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Scientific Breakthrough:
The LaRouche Youth Movement and the Kepler II Project

Phase 3
Welcome Adventurer!

You have now arrived at the threshold of the third stage of an ongoing investigation, commissioned by economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, and conducted by teams from the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), into the most crucial breakthroughs made in scientific method. If you have not already reviewed and/or worked through the first two phases of the project, namely, an interactive pedagogy covering Johannes Kepler's investigation of the principle which governs the motion of heavenly bodies in his Astronomia Nova (New Astronomy), and secondly, a similar exposition of Kepler's other main work developing the universal quality of this principle in his Harmonices Mundi (The Harmony of the World), it is necessary that you do so, in order to situate the contents of the following report.

In a time-period reminiscent of the extended moment of ambiguity felt when watching a coin spinning across a surface and wondering how it will fall, the significance and sheer necessity of this scientific and epistemological undertaking is hopefully not lost upon the reader: U.S. 'defense' systems are at this moment pointed at Russia and China, the President of Vice continues to rabidly press for war in Iran, and the present world financial architecture creaks and groans underneath a monstrous weight of speculation. On the other hand, conferences are being held around the world on the subject of national and international breakthrough infrastructure project proposals, such as the upcoming St. Petersburg conference hosting thousands of delegates to deliberate over the Bering Strait tunnel project. Thus, we are not left to merely wonder, "heads, or tails?", but rather, are beings of free will, capable of ourselves determining the tide of times.

That is the intention of the third team embarking upon the third phase of the LYM's investigation: a leap from the discoveries of Johannes Kepler, across a chasm of nearly two centuries, to Carl F. Gauss's determination of the orbit of the first asteroid ever sighted by man, Ceres. The challenge posed to this team, is to recreate the method applied by Gauss in order to achieve this feat, which contrasted with the utterly erroneous attempts of the narrow-minded empirical thinking of his contemporary mathematicians and astronomers, and which leads to the foundations of all competent modern scientific method, including economic forecasting. The first dilemma encountered was Gauss’s own explicit obfuscation of his method. Thus, over the course of our recent-months' investigations, we have set about our mission on several fronts: building up a grounding in the aforementioned works of Kepler, as well as his predecessor, Nicholas of Cusa, digging up the history and battle of ideas developed in the intervening period of Kepler to Gauss, especially the key mind of the 18th Century and teacher of Gauss, Abraham G. Kaestner. The fruits of our labor thus far are here presented to the reader with the intention of providing an interim report of our work, which will hopefully serve to whet the appetites of some, and stave off the hungry appetites of others, until we produce the final report.

Let it be said, in conclusion, that the significance of this work for the immediate and extended future of mankind is evidenced by the current state of our national economy, as reflected by our space program. From man's first strides on the moon in the 1960's, a great leap backwards has been made in not only the physical capability of our space program, but also in the scientific-cognitive capability to put it to good use. Indicative of this is the fact that in a few weeks the Dawn Mission, a NASA/JPL project, will be launched, heading for Vesta, and then Ceres- the two largest asteroids found in the asteroid belt. Soon, a vast amount of information will be available concerning their water and mineral content, and nature of the formation of the asteroids in general. However, without the method of discovery and knowledge of principle yielded by the investigations of the LYM into the roots of scientific method, all of the data, photographs, and statistics in the world will not produce the discoveries which are required for the furtherance of our current civilization, or of mankind as a whole.

Happy Adventuring!
the Current “Basement” Team

Interim Report of the Gauss Basement Team

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