional supporters such as House of Commons official Louise Ellman and Lord Janner. This was arranged by the London firm Luther Pendragon, the British affiliate of the Washington-based firm Dezenhall Resources. Luther Pendragon is led by David Elstein, formerly in a leading position with the media entities of Rupert Murdoch. Elstein worked at Murdoch's Sky TV and founded another TV channel, Channel 5, for the media group.

Murdoch's Sky TV, in March 2007, provided the logistics for Al Gore, the former U.S. Vice President and current “climate advisor” to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to launch his new Internet propaganda project in England, Current TV. The chief target group for Current TV is the young generation between 18 and 35 years of age. The cooperation between Gore and Murdoch goes back to a discussion at Murdoch's private home in 2006, where the two became close associates in the global media campaign on climate change. Murdoch directly funds the climate project run jointly by Al Gore and Britain's Prince Charles.

In Elstein's development we find a further instructive aspect in his role as founder of the firm Brook Associates in 1982. This firm later merged with Brian Lapping Production, and moved forward as Brook-Lapping; for example, in 2004, with the production of a documentary film on the American warhawk Richard Perle and his leading role in the “War Against Terror,” a project of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which feeds America's Public Broadcasting System (PBS). The CPB chose and funded a series of movies on the theme, “America at a Crossroads” (after the events of Sept. 11, 2001). This media project traces back to the initiative of Lynne Cheney, the radical neo-conservative activist and wife of the American Vice President Richard Cheney. On the CPB project we find John Train, a years-long coordinator of operations against LaRouche, in a prominent position.

Eric Dezenhall has specialized in the aggressive, heavily publicized defense of companies (initially in the oil sector) and right-wing organizations against environmental groups and other public critics. The notorious “pitbull” Dezenhall described his methods in a speech in 1999 to an event of Lynne Cheney's Independent Women's Forum: “Put the attackers [critics] themslves at risk.” The method, which is obviously also being employed in the ongoing “publicity campaign” in the Duggan case, calls for attacking the attacker above all, through associates in the media, so that he draws in his horns from further assaults.

Curt Davies, the Director of Research for the Greenpeace Organization, briefly described the method of Dezenhall as known to him: “He infiltrates opponent groups, steals stuff from their trash, lies, and does anything to bring down their opponent.” The hair-raising “new facts,” which were presented on March 27 in London in the Duggan case, remind one after all of the type of criminal mystery, for which Dezenhall, as an author in his avocation, is famous.

The London company Luther Pendragon keeps in the closest contact with the Cabinet Secretariat of the British Prime Minister, for which it has arranged repeated far-ranging propaganda campaigns. Mike Granatt, one of the partners of Luther Pendragon, came out of the Information Office of the British government, and was promoted in 1998 onto the Cabinet staff of Prime Minister Tony Blair, where he did the preliminary work for Cabinet Secretary Sir Richard Wilson in his efforts to improve the public image of the government through an active media campaign. “Granatt also took a leading role,” according the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, “in co-ordinating public information from the government during the run up to the millennium, the nationwide fuel protests of 2000, and the hoof-and-mouth disease outbreak in 2001.”

The service which Granatt provided in this case, got him the assignment for working out a concept for the Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS), which was put in place in June 2001, and after Sept. 11, 2001, was brought fully into action in the realm of a new regime of “anti-terrorist” measures. Within the year, Granatt took over the leadership of the Government Office for Information and Communication (GICS), one of the highest positions in the government bureaucracy.

The mission of the GICS extends, in the realm of home affairs, to maintaining contacts with the media, as well as to the House of Commons and the police, and in the realm of foreign affairs, to advising governments. The Internet site of Luther Pendragon presents Granatt as the person who, in addition to the already mentioned positions, is also paid by the Defence Academy of the U.K., through which connection, he provides commentaries to the BBC on questions of terrorism and emergencies, and through which he provides education on environmental themes—an extremely useful feature for the ongoing campaign by Blair and Gore on the so-called “climate emergency.”

The Mysterious Case of the Death
Of Dr. David Kelly, and the Duggan Case

In Granatt's environs one finds Phil Bassett, formerly the labor editor of Murdoch's London Times, who in 2002, advanced to the leadership of the “Research and Information” division in Tony Blair's Cabinet (10 Downing Street), and, together with Blair's Press Spokesman Alastair Campbell, created the transatlantic propaganda alliance of Blair with Bush and Cheney for the “War Against Terror” and the Iraq War, back in 2002. In this phase, up to Bassett's transfer in September 2003, came the massive campaign to discredit the English weapons-expert Dr. David Kelly, under the controlling participation of Campbell. Dr. Kelly had, in all probability, called into question the infamous Blair Dossier of September 2002, in discussion with BBC correspondent Andrew Gilligan, the dossier which was decisive for the manufacture of the lies which led to the Iraq War. At the high point of the Blair-driven media witch-hunt against Kelly, he was found dead in July 2003, under unclear circumstances. The official, but broadly doubted explanation is that it was “suicide.”

Then at the same time, began the campaign by the British media, to reinterpret the suicide of Jeremiah Duggan in a perfidious way, in a series of slanders against LaRouche. Bassett is the husband of Baroness Elizabeth Symons, who was already active in the first media campaign against LaRouche in the Duggan case, in the Summer of 2003.

David James Smith and Carol Midgley had already written the early slander articles against LaRouche for Bassett's previous employer, Murdoch's Times, for which Smith played a special role in attempting to intimidate several members of the LaRouche movement in Germany and France with the Duggan campaign, and to collect “information” as material for a future slander article.

Since 2003, Bassett has been a personal expert advisor to Lord Falconer, the chairman of the Constitutional Commission, who in March 2007, was named leader of the newly Blair-created Justice Ministry, and is taking his advisor Bassett into his new position. Bassett's wife, the above-mentioned Baroness Symons, after having various functions in the British government since 1974, is currently active as an advisor for the British-American law firm DLA Piper, which does the lobbying for the U.S. aerospace and weapons company Lockheed Martin. Lynne Cheney had a position as director there from 1994 to 2001, when her husband became Vice President in Washington; Liz Symons herself made a military contract for Lockheed Martin with the British government.

DLA Piper belongs, next to Murdoch's Sky TV, among the seven sponsors of the “Business Summit for Climate Change,” which Prince Charles will convene on May 1, 2007. There, Al Gore, having in the meantime become “climate advisor” to Blair, is also expected to appear. Already an appearance by Gore before 1,000 invited guests at Sheffield in the beginning of February 2007, was organized through that office of DLA Piper.

Public Relations for Locust-Capitalism

What concerns the real sponsors of the slander campaign against LaRouche, who is feared as a determined opponent of the monetarist-exploitative practices of the “locust funds” in the British-dominated financial circles, is uncovered by looing at the businesses of the previously mentioned PR firms, Luther Pendragon and Dezenhall Interests. In a review of developments of June 2002, Business Week, on April 17, 2006, reported that Dezenhall had organized for his client ExxonMobil, protestors who agitated with provocative slogans like “Capitalism Is Crazy!” or “Stop Global Misery!” against environmentalist groups who had criticized the oil companies. The counter-demonstrators were recruited out of Grover Norquist's money-channelling dirty-tricks organization “Americans for Tax Reform.” Asked about the event, Dezenhall said: “We routinely support think tanks and other experts whose positions are consistent with our clients' views, and will continue to do so unapologetically.”

Dezenhall also stood on the side of the locusts in the case of the energy management company Enron, which, due to its rabid business methods, which acutely endangered the security of power production in California, became justifiably the butt of broad public criticism. And the oil company Halliburton, which had come under attack, among other reasons, for its robber-baron methods in 2003 in militarily occupied Iraq, recommended Dezenhall, to finish off its critics without compromise.

Luther Pendragon also handled, among other accounts, the publicity work for the Menatep-Group, the earlier majority shareholder in the Russian oil giant Yukos, which had been pulled together with mafia methods into an oil empire during the “wild reform years” of the Yeltsin-era in Russia, after 1991, under the leadership of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. On the sidelines of the G-8 summit in June 2006, an international media campaign was run against the Russian President and summit-host Vladimir Putin, in which he was accused of being the author of the worst alleged machinations against Khodorkovsky, the real perpetrator and a tax-evader on the level of billions of dollars. In charge of this media campaign, for the most part, was the London PR firm APCO, led since Spetember 2005 by Darren Murphy, a former political secretary in Blair's headquarters at Downing Street.

The London Times wrote about APCO, on July 13, 2006: “The company is also working with fellow London firm Luther Pendragon, which does media relations for GML, formerly Group Menatep. GML owns 51% of Yukos, formerly owned by Mr. Khodorkovsky. Luther Pendragon has been advising GML over litigation against the Russian Federation about assets seized from Yukos for alleged non-tax payment.”

But Luther Pendragon also runs public relations for David and Simon Reuben, who had, during the 1990s, made millions in assets through the criminal takeover of parts of the Russian aluminum industry, carried out by the internationally notorious predators Marc Rich and Michael Chernoy. The Reuben brothers, in doing so, acted with the protection of the London Metal Exchange. Marc Rich had been convicted on account of similar business in the U.S. already in the 1980s, but he was able, obviously with the help or complicity of his lawyer Lewis Libby (the 2001-2006 Chief of Staff for Cheney, recently convicted of perjury in Washington, in a spectacular trial), to flee abroad to Europe, and there, soon make contact with the Reuben firm TransWorld Metals Group, which in the Yeltsin-era, completed its rise to the majority position in the Russian aluminum sector.

As regards the developments in the post-Soviet “reform era” after 1991, the rise of a certain Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, is interesting. This took place, first, in the context of the brutal privatization of Ukrainian industry, and later, was garnished through political activities through which she became an icon of Western geopolitics against Russia. The current publicity campaign for Tymoschenko in Washington has been run by Dezenhall.

Lawyers and Press Whores

While the interests of the Duggan campaign in Germany are being run by the legal firm of Becker, Conen and Strucke, which has a prominent history of work with the left-radical and green milieu, there is also active on the English side a law firm with matching orientation: Martyn Day of Leigh & Day. Up until a year ago, Day was the chairman of English Greenpeace, and is still a trustee of the organization. It is surely an irony of history, that Day is today cooperating in the Duggan campaign with the London affiliate of Dezenhall, whose people, back in 2003, ran a campaign to crush Greenpeace by getting U.S. tax authorities to investigate them, on behalf of ExxonMobil.

One of the lawyers, who represents the Duggans in Germany, is Nicolas Becker, who in the 1970s and '80s defended Red Army Faction (RAF) members; later, Erich Honecker, the former East German leader; and the ETA (Basque) terrorist Ramos Vegas. Becker comes from an interesting legal family; his father, Hellmut Becker, defended Ernst von Weizsäcker in the Nuremberg Trial. The official website of the Frankfurt School reports that his grandfather, Carl Heinrich Becker, belonged to its founding members, back in 1927. Another lawyer, who wants to present a constitutional complaint in Karlsruhe for Mrs. Duggan, represents many Kurds; his most prominent client was Ocalan, the head of the extremist Kurdish organization the PKK.

The author of the slander article in the Berliner Zeitung of April 4, Frank Nordhausen, had already in April 11, 2004, reported in a similar slanderous manner on the Duggan case. Nordhausen has worked closely for a long time with Pastor Thomas Gandow, the “sect-expert” of the Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg, who was connected in his time with the infamous Father Haack, the German representative of the American Family Foundation (AFF). The AFF stems from Anglo-American secret intelligence operations of the Cold War, such as the CCF (Congress for Cultural Freedom), the Cybernetics Group, and the MK-Ultra Project, and enjoyed the best relations with Wall Street.

As relates to the Berliner Zeitung, it was swallowed up in 2005 by British Mecom group, which is a financial project of Lady Hogg—she was on the BBC Board of Governors and helped Tony Blair stage a coup against BBC leaders who had previously exposed his war lies and had broadcast Lyndon LaRouche in that connection—and by the American and London investment fund Veronis Sulher Stevenson, which specializes in media-takeovers. The editorial board resisted in vain the takeover by these “Anglo-Saxon locusts.” Thus the head of Mecom, David Montgomery, as well as the new chief editor, Josef Depenbrock, are well known for their reckless profit-oriented mode of operation. They declared that their profit must increase by 20%.

This has absolutely nothing to do with honest journalism. Andrew Marr, the publisher of the British paper Independent, in which Montgomery, as head of the Mirror Group, has a decisive influence, compared Montgomery's methods with those of the Independent and the Berliner Zeitung: “To anyone who worked in the '90s at the Independent, it was all very well-known. David's obsession was then to get as far away as possible from the traditional reporting of a newspaper, and instead to turn it into a scandal sheet for Yuppies.”

One thing is clear in any case: If you shine light on the background of the persons and interest groups which have shown their colors writing about the Duggan case, a veritable chasm opens up. The lies about the alleged circumstances of the suicide of Jeremiah obviously originate in a rich wealth of experience from their own peculiar practice.

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German Press Slams British Attack on LaRouche

April 19, 2007 (EIRNS)--The Wiesbadener Kurier and Wiesbadener Tagblatt of April 19th, 2007 both carry articles written by one Wolfgang Degen, in which the Duggan murder story is prominently refuted again by the Wiesbaden State Attorney as a British inspired media campaign without any merit. the Wiesbadener Kurier carries the article on page 4 under the headline “Only the legend has a long life;– four years after the suicide of Jeremiah Duggan the murder conspiracy finds ever new supporters, but no evidence.” The article reads: “Four years after the suicide of British citizen Jeremiah Duggan, which had been determined without a doubt, legends are being cultivated. Still a murder version is circulating. Especially British media are accusing the German state attorney.”

Accompanying the article in the Wiesbadener Kurier are a very hard commentary by the journalist, and excerpts from a chronology of events. In the latter the name of Sarah Ludford, British Member of European Parliament is mentioned, who in April 2005 brought the case into the European parliament, and also attended a March 2007 London press conference. The article in the Wiesbadener Tagblatt is written by the same journalist, and is headlined “The never ending Duggan history;– Wiesbaden state attorney in focus by the media.” Both articles carry a picture of Hartmut Ferse with ten folders of files, 30 cm high.

The articles at the very end take up in detail the new murder 'acccusation presented in Berliner Zeitung and the British press before, without mentioning any paper by name. Hartmut Ferse, Wiesbaden spokesman for the state attorney's office is quoted saying, that he knows that his agency will never be able to really deliver the answer, which the mother wants to have, leading to a peaceful soul. But, the Wiesbadener Kurier says, “Ferse does have a problem with media, 'which construct something out of everything, as he calls it. And which like even the absurd idea, that the accident could have been staged, Jeremiah being dead before being run over, having been put on the street by an unknown person. And that the wounds originated from being hit strongly, and the yellow clay on the shoes of the dead person being an important indication. Ferse's comment: a sigh.” Ferse is refusing to comment on the new efforts by the British parliament to put political pressure on Germany, “why should I,” saying that the state attorney did its investigative duty. Again and again, the state attorney has made its point that there is no indication, which would justify a reopening the case, the paper writes.

The accompanying commentary by Wolfgang Degen in Wiesbadener Kurier (” A matter of faith” ) shows, how much a part of the German establishment is freaked out by the British intervention. Degen, who clearly does not like the LaRouche movement, very sharply attacks the role of British media, which have now for years accused the state attorney of ignoring everything they do not like. He says, that these press outlets do not report, that the highest Hessian court, the Oberlandesgericht, has supported the state attorneys findings. In their twisted logic, do these media want to create a “gigantic conspiracy of Hessian jurists to suppress the truth” ? Absurd” ! “Stereotypes are used: Here is a good, now dead British citizen of Jewish faith, who loved life. On the other side the state attorney, German, stubborn and evil. Evil, because unable and unwilling. The tenor is that Nazis remain Nazis. Things cannot become more stupid.”

” Because the jurists do not behave as the rationalist would like, they shall now be made submissive by political pressure from England; A dirty effort, to bend the law.”

The REAL STORY behind the Slanders!

Blair War Clique Runs
Anti-LaRouche Slander Drive

by Anton Chaitkin
April 2007

'A Vote for Hogg is a Vote for Hitler'
—old election slogan

They wrote the lies Tony Blair used to take Britain into the war catastrophe with Dick Cheney. When the British Broadcasting Corporation repeatedly put Lyndon LaRouche on the air to expose the Cheney-Blair lies, and when reported on how this clique manufactured the “weapons of mass destruction” hoax, they reacted with fury. BBC's intelligence source against the liars, government weapons scientist David Kelly, died suddenly, a supposed suicide. They neutered BBC—Britain's national public network, purged BBC's leaders and acted to crush all media opposition.

Since then, still desperate to block LaRouche's persistent leadership aimed at bringing them down, this same tight-knit clique has operated an international slander campaign against LaRouche, managing the Jeremiah Duggan affair—a case which was cooked up during Spring, 2003, when LaRouche addressed Great Britain over BBC.

The slander case was built around the March 2003 suicide of a psychologically unstable British student Jeremiah Duggan, who had attended a conference of the LaRouche Youth Movement in Germany. German police said he had thrown himself in front of cars on a highway; but his mother was brought into contact with Blair circles, who promoted a media attack accusing murder.

The first Duggan slander was put through the London Guardian on July 12, 2003—one month after LaRouche's second (June 9) BBC broadcast calling for Vice President Cheney's impeachment in the faking of Iraq weapons intelligence.[1] Five days after the slander (July 17), David Kelly was treated savagely by Blair's goons during his forced testimony to Parliament. The next day (July 18), Kelly died suddenly. In this chaotic terrifying situation, three days later (July 21, 2003), BBC itself broadcast the Duggan slander.

An ongoing EIR probe into the London public relations firm managing the Duggan slander has led directly to the Blair terror clique that crushed BBC, and that runs this attack top-down nearly four years later.

The following are central to the story:

The London crisis-management firm Luther Pendragon, a private arm of the Blair regime, which managed publication of a key 2004 report demanding BBC be dismantled. Luther Pendragon now officially manages public affairs for the Duggan slander campaign.

Rightist media executive David Elstein, the author of that 2004 anti-BBC report. David Elstein is now chairman of the firm, Luther Pendragon, running the Duggan slander.

Lady Sarah Hogg, the Blair ringleader on the BBC Board of Governors. Lady Hogg is David Elstein's financier, and the financial power looming behind the latest Duggan slander spread inside Germany.

Greg Dyke, BBC Director General forced out in the 2004 terror. Dyke publicly identified Lady Hogg and her little gang in the Blair coup at BBC.

Philip Bassett and Baroness Elizabeth Symons, husband and wife. Philip Bassett was co-manager of the Blair propaganda team that “sexed up” the Iraq WMD dossier. Baroness Symons was the Blair regime's military procurement chief, tied in with Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cheney and with Lady Hogg's little gang in the Iraq war. She has been the highest ranking Blair-regime official personally directing the Duggan slander campaign against LaRouche.

The Hogg Ring

Baroness Sarah Hogg married into the notorious Hogg aristocracy in 1968, wedding Douglas Hogg (3rd Viscount Hailsham. Lady Hogg's father-in law, Quintin Hogg, brought the family peculiar notoriety due to his strong backing for Britain's September 1938 pro-Hitler deal at Munich. The next month Winston Churchill and others opposed Hogg's campaign for Parliament, on the slogan, “A vote for Hogg is a vote for Hitler.” The family's money, lands, and ugly reputation originated with “Hitler” Quintin's great grandfather, James Weir Hogg (first Baron Hogg), the long-time director of the East India Company, and the director when India's rebellion brought the Company down.

Lady Hogg went into action as the Blair government was being pounded in the wake of David Kelly's death. Alastair Campbell and Phillip Bassett had been forced out as Blair's number one and two communications chiefs for concocting the Iraq dossier. Blair commissioned an “Inquiry” into the Kelly death, chaired by Lord Hutton. The Inquiry's findings were leaked to media lord Rupert Murdoch, and disclosed prior to official release. Murdoch was demanding that BBC be destroyed.

The Hutton Report came out Jan. 28, 2004, whitewashing Blair in Kelly's death and blaming BBC in the scandal! The chairman of BBC's board of governors, Gavyn Davies, resigned immediately. The next day, Jan. 29, BBC board of governors member Lady Hogg led the board in forcing BBC director general Greg Dyke to resign.

Later that year, Greg Dyke wrote a column in the Observer (Aug. 29, 2004), on how “pillars of the establishment helped to engineer a very British coup at the BBC.”

Dyke wrote;
” Sarah [Hogg] actively disliked me. The feeling was mutual.... Sarah Hogg never left her politics or prejudices at the door of governors' meetings. She was married to a land-owning Tory MP, Douglas Hogg, and lived in a political world. When we tried to update our political coverage, Sarah led the opposition: we shouldn't upset the politicians....”

” She ... lived on the family estate in rural Lincolnshire.

” Her term as a governor was due to finish, and she didn't want it renewed. Neither did [board chairman] Gavyn [Davies] or I. By the time Hutton published his report, Sarah's time was almost up.

” The day it appeared the governors ... began discussing what should happen to the management team. We had agreed with [board member] Pauline Neville-Jones [of Lady Hogg's ring] the previous night that it would be impossible for Gavyn and I to resign at the same time....

” Sarah Hogg had her last chance to settle old scores. I now know that she arrived determined to get rid of me.

” ...Pauline [Neville-Jones] and the deputy [board] chairman, Richard Ryder [also in the Hogg ring, sent word they] wanted to see me.

” Ryder was pretty blunt. He said the governors had decided I should go.... I asked if this was the view of them all. Richard told me he ... was reporting the views of the rest. Pauline said nothing. .... I was completely shocked.... Gavyn [went] ... to say a final goodbye ... but ... he walked into the room he found the atmosphere had changed completely. It was a very hostile environment, with the aggression mainly coming from Sarah, who, he said, 'was seething.'

” I've since discovered that [Hogg] told Gavyn the day before that ... I should [resign]. He told herhere were no circumstances in which he'd let me go while he stayed, and I think that was one reason Gavyn resigned: if one of us should go it should be him, and that way he would protect me. Others at that meeting say that when Gavyn walked in Sarah launched a ferocious attack.... [What the governors] did that January night was bow to pressure from a political thug called Alastair Campbell.”

The Hogg ring traces back to the 1990-1995 period of the John Major Prime Ministry. Lady Hogg had been head of the Policy Unit at 10 Downing Street, designing the schemes for privatization and globalization, and was Major's main advisor at the time of the 1995 creation of the World Trade Organization. Husband Douglas Hogg helped run Major's Foreign Ministry, as did Pauline Neville-Jones. Richard Ryder was the Parliamentary “Whip” for Hogg's globalization policy, beating back a revolt in the Conservative Party against the Maastricht Treaty.

In 2004, as the Hogg ring was purging BBC, Pauline Neville Jones was enriched as chairman of Qinetic, a giant defense company supplying Iraq War weapons, a firm jointly owned by the Blair government and the Bush family's Carlyle group. Neville-Jones personal QinetiQ shares were owned through Carlyle, whose European chairman was former Prime Minister John Major himself.

After Blair had “privatized” Qinetic, its armor and copters could be procured through Baroness Elizabeth Symons, the Minister of State for Defence Procurement from 1999 to 2003.

Hogg, Elstein and the Duggan Scam

On Feb. 24, 2004, 25 days after Greg Dyke's ouster as BBC Director General, the “Broadcasting Policy Group,” chaired by David Elstein, issued its report calling for the dismantling of BBC as a public agency. The Conservative Party had commissioned the report and had selected Elstein (previously head of programming at Murdoch's British Sky Broadcasting, then CEO of Murdoch's Channel 5 Broadcasting), while Murdoch was in a longstanding public drive to destroy BBC.

The London firm Luther Pendragon, which had been running crisis management cases for the Blair government Cabinet Office, handled public operations for the Elstein report, ratcheting up the repression of opposition to the Blair war policy.

In 2002, Baroness Hogg had joined the giant global private equity firm, 3i, as its chairman. Lady Hogg's 3i firm subsequently made a special project of investing its assets in Sparrowhawk Media, whose chairman is the same David Elstein who wrote the report against BBD. For example, in April 2005, 3i sponsored Elstein's purchase of the Hallmark Channel (TV).

In March 2006, David Elstein, still the chairman of Lady Hogg's Sparrowhawk project, became chairman of Luther Pendragon. The Guardian reported: “Mr. Elstein said he took up the position after being impressed with Luther Pendragon which handled his Broadcasting Policy Group report on the future of the BBC.”

At Luther Pendragon, chairman Elstein could depend on the firm's partner Mike Granatt, whose background with the Blair/Campbell/Bassett liar brigade, the firm's website describes thusly: “Mike Granatt joined Luther as a partner in January 2004 after 25 years in Whitehall [i.e., the British government], 18 in top-level director of communications posts.... Mike was Director General of the Government Information and Communication Service (GICS) for seven years until he joined Luther Pendragon.... From June 2001 until late 2002, and alongside his GICS role, he devised and led the UK Government's civil crisis management unit, the Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat. He also developed the News Co-ordination Centre, the public information hub for national emergencies.” Luther Pendragon partner Granatt is a “terrorism expert” broadcast by the new, tamed BBC.

The reader may now be able to properly assess the press release, issued by Luther Pendragon on behalf of, “Justice for Jeremiah,” announcing an anti-LaRouche meeting to be held in the Parliament office building (” The Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster” ) on March March 27, 2007.

Luther Pendragon does not disclose when they officially took up management of the Jeremiah Duggan operation. But the trail leads back through Luther Pendragon's staff to 2004, the year of the BBC purge.

The press release for the March 27, 2007 Parliament-office meeting gives the phone number for Luther Pendragon consultant Andrew McGuinness to contact for the Duggan case.[2] There, Luther Pendragon reports that McGuiness joined the firm in June 2006, three months after Elstein took over as chairman. But they also report that McGuiness had earlier been editor of the independent University College Dublin newspaper, the College Tribune.

In fact, at that paper, in November 2004, editor McGuiness inserted his own long Duggan slander against LaRouche. McGuiness wrote that “Baroness Symons, the Foreign Office representative has been a real tonic to the family, assuring them from an early stage that she was very concerned about the case and that she was going to try and help them as much as possible, impressed by her industrious manner.... Symons was able to appoint an international lawyer, who in turn was very helpful in going to Germany and appointing a German lawyer.”

On April 4, 2007, eight days after the Parliament-office session against LaRouche, the German-language Berliner Zeitung ran a stepped-up Duggan slander, attacking German authorities for reporting the suicide, and demanding murder charges.

That newspaper, the Berliner Zeitung, had been bought up in the Autumn of 2005, by a British media company sponsored by Lady Hogg's 3i. The Hogg firm itself took part publicly in the initial purchase negotiations, alongside her investment vehicle, the Mecom media-takeover company, to which 3i has made repeated non-interest loans. After protests from the newspaper staff against the deal, Hogg's 3i dropped from view and Mecom completed the takeover in Berlin. Perhaps that German city was not prepared for its media to be run by the family, of whom it had been said 67 years earlier, “a vote for Hogg is a vote for Hitler.”


[1] First LaRouche program: April 3, 2003, BBC's “Live Five” news show, six-minute interview. Second LaRouche program: June 9, 2003, “Live Five,” 12 minute interview.



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