Intelligence Investigation:
British Friends of Dick Cheney
Lie Again in Slanders
Against LaRouche

May 2007

An EIR Research Team

May 25, 2007- A small gaggle of politicians attached to the British government political axis with U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, inserted a motion into the House of Commons pressing yet again slanders against Lyndon LaRouche on a German case, slanders which German judicial authorities have repeatedly rejected and disproved.

The Parliamentary "early day motion" demanded a new inquest into the 2003 death of a British student, Jeremiah Duggan, and called for British government pressure against the German court and the state attorney of Hesse who have repeatedly ruled that the mentally unstable youth committed suicide by throwing himself in front of cars on a highway.

Duggan was in Germany to attend a youth cadre school and the March 21-23, 2003 peace conference of the Lyndon LaRouche political movement, the Schiller Institute. It was the world's first international conference immediately following the March 20 U.S.-British invasion of Iraq, with attendees from Russia, China, India and 43 other nations. LaRouche and other speakers denounced the war and proposed a return to the cooperative foreign policy outlook of Franklin D. Roosevelt. A week later, the LaRouche Presidential campaign released a quarter million copies of the pamphlet, "Children of Satan," which began shaping the political opposition to the neoconservative cabal inside the Bush-Cheney Administration that was behind the Iraq war.

The Parliamentary motion follows articles April 19 in both the Wiesbadener Kurier and Wiesbadener Tagblatt newspapers citing the Wiesbasden State Attorney's office refuting the British slanders. The Tagblatt criticized the British media for circulating conspiracy legends while "they fail to mention ... that the highest tribunal of [the state of] Hesse ... is in agreement with the State Attorney."

The May 16, 2007 Parliamentary motion was reported May 22 in an anti-LaRouche tirade in the London Guardian, a newspaper whose management has been in a lurid financial/political combination with the British regime since 1997. The Guardian placed the article in a news section about far-right and neo-Nazi groups, and lied that Duggan "heard anti-semitic comments being made at the conference."

To obtain sponsors for the House of Commons motion, the British-Cheney axis activated the very "Friends of Israel" apparatus that has been notorious in the corrupt creation of the entire New Labour regime -- the financiers' continuation of rightist Thatcherism in skimpy Labour clothing.

Six members of Parliament introduced the motion:
** Louise Ellman, vice chair, Labour Friends of Israel
** Andrew Dismore -- vice chair, Labour Friends of Israel
** Barbara Keeley -- vice chair, Labour Friends of Israel
** Lee Scott -- officer, Conservative Friends of Israel; he is a paid consultant for the "Friends of Bar Ilan" -- the Israeli university base for the alliance of the British, Dick Cheney and the Israeli extreme right.
** Rudi Vis, who has toured Israel at the expense of Labour Friends of Israel; he is heavily financed by the Labour Finance and Industry Group, which interlocks with the Labour Friends of Israel in the corrupt creation of the New Labour regime.
** Simon Hughes, vice president of the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum, whose president Alan Beith is simultaneously president of the Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel.

The Guardian and the New Labour Feeding Trough

In 1993 the British Labour Party cut its ties to the working class, officially ending its institutional ties to labor unions in a decision under the party leadership of John Smith. Smith's friend, textile manufacturer Simon Haskel, set up a "blind trust" called the Industrial Research Trust, through which wealthy donors could fund the party in place of the unions. Smith was a founder and chairman of the Labour Finance and Industry Group, which helped make such blind trusts a permanent way of funding the party.

Through these trusts, Labour Friends of Israel figure Michael Levy set up heavy covert financing for Gordon Brown and other Laborites. Levy was arrested in the "cash for peers" scandal, but Haskel and the blind trusts kept going.

The policy-defining Smith Institute, named for former Labour Party leader John Smith, now operates out of the offices of Chancellor Gordon Brown, the incoming Prime Minister. The Institute's chairman is corruptionist Simon Haskel (now Lord Haskel), who is also a member of the Parliamentary Executive of the Labour Friends of Israel.

The Smith Institute's board includes:
** Baroness Meta Ramsay, a longtime MI-6 intelligence officer who is House of Lords chairman of Labour Friends of Israel, coordinating that group with Lord Haskel.
** Paul Myners, since 2000 the chairman of the Guardian Media Group, publishers of the Guardian Newspaper. The U.K. Charity Commission is investigating Gordon Brown having transferred ?11,750 in Treasury funds to Myner who paid the money to his Smith Institute; and is probing the tax-exempt Institute's being a partisan political center conducted from a government office.

Robert Gavron preceded Myners as the Guardian's chairman (1997-2000). Robert Gavron contributed to the Labour Leader's Office Fund run by Lord Levy to finance Tony Blair's private office before the 1997 General Election; unsurprisingly, two years later the Guardian publisher became Baron Gavron.

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