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How to Reanimate our Economy;
Why Video Games Can't


To the United States Citizen and friends from abroad,

With the onrushing collapse of the global financial and physical economic system, the need for intellectual and moral leadership is desperately needed, which is why Lyndon LaRouche has continuously come to the forefront of the battle, as the voice of sanity, typified by his latest October 10th international webcast. Because of the unfortunately immoral gutlessness of the top layer of the United States Congress, the quality of leadership, right now, will come from you, the “base” of the population.

In order for you to competently move this gutless Congress, the quality of thinking necessary to replicate the effects comparable to our American Revolution, is to engage ourselves in the very same acts of discovery, that created the ability for this Republic to come into fruition—Sphaerics!

This, therefore, gives reason, why Lyndon LaRouche has challenged young adults to master the unique original discoveries of physical science and classical artistic composition, i.e. the science of physical economy.[1] This, also, gives reason, for the LaRouche Youth Movement to communicate those rediscovered challenges to you, our future collaborators.

Since the Universe is so gigantic, this could never be restricted to just a single strata of people, therefore, if you, Congressman or Congresswoman, are not engaged in any immoral or senseless leisurely acts, feel free to join your constituents in this fun pedagogical experiment.

And that’s the base motive!


Mars’ Retrograde Motion

According to the National Aeronatics and Space Administration (NASA), Mars brightens and appears larger in diameter in the month of October, as it approaches its December 24, 2007 opposition (A great Christmas Delight!). June 2007 through April 2008 is the prime Mars observing period, although the Mars retrograde runs from October 1 to December 9, and should form an interesting curve. It is now possible to see some features on the planet through amateur telescopes. If you begin looking toward the East, approximately around 10:48pm EDT you will witness Mars rising above the horizon, in Gemini.

This bright red warrior will appear higher in the sky than it was two years ago and will serve as a great mapping experiment for a star chart. For a simple experiment, you can choose a time to go out each night, (it could perhaps be in your backyard, although it is much more fun with groups of people) you can draw out the motion and changes that occur over time. Do this for the next four months and see what you get. What is shown below are the maps from NASA’s website, of the previous years.

Mars 2003 Retrograde   Mars 2005 Retrograde

What will it map out to be this year? What is really going on with the planet? Do planets really do that? This is not for any formal academic matters, but the history of civilization rested on resolving fundamental paradoxes of this type. Take a brief look back to Plato, Eratosthenes, Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, et al.


Kepler is Still Laughing

“The testimony of the ages confirms that the motions of the planets are orbicular. It is an immediate presumption of reason, reflected in experience, that their gyrations are perfect circles. For among figures it is circles, and among bodies the heavens, that are considered the most perfect. However, when experience is seen to teach something different to those who pay careful attention, namely, that the planets deviate from a simple circular path, it gives rise to a powerful sense of wonder, which at length drives men to look into causes.” [Emphasis added] “It is just this from which astronomy arose among men. Astronomy’s aim is considered to be to show why the stars’ motions appear to be irregular on earth, despite their being exceedingly well ordered in heaven, and to investigate the circles wherein the stars may be moved, that their positions and appearances at any given time may thereby be predicted.”

This is the famous lunge that Johannes Kepler utters in the opening paragraphs of his ground breaking anti-Aristotlean anti-empiricist work— The New Astronomy. This intentional concept, which is very much elaborated through his major works, has easily refuted the absurd notions of radical positivist “gamers” such as Bertrand Russell, Norbert Weiner, John von Neumann and their nut-job followers at M.I.T.'s Media Lab. [2]

The kind of scientific method developed by our friend, Johannes Kepler, is a true example of a sane mind that would never have tolerated the forty year disastrous economic policy imposed upon the United States, nor would he agree with the cultural degradation of perverse ideas that created such a dehumanizing process of video game fanaticism, such as “information theory.” He would have intervened in the same way the LYM attempts today.


The Base on Mars

In 2003, Earth and Mars were the closest they have ever been in 60,000 years. The next time the two planets will be that close will be August 28, 2287! NASA’s website even asked the following questions: What will Earth be like when people marvel at the red planet nearly three centuries from now? And will there be people living on Mars by then, when an unusually close and large-looking Earth rises with the morning sun? These fundamental questions are crucial, if we are thinking on a long term basis for the future of the human race. However, with the collapse of the global financial and physical economic system, Lyndon LaRouche has proposed the only viable remedy to move the United States and the world out of this existential crisis. Dear citizen you may not have listened to LaRouche’s proposal twenty years ago. Will you do so now?

Submit your ideas, images, and solutions to, there will be monthly updates and challenges to keep you in motion, but get started observing for now.

And, thus, we will begin reanimating our economy!

Thank You,

LaRouche Youth Movement

[1] See: The LaRouche Youth Movements Educational Curriculum at

[2] The absurd idea, by this idiot savant, that without Tycho Brahe's statistical analysis, there would have never existed a mind like Kepler, is such a fallacy of composition, which demonstrates the lack of understanding the human mind and the universe.